Laurel Hardware

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Laurel Hardware Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood, Los Angeles is a cool bar/restaurant with a great patio & cocktails. Join the cool kids in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.090661 -118.364511
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Laurel Hardware - Bar | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review At once communal and sceney, with a mod-industrial design up front and a rustic-chic bar in back, Laurel Hardware attracts both casual cool kids and stylish scenesters on the hunt for shareable seasonal fare and heady... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Restaurant: M–Th 11:30am–3:30pm, 6–11pm, F 11:30am–3:30pm, 6–11:30pm, Sa 10am–3:30pm, 6–11:30pm, Su 10am–3:30pm, 6–11pm
    Bar: M–F 11:30am–3:30pm, 6pm–2am, Sa–Su 10am–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Laurel Hardware Review

The Scene

Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood, Los Angeles is a cool bar/restaurant with a great patio & cocktails. Join the cool kids in LA with Party Earth.

At once communal and sceney, with a mod-industrial design up front and a rustic-chic bar in back, Laurel Hardware attracts both casual cool kids and stylish scenesters on the hunt for shareable seasonal fare and heady cocktails.

The venue – which takes its name from the hardware store that formerly occupied the building – appears rather diminutive through its street-side floor-to-ceiling windows, as patrons snake around tightly spaced café tables or inch between the stools rimming the white-countered open kitchen.

Beyond the ivy-draped hallway, however, dolled-up groups of girls and trendy gents make their way across a salvaged wood floor to a much bigger room, with plush tufted white booths, long tables, and an even longer bar.

Craft cocktails lean heavily on the frou-frou side, though the potency of signature drinks like The Gangster – cucumber-infused vodka mixed with fresh watermelon – helps ensure the communal banquette in back remains a base for feisty flirting long into the night.

The biggest draw, however, might be the cozy patio in back, where patrons can take their plates of dandelion pizza and olive butter-drenched beef and rub shoulders beneath the leafy olive trees.

Chill by day, Laurel Hardware becomes as raucous and crowded as a jobsite most nights, full of industry types schmoozing, date-nighters boozing, and a diverse set of gay and straight West Hollywood denizens tooling around.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you’re going to dine during peak hours, be sure to ask for a reservation in the back so you can get the full experience of this place. The front room is fine, but nothing compares to the larger rear room, which is only open at night or during weekend brunch.

  • Crowd

    Trendy groups of single ladies, stylish gay WeHo kids, industry folks, actors, couples on dates, chill dining crowd up front, louder cocktailers in the back, 20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Barely audible ambient music takes a backseat to loud conversation.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of seasonal fare including snacks like roasted peanuts and mixed olives, small plates of roasted beets and kale salad, larger entrées like mussels, pork belly, and roasted chicken, artisan pizzas, and a handful of desserts. Brunch menu on weekends 10am–3:30pm.

    Reservations accepted and recommended.

    Valet parking available from 6pm. Street parking can be very difficult, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Patrons should pay close attention to restriction signs when street parking in the area.

  • Prices

    Brunch $8–$20, snacks $6–$8, small plates $10–$14+, entrées $14–$26, pizzas $14–$17, desserts $8–$10.

    Beer $7–$9+, wine $8–$12+/glass or $32–$75+/bottle, cocktails $12. Valet $6.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Trendy casual: sleek button-downs, designer jeans, cool vintage wear, blazers, John Varvatos t-shirts, pencil skirts, minis, fitted sweaters, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights for a packed house by 9pm, weekends to chill on the patio over brunch, or any early evening to try the food without having to shout over the roiling conversation.

  • Close By

    Palihouse (8465 Holloway Drive) is a chic hotel watering hole that attracts a similar mix of fashionistas, foodies, and industry types who flock to the hotel’s various lounges, bars, and brasseries.

Laurel Hardware User Reviews

Average rating:
First Time Feeling on Laurel
Brianna E. Aug 5, 2013
So Laurel Hardware was my very first experience of West Hollywood, LA nightlife. Being completely green off the plane 5 days earlier I didn't know what to expect at all. Luckily the girls I am staying with know that trying to get into Laurel after 9.30 is impossible without waiting in a line. "You can wait in line for half an hour, even an hour, its ridiculous. And then you get in there and the place is so quiet; maybe like a handful of people". So we booked a table for tapa's and nibble for 10.30 and walked straight in- Just a sneaky tip that works a charm. As youwalk into the restaurant part of the venue, you get a energetic modern kitchen vibe. The tables are always full, the wait staff are efficient and go, go, go. Its good, very motivating when the start of your saturday night has been a bit slow. We order a pizza to share and a round of cocktails. And my gosh that pepperoni pizza was fantastic! Beautifully crunchy thin base with a fluffy crust and piled with pepperoni rounds. To die for. Once we finished our pizza and first round, it was time for round two. So we made our way around to the back of the venue to the bar and outdoor area. Nice moody interior with comfortable chairs and tables everywhere! Because it was so packed on this particular it did take us about 5 minutes to find a seat. But nothing too tedious. We sat and drank more cocktails, and by this time the chatter was at peak volume and we decided to go outside. There was a fab sunken outdoor area with seating and magnificent fairy lights hanging in the trees. It was like a modern fairy backyard. Unfortunately it was past midnight so they had closed the area off. I'm not sure if that was the norm to close it off then or perhaps there was just too many people out there. We then made the decision to move on to our next party location. Laurel Hardware was a great experience and I would definitely give it a 3 out of 4 for service, decor, food and drinks- everything. And it is now my ultimate goal to make it to the outside area and experience the magical environment for myself!
Believe it or not, this is not a real hardware store!!!
Mikhael B. Jun 4, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised one night when I entered looking for a screw driver to fix my microwave oven. Instead, I got a screw driver that got me drunk and met a whole bunch of screwy individuals. It's nice and compact so the socializing is easy. You can turn over your shoulder and take your pick between: a) a woman; b) a man; c) a hybrid man/woman. Then there's the restrooms. Superb I tell you! Absolutely superb! The mirror placements directly above the toilets give the venue a nice flair. This way you can fix your hair and urinate at the same time! Finally, a bar built for the multitasker. My only concern is the crowd. They are sometimes cliquey and usually unpredictable so you never know what you're gonna get. But the vibe of the venue is made for "talkers." The music isn't overwhelming and the lounge feel is designed for people who like to converse. This is definitely a place I'd swing by, but not a place I'd settle into. There's better options just around the corner.
The Fusion Between Hardware... and a Bar
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
This bar is a fusion between a high-end pub and some, well low-end people. Because the place is lively and centrally located around a lot of businesses and homes, you meet the most unusual people here; my friends and I were actually approached by one of these fellows who offered to sell us something that was, well, uncommon from where I come from. The drinks are delectable, but the prices are a bit too much considering the portions and the tastes. Overall, this is just like your average bar but a little more expensive.
Trading Powerdrills for Tapas
Brad U. Jan 29, 2013
Rewind to the not too distant past pre-tapas Laurel Hardware, when their walls were covered with hammers and power drills instead of a wall of fine liquors and there was a distinct atmosphere that screamed to customers that this hardware store may not have everything you need...but it's been around forever; at that point in time no one could've imagined what Laurel Hardware has become. Well that's not exactly true, since obviously the brain trust behind the new amazingly retrofitted restaurant had a grand vision that has paid off fully. Sitting in either the classic white tiled front room, the hip dark ambient back with rustic lighting, or on the cozy outdoor patio it would be easy to forget that this place used to be a hardware store; except for that the dining experience is peppered with nice little reminders of the hardware roots from the menu art to small decor throughout the space. The restaurant can be a casual dining experience, a romantic date, or a fun time out with friends. Depending where you sit, the restaurant really can have a variety of moods. The only reason I couldn't give the restaurant all four stars is that while the food was very tasty, it was not mind-blowing. The dishes at first glance seem very reasonably priced, but as tapas meals regularly do the cost grows with each necessary bite. From our dinner the tastiest treats ended up being the brussel sprouts and the fried cauliflower appetizers. We also had the eggplant pizza which was just decent, the pork belly which was tasty but not my favorite, and the artic char which was also good but not great. I've heard the jidori chicken is a house favorite, which next time will be on my to do list. While not loving every dish at Laurel Hardware the artfully architectured atmosphere, carefully crafted cocktails, and awesomely appealing appetizers keep you coming back for more. I'll definitely return to the "LH" (not sure if anyone is calling it that, but now they should start) as a place to bring friends and out of town guests. It really is unique and tasty enough to make it a nice night out and a good place to unwind while feeling part of the hip crowd, who knows that going to Laurel Hardware won't end with you leaving with a hammer...but may end up with you leaving hammered. (Sorry for that terrible joke, it is now time to stop this review.)
Laurel Hardware
Jessica I. Jan 17, 2013
Though you may pass Laurel Hardware wondering why so many hip Angelenos all happen to be in the market for new power drills, we’ve got good news. The former hardware store is now home to one of LA’s newest restaurants found on Santa Monica Boulevard. They’ve swapped screwdrivers for short rib steak, and hammers for ham hock, tomato confit and collards—aka: roast jidori chicken, a “must-have” dish worth ordering. Whether you choose seating at the front of the restaurant, wish to cozy up in a booth or want to huddle around the fire pit on the patio, Chef Mario makes sure each diner has all the tools they need for a successful meal: silverware and an appetite.
Hip to be Cool
Laurel D. Jan 7, 2013
First inspired to visit Laurel Hardware for completely egotistical reasons (we have the name "Laurel" in common), ego fell by the wayside as my corner seat proved an ideal location for people-watching. And this venue attracts many cool individuals to watch. The hip, urban image of its patrons sets the pulse for Laurel Hardware, an already aesthetically groovy place. Women in boots and leather jackets, men in skinny jeans with mustaches twirled at the ends, all conversing amidst wood paneling and metal accents....shadows making everyone look angled and artistic... ...the food is good too. The menu is fresh, seasonal, and proudly walks the line between exotic and comfortable. The cocktails are as intriguingly named as they are tasting and my particular favorite was the Sundowner. It had all the crazy I needed for the early stages of my Friday night (hence the name, I do believe). Think soothing grapefruit, undertones of jasmine, and then a punch-in-the-face of ginger... Definitely a place to repeat visit as I make my way down the menu and cocktail list...I've been recommended the Gangster by the cool dude who sat at the table next to mine.
Cool Spot
Remi L. Nov 30, 2012
Laurel Hardware is a great spot for tapas and drinks with friends. Be wary, it is VERY loud and dark inside, but the food is great and the vibe is relaxed and unique. If anything, go just to scope the decor! The name doesn't disappoint as you feel like you are sitting inside a vintage hardware store. As for the food, go with a group and order a bunch of different plates so you can share and taste a bit of everything! (The summer squash pizza is to die for!)
Quintessential LA
David A. Nov 30, 2012
If you’re the type of person that likes a sexy crowd, then you’ll love this restaurant at night. Every time I enter the back bar it looks like Central Casting called in “The LA Crowd.” Guys are adorned in blazers, women have their short skirts and long jackets and the obligatory celebrity is usually crouched in the back corner booth. I’m not exactly sure what has made this place such an instant hot spot. It may be the trendy ambiance or cozy outside patio, but I have a feeling it’s the people. Or perhaps West Hollywood residents just like hanging out in old hardware stores. It’s definitely not because of the pizza, which is small and relatively unremarkable compared to Mozza or Next Door Lounge. I haven’t tried the other food, but people are always eating it so I assume it’s good. I do give this place credit for having two completely different halves. Driving by the floor the ceiling front window you would think the restaurant was quaint and maybe even a little dull. Walk to the back however, and you’re confronted with a whole new world. Booths, tall wooden tables and a trendy, wraparound bar provide the perfect backdrop for an LA hangout. If you’re planning on heading here over the weekend make sure to arrive on the early side, a line starts to form around 10:30. Feel free to wave if you see me, I’m the guy wearing a blazer and talking about my last audition.
Not Your Average Hardware Store
Lila G. Nov 26, 2012
Every time I walked by Laurel Hardware when it first opened, it was teeming with an edgy-refined crowd that looked hopelessly Industry. No matter what day of the week it was, this place was packed; it was emanating hip vibes for blocks. I really wanted to go and become one with the cool kids, so I looked up the dinner/drinks menu-- both intriguing-- and plotted my outing. Finally, a few Tuesdays hence, I stopped by around midnight for a late night sousing. When I approached the entrance, I was shocked by how deserted it was (granted, it was Tuesday), but not a single soul graced the front room, which I thought was the only room. A kindly server showed me around the corner to the REST of Laurel Hardware-- a huge, luxurious room with red wallpaper and a long, curving bar, as well as an outdoor patio that I didn't explore. It was too late for dinner, but the cocktail list was interesting and affordable enough to keep me occupied (it's probably worth noting that the beer selection was god-awful..). I'm a sucker for craft cocktails, and these babies were about as craft and eclectic as it gets. I started with an interesting twist on an old fashioned, which had a spicy kick. Then I ventured into more experimental territory, and ordered the Skinnies Fog, a drink with a beet-infused vodka. Super beety, but delicious! I finished off the night with the Creeping Fig, which has bourbon, Pimms #1, black tea, and figs among its ingredients. Another winner for my surreal palate. Overall, the atmosphere was satisfying: something about the plush booths and foxy bartenders made me feel pampered. The crowd that night was a bit sparse, but, just like I expected, everybody there qualified as a "beautiful person". I will definitely return for dinner sometime soon.
Trendy, chill bar
Nisha S. Nov 16, 2012
Laurel Hardware is an awesome new restaurant and bar in West Hollywood. It attracts a trendy hipster crowd of 20 and 30-somethings in skinny jeans, leather jackets, and fun hats. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside and has a slight industrial flair on the inside. The venue has a front dining area and then the bar/lounge area is in the back. There is also an outdoor patio that is intimate and resembles a backyard. The vibe at Laurel Hardware is pretty low-key and casual but trendy, flirty, and swanky at the same time. The interior is dimly lit, and the walls have a cool floral pattern on them. I got to Laurel Hardware around 11:30 on a Friday night and had to wait in line for about 45 minutes. They close the patio around midnight, and everyone is forced inside, so it’s harder to get into as the night goes on. Once I got inside, though, I noticed that the lounge had a good-sized crowd but was not at all jam-packed, which I really appreciated. There was plenty of walking room and plenty of open tables and booths where people were having casual conversations and enjoying their mixology drinks. One of my friends ate at the restaurant beforehand and recommended the burger, so I’ll have to go back to try it. I’d recommend getting to Laurel Hardware around 9 for dinner, and then stay for drinks to avoid the hour-long line.
cool spot for dinner and drinks
Sam A. Oct 16, 2012
Laurel Hardware is a nice addition to the West Hollywood area. When you enter the venue, it is pretty tame. There are five or so tables available in front for dining. The food overall is solid and reasonably priced. I recommend the mussels. The late night scene is in the back of the venue. Laurel Hardware gets quite crowded as 930pm approaches. Expect some dolled up guys and girls but nothing over the top. Laurel Hardware is certainly a fun spot for singles on the prowl. The drink prices are tolerable and the venue is cool considering the remnants of the former hardware store make it a novelty.
Substitutions allowed
Lauren A. Oct 11, 2012
Although it's one of my favorite restaurants in Venice, Gjelina continues to disappoint by not allowing their customers to order steak prepared as requested. There's nothing worse than a restaurant that applies rules based on how they feel the food tastes best, or a restaurant that prohibits substitutions - be flexible, your patrons will appreciate it. Maybe the chef from Gjelina, Mario Alberto, who opened Laurel Hardware, felt the same way. Laurel Hardware allows steak ordered to your liking and certainly aims to please. The pizza, steak, fries, mussels and branzino were all delicious. The only tip I would extend to them is adding ice cubes to their lukewarm water served in larger than their miniature drinking glasses. As far as the scene goes - sit in the back (that's where the bar is too). Big groups or small, the back room is the space you should request when making a reservation. The front area is quiet and can be an annoyance to the seated patrons as the open garage doors at their backs confuse those wanting to enter - the front door is not well marked so the random open access allows passerbys to enter throughout. If you're seated in the back, have dinner late - you'll definitely end up hanging for a while and the people watching gets better as the night continues. The back room gets crowded with those visiting the bar by 10. An outdoor area provides minimal seating but a peaceful setting for a quick escape - no bar service is offered in that area as of yet. The scene is eclectic, you'll like it, have fun.
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