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Rainbow Bar & Grill Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, Los Angeles is a rock legend of a bar on the Sunset Strip. Get your hair band mojo on in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.0906263 -118.3881822
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Rainbow Bar & Grill - Historic Bar | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Though its authentic rocker edge may have faded a bit since its heyday, Rainbow Bar & Grill is still an ideal spot to soak in some rowdy Sunset Strip history…and probably spot a soaked-up celebrity too. Opened in 1972... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 11am–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Rainbow Bar & Grill Review

The Scene

Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, Los Angeles is a rock legend of a bar on the Sunset Strip. Get your hair band mojo on in LA with Party Earth.

Though its authentic rocker edge may have faded a bit since its heyday, Rainbow Bar & Grill is still an ideal spot to soak in some rowdy Sunset Strip history…and probably spot a soaked-up celebrity too.

Opened in 1972, the venue’s early days saw regulars from Neil Diamond to the members of Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses stopping in for a spell, and photos of these and other famous guests cover practically every inch of free wall space.

Once past a lively patio consistently packed with tourists, guests enter a multi-level dining area that doubles as a rock exhibit, with many tables identified as having been the favorite spot of someone famous, whether it be Slash or John Belushi.

By day, the long rows of brown and red leather booths are frequented by a diverse crowd of industry types and disheveled musicians looking to nosh on pizza and sandwiches, while hair band-loving out-of-towners get hammered early at the multiple bars.

The real party scene is on weekends, when the joint fills up inside and out with the standard Sunset barhopping crowd – think grungy dudes with hot girlfriends, Lady GaGa lookalikes, and packs of friends who appear to have stumbled out of a scene from The Hangover – while a small upstairs space often hosts up-and-coming bands vying for an eventual spot on the walls.

Music may have changed drastically since the 70s, but fans of the Rainbow Bar & Grill make sure the Sunset Strip continues to rock.

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Tip from Jonah:

Though there’s a cover after 9pm, it usually includes a $5 voucher towards food or drinks. And once inside, make sure you refer to the place as ‘The Bo,’ because only tourists call it by the full name.

  • Crowd

    Curious tourists, young rock & roll enthusiasts, rowdy weekend warriors, industry types, and nostalgic locals, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient rock all day, every day.

    Up-and-coming bands are frequently booked to play in the upstairs Over the Rainbow room M–Th from 9:30pm.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Chicago Italian-inspired menu including pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and vegetarian dishes like casseroles and eggplant. Reservations accepted. Happy Hour M–F 11am–7pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $5/daily after 9pm. Light dishes and appetizers $5–$13, pizza and sandwiches $6–$24, entrées $13–$30+. Beer $4–$6, wine $6, cocktails $6–$8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual rock: ripped jeans, graphic t-shirts, leather jackets, lots of vintage wear, midriff-baring tops, ripped fishnets.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for a drunken s*** show, just like most of the Strip. Rock on!

  • Close By

    Whisky A Go Go (8901 West Sunset Boulevard) is a music lovers must – a stalwart concert venue that has stood at the forefront of LA’s music scene for decades.

Rainbow Bar & Grill User Reviews

Average rating:
Rock & Roll History, Decent Food
Juliet R. May 13, 2013
I first went to this bar because everyone said that Lemmy from Motorhead pretty much lives here. He wasn't there, but I spotted a number of adult film acquaintances. The drinks are strong, the decor is rock 'n roll, and it's typically crowded. It's Sunset Strip location makes it a good first spot on a long night out, as it's also near The Roxy and Key Club. It's a good place for a little LA history, as well as showing around an out of town friend. Several famous musicians have been known to hang out here over the course of its 30-year history. A $5 cover gets you in the door, plus a drink ticket. The food is better than standard bar food, but definitely the kind of food to sop up the booze. Pizza seems to be the go-to order, but a number of Italian entrees and appetizers also appear on the menu, as well as sandwiches and salads. I didn't think the food was "to die for" as some have said about the pizza, but who knows? John Belushi did eat his last meal here. They serve all the way up to 2 a.m., and they're also open for lunch starting at 11 a.m.
Best Rock & Roll Bar in Hollywood
rachel b. Mar 28, 2013
The Rainbow is, by far, my favorite rock and roll bar in all of Hollywood. Located in the heart of the Sunset Strip (and right next door to The Roxy), The Rainbow is lined with red leather booths, rock posters, and Christmas lights galore. You'll typically see Ron Jeremy on any given night, as well as many famous rock stars. And the pizza is to die for.
Not impressed
Amber K. Mar 26, 2013
I had heard about this place from some friends and thought I'd give it a try. I personally love Italian food. I can't say the food here is not good because I only went here once, but I was too too pleased weigh my experience. The pizza we ordered was overpriced and there was nothing special about it. Pizza Hut is ten times better in my opinion. This is not to say that they don't have good food. I'm sure they have great dishes, but what I ordered was not tasty. the service was also very bad. The waiter seemed very rushed and did not serve us too well. He messed up my friends order as well. It took very long to wait for the food and the check. But again, this was probably just a bad experience maybe. I would have to revisit to give a more unbiased review. I wouldn't recommend going here on a date though. Just to be not the are side. But check it out on your free time so stone and see how it is.
The Mona Lisa of Dive Bars
rashad t. Feb 27, 2013
The Drinks, the drinks, the drinks. Does society not yet know that people don't mind throwing dollars around as long as they are having a good time. This is that place! The drinks are reasonably priced and potent, real potent. The food here is insanely good especially the pizza. The celebs that do stop in for a late night rendezvous are totally down to earth. The music is the definition of rock n roll. So for all of you bar hopping, pub crawling, sunset drivin', limousine ridin', son of a guns, whether you start your night or end your night here; at this fine legendary establishment just know you will leave 100% satisfied.....Cheers!
Grunge-tastic Bar
Sarah L. Jan 5, 2013
Those seeking a grungy bar filled with rockers, regulars and the occasional celebrity will love the Rainbow. Sitting just off Sunset Blvd, this bar/restaurant attracts a wide array of both young and old patrons. Simply looking at its walls proves its popularity; autographed photos of famous musicians and bands smiling in oddly familiar booths cover the restaurant portion of the bar. Music blares throughout the establishment, though nobody seems to complain about the selection that ranges from Ozzy to Pink Floyd. The drinks are fantastic, but for many, it's the Rainbow's food that stands out. The menu is full of delicious entrees, including lasagna, pizza and even escargot. All are reasonably priced and many of the entrees are big enough to share. For many locals and tourists alike, the Rainbow serves as a quintessential taste of West Hollywood and a requirement for those seeking the grunge days of the 80's.
THEE iconic rock-haven of LA
Megan F. Nov 29, 2012
The Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset is THEE iconic rock-haven of Los Angeles. Filled with classic memorabilia, instruments, photographs and eccentric characters from the heydays of Sunset Strip glam and metal, the Rainbow Bar and Grill is an experience not to be missed. It is also not odd to see the likes of Lemmy from Motorhead or Slash from Guns N’ Roses casually enjoying a pizza and a beer in the dimly lit bar and grill. And the food is actually amazing! Not to mention, if you’re a lover of rock, the music played will take you on a trip down memory lane and make you feel like you’re back in the golden days of Nirvana, Extreme and Metallica. The Rainbow is the perfect place to grab a bite before catching a show at one of the neighboring Sunset haunts. (Roxy, Whisky or Key Club)
The spot to go
Adam M. Oct 22, 2012
If you're looking for hot spot with a bit of Sunset Strip history then definitely check out the Rainbow. This place hasn't changed in 30 years and that's probably one of the best things about it. A little cheesy, a little seedy and a lot of rock & roll from the 80s & 90s. In fact the photos are everywhere. If you're lucky you may run into Lemmy from Motorhead or one of the many rockstars that frequent before or after a show at the Roxy or Key Club. It's usually pretty packed on the weekends and some weeknights. At night the cover is $5 and that gets you in and 1 well drink ticket. You can apply that to your meal if you eat there as well. The food is really good and inexpensive. If you head upstairs, that may cost you another $5-10 but you'll get more drink tickets. There you'll find another bar and dance floor area. There's usually a dj or live bands playing depending on the night. The Rainbow is a great place to grab a bite before a show or to hangout and have drinks after.
This place IS the strip of yore...
Brent L. Oct 5, 2012
This is the place we all dreamed we'd be a part of when we moved to Hollywood. Rock stars, cool bars, great bar food at a perfect price. This is the legacy of what was once a town wall to wall with Axl's and big hair. Its unlike anything else in LA, and that can be both a bad and good thing! Look, is this bar for everyone? Absolutely not...its older, maybe a little crusty around the edges, and still filled with the same staff it was 25 yrs ago... But if youre not a fan--screw you, your loss--this is a little corner of what we have left in this town of this old fashioned thing called "rock & roll" (ask your parents, theyll walk you through it).
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