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Los Angeles is a relatively new town, but even youngsters have their history. Los Angeles historic restaurants can evoke the glamour of Old Hollywood or the sophistication of midcentury madness. California cool has been on the cultural radar for a century now, and some of the city’s restaurants have appeared in the gossip pages for generations.

If the walls at Chateau Marmont could talk…they’d stay quiet because this is the place where the elite go to be discreet. Perched on the Sunset Strip hillside and modeled after a French villa, Chateau Marmont is perhaps Hollywood’s most historic celebrity hideaway, most likely thanks to a staff known to turn a blind eye to outrageous behavior. Nowadays, this fairy-tale castle is usually full of mostly A-list guests from the worlds of fashion, music, and film who check in to enjoy a few lazy and luxurious days of international cuisine and poolside cocktails.

As the final destination on Route 66, Los Angeles includes kitsch and Americana in its history as well. The quintessential Hollywood roadhouse since its opening in 1920 on Route 66, Barney’s Beanery transformed from a place where travelers could trade in their license plates for a free beer, to a gathering spot for Tinsel Town icons like Clark Gable and Errol Flynn, to a rowdy hangout for rockers like Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison. A riot of color, noise, and history – and with a ceiling still covered by those license plates – the place is now a lively sports bar that attracts boisterous crowds of jocks, sports fans, and tattooed bikers.

Historic restaurants in Los Angeles may be less than a century old, but they are full of ghosts that you would probably recognize. Pull up a chair and enjoy.

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