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Fred 62 Fred 62 in Los Feliz, Los Angeles is a hopping neighborhood diner with great food & a casual vibe. Find out why everyone loves this LA diner at Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.104634 -118.291592
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Fred 62 - Diner | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Amid the trendy Vermont thoroughfare, Fred 62’s lime green exterior and bright orange awnings are hard to miss, and present a modern-day twist on a retro aesthetic mirrored by the restaurant’s diverse and contemporary... ... read full review

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Party Earth Fred 62 Review

The Scene

Fred 62 in Los Feliz, Los Angeles is a hopping neighborhood diner with great food & a casual vibe. Find out why everyone loves this LA diner at Party Earth.

Amid the trendy Vermont thoroughfare, Fred 62’s lime green exterior and bright orange awnings are hard to miss, and present a modern-day twist on a retro aesthetic mirrored by the restaurant’s diverse and contemporary spin on traditional diner fare.

Patio tables line the sidewalk, where breeze-seeking diners are lulled by easy foot traffic, while inside, a prominent “Please Seat Yourself” placard prompts families, couples, and groups of night owls to pile into intimate booths at all hours.

Single bookworms, after-work professionals, and tattooed artists take up posts on the padded swivel stools lining the center counter to sip beers or milkshakes – or both – as party-happy hipsters flood in for strong coffee to keep the night going.

Black and white Old Hollywood portraits deck the walls and contribute to the retro feel, while orange and green pinstripes accent nearly every corner of the room, making the space feel years beyond its 1997 debut.

The staff members – who wear shirts with phrases like “Jesus is our dishwasher” – maintain a rockabilly-meets-Goth style, and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with cultural touches of Mexican, Italian, and Asian fusion, as well as down-home diner-style French toast and burgers.

Wide open doors 24/7 mean that patrons never need to worry about when to come – just where to sit, as Fred 62 has garnered a devoted following since it first opened, making it easily one of the top neighborhood spots in Los Feliz.

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Tip from Jonah:

Oh, yes, the servers’ shirts are all for sale. Just ask.

  • Crowd

    Fashionable Eastsiders, frugal creative types, guidebook-clutching internationals, coffee seekers from the nearby city college, scouting film industry professionals, undercover celebs, famished Griffith Park joggers, groups of red-faced friends post-barhopping, local families with milkshake-demanding kids. All ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient indie tunes mix with the whirl of the milkshake machine, but conversation is still king.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Extensive menu of updated American diner food and diverse cuisines including pasta, Mexican dishes, Asian-fusion noodles, burgers, sandwiches, some seafood, and massive salads. Most items served all day.

    Brunch served M–F 7am–noon, Sa–Su 7am–3pm.

    Dinner served M–Th, Su 5pm–midnight, F–Sa 5pm–3am.

    Alcohol served until 1:45am nightly.

  • Prices

    Breakfast/Brunch menu $4–$15, appetizers $5–$8, kids’ menu $3 –$8, lunch entrées $7–$12, dinner entrées $7–$15. Beer $5, wine $8.50/glass, champagne $6–$8.50/glass.

    Shirts $15.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Mostly casual to some late-night trendy wear: t-shirts, running shoes, cut-off shorts, thick-rimmed glasses, sandals, skinny jeans, tattoo sleeves, button-ups, leather oxfords, sundresses, heeled boots, sheer tops.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    For a hopping atmosphere, Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest, but for a more relaxed vibe, nothing beats a sunny weekday morning.

  • Close By

    The Dresden (1760 North Vermont Avenue) is a lounge with top-notch Old-Fashioneds and piano-driven entertainment for after dinner. Also, just up the hill are plenty of hiking trails into Griffith Park, which provide a scenic way to work up an appetite pre-Fred’s – or burn off a monster sandwich post-Fred’s.

Fred 62 User Reviews

Average rating:
Convenient, but mediocre
Nikki L. Jul 2, 2013
MY TAKE Fred 62 serves all kinds. The menu is intimidatingly diverse, and the prices can be really reasonable if you order the right thing. The location is Los Feliz-centric, but is easily accessible for people going from Hollywood to Echo Park, Silver Lake to Santa Monica, Glendale to Culver City, or any cross-town travel. It's open 24/7 and is a great late night pit stop. THE SCENE You can find anyone at Fred 62 at its busiest hours, but late into the night expect many more young people. It's a lot of Los Feliz type hipsters, usually in their 20s or early 30s. There are tons of nooks and crannies in the space, so the noise level is never too aggressive in any one area, but it's the kind of place that welcomes idle talk. The diner vibe really works for the usually transient crowd, and there's a good chance you'll meet someone cool if you open yourself up to the people around you. COCKTAILS AND CUISINE Like I said, Fred 62 serves just about everything. They have a huge breakfast selection, and everything from pot pie to enchiladas besides. Their side and a la carte menus are expansive and super affordable. But it's not without its faults. For some reason, I'm personally never in the mood for Fred 62's food. It's just so average. They have plenty of options, but none of them are special enough to be craved or even remembered. It's like the place has spread itself a little too thin and has almost turned into a last resort for those suffering from late night munchies. There are better places to get that taco or Coke float on the cheap, but if you're with a group full of dissenting opinions, it could be a good place to compromise. PRICES Meals/whole dishes at Fred 62 are on the pricier side for what it is -- a 24/7 diner. Think Brite Spot prices, but without the heft. It's a lot to do with the location, I guess. Side orders like a bagel or biscuits and gravy are a much smarter choice in my opinion, since the serving sizes of their regular plates aren't even that impressive. WHAT TO WEAR Anything. You can wear anything to Fred 62. It doesn't matter what occasion you're coming from, it's a 24-hour diner, and they expect all kinds. No one's judging your pajamas (though I may be judging your sweatpants). INSIDER INFO/WHEN TO GO The scene is lively and fun late at night, which is when I'd recommend stopping in. There's honestly no reason to go there if anything else is open anyway. As far as seating goes, the bar stools are a fun place to socialize, but the best spot in the house is in the tiny nook in the front window. They definitely do let you sit there, surrounded by pillows and with a great view of the street. They've been a little surprised the last couple of times I requested that seat, but you beat any line of people who don't want to sit there, and you get a much more homey and interesting experience. It's the main reason I keep coming back.
All day long
Lilit A. Jun 2, 2013
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever you like whenever you like. Best part of this place its open 24/7 and it is usually busy with a crowd that usual goes after a night of partying in Hollywood! I went for breakfast once and had the "Mr. Frenchy" as someone who LOVES french toast is was pretty good with sprinkled powder sugar, and strawberries on the side. This place is all about the atmosphere a place that reminds me of a diner but with a modern twist! With a great staff and food that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters Fred 62 has become a usual spot of me and my friends. We love the shakes and sandwiches and always sit outside on the comfy corner!
Something for everyone...
Karen A. May 12, 2013
Fred 62 has always been a favorite spot of mine from when I used to visit LA from NY, till now that I have moved here to stay. This is a fabulous place with reasonable prices and a huge range of menu options. They are always open, 24 hours a day. So you can go there for your usual breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a late night snack. What brings me back time and time again is the Bossa Nova Waffle Sundae. This is the most delicious treat of a large warm waffle, sweet dulce de leche, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream on top. I have never found its equal! Pair that up with a hot vanilla latte and you have a heavenly dessert. You will not be disappointed if you try Fred 62!
Los Feliz' old reliable: Fred 62 still delivers on promise of kitsch, cuisine and cool.
Thom S. Feb 27, 2013
Whether you're a first-timer or a longtime Fred fan with memories of last week's White Trash Tuna Sandwich fresh on your mind, you'll find Fred 62 same as it ever was: full of alternative-indie personality and interesting, reliably tasty dishes at a reasonable price. Fred 62 has been tucked into the heart and hearth of the trendy-yet-indie commercial space along Vermont Avenue between Hollywood and Los Feliz Boulevards since the last three years of the Clinton administration. To this day, the diner's vibe retains all of that late-1990s optimism, albeit stylized to circa 1962, featured at its grand opening back in '97. Fred 62's pseudo-sumptuous vinyl booths (it's hard to compete with the nearby Dresden Room for true vinyl-booth sumptuousness) are indeed welcoming; but the food and the the service are the real stars of the show. Fred 62's menu is at once approachable and uncommon. It's a menu that is as famous for its names and descriptions as for the recipes that comprise Fred 62's signature dishes. Whether they order the Cojones Rancheros, the Tofu Chilaquiles or the aforementioned White Trash Tuna Sandwich, just about everyone - including the least adventurous among your friends and your favorite strict vegan - will find a culinary delight on Fred 62's ever-evolving menu. At the same time, you'll usually get a server with a pleasing mix of low-attitude sophistication and genuine customer service on her or his mind. Note the word "usually." There can be times when you're asking yourself "where did that waiter go?" But in addition to tasty food, reasonable pricing and cool ambience are two other reliable postiives at Fred 62. The music is always indie and ambient - not necessarily Ambient, the genre - though often it is just that. You might also hear some Wilco now and then too. While your sitting back after a good Fred 62 meal, you'll enjoy scanning your check, which will likely sport an average pre-tax-and-gratuity charge per person of somewhere between $12-18, depending on whether you and your friends splurged on Punk Tarts and/or a scoop or two of local ice-creamery, Dandy Don's unique flavors (can you say pink ginger?). Be warned: parking is a bitch in Los Feliz. Surrender and valet for convenience and to avoid a costly L.A. Parking Enforcement love note on your windshield.
A little but of everything for everyone to love
Gloria L. Feb 12, 2013
Fred 62 has a mix of retro styles that will suit everyone's fancy. With paintings that take you back to the Old Classical Hollywood style that many Los Angeleans reminisce about to neon pin-striped decor that will float any trend-setter's boat. As a place that never closes, the service is impeccable-with servers that will help with whatever you need. After a night out in LA, Fred 62 is the way to go for some comfort food. They serve drinks much later than the average restaurant in Los Feliz.The menu covers an extensive plethora of genres from Mexican to American to Asian. With so much to chose from, the Bossa Nova Waffle Sundae and the Mac n Cheese bites are great dishes to start with!
Tasty, Fresh Coffee Shop Fare With a Modernist Twist
Molly B. Jan 15, 2013
Fred 62 provides a fun and fresh twist on the traditional coffee shop scene, with a wide selection of food that is health conscious and truly delicious. This cafe is housed on the site of the old George's Coffee Shop, which was a musty Los Feliz Institution back in the 1980's and earlier. The bones of the original coffee shop give Fred 62 a certain old Hollywood charm, but the hip, quirky details of cafe's current incarnation give the place a fun and welcoming feel. The cafe has padded booths plus a counter, to give it that real coffee shop feel. The menu is large, with delicious selections for brunch, lunch and dinner, with everything from salads to sandwiches or waffles. The tuna melt is to die for. Open 24 hours, so this is a great late night spot. The weekend breakfast scene gets crowded, but the food and atmosphere at Fred 62 make it worth the wait.
Hipster Heaven 24-7
RAS R. Jan 7, 2013
The Hunka Hunka burning love pancakes, the Tuna Melt, and the Tofu Chilaquiles are some of my friends' favorite dishes at this always packed, always open, diner hotspot. If you're in the mood for something lighter, the Cobb salad is a group favorite. The menu is diverse enough to please any couple or group seeking a casual, decently-priced bite. You'll find mostly college-aged and post college-aged patrons in this crowd peppered with the occasional local director, actor or film crew member needing late night or early morning sustenance. Expect to overhear conversations about the latest indie-horror flick, multi-genre music mash up, or vintage ballet flat sale that the diners next to you are raving about. This spot is almost always busy, so I recommend placing your order the very first time you lay eyes on your waiter. The servers sometimes have more tables than they can handle, and the crowd often arrives in waves, all wanting their food at the same time. The portions are decent and the hot food always comes out hot. Ordering a few dishes and then sharing is always our favorite strategy to save money and still get a little bit of everything that we're in the mood for.
The decor was great but the food was ehh
Rachel G. Nov 26, 2012
the decor and atmosphere is definitely worth while seeing. I ordered the mac and cheese which may have been the mistake, you could tell it was heated up because certain parts were warm and others were cold. it was gross. I wouldn't go back, unless i was going for a milkshake or desert or something. They had a delicious looking waffle covered in ice cream that looked amazing! It is a fun place to visit at night! There is always a nice sized crowd on the weekend, with a hollywood hipster vibe. Fun place, but the atmosphere is what you go for, not the food.
A Great Meal At All Hours
Angelica A. Nov 13, 2012
You know that time of the evening when the bar you've been sitting at for that past couple hours finally rings their last call bell, hits the lights, and leaves you out on the street high and dry? Well that;s the moment you realize you can keep your night going at this wonderful haven. Fred 62 is one of the few places in all of LA, let alone on the east side, that keeps its doors open at all times. Now that in itself is quite an accomplishment, but to actually put out good food as well? That deserves a gold star. It is the only restaurant you will ever find that has everything you could want. Any type of culinary craving will be met. Not only is this place great after hours, it's a fantastic brunch spot, just what you need to cure that morning after feeling. I highly recommend their veggie options, since they are really well done for a diner, and all of their desserts are spot on. Sundays are the busy but the best.
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