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Beer Belly Hidden behind one of Koreatown's many cookie cutter strip malls is a world of craft brew, just waiting inside Beer Belly's white, graffiti-covered building. Los Angeles United States 34.064333 -118.308716
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Beer Belly - Bar | Gastropub in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Hidden behind one of Koreatown’s many cookie cutter strip malls is a world of craft brew, just waiting inside Beer Belly’s white, graffiti-covered building. A spinoff of the owner’s beer-collecting hobby, the bar features... ... read full review

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    Purple Line: Wilshire/Western

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    M, W–F 5pm–1am, Sa noon–1am, Su noon–10pm

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Party Earth Beer Belly Review

The Scene

Hidden behind one of Koreatown's many cookie cutter strip malls is a world of craft brew, just waiting inside Beer Belly's white, graffiti-covered building.

Hidden behind one of Koreatown’s many cookie cutter strip malls is a world of craft brew, just waiting inside Beer Belly’s white, graffiti-covered building.

A spinoff of the owner’s beer-collecting hobby, the bar features a drink menu offering a rotating range of budget-minded locally produced drafts and premium bottles that can cost a pretty penny.

High ceilings, glossy wood walls, and recycled Coke-bottle chairs give the place a modern cottage flair that’s a cross between a tiny cafeteria and an IKEA display.

Flannel-clad foodies sidle up to the counter bar, happy to find upscale pub grub like duck fat fries and wet-aged rib-eye on the menu, while sports lovers catch a game on the TVs as they dig into hot wings and mac and cheese.

Much of the food is cooked with beer, right down to the grilled broccoli served with cheesy Pale Ale dipping sauce, and sampler flights ensure the mix of rambunctious college kids and casual locals always find the right drink to accompany their eats.

Brunch on Sundays brings patrons back for another round, when sugared insanity like Lucky Charms pancakes and eggs Benedict with a foie gras hollandaise inspire guests to put off that diet for at least another week.

Then again, neither the grub nor the grog will attract health nuts – but for those looking to work on a Beer Belly, this might just be the tastiest spot in town.

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Tip from Jonah:

Beer Belly’s jukebox runs on what they call ‘music democracy.’ If you have an iPhone, look for the chalkboard on the wall that explains how to request a song on the jukebox. Whatever gets the most requests is what gets played.

  • Crowd

    Foodies, hipsters, creative types, laid-back young professionals, sports lovers, and beer connoisseurs, 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Flat-screens tuned mostly to sports or movies. Jukebox. Free Wi-Fi.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Rotating menu of bar food with an upscale or unique twist, including pork rolls, eggs Benedict, catfish and chips, and deep-fried Oreos. Saturdays noon–4pm offer wings, hoagies, and cheesesteaks. Brunch on Sundays. On Mondays, New Order Mondays introduces new dishes that have never been on the menu for one day only (to a soundtrack of 80s hits, of course).

    Happy Hour daily 5–7pm.

  • Prices

    Brunch menu $6–$12, grub $4–$12. Beer $6–$9+, beer flights (four samples) $10, wine $7–$10, natural sodas $3.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, sandals, Converse, plaid, baseball hats.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Midweek for a chill spot to sip a few, Thursday through Saturday nights for a loud scene driven by conversation and beer, and Sunday afternoons for brunch.

  • Close By

    Frank n Hank (518 South Western Avenue) is a dirty little dive with cheap booze, a well-stocked (albeit sticky) jukebox, an electronic dartboard, and a pool table.

Beer Belly User Reviews

Average rating:
The name explains it all.
Angela K. Aug 9, 2013
Excellent food, great craft beer selections, and spectacular work staff! Taking a day off from your diet? This place will tantalize your taste buds with their well-executed duck fat fries. Duck fat what?! Yes, fries fried in rich duck fat topped with duck confit. Delicious isn't cutting it for the fries, it's amazing! Along with their fries, they also offer a wide selection of fried goodies (oreos, twinkies, pie, chicken, etc). Need more? Pair it with a locally crafted beer. Their daily happy hour is from 5-7pm, come early or be prepared to wait.
If This is Death by Duck, I'll Gladly Die a Thousand Times
Meghan M. Jun 28, 2013
Perhaps I'm a little masochistic, but my little foodie heart dies a little time I come to "pig" out here on their swine and pork inspired menu. Their cholesterol laden menu is sure to send you into the deepest food coma, acting like a death, but do not fear: you will live again to try everything on their menu. Chef Wes Lieberher transforms what it means to grub on typically mediocre bar food and elevates it into a mouthgasm that has never been tasted before. Although there are wonderful stand outs such as their smoked apple wood bacon and maple syrup infused grilled cheese sandwich and the duck French dip sandwich with duck fat au jus, the sauces that compliment these dishes are what makes this place truly revolutionary. Dip your duck fat fries topped with duck confit in their special house raspberry mustard to experience the best marriage of sweet and savory, and be sure to coat their addicting pork belly chips with plenty of their tangy Tabasco aioli. Your belly will be lined with ammo to combat the effects of one of their many craft brews, with many of their brews coming in at over 7% alcohol content. Make sure to eat up while you drink up! Be warned: this place is not for those with the faint of heart, do not like loud music, or buzzing hipsters, but if you're okay with all three, then the people you dine with only add to this unique dining experience.
You'll have a Greattttt Time Overrr Heree
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
Definitely representative of its name-sake, this place has all the varieties of beer you could wish for. This place has a great atmosphere and great service and the people there, whether staff or random customers, are really friendly. The cuisine is mainly fried, so if you're looking for a light meal, then this place isn't for you; when you do order, expect to have a satisfying, filling meal. The place is a little small and it gets crowded really easily, but if you haven't eaten yet and if you're looking for something to fill you up, while having a great time with friends, then come to the Beer Belly.
A Unique Beer and Food Tasting Experience
Eduardo M. Jan 22, 2013
Located in the heart of Koreatown behind a boba shop, Beer Belly is waiting for those foodies and beer lovers who want a new unique beer, and food tasting experience. The place looks like a small, fancy dining hall with high ceilings, hardwood floors, comfy plastic and high chairs, and dimmed lighting for an intimate social setting. Even sport lovers can catch their favorite teams on large, flat-screened TVs. There is an array of a beer selection that range from coffee taste for coffee lovers to a fruiter taste for fruit lovers. Some drinks will cost a few and high bucks. Guests will find a wide selection of food to choose from. There are pork belly chips and broccoli bombs to snack on to full-meals like the pizza mac n cheese, which tastes like a crossover of a hot pocket and mac n cheese. Happy hour will bring guests early as most of the drinks and food half-priced. The crowd is mostly hipsters fresh out of college with a mix of a little older crowd who come out for the beer. Beer Belly will attract the foodies and the beer lovers who want try a unique food experience.
Beer Belly - Koreatown Gets Fancy
Kyla I. Jan 15, 2013
Located between a boba tea joint and an overpriced cafe on a busy stretch on Western Avenue, Beer Belly's eclectic beer selection and exotic fare makes it worth the traffic and the inevitable difficulty of parking that is synonymous with Koreatown. Beers on draft rotate and focus on local, hard to find brews that will fit any beer lover's palate. If you get there early, indulge in the happy hour draft special for only four dollars; after that, things get pretty pricey. But hey, where else can you get Smog City's Sabre-Toothed Squirrel on draft? Beer Belly also offers gastronomic delights in various forms, most of which revolve around duck, fat, or both. And for dessert, why not try a deep fried twinkie? While not for the faint of heart (nor those light on cash), Beer Belly offers a solid selection of beer in a clean, modern space with a friendly atmosphere.
Georgina S. Dec 3, 2012
This is a wonderful find! It's in Korea town, which is kind of close to USC, which is a definite plus! (USC students with a car, definitely make the drive and check this out!) The crowd is kind of hipster and artsy, but it's chill. The grilled cheese looked to die for. If you're a grilled cheese fan, I'd recommend you come here! The food is pretty indulgent, so don't come here on a diet. Also, the place is packed all the time it seems. I don't drink beer, but I heard that it's wonderful here, with a great selection offered. I can't wait to try this place for happy hour. Come looking casual cute if you're a girl, not because it's particularly high scale, but because there's plenty of cute hipster guys at this place :)
Super solid
Nikki L. Nov 29, 2012
Beer Belly is greeaat. Everything is made of fat, and you can be as loud as you want. So much fried stuff. So many sweets. It's in a great neighborhood for doing other things, and you can walk around at pretty much any time of night around there for any reason. The staff is friendly and usually knows their beer, which changes regularly or seasonally or whatever. I would definitely recommend going there, preferably at an odd time, since there isn't a lot of seating or parking. It's super casual, even if at first glance it looks like it's trying to be a diamond in the rough of something, so there's no reason to be intimidated. Plenty of karaoke around, too, if that's up your alley.
It should have been called "Buddha Belly"
Hayley E. Sep 24, 2012
Duck fat french fries and grilled cheese with four kinds of cheese, bacon and maple syrup? I don’t know about your mom but this is definitely not the comfort food mine used to make. It’s good she didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be wearing size 28 jeans. Yup, I’d definitely be on the rotund side, but hey, with ultra decadent dishes like this, you would be too. And while I’m here, thank you, I do need one more serving of deep fried Oreos with Nutella and chocolate chip ice cream on the side... The title says it all—beer (a rotating list of craft brews, served by a very knowledgeable and helpful staff) and belly (which will expand if you indulge in this rich, gastropub fare). Add in a modern, cozy (read: small) setting with multicolored wood paneled walls and recycled chairs, and medium prices (except for some of the beer bottles) and you have yourself a comfy, if occasionally loud, place to catch a sports game or chill with friends. Unlike an actual beer belly, which doesn’t have much place to hide, Beer Belly is off the main street so get your Google Map ready before you ride. Fortunately you can park for free in the bank lot next door (don’t forget to tip the valet), which is great because instead of feeding the meter you can concentrate on packing in extra calories. Don’t worry if you don’t know what would go best with the bratwurst balls or the fried cheese. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about the pours and isn’t shy about handing out tasters to be sure you’re getting the beer you want. Something new is always featured on the brew list, and the food menu varies regularly as well. If you get there for Sunday brunch and the Snickers pancakes are still on the menu, don’t miss this golden opportunity to clog your arteries. Your inner Buddha belly will be happy you did. Besides, you can always throw in some veggies to soothe the guilt—go for the Brussels sprouts. You know, the ones sauteed with apples, pancetta and onion. It’s green so it’s healthy, right?
Love this place!...My belly does not.
Jayson M. Aug 28, 2012
You’d never know this was here and it’s such a refreshing change from all the Korean joints in the area (not that I don’t love those too). Totally casual but amazing gastro, very industrial feel but it’s not cold. They are always changing the beer selection and I’ve never had one I didn’t love. The food will make you fat, and you won’t even care. Fried everything (oreos, twinkies, etc.), duck fat slathered fries, Sunday brunches that will destroy any hangover until you start boozing again…like five minutes after arriving. There’s a lot with an attendant right next to the building. Park there, just tell him in advance where you are going. He gets crabby if you don’t talk to him. I think he is lonely.
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