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Casey's Irish Pub It's all about whiskey, beer, and hanging out at Casey's Irish Pub, a welcoming, subterranean, 10,000-square-foot watering hole popular with a diverse clientele of young professionals, USC students, and creative types. Los Angeles United States 34.048351 -118.255665
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Casey's Irish Pub - Bar | Irish Pub | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review It’s all about whiskey, beer, and hanging out at Casey’s Irish Pub, a welcoming, subterranean, 10,000-square-foot watering hole popular with a diverse clientele of young professionals, USC students, and creative types... ... read full review

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    Red Line: 7th Street/Metro Center; Purple Line: 7th Street/Metro Center

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    M–W 11am–11pm, Th–Sa 11am–2am, Su 3–11pm or 10am–9pm during NFL season

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Casey's Irish Pub Review

The Scene

It's all about whiskey, beer, and hanging out at Casey's Irish Pub, a welcoming, subterranean, 10,000-square-foot watering hole popular with a diverse clientele of young professionals, USC students, and creative types.

It’s all about whiskey, beer, and hanging out at Casey’s Irish Pub, a welcoming, subterranean, 10,000-square-foot watering hole popular with a diverse clientele of young professionals, USC students, and creative types.

A roomy outdoor patio at the foot of the stairs gives way to the sprawling rustic interior, where friendly ex-frat boys and college types gather at the mahogany bar or hole up in one of the many wooden booths to chat loudly over pints of Guinness and shepherd’s pie.

Darts, pool, and foosball draw gamers off to the side room, while several TVs over the bar keep the sports fans happy.

Truly a place for everyone, the venue accommodates a unique mix of people, from cheering football fanatics and flirty coeds looking to meet and mingle, to sullen drinkers hunching over their whiskey in the corners and hipper artsy types who show up on weekends when indie rockers and singer/songwriters take to the stage in back.

Although Casey’s is always buzzing with a boisterous crowd, it rarely devolves into a drunken mess, making it perfect for anyone looking to unwind with a lively bunch of beer and whiskey lovers who know how to hold their liquor.

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Tip from Lucas:

Casey’s is an awesome spot to hit during the monthly art walks downtown. Have a beer on the enormous patio and scope out the girls who traipse in after they’ve gone vendor shopping.

  • Crowd

    Young professionals, college students, average Joes, and hip downtown creative types, 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music featuring mostly indie pop and singer/songwriters Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Jukebox selections include modern indie favorites, 80s, 90s college rock, and standards.

    Events include Trivia Night Mondays at 6pm and Drink and Draw Social Club Thursdays starting at 8pm. TVs tuned to sports. Pool table, ping pong table, foosball, and dartboards.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Traditional bar fare including appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and Irish favorites like Guinness stew. Kitchen open until 10pm M–W and midnight Th–Sa. Happy Hour daily 3–7pm and all day Monday.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $4+, sandwiches and burgers $10+, pasta $12+, Irish dishes $12+. Beer $4–$6, mixed drinks $6+, whiskey $7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Nice casual: button-downs and nice jeans for guys, t-shirts or dressed-down blouses and jeans for women.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays for Drink and Draw and a good-sized crowd, or Friday and Saturday nights for the live music.

  • Close By

    Seven Grand (515 West 7th Street) ditches the Irish theme but still brings the whiskey by the barrel.

Casey's Irish Pub User Reviews

Average rating:
Can't Go Wrong With Casey's
Lia-Michelle K. Oct 24, 2013
There's something strangely wonderful about an Irish pub with beer pong tables routinely set up in its courtyard--strangely wonderful, and also a clear sign that you're about to enter a place where everyone is looking to have a great time. Nestled on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, Casey's provides its clients with a diverse crowd, solid drink options, and traditional Irish comfort foods that always taste like they came straight out of the oven. For those reasons and many more, I'm proud to admit that I became a pretty regular patron of this cozy pub during my time at USC. Although I'm not the biggest whiskey drinker, the bartenders here have a gift when it comes to making every drink go down smoothly; however, on the off-chance a drink isn't quite what you were expecting, they also never seem to have a problem tweaking it to your liking. Personally, my go-to selection on the drink menu would have to be the Pickleback. For those of you cringing at the thought of chasing a shot of whiskey with pickle juice brewed at the pub, I can honestly say that I can never leave without ordering at least one. If you're still unsure or want to see why so many people love Black Velvets, why not give both a try the next time you're at Casey's for happy hour? With drinks ranging between $3-5 during that time, it's a golden opportunity to get adventurous with the cocktails on the menu. After watching the Super Bowl here, celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the block party, and attending one of my best friend's graduation dinner in a private area of the pub, I think it's safe to say that no matter the event, you can't go wrong with going to Casey's.
Perfect for St. Patty's Day
Marina C. Aug 7, 2013
For the past two St. Patrick's day I have been going to Casey's pub. The second time was better than the first time! This is the place to be if you are in Los Angeles during St. Patty's day! The whole block is blocked off where pub is located in downtown LA which is great to walk around. They have bands come out to play outside where people can rock out and dance. They have green beer which is St. Patrick's day must! The only downside is there is a line to get in as well as a line to get into the pub. Inside the pub is crowded, but that's only because everyone wants to be there for St. Patrick's Day! This is for more of the younger crowd that loves loud music, meeting new people, dancing, and drinking! What more could ask for for St. Patty's day?! Going to go back next St. Patrick's day, can't wait!
A Slight Disappointment to the Irish
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
I do love touring the Irish pubs, but this particular bar was not as exceptional as i had hoped. The weight on the orders is incredibly long, even if you wanna order some of their pub fries. It's a little bit too loud because of the live band playing, but at least the place wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. The food is good enough and they really pile it on you; three dishes were enough to fill my four friends and I. The wedges are huge and most of them weren't dry and starchy. All in all, it's a pretty satisfying experience, although they could have probably done better with their speed of service and some menu options.
Great Mix!
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
Casey's is an awesome place for happy hour or for a big night out with your friends. There is usually a live band playing which does give it a big pub feel. If you're not too into the music, don't worry because the it doesn't travel all the way to the front bar. Outside is probably the best area. Its a big open space at the bottom of the stairs, similar to many Boston bars if you've been. There's a ping pong table and always a bunch of people playing. The drinks are actually not too badly priced for being right in Downtown, especially if you're going for the beers. There's booths to sit at if you can't find room by the bar, which is a bit awkward because there are random poles and dividers, making it hard to fit a big group up front.
Who doesn't love an Irish Pub?
Chris G. Feb 21, 2013
If you're looking for a place to hear some great live music or watch the game, Casey's Irish Pub is the place to be. Priding itself on great nightlife for every patron, you will leave here wanting to come back. If you're looking for a club scene and letting loose, this place is not for you. But if the environment you want is a chill, laid back, offers plenty to eat and drink, look no further. A wide range of drinks to choose from along with an extensive food menu and Irish decor, you'll feel like you're in the heart of Ireland. Tough day at work? Enjoy the happy hour all day Sunday's and Monday's and 3pm-7pm Tuesday-Saturday. Make your next nightly outing at Casey's Irish Pub.
Love it
Ghia E. Jan 18, 2013
Who wouldn't want to go to a place that has live music, lots of drinks, oh and did I mention, live music?!? It's a great place to go if you're not looking for that 'club' scene. It has pool/ping-pong tables and just a great environment to hang out
Great Spot
Georgina S. Nov 30, 2012
I love Irish pubs! I went here one night after bar hopping downtown. The relaxed vibe was a nice change of pace from the trendy, hipster joints that we had previously visited. I sat in a booth with a group of friends and sipped a cocktail while my guy friends furiously pounded Irish car bombs....yeah, it was that kind of night. Anyways, Casey's is a good spot to relax and hang out with a group of friends. It's very casual, so don't feel pressured to break out your brand new expensive heels. The crowd is really fun on the weekends; the people next to us started chatting us up, which was very welcomed! I love a friendly crowd as much as I value a fun atmosphere with nice alcohol. Definitely fun!
WILD Crowd
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
Live band, young crowd, interesting drinks. I personally wouldn't recommend the pickle back shot--just take the whiskey straight. However, if you like pickle juice definitely give it a try. This place gets pretty rowdy on a Friday or Saturday night, and you can normally find a decent crowd of college students here.
Ross S. Nov 6, 2012
Tried to go here last Sunday night for dinner and they were closing at 8:00pm. Why does a bar close that early? The fish & chips I was hungry for were $17.50 anyway. Why is it so expensive? The place smelled really bad too.
Fun Irish Pub…HUGE Irish Pub!
Jayson M. Oct 30, 2012
So maybe it’s my heritage, but I am always more forgiving when it comes to Irish pubs. Maybe it’s because anybody who goes to one expecting glitz and glamour is obviously too stupid to write a review, and if that’s what you’re looking for…you are in the wrong place. They have comedy nights on Wednesdays, a few scant crappy beers on tap, decent menu with burgers, pastrami sandwiches, beef pot pies, lobster pot pies, and chicken pot pies, two separate Happy Hours, billiards, dart boards, old downtown drunks an inch from death, host lots of social gatherings, and always have great AND FREE live music most nights. A pub is a pub is a pub. Go to get blotto and kill someone with a poorly aimed cue ball. Also…the place is effin enormous.
Yea, who goes here anymore?
Melchor M. Oct 5, 2012
Another faux "Irish pub" by Cedd Moses. If you fart in Downtown, your gas will surely waft to one of Cedd Moses' establishments. They are all the same pre-packaged products branded and marketed to the masses. This "Irish Pub" puts up all the appearances of an Irish pub, but you know, it's not really one. To be sure, you can have fun with the ping pong table and pool table, oh and the 758 or so tv's crammed into a somewhat smallish place---pffffft, that is if you like this sort of vanilla, faux please the most people most of the time place to squeeze out the most profit. Cheers! Protip: Go with friends and have fun, or don't go at all because this is no Irish pub. I
Great times
Duke H. Oct 5, 2012
Casual dress code, darts and billiards, and sometimes even a cover band. It's a good time and a place you can go definitely go to regularly
Awesome bar downtown
Moe G. Oct 4, 2012
I've been here a few times and really enjoy this place. It has a big below ground open area when you walk down to get in and insdie there is the bar and an area for live bands to play. Lots of places to sit and meet people. You'll see all sorts of people here too, including celebrities, so it's definitely worth checking out. Dress code is pretty casual also.
Drinking and Ping Pong?!
Samuel H. Sep 21, 2012
I've been to Casey's a few times, and always really enjoyed it. There are pool tables and a ping pong table in the below ground-level outdoor area. There is often live music performances by amateur bands from the area, and can even be a place to spot some celebraties. Last time I was there I saw DJ Qualls from the New Guy and Road Trip. This is definitely a pub worth checking out.
Great fun Atmopshere; typical mean irish pub service
Ed F. Sep 11, 2012
Good food and Fun "underground" irish pub atmospere; it has a few rooms so there is a lot of space but it can get packed on weekends b/c of the college kids that take to the streets of downtown. There are live bands there and it adds a lot to the experience; they always bring fun fans that are excited to see their friends/favorites play. The food is actually way above average for irish pub fare. the wings are generously meated (is that a word?) and the sauce is finger-licking good.
A Great Irish Pub!
Kwanza J. Sep 5, 2012
Locating a good Irish pub is like finding a pot of leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow, and Casey’s Irish Pub is one shiny coin. Below ground, it is easy to miss, but once you venture down those stairs you’re greeted by a patio leading to all the warmth that a pint of Guinness, darts, pool, sports and foosball can offer. A classic, rustic interior with wood bar and booths to settle in and enjoy Shepard’s Pie with a Black and Tan. Live Irish music or whatever band is playing entertain a rousing crowd of college students, sports enthusiasts and local residents that help complete the charm of Casey’s. This is place where you meet with you close pals often, maybe makes some new friends, and have a good time.
Never go hungry again.
Nikki L. Aug 27, 2012
I've been to Casey's on two different occasions, and for some reason, it was completely different each time. I guess late Saturday is bound to be busier, but it felt like there were hundreds more people than on a weeknight, filling all of the rooms. That being said, there's something for everyone. Darts, pool, booths, a patio, and really good pub food. It was nearly 1 a.m. when we ordered, so the kitchen must be open pretty late. And the food is REALLY good. Mac and cheese especially, and if you get fries, ask if you can get that spicy horseradish mustard. Our server was incredibly helpful and always easy to find. I was surprised, considering how crowded it was. And the stairs on the way out go UP, not down, which is significantly easier in any footwear. Casey's is walking distance to a lot of other downtown bars, so it's easy to hit up at any part of your evening. Or just do what we did and stay all night!
Best Irish Bar in LA. Period.
Patrick M. Aug 24, 2012
Don't kid yourselves, my friends. All others are pretenders to the throne. From awesome food from a top-notch chef to great drinks, frothy pints, and a crowd that is the right mix with nary a meathead to be seen, Casey's has it all. It may be tucked away in the ever-burgeoning downtown area rather than one of the more traditionally bustling neighborhoods, Casey's is worth the drive even if that's all you're going for - and as all Angelenos know, that's saying something. If you're going to a Laker or Kings game? Casey's before and after. Maybe even during if your seats suck. Art walk? Casey's. Staying at one of the hotels on a business trip? Casey's. Working downtown? Durr. One of my favorite bars not only in LA but in any city I've ever been to, Casey's has never once failed to deliver great food and an even better time.
irish car bombs
Kira A. Aug 13, 2012
If Casey's should pride itself in one thing it should definitely be the irish car bombs. A few friends and I went to Casey's last weekend and had quite a rowdy time! It's a dingy little pub with a loud, fun vibe and people of all ages. Definitely a great place for pre-drinks!
Good place to start your night
Sridevi R. Aug 8, 2012
I came here right after the Giants won the World Series. Surprisingly, it was rather empty with a few groups here and there in their jerseys, but it was still such a fun night. The drinks were strong (and not too expensive) and the bartenders were so nice. I also really liked that there was a nice little outdoor seating area for when the bar gets too crowded!
Paula P. Aug 8, 2012
So I'm kind of obsessed with Casey's because it's a really fun bar to go to in jeans and a t-shirt - it's no fuss and always a good time. I'm also a big fan of the pickle back shots (BE WARNED, they are definitely NOT for everybody!) which are shots of jameson that you chase with pickle juice - the juice totally works to cut the bite from the Jameson. If you're not feelin' shots, they make a pretty good Moscow Mule. If you're the kind of drunk that needs to be entertained, no fear, Casey's has a ping pong table in the front patio which is a ton of fun for both spectators and players. Casey's also has a trivia night on Mondays during their happy hour which is super budget friendly. I remember the first time I went for trivia we happened to win 2nd place which was like 25 dollars off of our bar tab so we all only paid about 5 bucks for two drinks and french fries! (btw the french fries are a dollar with the purchase of a happy hour beer.)
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