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La Poubelle "Guests heading to La Poubelle (""trash can"") might think the name refers to a down and dirty dive bar, but the quaint French bistro with great food and a bustling bar scene is actually a hot date spot where Francophiles show..." Los Angeles United States 34.1053807 -118.3182584
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La Poubelle - Bar | Bistro | Café | French Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Guests heading to La Poubelle (“trash can”) might think the name refers to a down and dirty dive bar, but the quaint French bistro with great food and a bustling bar scene is actually a hot date spot where Francophiles... ... read full review

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    M–Th 5pm–2am, F–Su 11am–2am

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Party Earth La Poubelle Review

The Scene

"Guests heading to La Poubelle (""trash can"") might think the name refers to a down and dirty dive bar, but the quaint French bistro with great food and a bustling bar scene is actually a hot date spot where Francophiles show..."

Guests heading to La Poubelle (“trash can”) might think the name refers to a down and dirty dive bar, but the quaint French bistro with great food and a bustling bar scene is actually a hot date spot where Francophiles show up to drink wine and mingle with creative types and the occasional celeb.

A red-canopied patio provides a perfect afternoon vantage point for groups of girlfriends keen on checking out the trendy clientele and catching up over café au lait, while stargazers hoping to catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise or John Travolta can stake out the Scientology Celebrity Center across the street and nibble on savory crêpes at the same time.

Later on, hip and single twenty-somethings gather at the wooden bar inside to mingle with fellow merlot drinkers, as daters grab a spot on the long communal banquette to chat over a delicious meal beneath black-and-white photos of Montmartre.

Red votive candles and amber wall sconces cast a wavering glow over the artsy crowd and the collection of 19th-century Bohemian prints and gilded mirrors, creating a seductive atmosphere perfect for couples intent on quiet conversation.

While the scene never gets too rowdy at La Poubelle, patrons looking for a little slice of Parisian romance will definitely find it at this charming neighborhood bistro.

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Tip from Emma:

Really fun bar scene at night, but also check the place out on Sundays, when you get an appetizer and an entrée for $16 – not to mention half off on some of the wines.

  • Crowd

    Hip and artsy types, writers, creatives, dates, and singles, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ Miles G spins 11am–5pm during Bloody Mary Brunch on Sundays. TV tuned to sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Brunch, dinner, and late-night menus. Happy Hour daily 5–8pm.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $8–$14, soups and salads $8–$12, crêpes $14–$17, entrées $8–$32, Sunday Night Supper $16. Beer $3–$15, wine $8–$12/glass or $16–$20/bottle, cocktails $7–$10, champagne $7–$14.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual: chic dresses, jeans and heels, button-downs, fashionable t-shirts.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday nights for a romantic vibe, or Sundays during the day for fun get-togethers with friends over the popular Bloody Mary brunch. Fridays and Saturdays also get a consistent crowd that funnels in and out of the other bars and restaurants on the same block.

  • Close By

    Bourgeois Pig (5931 Franklin Avenue) is a unique coffee house with a crazy décor, a pool table, and an amazing fairytale forest room.

La Poubelle User Reviews

Average rating:
Skeptics Needn't Be Skeptical
Isabella C. Sep 27, 2013
From the outside, La Poubelle doesn't look like much. Sandwiched between the Bourgeois Pig and UCB, the restaurant may be overshadowed by the lines of people waiting to get into either venue. However, do not let this fool you. Upon entering, you will be pleasantly surprised with a dimly lit bar/restaurant, ready to offer you all of the amazing food its menu has to offer. Seating ranges from booths alongside a wall to a few tables in the corner of the restaurant. Seated at one of those tables, you would find a skeptic like me, wondering where in the world her friends had brought her. When given the menu, though, everything changed. I was flooded with excitement and an immediate sense of hunger while reviewing my options. It was suggested to me to try the truffled shells and cheese, and boy am I glad I did. Hands down, that was the best mac n' cheese I have ever had. In my life. Complemented with a glass of rose, it made for an amazing late night meal. I was one happy girl. The venue itself is a little bit noisy, but I find that it complements the vibe of the place overall. The attire varies, although most of the crowd is dressed quite nice. The demographic is quite hipster, but it really varies. I highly recommend dropping by if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood. It makes for a great late night meal.
Definitely Not a Trash Can
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
I normally don't try French food, but this place really made me change my mind. The truffle crispy Brussels sprouts will make your mouth water just from the smell when they come out of the kitchen. The cheese plate are really good and the flat breads are scrumptious, but pretty small in portion. I would suggest coming in just for the desserts since they're so delicious. This place is classy, fun, cozy and has a great Happy Hour menu for those of you who want to forget a tiring week. They could work on their service, however, since the wait time was a bit long.
C'est Magnifique
Heidi J. Apr 8, 2013
La Poubelle is a such a surprise! It's a true French experience with its always impeccable food experience. The wine selection is so-so but they have plenty of other drinks to offer. I have been going there for years and the food actually seems to only get better. The Flat Breads are unbelievable! They also offer a happy-hour menu with inexpensive,delicious food items to choose from as well as a late night bar menu with great prices and selections. There is always an interesting crowd and they play great music as well. It is a place with Drew Barrymore sitings and other interesting Hollywood people in a casual atmosphere. Highly recommended.
French bistro in an artsy neighborhood
Delphine B. Feb 25, 2013
This French inspired place is a warm and intimate Parisian bistro style. And although his name "la poubelle" means "the Trash can", the atmosphere worths it. Avoid asking an advice to the bartender as he doesn't seem very familiar with the alcohol list, but go for a cocktail or a beer instead. They have an interesting choice of cocktails as the Carrot margarita or the Top hat ($12). The food is pretty good and creative, you will find some French classics as the Moules Frites even if a bit overpriced for a bistro ($18-34 for the entrees). But who knows, you may be lucky and see Tom Cruise coming out of the Church of Scientolgy!
Ye Old Poubelle
Lauren S. Nov 29, 2012
Oh La Poubelle, how we've been together in this fakakta town for so long... For one, this place can easily be classified as an old Hollywood gem: that eerie musk of damp wood that smells like history (and drunk people), the expansively long bar, the little tables in front where Parisian transplants and Parisian wannabes alike chain smoke and people watch. But amidst this history, it was once referred to as "La Pou Pou" by all my friends. The food really is nothing to write home about. I've had some decent, heavy French fare, and some just plain heavy fare. I mean, my friend once found a spinach leaf floating in his Guinness. But something always brings me back. Maybe it's the peacefulness on weeknights where you can enjoy a good glass of wine and talk s**t with your neighbor at the bar. Maybe it's the central location sitting directly in front of the massive Scientology Center, which is both creepy and alluring. But I think it's the wood beamed ceilings, lit candles, fresh flowers and everything that continues to make the place timeless, inviting and sexy.
I'd Definitely Raid the Trash Can
Kelly G. Oct 24, 2012
With the economy in its current state, we can't afford not to find deals. This is why I frequent La Poubelle. Its happy hour is to die for! I live walking distance from the bar, so I feel less guilt imbibing more than I normally would, and how could you not with drinks as cheap as $5? And the food. Oh the food! It's what keeps me coming back. So much heart goes into the small, yet flavorful dishes. I've not tried everything on the happy hour menu, but I can't help but order the bruschetta and corn succotash time and again. They can't seem to get those wrong. The food is really amazing, which will probably disguise how the wait staff isn't always on their game -- sometimes they take forever to bring the check. But overall I'd certainly call La Poubelle a gem and a place that I will continue to visit.
Crashing the Scientology Party
Paul F. Sep 4, 2012
Big fan of La Poubelle. Always a good crowd. Random celebrity sightings. Good drinks (not too expensive). And great French food. There's not a lot to the place, long bar, banquette seating, indoor/outdoor patio space in front. The weirdest/funniest/coolest part of La Poubelle is that it's across the street from the Scientology Castle. And yes, you get a lot of Scientology celebs coming in to drink. One night, my friend and got a little too drunk at La Poubelle and decided to break into the castle. We made it into a few rooms but didn't find any aliens. At some point (it's hazy) I think security kicked us out. Either way - get lit at La Poubelle and check out the Scientology Castle - just don't get caught.
Great food, fun atmosphere, right by UCB
Chris M. Aug 17, 2012
Came here before heading to a late show at UCB and knew nothing about it. A group of us sat on the patio eating and drinking and having such a good time we almost forgot to go the show. The food is more expensive than most bar food, more on par with a French restaurant, but it is really good. I had the steak au poivre and was very pleased. This would be a great spot for a date, especially combining with UCB. The Scientology place is across the street which is always interesting except that nothing interesting actually happened. I did have a celebrity sighting; I ran into John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats (not a celebrity to most people but big time for me). I said, "John!" and he was real confused and asked if I knew where the Bourgeois Pig was. I did and told him and that was it. Great experience at La Poubelle for me! Will definitely come back soon.
nice little French escape in an artsy neighborhood
Emily B. Aug 9, 2012
La Poubelle is in my neighborhood so I find myself there multiple times a week and I'm not going to complain about that. The food is great, even by French restaurant standards. I usually get the Coq au Vin but I've heard great things about almost everything on the menu. If you don't get them with your meal, try to steal someone else's' truffle fries--incredible). The bar is always busy because the drinks are delicious and very stiff. This place is a great date spot as well as a nice European getaway from the usual LA digs.
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