Saddle Ranch Chop House (West Hollywood, CA)

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Saddle Ranch Chop House (West Hollywood, CA) A favorite with frat boys and tourists, Saddle Ranch transplants the rock-western chop house from the heart of Texas to the world-famous Sunset Strip. Los Angeles United States 34.0956376 -118.3719797
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Saddle Ranch Chop House (West Hollywood, CA) - Bar | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A favorite with frat boys and tourists, Saddle Ranch transplants the rock-western chop house from the heart of Texas to the world-famous Sunset Strip. As patrons mosey in, they’ll most likely come upon a wild scene where... ... read full review

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    M–F 11am–2am, Sa–Su 9am–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Saddle Ranch Chop House (West Hollywood, CA) Review

The Scene

A favorite with frat boys and tourists, Saddle Ranch transplants the rock-western chop house from the heart of Texas to the world-famous Sunset Strip.

A favorite with frat boys and tourists, Saddle Ranch transplants the rock-western chop house from the heart of Texas to the world-famous Sunset Strip.

As patrons mosey in, they’ll most likely come upon a wild scene where LA cowgirls, lured by cash prizes, down drinks and mount the mechanical bull to the drunken cheers of vacationing Midwesterners and regulars from the O.C.

Like most things in Texas, the place is huge and kitschy, with no shortage of cowboy hats, saddles, rustic wood trappings, and folksy touches like the “No fightin, no bitin, or coughin” sign.

When there’s a lull in cute coed action, sports fans turn their attention to the plethora of flat screens, while much of the backwards-cap set settles down at the tables and booths to wash their short ribs down with three-foot-high beer towers.

Although a sizable morning-after crowd stops in to chill out on the wraparound veranda, watch football, and exchange hangover cures over bottomless mimosas, it’s clear that the real party happens at night when rowdy young locals and college kids show up for out-of-control drink fests.

Loud and campy with a little karaoke on the side, Saddle Ranch is perfect for out-of-towners in search of a crazy good time and manly men looking to lasso a filly.

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Tip from Lucas:

If you get a group of guys together to watch a game, it’s worth it to share the beer tower for $45. You’ll also want to order the Monster Platter – a huge appetizer plate including cheeseburger sliders, wings, onion rings, baby back ribs, and sweet potato fries, all for $19.99.

  • Crowd

    Lively and outgoing tourists, sports fans, frat boys, West Hollywood locals, and college students, early 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Best on the Bull Contest at 10pm Mondays featuring cash prizes up to $500. SuperStar Karaoke Tuesdays at 10pm. Live guitar midday and early evenings.

    Thirty HDTVs tuned to music videos and sports. Mechanical bull, boxing arcade game, and pool table. Free Wi-Fi.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    All-you-can-eat ribs Tu 6–11pm, other food specials after midnight. Happy Hour M–F 4–6:30pm. Bottomless Bloody Marys & Mimosas daily 11am–3pm.

    Merchandise sold inside includes cowboy hats, underwear, and mugs. Two ATM machines inside.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $8+, salads $4+, sandwiches $10+, entrées $16+. Beer $6+, wine $7+, cocktails $7.50+, shots $7+, bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys $10.

    Valet $3.75. Coat check $2. Mechanical bull $4. Pool table $1. Boxing arcade $1.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: Jeans, t-shirts, Ed Hardy, All Stars, summer dresses, flats, skinny jeans, tight tank tops.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for a testosterone-packed night of energy, or any day between 11am and 3pm for the Bottomless Bloody Marys & Mimosas special.

  • Close By

    The Body Shop strip club (8250 Sunset Boulevard) may be a good place to top off a crazy night out.

Saddle Ranch Chop House (West Hollywood, CA) User Reviews

Average rating:
A slab of Texas on the Sunset Strip
Victoria H. Nov 25, 2013
Round up the gang and get ready to channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl, because the party lasts all night at Saddle Ranch Chop House. It’s a great place for tourists and locals looking for a good ‘ole time full of great food and entertainment. It’s hard to believe you’re still in Hollywood with the “rock meets western” ambiance of the rustic building and saloon décor. Expect to see a younger, energetic crowd in their 20s to 30s here, along with sports lovers and L.A.-style cowboys. The atmosphere really comes to life once the sun goes down. The drinks start pouring, and brave souls begin lining up to ride the ever-famous mechanical bull. If you’re not feeling the loud and rowdy scene, you can always step outside on the patio and pull up a seat next to the campfire. Saddle Ranch’s large menu has delicious and hearty options like their signature Jalapeño Mac & Cheese and BBQ Baby Back ribs, with big portions for an affordable price. They have everything from fresh fish and salads to burgers and nachos. But hands down, their specialty is steaks-with seven different cuts on the menu. Good news for you health nuts! Their menu marks all healthy options and even has a list of “skinny” drinks for calorie-counters. While most of the action at this popular hangout takes place on weekend nights, Saddle Ranch offers a weekend brunch that is worth your while. The menu consists of lots of options from omelets to Texas toast, not to mention $10 bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys.
Great Entertainment On Any Night
Sana B. Aug 1, 2013
Saddle Ranch is the perfect place for a girls night out or birthday celebration. They have an amazing happy hour (half of drinks and appetizers between 4pm-6:30pm) and fabulous large drinks for everyone to have a good time. The staff is friendly and sociable and they usually surprise their guests with complimentary cotton candy at the end of your meal. I have celebrated birthdays, graduations, and girl's night out and have never been disappointed. they always have an amazing and lively crowd, even on weekdays and i strongly encourage all your ladies to ride the bull. Although it may seem terrifying, it is definitely a great time and free on your birthday. Overall, I definitely encourage you to take a trip, try the mac & cheese, AMF, and have a great night!
A Different Kind of Friday Night
Beatrice V. Jul 25, 2013
I have always been the kind of person that wants to do different things on the weekends, so when my best friend and I had the opportunity to attend a birthday dinner at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Boulevard, we were excited to experience something new. Being from Europe, I had never been to the South, so naturally, this sounded like a fun Friday night. As we pulled up to the restaurant, however, we were unhappy to hear that our reservation had been pushed back an hour. Luckily, we discovered that the drinks at the Chop House were fun - they serve their very strong AMF's or Long Island Ice Tea's in carafes. The music and the big balls of cotton candy that floated around the crowd made the wait more bearable. Once we got to our table, we were pretty shocked at the prices. Due to its location on the famous Sunset Boulevard, the restaurant itself went with the "Disneyland" idea - they raise prices on average snacks and drinks because they know they can and people will pay it. A simple steak raked up a solid $29.99, while the Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Ravioli totaled $15.99. I decided to stick to a Barbecue Chicken dish, that came with simple white rice - a pretty boring dish. The ambience makes up for the lack in tasty food though. Girls riding the mechanical bull in the far side of the restaurant draw attention to themselves while loud Rock 'n' Roll music is blaring from the speakers all around the barn-style restaurant. It is a fun place to get drinks before a night out in Hollywood or to get your country on riding the mechanical bull. They have plenty of ways to entertain their guests, which is why I will definitely return for a few drinks before going out with my friends.
Texas is in Hollywood!
Paul C. Jul 25, 2013
I went to the Saddle Ranch on Sunset blvd in West Hollywood. The drinks there are HUGE and the service there is on point. I got the Adios MF drink, and I am glad that I wasn't driving home. They have a mechanical bull there, that people at the bar are able to ride for a few dollars. So if you enjoy humiliating yourself in front of drunk people then do it, if not then just enjoy watching others do the same. The food there is amazing and well priced, and they have plenty of good looking waitresses. It's the perfect place to pre game before a wild night out, or a place to invite your friends for fun and drinks. They have plenty of TV's so if you even want to watch the game you're in luck.
The Wild, Mild West
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
This place has probably one of the best locations out there. It's located nearby a lot of businesses and homes, on the intersection of Washington Boulevard and the Pacific Ocean and has one of the best outdoor patios for drinking within a five mile radius; the upstairs patio provides the costumer with the feeling that they are drinking right on the beach. Sadly, it's a bit crowded and the whiskey is not the best whiskey out there, nor is the beer. The parking is also around $10, which is kinda pricey; my suggestion is to find a place on the street. On a positive note, there's a mechanical bull, pool table, and arcade. Definitely a place that I would recommend for hanging out, but not so much if you're looking for some good food and drinks.
Great Place!
Lilit A. May 29, 2013
Saddle ranch is perfect place to go with friends! it is great to go for a birthday or celebration of any kind. The food is great and delicious at affordable pricing. The bull ride is the cherry on top though, when i went with my friends we took turns riding it and of course fell off every time but it was still fun seeing who would last the longest It was also funny to watch the drunk people fall off the bull, it really was a great time! but other then that the service is friendly and got us every thing we needed.
ride that bull
Nancy D. May 15, 2013
my first time going to this place was the best , it was so much fun! when it was my turn to ride the bull it took me forever to get on it than the time i spent riding it because i fell off so fast. the fact that they also serve cotton candy is amazing because it makes it more fun to eat candy while having fun. the only bad thing i had to leave by 10 because im only 20 but the time i was there it was so much fun!
Not that bad
Anthony James B. Mar 26, 2013
This place isn't nearly as bad as people think it is. A lot of people think it's completely trashy and full of "wanna-be's," which isn't entirely untrue, but if you're drunk and just want to socialize with friends its not a bad scene. Drinks can be pricey, but are definitely strong. I can't remember what drink I always get when there, but it's a bright blue-ish teal color. Definitely one large one is enough for the night if you want to feel really good, or share with someone else if you're not trying to get too crazy. Food is your typical bar food; nothing to write home about in that category. All in all fun, but not your first choice for an elegant & classy night.
Mechanical Bull.
John L. Mar 26, 2013
I came here for my birthday with a few of my friends. There was excellent service for our group of 12 people. You wouldn't really come here for the food. This is a great place to people watch. My friends and I had a blast with their mechanical bull. I'm not sure if I've ever laughed so much in my life after watching a bunch of drunk beezies being flung all over the place.
Okay Food, more for the scenery
Kimberly A. Mar 18, 2013
I went here with my friend and their parents. It was alright but I think I might have had more fun if I was younger. They came and gave us a little country serenade. They also have a mechanical bull in case you want to try that out. The food is not that great, it is very fatty but if you want a big steak its great. It is also pretty pricey. I definitely would suggest a different restaurant if you want a nice steak dinner though. It is right near Universal Studios so if you really need something to eat and want to sit down then you could go here but there are better places.
fun time!
Brittney B. Dec 3, 2012
I went to the Saddle Ranch with a few friends for a birthday. Its just exactly that. Its a great night out! The staff really does a good job of keeping the energy high, and the giant mechanical bull helps with that too. The place is filled with TVs too, so its great to go check out a game. I would recommend this place for an easy night out with the guys (or girls)! Be aware that things might get wild fast.
Best place for a ladies night out!
Alexis M. Dec 3, 2012
I went to saddle ranch with a few friends for a ladies night out and it was A BLAST!! Not only did we get the typical bull riding experience, we were also serenaded by two lovely men with a guitar and cowboy hats. The ambiance was amazing and the good old comfort food hit the spot. Definitely a must see!
If you like country
Katherine R. Nov 30, 2012
I came to Saddle Ranch with my family and had a great time. The food was good (I don't really like barbeque/southern food) but the decor was great. They are very committed to the theme. It is casual and fun. There was karaoke and lots and lots of country music. It was fun to watch people ride the bull while you eat (great entertainment). The restaurant itself provided for great people watching. It was an interesting crowd. Eventually, I rode the bull just because I had to try it out if I was there. Definitely worth trying once.
Hollywood Scene
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
They have a few Saddle Ranches but they all are basically the same. This one is more of a scene rather than the one at universal studios. Here you can ride a mechanical bull right after or during your meal. It is fun on birthday however i would personally rather go to a different restaurant in Hollywood. The food is good and i like the drinks too. The vibe is fun and if you are going for a casual and fun night then it is perfect for you. Overall, if your into country music and riding bulls then you should definitely try it out.
Never a bad night at the Saddle Ranch!
Stanzi W. Nov 28, 2012
The Saddle Ranch is the perfect place to go for a crazy night with a bunch of friends. With Saturday night karaoke and a mechanical bull, it's hard not to have a good time. You get what you pay for with your drinks - a large AMF is only $15 and is guaranteed to get you at least a bit tipsy. The food is also great with the giant candy floss machines being my favorite. Also, the crowd is really fun and it seems like everyone goes there to have a good time and meet new people! So I recommend you grab your cowboy hat and head over
Saddle Ranch
Katie S. Nov 16, 2012
Saddle Ranch is actually the best. Yes, you have to be in the right mood, but I have been with so many different people and it's always just as fun with each group. Everything is big there too (the food and the drinks). It's just a good place to come when you're bored of the usual.
The Honey Boo Boo of the Sunset Strip
Tess E. Oct 16, 2012
Those hungry for a raucous romp through the Wild West – West Hollywood, that is – need look no further than Saddle Ranch Chop House. This theme park of a restaurant has gradually become somewhat of a landmark of the famed Sunset Strip, that section of winding road once considered a musician’s paradise but now mostly the territory of Rock of Love rejects and vacationing tourists from flyover states. Tattooed bartenders wearing multicolored bandanas sling cocktails for patrons sitting in wooden high-back chairs. California-bred Daisy Dukes in too-small shorts carry trays of fluorescent shots in vials and clouds of cotton candy. Essentially, Saddle Ranch is a birthday party for adults complete with a mechanical bull in lieu of pony rides. It is not difficult to understand why the restaurant was recently featured on its own reality television series (the aptly named Saddle Ranch). Still, should you venture to order an actual meal here in addition to the requisite alcohol, expect to be surprisingly impressed, as Saddle Ranch boasts generous portions of Southern home-style cooking. At the very least, sample a serving of the restaurant’s free biscuits and apple butter and be sure to choose a seat on the patio for a session of unparalleled people watching.
Highly Recommended for Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays!
Sarah C. Oct 15, 2012
My friends and I love coming to Saddle Ranch for its excellent brunch and bottomless Bloody Marys and Mimosas on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve never actually been to the bar at night, so I can’t comment on the nightlife aspect, but for brunch, I highly recommend it. There’s a huge patio and the tables are big enough to accommodate a large group. It’s a fun atmosphere, the waiters and waitresses are laid back and really friendly but also fast and accurate. The brunch menu has plenty of variety whether you’re in the mood for eggs benedict or a breakfast quesadilla. With any brunch purchase you can also get bottomless Bloody Marys and Mimosas for $9.99. This is a great deal considering one Bloody Mary at your typical LA restaurant would probably cost you about $7-8. There’s about 5-6 flavors of Bloody Marys and Mimosas and you can switch between the two. I’ve brought friends here who were visiting from out of town and everyone always had a great time. Try to get a seat in the front so you can people-watch on Sunset, makes for an even better time.
Saddle Ranch Chop House: “It’s Not Just for Those Who Wanna Ride the Bull”
Cassie N. Oct 5, 2012
I haven't been to the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood, but I have been to the one at Universal. I don’t usually head out to Universal City Walk, but I happened to be there on a Wednesday night with some friends, and we decided to get some food at Saddle Ranch. We walked in to find there was karaoke!! And not just stand-in-the-corner-and-sing-a-little-ditty karaoke, but get-up-on-stage-and-perform-your-butt-off karaoke! They actually have a stage set up in the patio area that you had to perform on. Now, I’m a karaoke fiend, so I was excited to say the least. The crowd was young and fun, and there was a large birthday party there so there was great audience participation and a lot of singing along. After I performed, my waitress gave my friends and I a drink on the house because they enjoyed it so much! Basically, it was a fun time to be had by all whether or not you got up on stage. It was great entertainment and one of the best times I have had at Saddle Ranch!
Go if you're at Universal Studios
Sunset E. Oct 5, 2012
Not worth going to the one in Hollywood when there are soooo many other great places in Hollywood to check out!!!! Now if you are at Universal Studios instead of eating crappy food go to the Saddle Ranch because it probably costs the same as the expensive prices in the park! Amazing brownie ice cream sundae!! Food is good and they serve some really good drinks!! It's really usually crowded so plan on waiting but it's worth it compared to the park! Also a good atmosphere to relax and get a drink after a long day at the park or a mid day pick you up! Enjoy :)
OVER 40 & LOVIN' IT !!!!
Jennifer N. Oct 5, 2012
Went to Saddle Ranch Happy Hour numerous times and as an "Old Timer" over 40 I love it!! Love the bartenders, the food & the atmosphere. I noticed that "Cougars" are highly welcome. it's a great place to people watch, so many differnt types of people & from many different places. Would recommend it to everyone I know. Don't get there much anymore, too far away now. Need to go back, but would have to stay somewhere near.
Mackenzie M. Oct 5, 2012
I've been to saddle ranch a bunch of times for everything from birthdays to happy hour with friends and I must say its always been amazing! The service there is fantastic and everyone is welcoming and friendly, if your ever there I recommend you sit with Mikola she was amazing and Erik the manager did a great job checking in that everything was ok. I love that you can get a little rowdy here and just have fun. If you go you must ride the bull and get one of their famous drinks that comes in a glass the size of a flower vase. I will definitely be coming back macc
Great for College students
D1ΔИΔ Ø. Oct 4, 2012
This is more of a party spot. I've had both good and bad experiences here....I don't think I'll mention the bad one, it might scare some people away lol. Anyway, it's a nice spot for young people who like to come with a group of friends and just want to not "function". Beverages are inexpensive during happy is average, nothing really special. I think that by the end of the night, most people just don't even care about the bull riding anymore. I think my favorite part about this place is that I don't have to look for parking because I just go straight to their $5 valet haha.
Go if you're 21 - 23 yrs old. Otherwise, you'll want to slit your wrists.
Stacy F. Oct 3, 2012
If you're a local and looking for an ironic place to eat & drink, do it and do it proudly! If you're taking yourself seriously and trying to impress a date or something, probably not the place to go. The crowd is typically made up of 20 somethings who drink to get drunk and then decide to ride the mechanical bull. (Yes, there's really a mechanical bull.) I don't think I've ever actually eaten the food at SR, so i can't fairly judge the cuisine. I do have vague memories of lots of beer and GIGANTIC blue drinks. I'm sure I thought they were amazing at the time. The thought of it is somewhat nostalgic now, as i feel everyone who lives in LA should go to the Saddle Ranch at least once in his/her life, as a rite of passage. I may have even thrown a Bday party there once. But if you're a grownup and looking for a classy joint, this ain't it. Probably the only place worse than the Saddle Ranch on Sunset is The Saddle Ranch at City Walk. Come to think of it, all of City Walk is like one giant Saddle Ranch. But I digress...
Not Hungry? Not A Problem.
LaShawn T. Oct 2, 2012
Although marketed as a chop house, Saddle Ranch is indeed much more. By bringing the heart of the south to the heart of the Sunset Strip, you're treated to the best of both worlds. A diverse crowd is what gives Saddle Ranch its appeal--offering food to the hungry, drinks to the thirsty, and eye candy to the interested. No matter what your motivation is for attending, you'd be remissed if you didn't experience the embarrassing, yet exhilarating defeat of being thrown off the mechanical bull. Don't let its Hollywood location fool you into believing it has a swanky appeal; Saddle Ranch is the epitome of a party-filled environment with a casual atmosphere. The plethora of activities and drink specials draw a fairly young crowd on the weekends looking to frolic and engage in friendly mischief. It's fair to say you can easily get wrangled before the night is over.
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