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Red Lion Tavern For a kitschy Oktoberfest vibe fueled by authentic German beers that really pack a wallop, patrons will want to head to the Red Lion Tavern, a Silver Lake staple with a loyal following of beer enthusiasts, local hipsters, and... Los Angeles United States 34.0992259 -118.2591089
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Red Lion Tavern - Bar | Beer Garden | German Restaurant | Tavern in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review For a kitschy Oktoberfest vibe fueled by authentic German beers that really pack a wallop, patrons will want to head to the Red Lion Tavern, a Silver Lake staple with a loyal following of beer enthusiasts, local hipsters... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 11am–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Red Lion Tavern Review

The Scene

For a kitschy Oktoberfest vibe fueled by authentic German beers that really pack a wallop, patrons will want to head to the Red Lion Tavern, a Silver Lake staple with a loyal following of beer enthusiasts, local hipsters, and...

For a kitschy Oktoberfest vibe fueled by authentic German beers that really pack a wallop, patrons will want to head to the Red Lion Tavern, a Silver Lake staple with a loyal following of beer enthusiasts, local hipsters, and average Joes.

While the outdated TVs tuned to sports and the old keyboard player near the entrance might send some customers scuttling right back out the door, more curious guests who let their eyes adjust to the dim lighting will see a slew of happy faces and young local drinkers carousing in the front booths.

The lively vibe continues upstairs in the outdoor beer garden where neighborhood workers peruse the campy collection of street signs, beer banners, and other German memorabilia as they wait for the costumed barmaids to deliver their hearty plates of schnitzel.

The tavern’s main draw, however, is not the food or décor, but the excellent selection of German beers on tap, all served in tall pilsner glasses and with a strong enough bite to leave even the most seasoned drinkers feeling a bit blitzed.

Relaxed on weekdays, the Red Lion gets packed to the rafters on the weekends when a fun and flirty crew of beer aficionados and hipsters flocks in to party until they can’t pronounce the names of the beers in their steins.

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Tip from Jonah:

Taking your massive hangover out for Sunday brunch at the Red Lion is practically a tradition in Silver Lake. Get the Bauer Frühstück – a three-egg omelet with bacon, ham, and fried potatoes – and then set aside the rest of your day for the food coma.

  • Crowd

    Many hipsters as well as young professionals and blue-collar types from the neighborhood, mid-20s to 40.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Piano player most nights in the downstairs bar. TVs tuned to local sporting events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu featuring German favorites like schnitzel, eisbein, schweinebraten, and a great sausage platter. Kitchen closes at midnight. Brunch served Sa–Su 11am–3pm. Happy Hour M–F 4–6pm.

  • Prices

    Salads $5–$12, sandwiches $9–$12, entrées $15–$20, brunch $8–$15. Beer $5+, wine $6+/glass, mixed drinks $6.50+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Mostly jeans and t-shirts for both guys and girls.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for a fun and flirty crowd, or Saturdays and Sundays for brunch.

  • Close By

    Cha Cha Lounge (2375 Glendale Boulevard) offers another international experience, this time in Mexico.

Red Lion Tavern User Reviews

Average rating:
Good food, chill atmosphere but also crowded with service issues
Eva M. Mar 3, 2013
Let’s get this out of the way first, I love beer, I love sausages or any other kind of German food for that matter. That’s why I keep going back to the Red Lion. Here is the problem: The inside is really gaudy and not in a good way. Think dive bar, but without the dive bar prices. Moreover it’s always crowed. Forget about coming with a larger group of people, you’ll never find enough seats (and they don’t take reservations). We usually go straight to the patio (the beer garden) which is much nicer, but even that get’s really crowed on Friday and Saturday nights. The worst part is that the Red Lion does not staff appropriately. The last two times I was there, they were severely understaffed. Waiting 20 minutes to order a drink and another 20 to get it? Not cool. It’s really a shame, because otherwise this place is pretty chill. Be aware that they allow smoking on the patio (or I should say they turn a blind eye to smoking). If you can’t stand cigarette smoke, this place is not for you. I would recommend going during the week or going early on the weekends, making this your first stop of the night.
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
This place is awesome. I had the best time here. I was not really in the mood to go out anywhere but I was dragged and I am so glad I ended up going. The people here were so welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere was relaxed and easy-going. The food here was also really good and there were so many different options. The German vibe was cool and made me feel like I could have very well been in Berlin drinking in a bar. I loved my time here and plan on going back a third time in the near future.
Little Germany in Silver Lake
Tav M. Nov 29, 2012
With three separate areas, each offering a different vibe but same great food and drinks, this German themed tavern has something for everyone. The ground floor is whimsically gaudy, with décor vaguely reminiscent of a grandmother’s den complete with wood paneling, Formica tables and plush vinyl. This is a great place to sit back, loosen your belt and enjoy generous plates of authentic German fare while listening to the lounge musician peck out often improvised tunes on the aging keyboard in the corner. Upstairs, a second bar leads into a large hall with a certain old world atmosphere including exposed brick and faux-aged frescos. There is plenty of seating in this area which could easily accommodate several large groups at a time. Finally, if the weather is nice, head outside to the rooftop patio that has a more provincial feel with wood beams, plaster siding and a small fountain. Sit at the bar or one of the many outdoor tables, enjoy an imported German beer and take advantage of the full menu, including a limited late night selection. The waitresses are friendly and dressed in traditional outfits. The crowd is mixed and gregarious, skewing slightly older (30’s). Fair prices for high quality food and drinks. Great for large groups!
Unique way to spend a night
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
A small group of friends and I went for a friend's birthday party and had an amazing time. The bartenders were awesome and the bars on tap are phenomenal. The night we were there, a man was playing polka covers of Lady Gaga songs on the keyboard. The crowd is a great mix of young and old folks, and you'll leave with some great stories.
Year Round Oktoberfest In Your Own Backyard!
Danielle N. Nov 28, 2012
I've spent some time in Berlin and I have rocked a weekend at Oktoberfest in Munich, and The Red Lion rivals the fun that a traditional spot in Deutchland has to offer. You can’t go wrong here! Unless your date hates beer and sausage– in which case… you should probably pick a different spot. Vegan's beware! This restaurant is a huge sausage fest. The prices are more than fair, the food delicious and the options for two different rooms, with two totally different tones makes for a night that feels like you’ve been to two places in one. The first floor really feels like a tavern, a bar along the back wall and a piano in the corner with dim dark lighting makes you feel as if you are in a moody German Gasthaus. Upstairs is a decidedly lighter feeling Biergarten with tables and chairs set out to accomodate as many people as legally possible. The waitstaff is excellent, a beer of the month offers you an extra suggestion for trying something new and the people are fun. Great for large groups, for catching up with a friend over a beer, and an excellent spot for a date!
The Most Glorious of Outdoor Patios
Angelica A. Nov 8, 2012
The Red Lion caters to all kinds of crowds, from sports fans spilling in from nearby Dodger Stadium, to 20-30 something hipsters, to old school Silverlake locals. It's diverse crowds make for people watching and mingling that keep me coming back. The ambiance and decor is what you'd expect from a European pub, and the staff are wonderfully attentive and informative. My absolute favorite part of the Lion has to be the outdoor patio. It's ginormous. A smoker's haven and paradise. The drinks selection is always top notch quality but unfortunately with the prices to match. Don't get me wrong the Lion is not a necessarily expensive establishment, but for me it does compete with the very divey Cha Cha Lounge just across the street. Still, the Lion has it's own thing going for it, including live cabaret-esque piano on weekend nights, and a kitchen that pumps out what I've been told it delicious German pub dishes.
A Novelty
Nathan S. Nov 5, 2012
I spent the evening at The Red Lion a few weekends ago for a friend's birthday. What I remembered the most about this particular bar was its quirky staff and incredibly catchy menu items - namely the "Gator Dick," which was a shot of Jaeger mixed with a few "mystery" additives that truly hit the spot. The interior of the bar was fun - with old German sayings/literature and dark reds and greens plastered along the walls. Although the inside of the bar was quite the spectacle, I definitely enjoyed myself the most while outside on the massive patio. Nothing makes for a good bar like a sizable (and socially adaptable) patio. If you're looking for a novelty venue to spend a few memorable (and loud) weekend nighs, The Red Lion is the place to be.
Great place before/after a Dodger game!
Rocio R. Nov 3, 2012
The Red Lion is a favorite of mine for it's proximity to Dodger stadium and of course German beer! This is a fun place to go to even when not going to a Dodger game. The waitresses all wear Lederhosen adding to the authentic feel. Food offered is of the traditional German likes such as bratwurst and schnitzel, both of which are delicious. The beer offered is also delish! I highly recommend the Optimator, which i believe is the most popular. The scene is a bit hipster, but not nearly as bad as CHA CHA down the street. Overall it's a good place to have food and drinks with a few friends, or even on a date.
The perfect spot for Sunday Funday
Alexandria H. Nov 3, 2012
Boasting an amazingly authentic German atmosphere and great beer to match, Red Lion Tavern is my favorite place to go for a relaxed, beer filled afternoon. To start off, the restaurant is divided into two parts: the dimly lit, slightly musty downstairs and the open air, biergarten upstairs. I have spent the majority of my time in the latter. After making your way up the carpeted stairs, beer maids in traditional German dress greet you as you enter a pleasant patio filled with funky German signs and posters. The bar itself isn’t exceptionally large, but there are several tables scattered around the patio that can provide for an intimate, first date or host a large party. The great thing about this bar is that most days it’s definitely lively, but you can still have a conversation with a friend or even strike up one with one of the locals that set up shop every Sunday afternoon. The beer isn’t outrageously expensive, especially considering the ABV of most German beers is pretty high. For eats you can go full out with a Schnitzel or Bratwurst, but there are several lighter options available as well, like the homemade pretzels (my favorite!). Overall, Red Lion Tavern is a great place for all age groups. You can have a wild, hazy night with some strong, dunkel beers or kick back and watch a game over a couple Spaten lagers. Either way, if you are in the area don’t miss out on tapping into the best beers Germany has to offer…Prost!
Great for a large group
Nikki M. Sep 28, 2012
I was searching all over the east side for a place to host a friend's birthday. Someone had suggested RED LION and I decided to go check it out myself. I was amazed by their beer selection and the friendly staff. I decided to spend the entire evening at the upstairs patio which where there are little white lights to illuminate the space. I was hungry so I ordered the schnitzel which was delicious. Schnitzel is hard to find in these parts so I was happy. I decided that this was the place to have the party. A few days later I came early and was able to put two large tables together for all of the people that were coming. There was a server who helped us and we all felt very attended to. Some of our group preferred going to the bar so they didn't have to be part of the large tab and it wasn't an issue at all! Over all I highly recommend this place for a large group or just for a few. the Weihenstephaner is a great beer too. Good looking people too!
What Can I Say, I Love German Beer.
Steph D. Sep 20, 2012
I just moved around the corner from this cozy dim-lit German bar, and I already know I'll become a regular in no time. I had no idea I was walking into a German bar the first time I went and was taken aback by all the Deutsch signs and festively-dressed servers. The interior is charming, and quite kitschy. I snuggled up in a booth and it was my post for the rest of the night as I drank delicious beers (like the Weihenstephaner!) and the servers came frequently - I always felt attended to. The upstairs has a cigarette vending machine, second bar, and biergarten! It looks incredibly small from the outside, so that the immaculate and spacious interior make you feel like you've stepped into the wardrobe and arrived in Germany (or some American representation of such). Aside from my bias and general adoration for German beer and food, I'd still venture to recommend Red Lion as a great place to go with friends for drinks and eats for anyone.
Jayson M. Aug 7, 2012
Hello German biers! Hello authentic atmosphere. Hello pack of flannel-clad hipsters slightly denting authentic atmosphere but, whatever, I’m already drunk so I don’t care. Red Lion is like stepping into a Bavarian local circa WWII. It’s dark, plastered with flags, reeking of bratwurst, and helmed by fraulein’s who aren’t afraid to crush you if you get out of line. Good luck finding a seat on weekends unless you are ready to fight for it, but I’ve always had amazing service here even with the consistent crowds Grab a Hofbräuhaus brew, then get a Weihenstephaner bier, then a spaten dunkel in a bottle, then devour like nine sausages…with your hands!...RAR! Need a smoke? Hit the upstairs patio. Done and done. Don’t come here if you don’t like shoulder-to-shoulder scenes and packs of flannel-clad Silver Lake natives mixed in with a few old fart Berlin barflies telling it like it is.
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