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The Satellite Music lovers who want to see the next big thing will want to check out The Satellite, formerly indie music staple Spaceland, an intimate live music venue where acts like Foo Fighters, Beck, and Silversun Pickups played in their... Los Angeles United States 34.0893358 -118.2685524
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Party Earth Review Music lovers who want to see the next big thing will want to check out The Satellite, formerly indie music staple Spaceland, an intimate live music venue where acts like Foo Fighters, Beck, and Silversun Pickups played... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 8:30pm–2am, based on concert schedule

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Satellite Review

The Scene

Music lovers who want to see the next big thing will want to check out The Satellite, formerly indie music staple Spaceland, an intimate live music venue where acts like Foo Fighters, Beck, and Silversun Pickups played in their...

Music lovers who want to see the next big thing will want to check out The Satellite, formerly indie music staple Spaceland, an intimate live music venue where acts like Foo Fighters, Beck, and Silversun Pickups played in their early days.

A lobby papered with indie band posters and buttressed with copies of alt-weeklies and ‘zines gives testament to the roll call of artists that have passed through, and leads revelers into the main room and its low-lit bar.

Here, hipsters and music geeks gather to share their appreciation of the band over cheap PBR tallboys, while those who want to get closer to the action can stake out a place right in front of the stage where they can bob their heads to the beat as artists perform under the shimmer of the mirror ball and the blue and silver lamé draping the stage.

Patrons unimpressed by the band or in need of a break can hang out at the glass-enclosed bar in the elevated back room to play pool, lounge around on couches, or keep an eye on the show via the TV in the corner.

The party doesn’t end when the bands do, as DJs and well-known artists take over the club after the main act has finished, transforming The Satellite into an upbeat dance party.

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Tip from Jonah:

The backstage area is so cramped that most band members either hang out in the back of the club at the merchandise tables or right in front of the building. If your favorite band plays here, you might get the chance to meet them in person.

  • Crowd

    Music lovers, approachable and sociable hipsters, indie, punk, and creative types, and occasional celebs, 21 to 35.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music featuring mostly indie rock, punk, and alt-country artists. Free Monday night residency program showcases a different local act every month. Pool table. Jukebox.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge $0–$20. Beer $4–$7, mixed drinks $7+. Valet parking $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Hipster chic: jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and the occasional fedora for both guys and gals.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time a favorite band is on the schedule, or Mondays for the free residency show.

  • Close By

    Lamill Coffee Boutique (1636 Silver Lake Boulevard) is right next door and is a solid pre-show stop for a caffeine fix.

The Satellite User Reviews

Average rating:
Out of This World
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
Entering into the venue one night, I really didn't know what to expect. Although I love to try new things, I didn't really see the charm in this place; that is before I walked in. Once you are inside your eyes will draw slow past the darkness and straight to the back room to the satellites hanging from the ceiling. It's unusual, but the music seems to lift up the soul and make you want to dance. The new bands are awesome, and the parking isn't too bad if you look around; just cruising on over to this place is a nice respite from one's busy life. Even the drinks turn out to be really cheap, and not half bad, although they could probably serve better food.
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
Blake W. Jan 14, 2013
The Satellite gives truth to the expression "if ain't broke, don't fix it," better than any beloved institution I've counted among my favorite places. When the venue transitioned from being Spaceland a couple of years ago there was a collective feeling of anxiety among my fellow music heads and I. We couldn't imagine living on the East Side, let alone Los Angeles, without Spaceland. The fear of a void left in Spaceland's absence, or seeing it mutate into something insufferable was very real. After all, Spaceland was the place that provided the soundtrack I was weaned on in my early twenties; it also deserves credit for helping to initiate me into the part of Los Angeles where I would settle down for the next half decade. Only once I had returned to the venue under new ownership, and with trepidation in my heart-newly christened as The Satellite-were all my concerns put to rest. I found that all the things I loved about Spaceland (i.e. the music, the acoustics, the blue and silver curtains) were by and large well-preserved. I could still work my way to the front of the stage with relative ease, or take it easy in the back room and enjoy the music while hearing my conversations. Apparently The Satellite retained the same booker that worked for Spaceland. This has proven most crucial in guaranteeing the venue hasn't skipped a beat in transitioning from one owner to another. When you go to The Satellite you can really tell that the new ownership at 1717 Silver Lake Boulevard has a lot of love and respect for what Spaceland was. In a town like Los Angeles, not known for its preservation, The Satellite sets a great example for the rest of the city. Monday nights are FREE, there are great drink specials on booze, and the mission of the venue remains the same: to showcase the best indie rock music locally, and to feature artists making the most exciting music at any give time from out of town and abroad. If you're new to the East Side, or Los Angeles for that matter, or if you've been here for years and want to make a new discovery then make it out to The Satellite. You need this place to add to your authentic appreciation of one of the most influential cities in the world.
Pop this bar into your orbital path for a good night out.
Christian T. Jan 11, 2013
If you’re a sentient earthling wanting to enjoy a night out and listen to some great music, then make sure you orbit over to The Satellite in Silver Lake. Speaking of sentient, your senses are awakened as you enter by the tacky silver metallic curtain that decorates the main stage, giving the place that “Space Race” era feel to it. Renowned for giving any band a break, The Satellite have played mission control for acts such as the Foo Fighters, Foster The People, Beck and even some international bands like Biffy Clyro. Heck, they’ve even shot a Hanson music video there just last week (remember them?) Simply put, they let bands come in peace on their quest to intergalactic stardom. A small venue with a capacity of around three hundred, you’re guaranteed a good view of the action on stage, unless the LA Lakers are in attendance. There’s a wide main bar serviced by friendly barmen that like to crack as many jokes as they do beers, so you’ll always have a good chance of getting your order in. A second upstairs bar services any humanoids that want to take off their moonwalking boots and play a few games of pool or foosball. Apart from having acts play every week of the year, The Satellite mixes things up with themed party nights, drink specials, tribute shows (Dolly Parton is going down soon!) and a seasonal cocktail menu. I recently went there to watch Biffy Clyro and it was such a good experience. They’re an alternative band with a heavy feel, so I thought my wife and I would be moshed out in no time, but all the patrons were only there for the music and it was great to just leave sweaty and hoarse, with no incidents. The Satellite is definitely a bar to begin launch sequence for: check it out!
Fun Intimate Venue
Brett C. Dec 7, 2012
The Satellite is a fun place to see a show. It’s an intimate room (capacity under 300) with a stage that’s about 15 people across and wonderfully tacky metallic blue and silver curtains lining the performance space. The main bar is long and well stocked, though the view of the stage from the bar is limited, and there’s a back room with a second bar, pool and foosball tables, and screens showing the action on stage. The sound system (or their sound tech), however, isn’t so great. I saw Biffy Clyro here last night and found the sound to be overly bassy, which drowned out the vocals quite a bit. It wasn’t enough to ruin the experience, but it was definitely noticeable all the same. All in all, The Satellite is a really fun concert club, and they book a lot of quality acts; it’s definitely worth checking out next time one of their shows catches your eye.
Little Indie
Justin O. Dec 7, 2012
Two words that always grab my attention - 1.) Free 2.) $3 PBR I guess that's more than two words, depending on how you look at it, but who's counting? I guarantee it's not the musician in the bunch. They're usually the cats who dip out of math class, catch a ride & bolt from the school parking lot with a burning.....desire to seek refuge in the wonderful world of music. At the Satellite - you'll find just that - music. End of sentence. New paragraph. The inspiring two words came about as I began to frolic around this joint for Monday night residency. I've seen a ton of shows here - some bad, some good, some great and some were just plain awful, which keeps me pondering "how did your band get booked here?" Nonetheless, I can assure you Monday admission is free and my question will quickly drown in a $3 dollar beer as I get my mojo workin. It's all about the vibe & lay out - it's dark, a bit sinister at first, but then you feel compelled to kick back on the space like furniture and embrace the local Silverlake scene. It's almost like the Jetson's decided to stop by for a drink and decorate the place, but on acid. Some use the phrase hipster central, which is true in way, however I look at it as a group of music lovers who enjoy music. I guess that's why Silverlake and/or the Satellite have become such a hit due to it's music history and growing list of bands. The Satellite clearly has a musical atmosphere to it, but I'd have to say the reason I'm giving it a lower rating is because I tend to hear the same ole indie rock time and time again. What ever happened to the day of dangerous rock & roll bands? The earth shattering riff masters or intricate song writing capabilities? Yes, I know they exist and I'm know the Satellite will find them and put together a good gig, but I'm quite harsh on opinion when the bands consistently look and sound the same on any given night. I started with two cheesy words and I'll finish with two cool quotes. Rock bassist Duff McKagan (G&R, Velvet Revolver, Loaded) said it best "America isn't very rock & roll anymore." You can feel the spirit of music at the Satellite and see it through the eyes of it's followers, but there's a major lack in balls to the wall rock music. If that's what you're looking for then you should probably go elsewhere, but where? I felt like spanking Mitchell Frank (owner of Spaceland/Satellite) when he decided to change the name and open up a new joint that housed electronic/dance music. I wasn't shocked by his plan, it's clearly the trendy thing to do now a day - what's wrong with that? Bob Dylan hit the nail on the head saying "The times, they are a changin" which still rings true almost 50 years later. I'll just accept the fact that our music world is changing. Satellite, I'll always love you for your cheap beer and free Monday nights, but give me something that's naughty, not always indie nice.
New Music, Cheap Drinks, and Fun
Angelica A. Nov 13, 2012
The Satellite stands apart from other east side venues in its booking and because of added features of the space itself. The space usually hosts rising or local bands, but even when you've never heard of them it's a recurring feeling for me at least, to be pleasantly surprised time and time again. For the most part the Satellite draws a local crowd in a wide age range, but is a 21+ venue as far as I know. It's pretty well located, close to sunset blvd and the silverlake reservoir, and sits on silverlake blvd near the silverlake liquor store. Indoors there are 2 bars, which is pretty convenient when it's busy. The back bar sits in a glass enclosed upper level, so you can still see the show and even play pool. The stage is decorated with what now seems like an iconic metallic blue/silver backdrop, and it kind of lends the place a quirky low-fi atmosphere, but one that's endearing. I would recommend dropping in for the weekly monday night residencies to scope out great acts and get an early deal on drinks: $2 beer, $5 well drinks, and $6 cocktails.
Silverlake's Dirty Little Secret
Tess E. Oct 16, 2012
Despite an abrupt change of name, The Satellite, the venue formerly known as Spaceland, has retained its boyish charm. When entering The Satellite, you are overcome by the feeling that you are undoubtedly about to glimpse the proverbial “next big thing.” Cosmic light shows illuminate the profiles of ethereal twenty-somethings swaying to the sounds of bands toeing the precipice of fame and hailing from cities like Brooklyn, Austin, and neighboring Echo Park. Unsurprisingly, executives from many of Los Angeles’s top-tier record labels frequent The Satellite like a veritable mine of talent. Should you need to quench your thirst, meander to the venue’s unintimidating bar in search of a cocktail. The Satellite’s bar area is sectioned off from its stage and main floor and features several tables and couches conducive to relaxation. Don’t be surprised when the hunky lead singer from the band that just finished its set sexily settles in for a post-show beer beside you. Yes, it’s really him. Ginsberg’s angel-headed hipsters have grown up – if only slightly – and they’ve made The Satellite their meeting place.
Great Place For An Intimate Show
Brian H. Sep 17, 2012
My first visit to The Satellite was to see and indie band (Danieleson) I was not only sure none of my other friends had heard of before, but I wasn’t even sure that they toured outside of their home state, somewhere out East. A random Google search later and not only are they touring, they’re playing at this great little venue. It’s small but not cramped, the crowd was filled with people who were just as excited to be there as I was, and my brother and I enjoyed a couple of Pabsts, which I normally don’t drink but, when in Rome… If you’re looking for a chill place to check out musical hidden gems, The Satellite is an easy-going, fun night out.
Indie dive as it should be
Chris M. Sep 13, 2012
The Satellite built quite a reputation in certain circles as Spaceland and that tradition continues unchanged with the new name. The folks there continue to bring in great unknown bands and local opening acts that make it worth showing up on time for whatever show it is. The stage is barely elevated above the floor and as you face the stage the bar is to your right and easily accessible if you need to refill during the performance. There are few tall stools along one wall (sometimes) and a few more in the bar area and then a completely separate room in the back with a pool table. Drinks are not as cheap as you might hope, but not unreasonable - though beer is better priced than mixed drinks. Valet parking is $5 so just do that, I searched for street parking the first time and it was a big hassle. I saw Chicago indie-folk musician Joe Pug here twice. The first was a Halloween night when every other bar had a theme party and it was a small but enthusiastic crowd. Towards the end, Joe just unplugged, got off the stage, and sang to us. After the show he, like many other artists the perform at The Satellite, was at the merch table but really open to just chatting with fans. My fiancee and I asked him to play at our wedding and he graciously declined. Last time I saw Monsters Calling Home and Bailiff open for Joe Pug. Bailiff is another Chicago band with some hard-pounding rhythms but could use some work on their stage presence to become a great act. Monsters Calling Home was a local band I'd never heard of, kind of like the Head and the Heart if they were Asian and a lot of fun. Hoping to hear more from them. Overall, The Satellite is a great spot to check out unknown bands and many that play there go on to bigger things. They often have bands do a residency for 4 Monday nights in a row and more than once this has exploded for a band with the final show selling out and catapulting them to indie fame.
Where to See Your New Favorite Band
Daniel B. Aug 23, 2012
The Satellite is a refuge for rising indie artists. While most LA bars and clubs are riding the EDM wave for all it's worth, The Satellite rolls out a consistent line-up of eclectic indie rock bands. Recent acts include Terraplane Sun and NO, which was just listed as one of Time Magazine's 11 Great Bands You Don't Know. If you like discovering new music it's the perfect place to grab a cheap beer, $2 pack of cigarettes, and hear the next big thing before the rest of the world does. Mingle with the bands, play some pool, and in between sets, be sure to step outside to sample the gourmet food trucks that specialize in everything from tacos to lobster.
Former Spaceland Still Delivers
Paul F. Aug 14, 2012
A cool intimate space in Silver Lake, the Satellite is a solid live music venue if you're looking for unknown and up and coming indie and alternative music.Obviously the crowds here are as far from mainstream as a crowd can get and the music mirrors those sentiments. The Satellite used to be called Spaceland, though not much changed with the change in name. You can still play pool if the music becomes a drag, and the back room gives you a chance to talk during intermissions. I'd recommend the Satellite for anyone who likes the indie scene - the music however can be hit or miss depending on 'how' up and coming the bands of the night really are.
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