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Villains Tavern Despite its location in the sparsely populated Industrial District by the LA River, the unique Villains Tavern manages to pull in a steady and diverse crowd from all over the city. Los Angeles United States 34.040024 -118.231098
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Villains Tavern - Bar | Live Music Venue | Tavern in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Despite its location in the sparsely populated Industrial District by the LA River, the unique Villains Tavern manages to pull in a steady and diverse crowd from all over the city. An ornamental spear-topped fence and... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Tu 7pm–2am, W–Sa 5:30pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Villains Tavern Review

The Scene

Despite its location in the sparsely populated Industrial District by the LA River, the unique Villains Tavern manages to pull in a steady and diverse crowd from all over the city.

Despite its location in the sparsely populated Industrial District by the LA River, the unique Villains Tavern manages to pull in a steady and diverse crowd from all over the city.

An ornamental spear-topped fence and glass wall fashioned of colorful apothecary bottles welcome patrons to the bi-level lair, where fun-loving hipsters and well-dressed young professionals gather to chat in front of a gothic cathedral mirror, or clamor around the bar where mixologists serve up creative cocktails in Mason jars.

Old chandeliers topped with stuffed crows add to the eclectic charm, while comic book collectors will appreciate drinks with names like Stan Lee and the poisonous Belladonna.

Mingling singles can engage in a playful game of “guess the famous villains” portrayed in the paintings behind the bar, or head upstairs to relax on vintage leather sofas lit by antique floor lamps.

One of the biggest draws, however, is the nightly live music scene when the patio stage hosts bands playing everything from bluegrass and jazz to swing.

Easygoing but with just the right touch of edge, Villains creates a hip and welcoming vibe that keeps the loyal crowds trekking out night after night.

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Tip from Emma:

While the bar’s advertised days are Wednesdays through Saturdays, the Tavern also opens on Tuesdays for the neighborhood locals. Show up early and take advantage of the half-price cocktails and mouthwatering meatballs from Great Balls on Tires, a food truck that sets up shop in the parking lot.

  • Crowd

    Eclectic and unpretentious mix of young professionals, hipsters, artists, and musicians, mid-20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live entertainment on the patio from 9:30/10pm, featuring Really Dirty Blues on Wednesdays, 1920s/30s Vintage Americana on Thursdays, Swing and Jazz on Fridays, and Bluegrass on Saturdays. Ambient music inside.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar food, salads, and burgers served until 11pm.

  • Prices

    Snacks $5–$6, salads $7–$11, entrées $8–$14. Beer $3–$24, mix-and-match beer and shots $8, cocktails $11–$13.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Almost anything goes: flannel, vests, t-shirts, faded jeans, ties, fedoras, dresses and heels, and vintage suit jackets. Strict dress code means no sports jerseys or team colors.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for a full-blown social scene, Thursday nights for the two female bands performing Vintage Americana, and Fridays and Saturdays for a good live music crowd. Schedules are subject to change, but the website is updated weekly.

Villains Tavern User Reviews

Average rating:
Villains' Lair
Jonathan C. May 15, 2013
After moving into the area I was in search of some bars to call home. After a quick look on the map, this was definitely the most interesting name, so I gave it a shot. Don't get discouraged or worried by the location. Some people seem to think it's a bad part of town. It's not, it's just not really active during bar hours. Mostly filming rental warehouses and daytime businesses surround Villains. It sort of adds to that Villains lair vibe. Again, no worries, it's a safe part of town regularly patrolled by public safety. Architecturally, it looks like a gypsy circus and a medieval beer hall had a baby in Sherwood Forest, and then sent that baby to school in America during the dust bowl. The bartenders are more mixologists than the drink slingers you'll find elsewhere. This is the sort of place that would, not only, know what a Pimm's Cup is, but actually be able to make you one...and then serve it in a mason jar. Otherwise they have a full menu of specialty cocktails and a good range of price points on beer. Speaking of menu, they do have a small food menu that is friendly to meatless lifestyles and carnivores alike. Unique takes on old favorites will bring you back here a few times. The stage is always alive with music, no matter what night it is. It could be a man and his guitar or a band twelve men strong with washboards and home made contraptions. Few are shy to dance and the place can get pretty busy, but everyone has such a great attitude that you hardly notice.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hot Spot
Lindy T. May 14, 2013
I first came to Villain's Tavern on a fairly empty Monday night with three friends. In full disclosure, it doesn’t have the best location for a night-time visit because of the rather shady-looking parking lot, but once you’ve reached the shelter of the bar, it’s like stepping through Alice’s Looking Glass. Everything transforms into a world of anachronistic, cross-thematic beauty. The best way to describe the bar is a mixture of gothic cathedral, secretive speakeasy, and steampunk invention. Picture all of this décor accompanied by a local French folk band or something similar playing in the next room and you have Villain’s Tavern. The bar is owned by a former interior decorator to the stars who similarly founded The One-Eyed Gypsy. Though I expected Villain’s Tavern to be a carbon copy of OEG, I was abundantly surprised that while it certainly retained the creative albeit random spirit of decoration, it had a distinctive personality all of its own. Angel statues flanked the massive double doors and the walls of empty colored glass bottles were reflected beautifully in the enormous iron-encased mirrors. My favorite part of the experience was the truly friendly, helpful staff. After perusing the menu for myself, I decided to ask the bartender for his favorite rum cocktail on the bar list. Rather than simply naming the first thing he saw on the menu to make me stop pestering him, he went out of his way to pick out several favorites and even offered to make me an off-menu concoction served in their signature mason jars and topped off with a ball of shaved ice. The staff is always pleasant and hospitable to the customers and does the most to make sure you are happy with your experience. I’m not a demanding person, but I imagine this place would be excellent for even the choosiest of patrons. The main stage in the adjoining room is softly lit and framed by a wall of vines. Local music acts play here in front of a room of bar tables and booth seating with a secondary bar to the right. At the bar or at your table you can order from their intriguing menu. The creatively-titled fare ranges anywhere from the “Serpent’s Ceviche” to the “No Kill Burger,” and Villain’s Tavern even has the hilarious audacity to call one of their dishes the “Pharaoh’s Salad.” (Setting high standards is the first step to keeping them, I suppose.) In all, this is a truly fascinating little watering hole for the intrepid bar connoisseur or local denizens looking for an escape from the boredom of their daily routines. Definitely take a look, you wouldn’t want to miss out. I’m sure glad I didn’t.
Villiain -ly delicious
Lauren E. K. May 14, 2013
Driving to this tavern, one would think you were entering "the rough part of town" Not knowing what to expect.... until exiting your vehicle and hearing familiar songs entering your ears. Playing, of course, from Villains, by one of their nightly DJ's. If the music doesn't draw you in, the large beautiful flower bush and ivy growing up the side of the brick structure, will surely have one gravitating in. The atmosphere, the vibe, the decor- is like stepping into a time machine. What era are we in? What country is this again.. wait, oh, we're still in LA. Everyone in this place is attractive and is enjoying the fine selection of drinks available. A truly unique experience; visiting The Villain Tavern. Cheers!
Mason Jars and Moustaches!
Stephanie A. May 9, 2013
After navigating through what looked like a ghost town of deserted old warehouses, there was a glimpse of civilization--and proof that my friend wasn't pulling my leg about this place existing! It seemed like kind of a shady area, but this place was a diamond in the rough. Aaand there was ample street parking! The venue itself felt like a circus tent. The main bar area was adorned with antique bottles and portraits, and created a very cool and unique ambiance. It felt as if I had just been transported to a different time and place. (This was also due to the fact that a party bus full of flappers and suspender-ed gentleman had just arrived to celebrate a friend's birthday). I immediately felt as if I had just tapped into one of L.A.'s best kept secrets. The bartender handed me a signature vodka drink in a mason jar, which had a dome of shaved ice on top. It was garnished with a sprig of mint, and what looked like homemade preserves. DELICIOUS. There were also a lot of great beers on tap. Outside, there was a lively bluegrass band playing, complete with washboards and banjos. These guys looked like they were straight out of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", and had everyone up and dancing. I felt like I was at a Southern Revival! We had a great time that night. ...And theeen, I returned a few months later to find that WORD HAD GOTTEN OUT. There were so many people there that night that it took me a good ten minutes to get to the front of the bar to order a beverage. Good thing Villain's Tavern draws a friendly crowd, because I was accidentally bumping people on all sides of me in order to get to the dancing area. I really want to return sometime, but I think it would be best to go on a weeknight when there aren't as many people. Bottom line, though: there's a crowd for a reason. Definitely a full sensory experience!
It Feels So Good to be Bad
Michela B. Mar 31, 2013
Villains is the lovechild of a beer garden, a southern speakeasy and a parking lot. This little gem is located in a relatively remote part of the Arts District of downtown. It attracts a rather eclectic mix of bohemian, vintage-wearing females and playful hipster men in bright blazers or leather. Los Angeles magazine dubbed this spot the best new bar for 2013 and it’s well deserved. The concept and vibe is well planned and it feels as though a new aspect of its dark rustic character is unveiled on each visit. Venue: It’s a good size, with a smallish two-story indoor space and two larger outdoor spaces, smoking and non-smoking. The inside bar is dressed with large mirrors and gothic wooden arches. The tall glass windows are stacked with with odd shaped alchemy bottles imitating potions of sorts. Outside you’ll find tables with carney-booth seating, lining the walls and a small stage accented with bougainvillea. There are heat lamps and Lanterns with intricate iron cast swirls that omit a dim burnt orange lighting over the sinners. Consume: They sport an original and rather extensive selection of draught brews as well as some original sweet, citrusy or spicy concoctions. One of my favorite cocktails is called the “L.A. Barbie,” a heady blend of Hacienda tequila, Aperol, red pepper, Tapatío, and lemon. It’s very spicy and is dangerously easy to drink. For those who are thirsty enough, they have combo pricing for ordering a shot and a beer to chase it with, for instance I got medium dark ale and a shot of Jameson for $10. Should your belly need sustenance, they serve meals and snacks too- I recommend the wicked fries- crispy and sprinkled with Parmesan and parsley. Bonus Goodies: Most nights, they have a live band that gets everybody jiving and tapping their toes. Todd Lowe, who plays Terry on True Blood, is the lead singer and guitarist of the Thursday night resident band. It consists of anywhere from 7-12 members playing bluesy folk originals and funky cover songs too. If you refuse to dance and just want to sit and sip your drink, come early because the seating is slim and the people are far from few. Last time I was there, I picked up a game of “Sour Apples to Apples,” which kept us entertained for most of the night. There is ample street parking and an free lot adjacent to the bar. All in all, Villains is a hidden gem, an oasis of coolness setting the bar for future drinking establishments in the Arts District. Not to mention it’s a great place to down some drinks and listen to impressive live music.
Hipster Haven
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
While it may be a bit confusing to find, Villans is a great spot especially when theres a live band playing. I've been there three times and its never been overly crowded, on a Saturday night or random Tuesday. The outside area is great especially when they have their second bar open and running. Their drinks are served in glass Mason jars so that's definitely a bit creativity that sets them apart. The crowd is usually in the later 20s, with a lot of international people oddly. The vibe is very...gypsy-punk meets classic rock. A lot of people sporting tattoos and funky mustaches. Parking has never been an issue. They have a decent sized lot but if you want, its pretty safe to park on the nearby streets. I'm a whiskey person so definitely go for the Maker's Mark with ginger ale but the Stan Lee is a nice drink to try as well. Normal prices, so don't expect anything along the lines of a dive bar.
Pick your Poison
Cristina M. Feb 22, 2013
Nestled in the quite and bare warehouse district of Los Angeles, is a bar that houses intoxicating drinks fit for a villain. The bi- level space features rich red walls with stained glass window with wooden arches, classic aged chandeliers, leather armchairs and hundreds of apothecary bottles sitting on shelves filled with mysterious potions and brews. The eerie yet edgy décor is a mix between Gothic Romance and the Wild West, boasting two patios that house an outdoor bar and stage with a backdrop that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Perfect for any villain’s watering hole. From the formidable antique bar, friendly bartenders pour draft beers and a selection of cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Beers are served in ice-cold Mason jars and can be mixed with a shot of liquor, ranging from dark rum to top-shelf whiskey - for a true Villain’s concoction. Signature cocktails, such as the Belladonna and Stan Lee, are all creatively named after some familiar characters. Deep fried chickpeas are the favorite bar snack here, but there is still some delectable food to go along with your drinks, such as a half-pound burger topped with bacon cherry marmalade or fire roasted corn on the cob. Yum. The drinks are not as budget-friendly as you would like, but well worth the fresh taste and poignant kick. How can you go wrong with a beer + shot combo? The tavern hosts nightly live music on the patio stage hosting bands playing country folk, soulful blues to a lively DJ set. This avant-garde bar draws an eclectic mix of chill and hip people, creating a very welcoming ambience. Known to draw large crowds on weekend nights, be sure to get to the tavern early to bask in the imaginative surroundings and sip on their adventurous drinks.
A Villains Life for Me
Amy G. Dec 4, 2012
Wandering down a quiet, still street lined with dim warehouse spaces one could miss this little gem tucked away in the LA Arts District. Approaching the bar you may find yourself initially questioning your decision to join a friend for a drink as the outdoor aesthetics could be a bit misleading at first. All hesitations and reservations however will be immediately dismissed upon approaching the bouncer with your ID in hand and being met with a question such as, 'Would you like to be on a giant Jenga team? You can win prizes!' Once inside, it's as if you have forfeited the confines of the city, leaving the hustle, bustle and flashy nightlife culture behind. The decor communicates such fascination and wonder, complete with a giant wall stacked with multi-colored bottles and vases leaving it to your imagination regarding what sort of potions they could be harboring. Turn around and you'll be immediately greeted by the friendly and eclectic bartenders taking care of the Tavern's guests for the evening. Before simply settling on your typical vodka cran. or whisky on the rocks, take a second to glance through their exotic drink menu and extensive beer selection. Served in a mason jar, their specialty drinks keep with the overall tone of the space, making you feel as though you have ventured into a familiar homey lodge where you are not a casual customer but instead an expected friend for the evening. Upstairs you'll find a small loft overlooking the bar complete with tables and sofa seating for a quaint, quiet space perfect for engaging conversation and intermingling of guests. If a more lively experience is what you're after don't shy away from following the enticing music bellowing from the stage below in the tented outdoor space. On stage it won't be uncommon to find a 6 piece bluegrass band getting down with the help of an upright bass and timeless wash boards. The band sets the tone of the room in a such a way it's impossible not to move and groove to the deep country sounds. Spend not more than 30 minutes here and you begin to confuse your whereabouts leaving the perception of Los Angeles culture behind. It begins to beckon the thought you might have actually ventured through a magical swampy forest chasing a soft glow in the distance traveling to the beat of the resounding bluegrass echoing the airwaves. With a full praiseworthy delectable food menu come early for the dinner and stay through the night to enjoy the scene, a fine establishment fit for the approval of any and all back country villain.
Great Time with Friends
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
Such a fun atmosphere. My friends and I randomly drove by this place and decided to give it a try. The architecture here is incredibly and the interior design is truly beautiful. The food matches the quality of the décor. I had the best dinner and drinks. The waiter we had was hilarious and so concerned with our happiness, which always makes you feel great. The music playing was so nice and although there was no bumping and grinding on the dance floor everybody was grooving in their chairs. I cannot wait to go back for a second round with my girl friends and would without a doubt recommend it to anyone looking to have a good time.
A+ Bar, But Crrrowded!
David M. Dec 3, 2012
Villains is a fun, genuinely difficult to find, eclectic bar. First, finding the place requires more than just a quick look at GoogleMaps before you leave. You need to study the map and make sure you completely understand where it is, because wrong turns in this area can waste a lot of your time. Parking is easy, but not free. Once you get there though, it's totally worth it. The atmosphere is friendly and vibrant. The drinks are delicious, and so is the food. The grilled cheese with spicy jelly is delicious. This bar is definitely hipster-leaning, but the downtown crowd is diverse in age and scene. This sprawling bar has two levels and a great outdoor area perfect for listening to live music and hosting a large group for a birthday. Villains draws great, lively musicians that are excellent without completely drawing focus. On weekend nights it can be hard to get a drink, especially because these intricate drinks take more than a moment to prepare. I would recommend getting there early, or going on a weeknight. But the drinks are strong and worth the wait. As with all downtown bars, everyone knows about the good ones, so even though Villains is hidden away, it's hard to avoid the crowds.
A little escape
Sarah P. Nov 26, 2012
This place is super cool, tucked away in a random part of downtown but feels like you're somewhere sort of folk-y and homey. Its never really crowded, and sometimes the people there are eclectic, but their drinks are awesome, you can get awesome artisan cocktails or cheap beer and its all a really great atmosphere. Great place to take your guy just for a drink before or after dinner.
Solid Spot for a Night of Villainous Mischief!
Rochelle B. Nov 16, 2012
If you're looking for a change of pace from the Irish Pubs and fist-pumping Hollywood clubs, you may be surprised to find a breath of fresh air in heart of industry in Downtown LA. Tucked unassumingly between large factories and the LA River is Villain's Tavern, a wickedly delightful steam punk-style alehouse decorated with potion bottles and plenty of handlebar mustaches to satisfy any hipster patron. Unfortunately the cocktails are somewhat pricey, about $12 per mason jar, but it's worth it for the ambiance. There's a great selection of beers, running around $7 a pint, and the brews are swapped out on occasion to keep things fresh. If you're looking for a savory treat, try the grilled cheese with bacon marmalade; that's sure to satisfy any rumbles in the ol' belly. There are two bars where you can order libations and treats, one inside and another around the left just outside, beneath a striped circus canopy. The bonus of venturing outside at night is the live music you'll find, which is always upbeat and lively. Sing it with me now: Three cheers (and three stars) for this villain's paradise!
Weekdays=YAY! Weekends=BOOOOO!
Jayson M. Oct 18, 2012
Holy cockle-newtons this place gets busy on the weekends. That’s why I vastly prefer to come here midweek, although if they’ve happened to have booked a popular band, even a Monday can play host to a packed scene. How to describe this place…kinda steampunky, kinda old Western, kinda vintage pharmacy. Usually there’s someone is playing live music on the small courtyard stage outside. Inside the bar area is covered in old apothecary jars in the window sill with beautiful lights flickering behind them. Tall ceilings. Stairs lead up to a small seating area that’s often booked for private parties, I think. Grub is surprisingly good. Gourmet grilled cheese, house burger, "demon dogs," all of them go great with the craft beers, whiskies, and top bourbons on hand. Parking is always a breeze because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Don’t leave anything valuable in your car.
A Well Hidden Gem in Downtown LA
Samuel H. Oct 12, 2012
I had no idea what to expect when I first went to Villain's Tavern. I went to go see my roommate's friend from home perform there and it turned out to be totally amazing! Located in the middle of nowhere downtown, Villain's Tavern seems sketchy at first, but then you enter to realize it is a very cool place filled with friendly hipsters. It is definitely an interesting crowd, but if you are into live music VT is definitely a place worth checking out.
Awesome place in a skethcy hidden part of LA
Moe G. Oct 4, 2012
I went to this place once to go see a friends band play. At first when I was driving here I thought I was lost because it's in such an unpopulated and dark area but then you eventually see signs for the parking lot. Very cool atmoshpere inside, felt like I was at a bar in Harry Potter or something. It was during the week so it wasn't too crowded. Great selection of beer and awesome place to go if you want to listen to some live music.
Where a gypsy would go for a drink
Karl T. Oct 3, 2012
The first time I heard of Villains Tavern, I was regaled in story of when entering the bar the doorman saying, "Welcome, you're a Villain now." When I eventually visited the tavern myself, I encountered no such theatrics, but I did see how that type of behavior would be acceptable. The place has an atmosphere that has lead to a self-fulfilling reputation of stylish garb from days long since past. Expect to see many a vest and frilly dress. The beer selection is expansive, the best of which being the Allagash Curieux, a very fitting beer for a curious place.
Nifty place in an unpopulated area
Charlie V. Sep 18, 2012
Went to Villains to check it out with a friend when we began visiting local bars to check them out. I honestly expected some raunchy place as it's located in not a very populated area. As soon as we got in, I was surprised at the decor and ambience. It honestly looks like something out of the world of Harry Potter. And that is not a bad thing! They had live music playing, and we checked it out for a bit before we decided to just order another round of drinks and head upstairs to a small, yet secluded area overlooking part of the floor. The drinks were given to us in mason jars which reminded me of how beverages are served at Lucille's. The drinks were on the strong side, which I liked, BUT they were a bit overpriced. We went during the week, so it wasn't too crowded. There were a mix of people there that night, but the majority were hipsters. All in all I had a great time that night. I would go back to check it out once again, but would go during a weekend and see how it is then. When I pass by during the weekends, it looks packed. If you are around the area, stop by and check it out for yourself!
Good Directions Required
Victor H. Sep 5, 2012
The last time I went to Villains Tavern happened to be on a Halloween night. Everyone dressed up which made for great photo ops with Mr. Tee and Tinkerbell. They also had a performance act that featured gorgeous girls dressed up in a top hats, corsets, and undies doing some magic tricks and creeping people out by eating creepy crawlers and stapling....think Jackass with some very sexy girls. There's always some special event going on or a live band playing so find what's going on before you go. Halloween specifics aside the Villains Tavern has a theme and drinks that live up to its name but good luck getting one of those drinks since the bar is ridiculously crowded and you'll find yourself waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get a drink. That wait also doesn't come with a discount get ready to pay a pretty penny to get your drink on but a good tasting drink on nonetheless. There's a second floor but its smaller than studio apartment in Koreatown. There's also nothing to do up there unless you want to be by yourself and have a top view of everything that's going on downstairs. Going outside will lead to a much more breathable area with some tables for eating and a stage where there usually is a band playing for the young hip crowd that has ventured out to this hidden spot. This place is hidden enough that you'll probably pass it by the first time you try to find it (unless you trust your GPS 100%). Because of its hidden location though parking is plentiful on the many lonely streets around it. If you're able to find it and don't mind the waiting for a drink, the live music and hip young crowd will definitely have you enjoying yourself.
Downtown Gem
Paul F. Aug 31, 2012
Downtown neophytes beware - this place is in the middle of no-man's land and the first time you go looking for it, you'll inevitably question whether you're in the right place. When you do find it though you'll be struck by one of the coolest bars/live music venues the city has to offer. When you enter, you're faced with multi-colored glass bottled walls and a cocktail bar that looks like it was transported from an old Gothic church. If you don't like waiting for your drinks - don't go to this bar. There's also an upstairs area above the first bar, but that's a throwaway. Walk to the left and outside where the narrow patio ends at a raised stage where there's usually a quality blue grass, country, or indie rock back jamming away. The crowd of 20 somethings sway to the tunes and fill up their Mason jars at the much more convenient bar hugging the right-hand side. Great music, friendly crowd, good drinks, and in the middle of nowhere - I recommend to anyone looking for a unique live music experience that can't be found anywhere else in the city.
Make Me Feel Tough
Calvin A. Aug 20, 2012
Want to feel like an old-tyme tough, but don’t want to deal with the possible repercussions? Like possible jail-time or a busted chin? It’s usually best to go with design over clientele when feeling rough and rowdy, and sometimes a tastefully decorated theme bar can do the trick. But the key word there is tastefully. You don’t want to feel like you’re at Disneyland, but desire an ambiance that lends a tinge of outlaw and lend a little semblance to your inner fantasy. Perched smack dab in the middle-of-nowhere-feeling eastern edge of Downtown, arriving at Villains among the crowd of parked cars and walking up to its circus-tent facade makes you feel like you’re about to enter a rough and tumble, old-tyme drinking outpost filled with … villains. Reality sets in when you encounter a crowd mixed with young hipsters and well-dressed, local professionals, and all themes aside, you find a serious bar with clever cocktails and a pleasing assortment of drafts. The ruffled decor is nicely complemented by live bands beating out blues and folk numbers on the patio stage with gusto. Even better is not having to take your attention far from the stage once they’re in full swing thanks to the second bar catty-corner from the stage. By not taking itself too seriously, Villains creates a welcome vibe with just the right helping of rowdy, all the while upholding its place as one of the hippest destinations Downtown.
awesome atmosphere, great bartenders, and free parking everywhere!
Nikki L. Aug 7, 2012
So it's in a kind of empty part of town. But you'll want to stay there a while for the events they put on pretty much every night. Check out their site -- everything from live bands, to trivia nights, to day-drinking BBQs on Sundays. Factory district has it's perks, too. There's free, unrestricted parking ALL OVER THE PLACE, and the patio has adorable Christmas lights, so walking up to it really feels like finding a diamond in the rough. Decor and drinks are supposed to be "steampunk" themed, whatever that means. All I know is that the bartenders are excellent and the Tijuana Trick is my baby. There's also a beer+shot combo for $8, which is pretty cheap considering how good their beer selection is. Plus the FOOD is awesome! Sometimes there are guest chef menus (really not as pretentious as it sounds), but the bacon caramel corn off the regular menu is a MUST (if you're not vegan); and you're really going to want it after a few cocktails. It's a great bar if you plan on staying a while, and good for groups. There's a full bar, an outdoor stage, AND an upstairs lounge, so they've definitely got a place for you (and your drink). Downstairs is kind of speakeasy and gets a little crowded, so try to get a seat upstairs if you don't want to be stuck in the cold. (It's perfect for summer nights, though). the best way
Madeline R. Aug 3, 2012
This place is unreal; it is a magical barn that somehow appeared in the depths of the warehouse district. With live music nightly (often bluegrass), this is a reliable bar to go out to 7 days a week. It is busier on the weekends but for a more intimate yet entertaining night out try this place during the week. Their drinks are overpriced but they are served in chilled mason jars and have entertaining names. My favorite is the Inigo Montoya—any bar that names its spiciest cocktail after The Princess Bride is high in my book.
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