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BOA Steakhouse A line of waiting valets and an ever-present group of paparazzi greet guests at BOA Steakhouse, one of the Sunset Strip's trendiest restaurants popular with an upscale clientele of Hollywood execs and A-listers. Los Angeles United States 34.089928 -118.392883
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BOA Steakhouse - Bar | Lounge | Steak House in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A line of waiting valets and an ever-present group of paparazzi greet guests at BOA Steakhouse, one of the Sunset Strip’s trendiest restaurants popular with an upscale clientele of Hollywood execs and A-listers... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Lunch: M–F 11:30am–2:30pm
    Dinner: M–Su 5:30–11pm, Tu–W 5:30–11:30pm, Th–Sa 5:30pm–12:30am
    Brunch: Su 11am–3pm

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Party Earth BOA Steakhouse Review

The Scene

A line of waiting valets and an ever-present group of paparazzi greet guests at BOA Steakhouse, one of the Sunset Strip's trendiest restaurants popular with an upscale clientele of Hollywood execs and A-listers.

A line of waiting valets and an ever-present group of paparazzi greet guests at BOA Steakhouse, one of the Sunset Strip’s trendiest restaurants popular with an upscale clientele of Hollywood execs and A-listers.

A bland façade belies the luxurious yet ultramodern décor of the venue’s six distinct areas, all decked out in a dizzying array of unusual design details that pull double duty as conversation pieces.

The bustling lounge inside features a red granite bar and low leather couches where showbiz types gather to see and be seen, as recognizable faces in need of more privacy slip through the shimmery steel-rod curtain to the secluded club room, where they can relax in front of the flat-screen TV or flip over a lacquered table to reveal a backgammon board.

Moneyed social butterflies gravitate to an outdoor lounge area to huddle by the fireplace with their expensive cocktails, while celebs, power lunchers, and Sunday brunchers escape to the semicircle booths in the spacious enclosed patio with its stunning illuminated glass columns.

Guests who don’t mind being the center of attention can settle into a roomy booth in the smaller dining room, where floor-to-ceiling windows offer a view of the shutterbugs lurking out on Sunset Boulevard

A feast for the eyes as well as the palate, BOA is a one-of-a-kind restaurant for those who appreciate an ambiance as succulent as the steaks.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you’re with a big group, the best seat in the house is a semi-private nook on the dining patio. Presiding over dinner or cocktails at the long banquet table next to the roaring fire – what better way to feel like a queen?

  • Crowd

    Agents, executives, A-list entertainers, and entrepreneurs, 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient music. Several flat-screen TVs tuned to sports in the bar area. Large flat-screen TV and backgammon boards in the club room. Wine Lovers’ Night on Sundays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full brunch, lunch, and dinner menus featuring classic steak and seafood favorites. Lunch specials feature a grilled cheese of the day. Happy Hour M–F 5–7pm.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $16–$22, small plates $10–$16, steaks $34–$44, seafood $28–$62, prix fixe Executive Lunch $25/three courses. Beer $7+, wine $9+, cocktails $10–$16. Valet $10 with validation and $20 without.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Upscale casual to dressy: button-downs, blazers, or suits for men, though vintage sneakers and fashionable t-shirts are passable; dresses and heels or trendy jeans and stylish tops for women.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for a great scene, though Fridays and Saturdays are particularly good and bring in a big moneyed crowd.

  • Close By

    Bootsy Bellows (9229 West Sunset Boulevard) is a chic and exclusive club and lounge perfect for after-dinner drinks and dancing.

BOA Steakhouse User Reviews

Average rating:
LA Trendy Ambiance, Amazing Food: Must Try
Nikki C. Jun 29, 2013
I was taken as a guest to BOA and, of course, was thoroughly impressed. From the immediacy of the valet attendants to the professionalism and care of the servers, everything was amazing. I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the ambiance. As I looked around the dining room, I felt as if everyone was in the entertainment industry, making business deals and schmoozing clients. I felt out of place, like they could smell it on me that I wasn't like the normal BOA guest. Since it was my first visit, our server explained the menu and made suggestions. I tried the Ahi and my date had one of the many steaks. We also ordered a side of seasonal vegetables along with two of the most amazing specialty cocktails. The Ahi was seared to perfection, the steak, unctuous and the vegetables, perfectly steamed and seasoned. My taste buds were in flavor heaven. The bill at the end of the meal wasn't as pricey as I had expected it to be, which was a nice surprise for all the food we had eaten. I recommend BOA Steakhouse to anyone who is looking for a dining experience to break routine, an excuse to go to a nice dinner and dress up or for a place to celebrate a special occasion. I have been looking forward to my next visit since then and I am excited to try a different type of steak and another specialty cocktail.
Me Lovey Steak
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
My friend had urged me to go and I would say that his advice was right on the money. He's passes good judgement for steak, and I would definitely have to agree with him; this place has some of the most amazing food I could ever imagine. Not only that, but we got the baklava, goat cheese, and lobster which was out of this world. The service was pretty good, except my friend's order got mixed up, but they did give us a complementary dessert to make up for it. The wait isn't long, and despite the hefty price, you really get what you pay for from this steakhouse.
Lilit A. May 29, 2013
If you love meat then this is the place for you! Seriously everything on the menu here is delicious and mouth watering. I went last week for my sister's birthday with my family and everyone was very satisfied. The atmosphere is so fun, the decoration inside is really cool and modern with colorful lights all around. The place is also fun to go with friends even though it might get a bit pricey but the food and the atmosphere and the amazing service is for sure worth the price. We had the chocolate chip cookie for dessert which was so warm and moist and just the perfect cookie. I had the the green apple martini with dinner and it was very delicious.
Chic Steakhouse
Kate K. Mar 25, 2013
This chic steakhouse is located right on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Although the steaks are less pricey than at steakhouses like Mastro’s and Cut, I personally think that the steak here is just as good. When you order a steak, you are given several options for dipping sauces and marinades, which give the steak a unique flavor each time you go. The tuna tar tar appetizer is fantastic and I highly recommend the blackberry cocktail. For dessert, you absolutely have to get the chocolate chip cookie! The atmosphere is incredibly cool and sophisticated, you have a very good shot of seeing a celebrity.
Great time!
Matthew B. Mar 15, 2013
I had the pleasure of eating here a couple months ago and it was fantastic!! I had the porterhouse o man!
Phenomenal Restaurant and Dining Experience
Lauren S. Feb 25, 2013
A trip to BOA Steakhouse provides the ideal combination of an unbelievably delicious meal and a memorable dining experience. Located on the renowned Sunset Strip, BOA is a phenomenal restaurant that appeals to a wide variety of customers. Known as a reputable Hollywood location bustling with paparazzi, BOA often serves many celebrities but also attracts the typical hungry customer or those vacationing from outside the area. The décor inside radiates a more modern vibe full of colorful and unique pieces such as a multicolored lighting feature and a textured red wall in the main dining room that amplify the restaurant’s stunning ambiance. BOA’s layout encompasses a bustling main dining room connected to a more private eating room for those desiring an intimate and exclusive experience. The bar area offers comfortable seating for people to enjoy while watching the latest sporting event on the large flat-screen TV or sipping BOA’S Infusion specialty drink bursting with flavor. The fireplace and orchid adorned outdoor patio lounge is also an alluring option for customers craving a more social experience. BOA’S impressive menu serves many delectable items such as savory appetizers, delicious salads, various side dishes and their famous melt-in-your-mouth steak. After a trip to BOA Steakhouse, guests are guaranteed to walk away with a scrumptious meal, an extraordinary dining experience and thoughts about their next visit to this remarkable restaurant.
Erica D. Dec 3, 2012
Whenever I came on vacation to LA we always went to BOA steakhouse! The food is delicious and the scene is fun...pretty crowded and loud. The layout of the restaurant is really cool with a back room if you want a quieter meal, the bar area, and outside seating (which i recommend!) There is always paparazzi waiting outside with many celeb sitings. I saw Jaime Fox and Sharon Stone! The steak is amazing, and i love the macaroni and cheese SO GOOD! If you are looking for a quiet dinner then i do not recommend this, but if you are looking for a fun scene this is the place!
Yum, yum, yum!
Nisha S. Dec 3, 2012
When I think steakhouse I immediately think of Boa. There’s no better place! Boa is really wonderful for a special date night dinner or for a fun birthday dinner with tons of friends. The crowd at the restaurant skews slightly older with working professionals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, though a younger crowd can be seen there often. Boa is classy, but not overly stuffy, and just has a fun, upscale atmosphere. The outdoor area is really pretty and swanky. The décor incorporates unique tree branches. I suggest just ordering a ton of food and wine and just be prepared to stuff your face! All the steak and side dishes are wonderful. I particularly enjoy the skirt steak frites. It’s marinated in a delicious glaze and of course comes with French fries. How could you resist that? I love the customizability of Boa. You can choose whatever type of steak you want and then choose a sauce or rub to go with it. Order a bunch of sides for the table, and try the mac n cheese!
So delicious
Sydnie S. Dec 3, 2012
Obviously the one thing you NEED to get when you come to Boa Steakhouse is their...steak! I've come here on several occasions. Sometimes I've eaten here with friends and others with my family. There is always great food here and nice waiters/waitresses. Although it's pretty expensive, it's nice to come to Boa for special occasions. The setting is beautiful and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I only heard of Boa from an LA local who recommended this place to my family and I!
Great steak
Rachel S. Nov 30, 2012
Obviously Boa is know for their steak. I love coming here with friends on a girls night out. It is a fun atmosphere and has delicious food. You know you will get a good meal here. I recommend coming here, but it is not somewhere you go all the time. It is very expensive but very good. It is a good date spot because it is in a romantic setting. It is a highly acclaimed restaurant that you should definitely try. I am more of a Mastros fan but I never complain when I go to Boa. It is more of a celebrity scene compared to Mastros due to its acclaimed chef.
Great place to try
Kaile K. Nov 29, 2012
Boa is amazing! Definitely a trendy restaurant to try out, it has great food and really friendly waiters. I also really like the patio area, it has a great vibe/setting. A friend recommended Boa to me so I came here with some out of town friends and we had a blast! Its pretty expensive but definitely worth it for a special occasion!
Georgina S. Nov 28, 2012
I might be the only one, but I think this place is over-hyped and over priced. Everything was OK, but it wasn't worth what we payed. I'm not a huge steak eater, so I had the fish which was just alright. Maybe that's the issue. But there was nothing spectacular about the appetizers or sides, so I'm still going to go ahead and state that this place is overrated. I'd rather go to Flemmings, or Ruth Chris for the money I'm spending. If someone else invites you here, go ahead and try it, but definitely keep pricing in mind. It's supposed to be super upscale, but I disagree. I won't come here again unless someone else is paying.
Great food.
Amanda A. Nov 28, 2012
This steakhouse definitely has some of the best food in Los Angeles. I am going to tell you it is expensive, so I really have only gone to eat here for special occasions, but the food is well worth it. One of my best friends doesn't even like red meat and she loved the food she had here. Also the atmosphere of this restaurant is so unique and cool. The whole experience at Boa is great. Polite and friendly service, cool ambiance, amazing food - i recommend that everyone checks this place out. Oh and did I mention it is a popular place for celebrities too?
Cool Place
Lindsey S. Nov 20, 2012
The venue here is really trendy and cool and sleek. The waiters and waitresses here are awesome and always willing to go the extra mile to help you ! They bring you your order and anything else you ask for right away. I have had a great time the last two times I went here. Yet, this is definitely not my favorite steak restaurant and therefore, gave it three stars. I am not crazy about the food, as I feel like there are much better steak restaurants in Los Angeles. The drinks are awesome though, so if you do come, make sure to order a drink !
Madeline B. Nov 14, 2012
Boa has a great location and awesome food. The restaurant has very sleek interior design and comfortable tables. I had a petit filet and it was very delicious. The service is very quick and attentive. I would definitely check this out!
Great Outdoor Dining Spot
Daniel B. Oct 22, 2012
Boa is a favorite of both the business and celebrity worlds. The last time I was here was to accompany a friend for a business dinner out on the patio and it seemed that the people around us were all trying to get things done while having a good time as well. The steak is great (stay away from the fish - besides, it's a steakhouse), but what I like most is the quiet patio and the fireplace. Come here for drinks or to splurge on dinner. And for the celeb-obsessed, ask the paparazzi perpetually crowded around the door for tips on when your favorite stars are coming by.
My Tuesday night spot
Tailyr D. Oct 4, 2012
I go here almost every tuesday night for girls night with my sister and friends. the food is delicious I recommend the petite filet with cheese fries.!!! For dessert the variety plate is amazing!!! We always go to soho house upstairs after so it makes for a perfect night!
Classy with out being too pretentious...
Brent L. Oct 4, 2012
The good news about the Soho House being upstairs? Most of the collar popping, too cool for school kids are no where in sight. The bad news about the Soho House being upstairs--youve got NONE of the views at Boa. Great bar, with a lotta fun outdoor seating. Is it the place you end the night at? Absolutely not. But is it the place to grab a drink, drink some scotch, and pre game for a fun night thats a little more on the dressy/classy side? Spot on. Bar food is minimal here, so if you need to eat, itll be more of a meal than a snack. That said, its laid back, never too full and always a table or chair within spitting distance. Btw--dont actually spit on it, they hate that here.
Love this environment!
Beth M. Oct 3, 2012
I usually go to the one on Ocean Dr. in Santa Monica and I love the vibe at this place. Sitting at one of the giant rounded booths makes it perfect for a family style meal in a business style establishment. This is the type of steakhouse where huge deals are made in every field of business and relationships are built. The food is impeccable, the dress is nice (unless you're famous), and the staff is extremely well versed in the menu and wines.
Pretty And Delicious
Michael K. Oct 1, 2012
About the only restaurant - and definitely the only steakhouse - I've been to that matches scene and quality. Outstanding meat, very solid sides and salads, great atmosphere.
Killer Steak
Nick G. Sep 20, 2012
Even if veganism becomes the norm for the world I will never stop extolling the virtues of a good piece of meat. I am in perpetual need of steak and will take it wherever I can get it but if I have my choice it must come from Boa. Consistently, the best steak I have had in my sweet, sweet life. Forget about Mastro's or Wolfgang Puck's overpriced flesh restaurant, Boa is the place to go. New York Strip, Filet Mignon, KC Strip, surf n' turf, whatever you want they have it and they have it damn good. To top it off the service is good. Never pushy even at their busiest times.
Boa Nostalgia
Paul F. Aug 11, 2012
More of a story than a review. When I first moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago, I basically had no money and wouldn't even think twice about hitting up a place like Boa. Enter my 23rd birthday where my mom sends me a $150 gift certificate to Boa (when it was still at the Grafton Hotel). My roommate and I went and ordered it up. Steaks, Caesar salads, mac & cheese, a bottle of wine, desserts, etc. (not sure $150 gets you there anymore). Now maybe it was because I was 23 and didn't know any better - but to this day, that meal remains in my Top 10 meals of all time. Currently in the Soho House building on the edge of Sunset, the intimacy of the old place is gone, but the new restaurant is nothing short of stunning. The food is still just as good (table-side Caesar), and the staff is forever as stunning as the building. I like eating at the bar here because you can schmooze with the 'tenders and there's a decent drinks scene on weekend nights.
Cool spot for a steak
Sam A. Aug 3, 2012
Boa is a trendy steak house with a bit of scene. The bar area is typically crowded with moneyed 30-somethings looking to mingle. The restaurant is large and I recommend sitting in the big room to the left of the entrance. The outdoor area with the fireplace is pretty cool as well. The steaks are generally solid but the prices certainly include the ambiance. The last time I was there the place was packed with celebs --- Stallone, Jennifer Flavin, Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale...
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