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The Wiltern Searching for concerts at The Wiltern in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for updates on The Wiltern & experience this famous concert venue for an amazing show! Los Angeles United States 34.061444 -118.30882
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The Wiltern - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO The historic Wiltern Theatre, located in Koreatown at the corner of Wilshire and Western (Wil-tern), was built in 1931 as a vaudeville theater. However, after going through a number of different owners, it has now become... ... read more

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X Japan @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles - Rusty Nail
X Japan @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles - Rusty Nail
beirut elephant gun live the wiltern los angeles may 31 2008
HIM live Funeral of Hearts @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles
Jarvis Cocker - Pilchard - at the Wiltern, Los Angeles July 27, 2009
Jonas Brothers 1/29 The Wiltern-LOVEBUG! PIT!
Editors - Like Treasure (The Wiltern,Los Angeles CA 2/11/10)

The Wiltern Information

The Wiltern - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

The historic Wiltern Theatre, located in Koreatown at the corner of Wilshire and Western (Wil-tern), was built in 1931 as a vaudeville theater. However, after going through a number of different owners, it has now become a renowned performing arts center.

Between its ground floor and balcony, the Wiltern has a capacity of around 1,850 people and remains one of the largest theaters in the city. It has been added to the National Register of Historic Places and officially declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument by the city.

Primarily a music venue, the theater has become known for booking acclaimed alternative/indie musical performers, but has also presented shows from a range of genres. Past concerts at the Wiltern Theatre include The Rolling Stones, Bon Iver, Florence & The Machine, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, Metallica, and Lady Antebellum.

The space is praised for its unique layout, in which concertgoers can supposedly hear the music perfectly, regardless of where they are standing.

Other events at the Wiltern Theatre include Broadway-level stage plays, comedy shows, and dance performances.

The Wiltern User Reviews

Average rating:
Old classic with an indie twist
Victoria H. Nov 25, 2013
The Wiltern Theatre is a historical venue overflowing with character that will bring you back to the “Old Hollywood” era of the 1930s. The Art Deco architecture and intricate, lavish details spanning across the walls and ceiling makes this eclectic venue so unique. Oversized monitors are not needed at this venue in order to catch a good glimpse of the performers. With a capacity of about 1,850 people, there’s not a bad seat in the house. A balcony overlooks the main level where people can really feel connected with the performers. The modest sized space lends itself to an intimate feel, making it one of the best places to see your favorite artists. Although various types of shows are held at the Wiltern, it’s most commonly used as a music venue, where some of the most renowned names in the industry have played. While you can catch a wide variety of artists of different genres, from country to top 40, indie and alternative groups are the most frequent here. The Wiltern has a four level parking garage right off Western Avenue that can offset the hassle of searching for street parking. There aren’t any restaurants inside the venue, so be sure to plan ahead and eat at one of the many options in the surrounding area.
Vintage Venue with Great Vibes!
victoria o. Apr 15, 2013
The first time I went to the Wiltern was to see Coheed and Cambria. This building has such a classy look to it that it makes it almost ironic to see these types of genres playing here. But it is what people love about The Wiltern.
A Great Venue with Fantastic Shows
Troy P. Mar 31, 2013
The Wiltern is not the biggest place for a rock concert, but you would never know it by the amazing atmosphere it has during its shows. I saw The Used play here a few weeks ago and the crowd started mosh pits crazier than I've seen in sports arenas. Standing room front and center is definitely the place to be if you want to go nuts. Milder mannered concert goers can always rock out in the back. If you plan on drinking you best save it for after the show because beer can be upwards of $14 a cup. Other than that, it's a cozy in yet stylish concert hall that knows how to attract big names in the alternative rock scene like Paramore and Fall Out Boy. The Wiltern is the perfect place to go for that classic rock show feeling without being obscenely overcrowded.
One of my Favorite Venues
Shawna W. Mar 25, 2013
The Wiltern is definitely one of the best concert venues in Los Angeles. While parking here is a nightmare (unless you’re lucky enough to find street parking) since any lot associated with the venue costs $20 and other lots aren’t guaranteed to be open after the show ends; the venue is easily accessible by Metro bus, which is the perfect option if you’re a student. The Wiltern tends to have a lot of larger name acts come through here such as Fall Out Boy, fun., and Ed Sheeran. The tickets are almost always entirely general admission, so if you line up early you’re most likely getting a front row view (standing only) at a discounted price. My favorite thing about this venue is that if you’re one of the first however many people inside, they’ll give you a wristband that allows you access to the front section directly in front of the stage. After you have a wristband, you can come and go as many times as you want. For example, heading to the bar downstairs while the opening act plays. I’d recommend that everyone go see more shows at the Wiltern.
Classy Venue With An Awesome View
kat l. Feb 19, 2013
The Wiltern and I go way back. I have been attending and photographing concerts here for years and I can safely say it's always a spectacular show! The acoustics in the venue alone with the large stage allow for an amazing visual and auditory performance, no matter what the genre of music the concert is. The audience has the choice of standing right next to the stage or on various platforms of different heights, so everyone can see the stage clearly. The staff is usually very friendly and the facilities are always clean. The only reason this venue got 3 instead of 4 stars is because the drinks are very pricey. $12 for a beer? No thank you!
Perfect Venue
Lauren B. Dec 3, 2012
The Wiltern is by far my favorite concert venue, I've been to at least four or five shows here and love every single one. I usually show up half an hour to an hour early for General Admission "seats" on the floor which is literally just an open room with different levels you can stand on. I've never been in the pit but I'm usually towards the front of the first or second level and still feel super close. I've also had seats in the back of the mezzanine and still totally enjoyed my time and view. The actual venue is gorgeous inside too. Usually it hosts indie/pop bands that can sell out the venue. Parkings also easy and convenient!
Cool Venue
Nicole J. Nov 19, 2012
The Wiltern is definitely a great venue in LA you have to visit at least once. I saw Colbie Calliat and Andy Grammer perform there last year and it was such a cool place for a concert. I was up in the nosebleeds, but I still felt close to the performance. The nature of the theatre lends itself to more relaxed environment than a bigger venue in that the acoustics make it feel like a smaller show in someone's house than something huge and over the top. It's located in a cool part of LA and the theatre is full of rich history as you can see by spending a little time exploring around it.
Crowded but not Claustrophobic
Chad F. Oct 24, 2012
I saw Garbage a few years ago and it was especially awesome because it was at the Wiltern. The Wiltern can get fairly crowded, but at the same time allows you some space so you don't feel claustrophobic. It's got that rock'y, coolish "been around for a long time" feel to it and the sound in the theater is pretty great. The only issue I have with the Wiltern is its location. It's right smack dab in the middle of a heavy traffic area and it's especially busy when there's a concert going on. Plan accordingly. However, it is close to Koreatown so you can always have some great Korean BBQ before or after the show.
Mixed Emotions
Ashlei B. Oct 22, 2012
I went ahead and gave The Wiltern 3 Stars (when I first wrote it, it was only at 2, so they should be glad the system erased my review), for benefit of the doubt. If you are visiting Los Angeles and heading out to The Wiltern, please account for traffic (especially on a week night), as it can get very busy trying to get through LA to get there - true with anywhere in LA. Also true with LA, if you are not very lucky, you will have to pay for parking. There is a lot directly behind the venue that is about $10-$15 to park. I recommend this, especially for younger females, as it is in close proximity to the venue and safe. When arriving to the venue, they wrap you around the building before doors open. It seems to be in a somewhat organized and practical manner. If you are there for a special event, have a special wristband, on a list, etc, be sure to ask someone if you are in the right line, as they do not seem good at directing for things like that, and people are quick to just jump into the long line (and I have seen people miss out on meet & greets not knowing better). The venue itself is nice. It's in a good location. It's spacious, great sound and lighting, and split with levels to allow more people to be able to see better, just don't be the smallest girl stuck behind the tallest guy. As someone below mentioned, if you get there early enough, you do have a chance to get a wristband to go into the pit area, depending on the show and availability, so if you really want that front experience, it may be worth considering. The reason for the loss of stars is the staff truly disappointed me. They were rude, and not helpful in the least bit. The box office is run by many young, part-time students that once they hand you your ticket, they do not want to see you any longer and definitely do not want to assist in any way. I was very disappointed on how I was treated, and I tend to go with the label reps or bands, so I can't even imagine how they were treating everyone else. Even staff from Live Nation Corporate were there last time I was and acknowledged how poor the service was. But as I said, I am being hopeful, as it was a year since I was last there, and I give a lot of credit to Live Nation so I hope they turned the customer service around. It is a decent venue, but I have had bad experiences, so as I mentioned, I gave it 3 stars with the benefit of the doubt. Note to photographers: When you enter the venue, you will be gathered with the other photographers in the entrance and not allowed to go anywhere until the first band begins. At that point, you will be escorted to the standing area behind the pit where you will be allowed to photograph 3 songs (sometimes only 2). Immediately following, you will be escorted back to the foyer. If you would like to see the rest of the band's set, you must check-in your camera, and check it out again before the next band plays. At NO time are you allowed in the main stage area with your camera if you are not escorted and during the designated song period. Also, there is not an actual photo pit - you are behind the standing pit, so at least 10 people back, so consider this when choosing which lenses to bring.
Get there EARLY !!!! You may Get lucky =^.^=
Jessica J. Oct 1, 2012
Arriving early to the Wiltern Theater, can really make a huge difference as to where you will be located once inside the venue. In many of the events, not all the first 100 people waiting in line outside get wrist bands that allow them into the pit area! This is a venue where waiting in line for a long time is very worth it in the end. Awesome venue! I have seen so many great artists here, Marilyn Manson, Lacuna Coil, Rob Zombie and Godsmack and Flogging Molly. Every single time I have gone to this venue it has been nothing but a wonderful experience.
Roomy, Relaxed, and Regal
Brian U. Sep 19, 2012
I've seen several shows here over the last 10 years, and it's been a very positive experience every time. The way they section off the standing room makes it very easy to relax -- if you make it to the pit, they give you a wristband so you don't have to worry about losing it to go to the bathroom or get a drink. I never feel like I'm being crushed, even if I'm up front for a rowdy band. I tried balcony once, and it was very nice. The decor and architecture are wonderful, very clean, parking is easy (mid-priced), and there's usually a pleasant lineup of buskers while you wait in line. Favorite venue in L.A., hands down.
Old School and Versatile
Jason M. Sep 13, 2012
There's very few old school theatres around the nation, even if there might be a few more than usual in the Los Angeles. Either way, it's great to see a concert in a majestic venue now and then, and The Wiltern qualifies with spades. An ornate interior that reminds you of the twenties (or at least what I've seen of the twenties in movies) with almost cavernous reverberation and acoustics, The Wiltern feels like it could pass for nostalgic or hipster. But, I think the answer is it can be both. Because The Wiltern has a little chameleon in it. I've been to concerts with traditional multilevel, almost operatic, seating with a 9 piece brass band on stage. And, I've been to concerts there with only a few seats in the back and people standing and nodding their head to the beat in the General Admission right by the stage. Both versions of the venue were equally fun, just make sure you know which one you're getting into. Oh, and if you don't want to pay for parking, several times, I've found a last minute street spot about 2-5 blocks north on Western.
Sophisticated and Exciting
Kristin C. Aug 19, 2012
Catching Sufjan Stevens at The Wiltern was one of the best concert experiences. The ability for The Wiltern to provide seating that gives you enough space to enjoy the concert in peace while still feeling as if you're in the middle of the crowd makes it a unique concert venue. It's historic decor provides a feeling of sophistication while the fact that I was able to move toward stage for the encore without hassle made it a fantastic night.
Up Close and Personal
Natalie M. Aug 16, 2012
I saw Two Door Cinema Club here last year and was astonished by and absolutely loved the Art Deco interior and gorgeous murals I saw when I walked in. The vast circular entrance area with its rich red carpet and high ceilings feels very grand, and I happened to have great seats up toward the front in the theater itself. I was even able to step out into the aisles and dance without getting yelled at, which is uncommon and was a ton of fun to do with all of my friends. I hope to go back again soon!
perfect concert space
Emily B. Aug 14, 2012
This is my favorite indoor space to see concerts in Los Angeles because it is intimate and stress-free. Every seat in the place has a good if not great view of the stage and the acoustics are terrific. The security and ushers are all friendly and it's easy to find the seat; you never need to worry about getting pushed around by a big crowd. There is a bar but it is usually PACKED between sets. I only recommend going there if you happen to get to the venue early and want to blow some time. I've heard a variety of different artists here but have particularly enjoyed the way the space accommodates the more acoustic sounds (like Bon Iver, iron and Wine, etc.).
One of my favorite concert venues!
Sridevi R. Aug 8, 2012
Love this place!! I've seen Broken Social Scene and Frank Ocean here- both of which were amazing. The venue is so small and intimate, that you can literally hear great acoustics from wherever you are standing or sitting. Try to buy your tickets early so you can get floor/general admission- it's awesome being inches away from whomever is performing!
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