Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Beverly Grove

Beverly Grove, Los Angeles

Go to Central LA for a full neighborhood description.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

The boundary signs that herald the entrance to Beverly Hills have become a global icon that symbolize the famously wealthy area known as one of the world’s chicest shopping destinations. The ... more

Central LA

Central LA, Los Angeles

Central LA (Beverly Grove) Central LA (Fairfax) Central LA (Mid-City) Central LA (Mid-Wilshire) Stretching west to Robertson Boulevard, north to Santa ... more

Culver City

Culver City, Los Angeles

Once home to the legendary MGM Studios where classics like The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind were filmed, the neighborhood of Culver City is steeped in rich cinematic history. The studio lot, ... more


Downtown, Los Angeles

Includes: Little Tokyo and Chinatown. Although the media has been prematurely heralding the resurgence of downtown Los Angeles for over a decade, it’s not until recently that the area truly started ... more

Echo Park

Echo Park, Los Angeles

A somewhat grungy neighborhood still in the early stages of gentrification, Echo Park was a favorite of Charles Bukowski’s in the 70s, and it doesn’t appear to have changed all that much since then. ... more


Fairfax, Los Angeles

Go to Central LA for a full neighborhood description.


Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hollywood is without a doubt the beating heart of LA’s nightlife scene, where a diverse crowd from all over the city – whether chic or grungy, urbane or alternative – comes out to dance and party hard every night ... more


Koreatown, Los Angeles

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is a packed and expansive metropolis, home to millions of people (and seemingly as many cars), but the relatively small area of Koreatown still manages to stand apart as one of the ... more

Los Feliz / Atwater Village

Los Feliz / Atwater Village, Los Angeles

A trendy, hilly neighborhood, Los Feliz has seen a huge ingress of hipsters, creative types, and urban professionals over the past couple of decades. Daytime provides the perfect opportunity to ... more


Malibu, Los Angeles

Malibu is an exclusive and picturesque oceanfront community west of Los Angeles that famously promises “twenty-seven miles of scenic beauty” along its coastline. The area exudes an air of laid-back ... more


Melrose, Los Angeles

The one-mile long stretch of Melrose Avenue between Fairfax and La Brea spent three decades as the center of the underground and alternative scene in Los Angeles. Although the area has lost a bit of ... more


Mid-City, Los Angeles

Go to Central LA for a full neighborhood description.


Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles

Go to Central LA for a full neighborhood description.

Santa Monica / Westside

Santa Monica / Westside, Los Angeles

Where historic Route 66 hits the bluffs overlooking the glistening Pacific Ocean sits the scenic city of Santa Monica that, along with much of LA’s Westside, has a relaxed and affluent vibe that starkly contrasts ... more

Silver Lake

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Although home to a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups, Silver Lake (sometimes written as Silverlake) is best known as the epicenter of the Los Angeles hipster culture – independent thinking, progressive ... more


Venice, Los Angeles

Includes: Marina del Rey. A vibrant oceanfront neighborhood with maybe the slowest rate of gentrification around, Venice is known as a melting pot of artists, musicians, young professionals, ... more

West Hollywood

West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Perhaps the more refined version of its neighbor to the east, West Hollywood and its famous Sunset Strip are home to a variety of nightlife options, including renowned music clubs that have helped launch the ... more


Westwood, Los Angeles

Westwood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that is bounded by Sunset Boulevard to the north, Beverly Hills on the east, Santa Monica Boulevard to the south, and the San Diego Freeway on the west. It is home to the ... more

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