The Glendon Bar & Kitchen

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The Glendon Bar & Kitchen The Glendon Bar & Kitchen in Westwood is an upscale bar/restaurant where Los Angeles chic can be had for cheap. Find this & more LA fun at Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.061246 -118.444397
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The Glendon Bar & Kitchen - Bar | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review One might expect The Glendon Bar & Kitchen, given its location in the heart of UCLA’s Westwood Village, to be just another college den, but the upscale venue manages to cater to a crowd beyond – while... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 11:30am–2am, Sa–Su 11am–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth The Glendon Bar & Kitchen Review

The Scene

The Glendon Bar & Kitchen in Westwood is an upscale bar/restaurant where Los Angeles chic can be had for cheap. Find this & more LA fun at Party Earth.

One might expect The Glendon Bar & Kitchen, given its location in the heart of UCLA’s Westwood Village, to be just another college den, but the upscale venue manages to cater to a crowd beyond – while not excluding – the university set.

An ideal meeting point between Hollywood and Santa Monica, the restaurant plays host to everyone from corporate execs to chic bohemian types by day and upscale couples to rowdier twenty-somethings at night.

A long copper-topped bar is the focal point of the expansive interior, with black high-top tables filling up the rest of the ground floor and an upstairs lounge full of soft plush chairs overlooking the entire room.

Lunch gets busy with doctors and lawyers from nearby offices, but students know to appear during the earlier of the two Happy Hours for half-off pizzas and $5 pints, or on Tuesdays for the late-night deals.

Weekend nights find industry professionals and beach dwellers schmoozing over martinis as older couples dig into small plates like pork belly tacos and baked brie, but a second Happy Hour means the younger crowd returns for a festive but refined party.

Weekend brunch sees sports fans posted at the bar to watch the game as everyone else aids their hangovers with bottomless mimosas and French toast.

Not just for college kids and not just for “grown-ups,” The Glendon Bar & Kitchen is a local spot that reaches far beyond the streets of Westwood.

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Tip from Emma:

No class Wednesday morning? Head to The Glendon at 10pm on Tuesday nights for some great late-night specials, including $5 Long Islands that are definitely stronger than they taste.

  • Crowd

    UCLA undergrads, entertainment industry professionals, area doctors and lawyers, groups of grad students, couples, and Happy Hour hunters who like chic to meet cheap, early 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Large flat-screens at the bar typically tuned to sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu of upscale American cuisine including pork belly tacos, calamari, large salads, prosciutto goat sandwiches, burgers, and pizza. Happy Hour daily 4–7pm and 10pm–midnight.

  • Prices

    Brunch $8–$16, appetizers $6–$13, sides $5–$7, salads $12–$14, sandwiches/burgers $9–$13, pizzas $12–$14, entrées $14–$26+. Beer $6+, wine $8–$13, cocktails $10–$14, mixed drinks $9+, Stoli martini menu $6.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Upscale casual: button-downs, jeans, khakis, suits, fitted jeans, flirty tops, casual dresses, slacks, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Tuesday for the late-night specials, Friday and Saturday nights for mingling with singles over $6 martinis, or Sunday brunch for the game and bottomless mimosas.

  • Close By

    The Backyard at The W Hotel (930 Hilgard Avenue) is a swanky outdoor lounge full of palm trees and waterfalls that has a vibrant nighttime scene and an equally hopping brunch.

The Glendon Bar & Kitchen User Reviews

Average rating:
Classy Bar for both Bruins and Older Folk
Nicolas C. Jun 25, 2013
The Glendon is probably the classiest bar in Westwood. That being said, however, it is definitely NOT a place to come when you're wasted, not dressed to impress or with a group of 15 people or more. The Glendon has in incredible Happy Hour menu, which offers even the most impressive, yet affordable cocktails, as well as yummy food. The food portions are pretty small, but not painfully expensive, so one can't complain. No where else in Westwood is a student going to get a better discount on fancy drinks. The Glendon can be a great meet up spot for a date, as well as a nice place to discuss business. It is the type of place where 30 year olds, 40 year olds, and 21 year olds can all be found occupying the space at the same time, and no one looks twice. It is without a doubt the classiest meet up spot in Westwood with a killer Happy Hour.
Classy place for Bruins not expecting much
Shannon D. May 22, 2013
I spent many a nights here as a Bruin undergrad. With not many bar options within Westwood Village, me and my girlfriends found ourseves defaulting on this joiint when we were in the mood for a more classier scene then the often overcroweded and overwelming environment provided by places like Brew Co. or Maloney's. The Glendon's calm dark, but warm ambiance combined with it's decour provide a very chill environment for those looking to just sit and actually hear the converstion you're engaed in. While this place is a good alternative to the other bars in Westwood, it does suffer from some common shortcomings which can discourage some. Firstly, the food is alright, but not good enough to justify the prices. In addition, though the Bartenders are friendly, the drinks they make aren't very generous which leaves me once again questioning why I would be forced to pay such a premium. All in all, The Glendon is a nice chill-laid back joint that is a welcome departure from the usual loud, messy and often overcrowded college bar scene.
Classy place with good food
Jasmit N. Mar 26, 2013
This place is a good place to eat and this is a very class happy hour. It’s more of exclusive place and most students usually just go to Brewco or Maloney’s to drink. I went because it was cousin’s birthday and I had a pretty good time. Their food was amazing and their drinks are really good too. The problem I had with is that it is kind of pricey for the food especially for the quantity you get. The service was really good and the atmosphere is really mellow and nice. This usually the chill-laid back place when it is compared to Brewco and Maloney’s.
Great Food
Ramandeep K. S. Mar 25, 2013
I love this place! I celebrated my 21st Birthday at this lovely establishment. While the location is right next to UCLA it tends to have a diverse crowd. The food is particularly amazing and I live in Berkeley (amazing food) which is saying something.Their drinks are pretty much on point and the night that I went the service was also on point. My favorite part was when Ashley Tisdale walked in and no one even bothered to swarm her. I will definitely be trying this place again soon. The only problem I had with is that it is pretty pricey. While the food was awesome I don't think I could be spending 15 dollars on a burger. But I still love the place so I'm going to give it 3 stars.
Great Food
Les S. Mar 22, 2013
The Glendon is one of the more upscale fancy bars in Westwood compared to the typical BrewCo & Maloneys college bars, but it is really nice place to get away from the drunk crowds and enjoy a couple drinks. They have tasteful drinks and even though they can be pricey depending on what you order they do have happy hour every day of the week. It is not so much of an entertainment bar as it is a place to have a nice meal and get drinks with friends. One thing that I find taste really great here is their Cesar Salad and they have really good lunch meals in general.
Great Happy Hour
Kate K. Mar 21, 2013
If you are looking for a classy happy hour, this place is great! It is more upscale than the other bars in westwood. Their happy hour has beer, wine, and cocktail selections and I believe that happy hour is every night. I have also gone there for dinner, and while it is on the more expensive side, it was delicious. I recommend the Caesar salad and the fried calamari! There is a large room with seating downstairs and there is another room upstairs that I have seen people rent out. It may be great to reserve for a larger birthday dinner or a graduation celebration.
Too Fancy for a College Bar
Valerie Y. Mar 4, 2013
As an undergraduate college student, I'd MUCH rather go to BrewCo or O'Hara's. This bar is more for business people after work or graduate students. It's pretty fancy; waiters actually go to your table to take your order. I went on a Thursday night, and it was fairly filled with people. There were no sources of entertainment, that I could see at least, unlike BrewCo, which has a couple. I went because my friend's boyfriend wanted to try it. I didn't like it. We went to BrewCo right after and I enjoyed that so much more! I would only go again if I had to; I never choose to go here.
Bad Service
Georgina S. Nov 28, 2012
I wish I could rate this place higher. The food is pretty good and worth trying, but the last few times that I've gone, the service has been pretty horrible. I mean, sitting for 20 minutes without even having your drink order taken. They do well with fried food (it's kind of hard to mess up)...but I've had a good enough time to come back. Maybe it's better to go here just for cocktails. I've never drank here, but it always looks very good and tempting. They also have skinny options which appeals to picky girls like me. Overall, come here for drinks and sit at the bar, don't bother waiting for food from a waiter.
Ohh Glendon.
Julie T. Nov 12, 2012
Tuesday nights are a good night to go if you don't want to wait in the hour long line at Maloney's (O'Hara's) for pint night and if Brewco next door is a bit too loud and crowded for you as well. It's still crowded but you can at least pick and choose who to bump into- plus, attractive bartenders are always a plus! The happy hour deals are pretty worth it, and the food is also delicious. I have gone to the Glendon several times for dinner and enjoyed it every time. I'm not sure if this is going on still but I think they have bottomless mimosas on the weekends and my friends tell me they go every week. I also really appreciate that while Glendon can maintain a classier ambiance, it still caters towards UCLA students with a discount.
The "Classy" College Bar of Westwood
Steven V. Sep 21, 2012
The Glendon is a classy lounge with a great ambiance if you want to relax with a group of friends rather than "party" at the popular Brewco. The restaurant area is very large with high ceilings, fancy décor, and comfortable, tall black chairs. The setting is great for more intimate conversations- it’s best to come here on a date or a small group of friends. I've come here multiple times during the happy hour and always had a good time enjoying reasonably priced bar food and sampling various drinks. The Southwestern Pizza is a great deal during the happy hour and definitely worth what you pay, and the Fried Calamari is popular amongst most of my friends. The mixed drinks that I’ve tried here were tasty and nothing special, some were strong despite their small size. If you’re looking to relax and unwind over drinks and food, I would choose this or Palomino over Brewco. One of the better places to enjoy a night in Westwood!
Fancy Find in College Town
Jessica T. Aug 10, 2012
The Glendon Bar and Kitchen can dual as a delicious, low-key spot for lunch as well a social, fun bar environment by night. The food itself is amazing, my personal favorite the garlic fries and the cocktails might be even better. WIth decent prices, attractive and sophisticated crowd, live music and upstairs for special events, The Glendon is a gem to be found in Westwood that usually only caters to college students. If you are looking for a business lunch spot or a place to go out for drinks with the girs, The Glendon is a great dine and drink choice.
An Upscale Alternative in Westwood
Daniel H. Aug 2, 2012
The swanky Glendon Bar and Kitchen is a nice change of pace from the loud sports bars that populate the UCLA college town of Westwood, but what's awesome is that the cocktail lounge still brings in a steady mix of attractive students that keep things from getting to stuffy. The owner of the joint, Nick, who is a friend of mine, is originally a culinary expert by trade, and thus a lot of focus goes into the absolutely delicious dishes that come out of the kitchen. The same care goes towards the cocktails, which are always well made and never skimped out on. Besides the after-work crowds and trendy professionals that peruse through the sleek space, Nick has done a really great job at hiring students and creating promotions and deals to attract a lively bunch of mostly greek coeds. Most Tuesdays, known as GBK Tuesdays, are 18+, bringing in groups of partiers that might normally stick to the apartments because of their underage friends. Drink specials like $3PBRs and $5 AMF’s, as well as the occasional DJ pumping house music, keeps the party here going long into the night. I’ve had some really good times at the Glendon, from totally drunken boozefests to mellow nights with friends sipping on Jack & Cokes. So if you’re looking for a fashionable place where you can wear a collar or a dress, mingle with the trendy crowds, or just have a drink and a conversation, the Glendon is definitely the place to go in Westwood.
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