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Under the glitz and glamour that Los Angeles is best known for, LA pubs stand like a bastion of calm and unpretentious fun for the regular ol’ working man who cares very little for the play you’re starring in next weekend with the guy who was on an episode of Full House once.

Los Angeles pubs make it a cinch to grab a frothy pint or five at almost any hour. Pubs are plentiful all over this expansive city, so it’s rarely necessary to drop in on the dreaded freeways on a quest to find one.

Irish pubs, sports pubs, gastropubs, not-quite-sure-what-this-place-is-all-about pubs; they’re all here. Maybe it’s a divey pub in Hollywood you need, where you can commiserate with those down on their luck drinking and away their sorrows. Or maybe it’s a cool new gastropub downtown, with specialty Belgian imports and a solid menu to coat the stomach before and after another round of Chimay.

No matter, for pubs in LA stretch from the gritty hills of Mt. Washington to the splendid ocean. Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Los Feliz are good places to find a barebones pub too, and at the same time have no shortage of fun neighborhood pubs where the game is on and the bartenders are friendly. The same can be said of Hollywood and West Hollywood, though probably not so much for neighboring Beverly Hills.

Regardless of where you are, you can find any type of pub that caters to beach bums, yuppies, and everyone in between – and that’s a lot of people. It would take a lifetime to explore all the pubs in Los Angeles, so you better get to work.

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