The Village Idiot

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The Village Idiot A modern gastropub and popular neighborhood haunt – not to mention one of the biggest Premier League football bars in the city – The Village Idiot draws an outgoing and loyal crowd of young professionals, soccer fans, and... Los Angeles United States 34.0835891 -118.3509362
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The Village Idiot - Gastropub | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A modern gastropub and popular neighborhood haunt – not to mention one of the biggest Premier League football bars in the city – The Village Idiot draws an outgoing and loyal crowd of young professionals... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 11:30am–2am, Sa–Su 9am–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth The Village Idiot Review

The Scene

A modern gastropub and popular neighborhood haunt – not to mention one of the biggest Premier League football bars in the city – The Village Idiot draws an outgoing and loyal crowd of young professionals, soccer fans, and...

A modern gastropub and popular neighborhood haunt – not to mention one of the biggest Premier League football bars in the city – The Village Idiot draws an outgoing and loyal crowd of young professionals, soccer fans, and expats.

High ceilings and expansive windows create an airy and inviting atmosphere where after-work groups and artsy hipsters alike gather to mingle over drinks, while exposed brick and shaded chandeliers provide a touch of comfortable warmth perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Rustic tables and raised booths near the front are generally packed with diners and Melrose people-watchers, but those more interested in beer, wine, and cocktails will want to congregate at the sleek and spacious bar, where chatty bartenders stand ready to walk patrons through the extensive selections of drinks and pub food listed on the chalkboards.

Couples looking for a cozy nook can snuggle up on a banquette in the more intimate back area, while a private room can be reserved for special events.

Although the tightly-packed crowd escalates from laid back to boisterous on any given night, the bar is at its rowdiest on weekend days when soccer fans show up in droves for English Premier League games.

Always busy and usually rambunctious, the versatile Village Idiot is a good bet whether patrons are in the market for a guys’ night out, a hopping singles scene, or just a high-spirited evening at the pub.

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Tip from Lucas:

This is one of the few LA bars that show UEFA’s Champions League games, so get yourself a Boddington’s, check out the hidden flat-screen TVs in the walls, and watch Man U. dominate another game. Goooaaaalllll!

  • Crowd

    Casual and sociable young professionals, soccer fans, neighborhood regulars, internationals, and British expats, mid-20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Pandora radio selections vary each night. Flat-screen TVs for sporting events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menus feature traditional pub fare, modern comfort food, salads, appetizers, and a traditional English breakfast.

  • Prices

    Breakfast entrées $8–$13, appetizers and salads $7–$15, sandwiches $12–$15, entrées $11–$17, sides $5–$7, desserts $6–$7. Beer $3.50–$15, wine $8+, cocktails $6–$15. Valet $5.50.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Nice casual: T-shirts, jeans, designer casual, after-work attire.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for the biggest crowds.

  • Close By

    The famous Groundlings Theatre down the street (7307 Melrose Avenue) offers both early and late comedy shows.

The Village Idiot User Reviews

Average rating:
A Fusion between the Past, Present, and Future
Gerard Nash G. Jun 2, 2013
I actually went to this place when I saw the recommendation from Amber below, but I would say that this place has some of the best burgers, hands down. Even their salads are pretty great, and the music here is really relaxing and truly gives off the vibe of a "traditional pub". Furthermore, they really have great service with waiters who are not only quick and amiable, but also know how to hold up a good conversation. You may even find a couple of girls near the bar if you're looking for even more of a great time, but whether you're hanging out with some friends, or looking to get lucky, then this place is a good place for you.
If you're meandering down Melrose...
Stephanie K. May 7, 2013
I'm reviewing the Village Idiot solely as a bar as opposed to say, a gastropub, since I haven't had the opportunity to sample any of the food here. First of all, I really like this bar. I live on the west side, so I can't say that Melrose/Weho/Mid-city is my "spot." But I've actually used the Village Idiot as a go-to spot for drinks with several male suitors. You could say I bring all my male suitors here. :) You'll find that the Village Idiot is pretty accommodating to most patrons, meaning 9 out of 10 people can probably have an enjoyable time here. They offer a pretty solid beer and wine list, including some unusual choices. I will admit I can be high maintenance when it comes to food, but I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to bars. However, I know that some people are more particular about their watering holes. But with the Idiot here, I really feel like I could bring my pseudo-hipster friends to mingle knowingly amongst themselves... OR I could come here to grab a craft beer with my snooty gastropub friends... OR I could round up my single girl friends to check out the random smattering of men over a few glasses of wine. Which reminds me, THAT is another thing I like about the Village Idiot - there are usually more guys than girls up in here! +1. It does get loud in here, but it's from the chatter of the happy patrons! You never have to worry about the music drowning out your conversation. You can usually snag a table somewhere. Unless you come in during prime bar hours - then you're on your own. Do people come venture out to the Village Idiot exclusively for dinner? I do not know... but I do think it is a solid bar. Approved!
Exquisite !
Amber K. Mar 26, 2013
I'm not a huge fan of burgers, but the village idiot has one of the best burgers ever. I am very pleased by their quick service. If you're visiting this place for the first time and are not sure of what to order , no need to worry..because the waiters are very helpful and have knowledge about almost all their meals so they will be able to assist you. I think this restaurant is one of the best places for a first date. It's got a great vibe to it and its also entertaining. They have a wide variety of pandora music playing each night. If you're a football fan or soccer can then you would like this place because they've always got the games playing. This place attracts lots of sports fans. Check it out!
Something Old, Something New...
Di D. Mar 6, 2013
Being from the UK, I fancy myself as somewhat of an involuntary connoisseur on pubs as most of us appropriately-aged Brits are. I know pretty much everything I need to know about them; the foods and drinks they specialise in, exterior designs and interior intricacies from bar counter types to flooring (don’t ask!) So before I even enter one I have specific yet clichéd expectations which need to be addressed. I’ll take a pint of Hieneken, a friendly atmosphere and access to English Premier League football, please barman. Melrose Ave’s gastropub The Village Idiot serves all of this up then politely asks “will there be anything else, buddy?” Okay so it’s the dreaded modern-day take on the pub – the gastropub – but this particular establishment makes even the traditionalist want to get with the times whilst still exuding a sense of nostalgic rusticity. The interior is simplistic and spacious, decorated with oak furnishings, warm lighting and plenty of tables that blur the lines between pub and eatery. Its look is both pastoral and nouveau at the same time. Personally, I (along with most of the guys in there on Champion’s League nights) loved the fact that you’re never too far from a TV screen so that you don’t miss any unmissable sporting events. But, in contrast with my antiquated attitude, the reality was that The Village Idiot is vastly androgynous, catering just as well to those of any gender who harbour no interest in sports or watching more TV whilst they’re on a night out. If this is you, then you can always enjoy in-house DJs and the more intimate private experience that the establishment offer. For many the whole point of The Village Idiot is that you take advantage of its neighbourly attributes and become more sociable in comfortable surroundings. The extensive and sumptuous menu of food and drinks aids this with a delicate balance of old-school convention and new-school pretention. The Village Idiot is as much a mecca of relaxation as it is a vibrant hotspot of activity. Here is somewhere cosy and hospitable you can attend with the comforts you left behind at home.
Unique Joint
Valerie Y. Mar 4, 2013
I came here for a birthday brunch with my best friend and loved it! We happened to be there on SuperBowl Sunday, so they were screening the Puppy Bowl, which I watched for my first time there. It was adorable! We had a great waitress who was very nice and social. We ordered a drink that was a bit pricey, so we shared it. The decor of the place was very unique, but it fit my tastes perfectly. Even the name of the place (which I love) is very unique. The place was moderately large, so we didn't have to wait to be seated.
A first date favorite
Kate K. Feb 19, 2013
When asked on a first date and I am given the option of picking the dinner location I will generally pick The Village Idiot 80% of the time. This trendy, but not too trendy bar/restaurant on the corner of Melrose and Martel has somehow managed to blend male and female preferences into one setting so to ensure a pleasant evening to come. As a female I was immediately impressed by the industrial brewery style interior mixed with an old school pub vibe which can be seen in the wall paper and dim intimate lighting. The draped in ivy exterior is quite lovely as well. The menu itself is on the smaller side, but I always find something I like. Each item is good for sharing as well. An added bonus is that the kitchen uses all fresh market ingredients and thus the menu is consistently changing throughout the seasons. One of my favorite of their seasonal items are their homemade doughnuts, which often only appear during the winter. From my experience it’s the extensive beer selection which draws the men in, that and they are known to show European sports games on their TVs day or night. As a beer drinker myself, I was especially impressed by their extensive knowledge of all the different types of “Mixed Suds” that exist. For those who are not familiar with that title, the most basic example is a “Black and Tan” which is Guinness and the pale ale choice of the bar. I normally order a “Poor Man’s Black Velvet” (known at some bars as “Black Velvet” or “Bruised Pear”), which is Guinness and Cider. Parking in the Melrose Martel area can be a bit tricky due to the neighborhood zone parking, so the restaurant offers a valet service which is nice. However, the one downside to this bar is that it tends to get a bit loud, but the stellar menu options and entertaining people watching makes up for the possibility of having to speak in a slightly higher octave tone. I highly recommend this spot, date or not.
So disappointed
Matthew B. Feb 12, 2013
First off, I love burgers and I was told this place does pretty good one. Its 12 clams (without cheese) and when it comes it looks very small BUT it does have 2 patties. I asked for medium it came well done, it was way over salted and my bun was cold. It came with a handful of fries that were also over salted. I think they enjoy using that salt shaker as a way to make you thirsty so you buy more beer. The beer selection was alright along with the cocktail selection. The atmosphere was chill but very loud had to yell to hold a conversation with my table. I would go again if it was payday and I was just going to drink or if some soccer game was on that I was interested in. I am giving this a 1 star because of the burger but maybe I had it on an off day.
Post Tattoo Meal
Julie T. Nov 12, 2012
I would say that the Village Idiot is one of my favorite places to go on Melrose. I've gone to the Village Idiot twice and the food is pretty delicious. The ambiance is great for conversation and it's a good place to just relax after a long day of walking around, shopping, and checking out tattoo/piercing parlours. The first time I went I had the quiche and then a bread pudding for dessert which just topped off the day perfectly. I've also had the sausage sliders which were more on the oily side for me, but also hit the spot pleasantly.
Great spot for a group gathering or a last minute drop in
Sarah S. Oct 4, 2012
I had my birthday party here, and I loved it! The atmosphere and decor are really low key and classy (love all that glossy wood). They have these large booths in the back that make a nice, slightly secluded area to have a semi-private gathering. We got there early and had to stake out these tables-- I think if you don't do that, making a reservation might require an actual deposit for a party. They have a large selection of drinks. As the birthday girl, I tried a lot of them. Loved the snakebite, although I think that it might be a hangover in a glass. In short though, Village Idiot is a fun, good-looking spot for a small celebration.
Great neighborhood bar
Stacy F. Oct 3, 2012
Very scene-y now and not exactly my cup of tea anymore. But during less crowded times, it's a great neighborhood gastro pub. They actually have really good food there, not typical bar food. They do serve a fancier version of English pub classics like fish & chips, steak & potato pie but they also have a great variation of small plates like pork belly, squid, brussels sprouts, etc. And their burgers are simply delicious. If you're planning on having an intimate dinner here, I'd definitely go on the early side. Once it gets crowded, a) it's hard to find a table, and b) it's SO loud. They have a ton of beer on draft, lots of wine, and special cocktails. And for the soccer fans, they show Premier League games in real time, so be prepared for the day drinking...
BEST burger, but not the best for talking..
Beth M. Sep 26, 2012
Village Idiot has one of the best burgers I've ever eaten in my life, but it's so insanely loud it's hard to carry on a conversation. Sometimes, it's just nice to eat in silence. :) The drinks are pretty good, prices a little high, but honestly - just go get the burger. The decor is very metro meets hipster chic and I've always enjoyed going with groups, because everyone can mingle around the bar and chat. It's not a great date place. A friend and I went and ended up yelling at each other the whole time. Trust me - just get the burger and you'll be happy dreaming about YOUR review to post!
Decent place to catch a game
Sandy S. Sep 25, 2012
There are a couple of things that works very strongly in its favor in my opinion: 1) They are the only one ones to solely show a European soccer match when its telecast which is great as I am sick and tired of going to other sports bars where soccer is relegated to one small screen somewhere in the background while football and basketball is given higher importance so this is a breath of fresh air for a soccer fan like me. 2) Its just a hop, skip and jump away from my work place so its perfect for me when I want to grab a quick drink with the added benefit of a nice ambiance. On the downside the food is highly overpriced and is definitely not worth it as there are loads of other options available on Melrose. Even though the ambiance is nice for date it is definitely not the best place in terms of comfort to watch a match as this place is stuck somewhere between trying to be a cool bar at night and a sports bar during the day which really doesn't work. Overall, the fact that they televise Champions League football and the English Premier League works for me so until then I will pay those extra dollars for that beer and suck it up.
Top Notch Burger
Nick G. Sep 20, 2012
If you are looking for a quiet place to catch up with a friend or to meet on a first date The Village Idiot is not the place to go. Long waits and a very loud bar and dining room area make it hard to suggest this place as a meeting spot. The venue I give 2 stars. BUT if you are looking for one of the best burgers in LA then do what you can to check this place out. Even with the wait and the noise you won't be disappointed in the high quality beef they put in their burgers. I am always on the hunt for a good burger but when I don't feel like making the effort to search I go by The Village Idiot for a consistently good hunk of flesh.
Not Always Sure What It Wants to Be
Aaron P. Sep 12, 2012
Get there at the wrong time for dinner and you're at a shi**y table with a bar patron's ass inches from your food. Then again, eat in another part of the restaurant you can hear who you're with and the revelers at the bar in the distance make the scene almost appealing. Wouldn't classify the food as good ( British Isles ain't exactly known for the grub), but some of the dishes could at least be considered interesting. When a big soccer game is on it's an awesome place to watch, but they could care less about any other sport. Probably a good thing come to think of it.
The prices just aren't worth it and the food is ok
Sam A. Sep 7, 2012
The Village Idiot is average at best. The Village Idiot is just an overpriced Irish pub trying to be more than it is. They went with a sleek high end look on Melrose Avenue which is full of tattoo parlors and pot shops. What exactly were they thinking? Melrose Avenue requires more of a down and dirty Irish pub. The Village Idiot attempts to be higher end and unfortunately pushes the higher prices to try to support it. The food is simply ok and why do I need to pay several more dollars for a beer than I would at the Darkroom or Melgard or the Parlour? Avoid this place if you're on Melrose.
Far from idiotic
Len B. Aug 17, 2012
Melrose Ave. is practically littered all sorts of places to eat, drink and be merry with whomever you choose but The Village Idiot stands out above the rest. Armed with a great British-inspired food and drink selection, ample seating for dining and a dimly lit lounge-like area in the back, this place has been a favorite for many in the West Hollywood/Mid-City area for quite some time. While there is no happy hour (which comes as a surprise to many), they make up for it with their succinct menu and variety of cocktails. During one of my many visits to this precocious pub, I had the fish & chips, which were delectable, and my favorite, Guiness on tap. It doesn't get more GBR than that and they didn't drop the ball on either which was refreshing. Too many times patrons get suckered into places which claim to have an authentic feel only to be left feeling cheated. The Village Idiot not only fulfills that quirky requirement but you'll feel pretty smart by just making a visit. Oh and did I mention they serve breakfast on the weekends at 10am? Brilliant, I must say.
A little bit of London in LA
Paul F. Aug 10, 2012
The Village Idiot is a gastropub on Melrose Avenue that combines great British fare with slow poured tap beers and soccer hooliganism. Walking in, you're immediately hit by massive chalkboards with wine lists and food specials and a spacious open area with dark wooden flooring and plush booths. The food menu is a little limited and everything seems like it's $2-$3 more than it should be, but the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable about the offerings. They have a really great brat on the menu. When to go: They don't do happy hour, so don't bother with post work drinks. Go on a weekend night for a great mix of mid to late 20s young single professionals or on Saturday and Sunday mornings for live screenings of English Premier League soccer matches.
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