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The Roxy Theatre - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Roxy Theatre is a famous nightclub and live music venue located on the Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood. Opened in 1973 with a concert by Neil Young, the Roxy has become one of the most influential music venues, with... ... read more

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Aug 22nd 2011 Roxy Theatre
Red Hot Chili Peppers Aug 22nd 2011 Roxy Theatre
Avril at The Roxy Theatre - Nobody's Home
Frank Zappa at The Roxy Theatre - 1973 Video concert
Everclear - "Santa Monica" - Live at The Roxy Theatre
Jessie J - Domino - The Roxy Theatre - Los Angeles
Avril Lavigne - The Roxy Theatre 2007 - Complicated

The Roxy Theatre Information

The Roxy Theatre - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

The Roxy Theatre is a famous nightclub and live music venue located on the Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood. Opened in 1973 with a concert by Neil Young, the Roxy has become one of the most influential music venues, with a rich history of legendary performers including Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Bob Marley, and Pearl Jam.

More recent concerts at the Roxy include Young the Giant, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Odd Future, Talib Kweli, the Wanted, and Shwayze. With a 450-person capacity, the venue also features stage productions, comedy shows, and performance art.

Right above the theater is the Roxy’s own bar, On The Rox. It regularly hosts private DJ nights and after-parties following the shows downstairs.

The Roxy Theatre User Reviews

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Intimate rock'n'roll night!
Leonardo P. Jul 14, 2013
I've been at the Roxy Theatre for the concert of " The Thirstbusters", a cool group from L.A. that does very pleasant music! The night was awesome, the stage in right in the middle of the theatre that, given its "not exaggerated" size, embraces you and your friends in a very intimate hug and allow you to enjoy your music in first person! Drinks are good and not very expensive! If you like small theatres that gives " rising" groups the chance to perform infront of an audience, you'll like this place!
From Big Name Bands to Local Headliners
david p. Mar 27, 2013
If you want to step foot in one of the legendary venues the Sunset Strip has to offer then you are going to the right place. The Roxy has housed countless world famous bands local bands the like. This relatively small venue offers an up close look at your favorite performing giving you a more intimate feel. With mostly standing room only there isn't a bad spot in the house to catch all the action that is going on. They offer bar service to make your night more interesting and you get that iconic sunset strip vibe that can't be found in any other venue along the strip. If you're looking to catch a big name band or your local headliners The Roxy is the perfect place to do so.
Small and Historic
Shawna W. Mar 26, 2013
The Roxy is definitely one of the more legendary venues along Sunset Strip. It’s unique in that it’s small in size, yet still books really talented acts. The venue itself is pretty small, with most of the space being open; just the stage located in one corner and booths along an opposing wall, and a bar along the other. I think the Roxy holds a lot more all ages shows than other historic venues on the Strip, but they do make those under 21 purchase a drink ticket for about $3 that they can then redeem for a soda inside. This is a great venue if you're looking for a smaller, more intimate show.
The Roxy's a right of passage for bands, bad boys & girls, and boulevardiers
Thom S. Mar 2, 2013
Arguably, The Roxy has been the leader of the pack of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip cluster of live-music clubs for decades now. Located on Sunset between La Cienega and Doheny since the early 1970s, The Roxy is a hard-driving hipster haven because of its tightly populated marquee of both up-and-comers as well as of-the-moment rock, rap, indie and occasional R&B acts. Although the science of crowd control at The Roxy has reached new heights of…well…control, the venue manages to retain an enjoyably intimate, close-up-and-personal vibe. Suffice it to say, The Roxy has been and is still home to some serious parties and always welcomes hard partiers. Besides, it’s hard to begrudge management for finding ways to keep age-diverse crowds (i.e., drinking and non-drinking ages) safe and entertained in such relatively tight quarters. Of course, part of the experience of going to a show at The Roxy is stepping into legendary rock-n-roll fame and lore. The worlds of rock, punk, new wave, metal, alternative and indie music have all been shaped by early appearances here by acts including The Ramones, Genesis and a punk band called X in the 1970s – not to mention Red Hot Chili Peppers and System Of A Down, plus many others in the 1980s and 1990s. The Roxy’s tradition of presenting audiences with great new talent and helping to launch careers continues today with its booking of artists and bands ranging from The Glorious Veins and Bombay Show Pig, to DJ Dayle Gloria and Beatles tribute band, Britain’s Finest. Don’t forget to check out On The Rox. It’s the after hours club within the club that boasts its own sound system and a wall-of-fame that treks across the decades via photos of famous patrons and artists who have graced the joint with their presences through the years, just as you’ll be doing when you go. Fair warning: On The Rox requires an invite or a rental agreement. Fortunately, The Roxie itself only requires a ticket or inclusion on a guest list. Ticket prices are average for the region – anywhere from free to $25-65, depending on the night and the lineup. Mondays are free.
One of the most solid L.A./Hollywood venues around.
Adrian G. Feb 19, 2013
From a music fan's perspective, the Roxy is one of the best venues in the Los Angeles/Hollywood scene. It's pretty small, (capacity is a few hundred), has a nice, stacked bar, and hosts acts from all across the music world. What's more, a lot of key acts pick the Roxy to play for special gigs (the Foo Fighters did a club show there back in 2011, and bands like Weezer and Fall Out Boy have played there as well in recent years). Since it's in Hollywood and features a prominent VIP section, celebrities can tend to show up every now and then - and sometimes, industry parties are held there as well. Some of last weekend's Grammy Awards events used the Roxy, and Judd Apatow's "This is 40" had its soundtrack release party/gig there recently too. The sound quality is also pretty good - for the most part, bands aren't too loud or muffled, and the large stage allows for a lot of sight lines, even if you find yourself obstructed by tall people. The only drawbacks to the Roxy from a concertgoer's perspective would be the confined space of a sold-out gig (when it's hard to be comfortable while packed into the main floor area) and the tiny restrooms. Other than that, though, the Roxy is arguably one of the finest venues the Sunset Strip has to offer.
Fun and Intimate Venue
Lauren G. Jan 3, 2013
The Roxy Theatre is one of the more intimate concert venues in LA, and it's a highlight of the Sunset Strip. It's small, dimly lit, and there's almost no furniture, making it easy to get lost inside a mosh pit for more rowdy concerts. Nonetheless, it gives concerts here a communal experience since you can easily see everyone in the room. I went to the album release party for Al Jardine of The Beach Boys here, and it had a relaxed, familial atmosphere. Since this is a concert venue, the crowd always depends on who's performing.
Rock' N Roxy
Boris V. Nov 30, 2012
AMAZING Night I had at Roxy yesterday, the atmosphere was electric and fun. The indie rock bands that came on I never heard of before but I loved it. It is such a historic place to be at, when your watching the performance you feel this energy fill the air, this presence of history and the love of music. It makes you feel like you are actually standing face to face with the classical start of Rock and Roll music. Each picture on the wall, each structure represents the venues long serge in brilliance and truth. If one wants to feel at home and yet go wild this place will totally do it for you. Its in the heart of the Sunset Strip which is close by to everything. If one ever wants to play there, its the spot to see what you got. If the people love you then its a great indicator that you have made the right steps. I can't wait to go there again. Everyday is a new adventure that persists the musical body, it demands good souls to attend.
Great Venue
Sarah B. Nov 29, 2012
I have only been once to see my friends perform. It is a great venue for a concert and they feature a great line-up of bands. The Roxy's legacy still rocks!
Small and fun
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
I have been to the Roxy a few times to see my friends bands perform. It is made for all different types of bands and performers. However most of them havent made it big yet. I wouldnt choose to go here on a typical night. I would only come to the Roxy when I know of a specific band that is performing. The vibe is very cool, very hollywood and the stage is the prominent feature. Their drinks are okay but that is not why you go there. Overall, if you are visiting you should definitely find the time to see a band perform there.
Great venue
Julie T. Nov 19, 2012
I've so far only gone once- the Roxy was hosting a fundraiser for UCLA's Pediatric AIDS Coalition and several amazing bands played including a new favorite of mine, the Material. I was sadly younger than 21 at the time so I couldn't check out the upstairs VIP area, but the cozy club overall is really nice with vip booths to the side, and a good sized dance floor. The sound, lighting and ambiance was terrific, I got some really cool photos while there since I was photographing for my club. I really want to return to the Roxy for more concerts, and considering it's history, I really respect the venue.
The Roxy And Rock N' Roll Legacy
Trevor L. Nov 7, 2012
Whether you are a regular attendee or visiting for the first time, it is impossible to walk into The Roxy Theatre without immediately feeling the musical history of the venue. Since their doors first opened in 1973, the intimate stage has hosted a myriad of legendary acts, covering all reaches of rock music and beyond. Neil Young and Frank Zappa were among the first musicians to make some noise there, and other performers, such as Paul Reubens and Phil Hartman, laid their comedy career roots at the venue. Owner Lou Adler was particularly instrumental in bringing The Rocky Horror Show to The Roxy for the stage play’s American debut, a year before the infamous feature film was made. With such a vast and storied legacy, it is quite impressive how The Roxy has managed to maintain its reputation as a classic and integral piece of the Sunset Strip. As the surrounding streets of West Hollywood continue to embrace current trends, The Roxy has remained a staple for those of us just looking for quality entertainment at a reasonable price. On a night when a collection of underground and punk bands share the stage performing short sets, tickets can be as low as $10 per person for the entire evening. Not only does the small venue make for an intimate setting, but you are also in for a hard-hitting concert like no other with the theater’s impressively loud acoustics. To top it all off, the service at The Roxy will not disappoint. If you find yourself needing another drink but don’t want to miss a moment of the show, you need only turn around to find the immediate bar at the back of the room, prepped to serve anything from an array of beers to an impressive assortment of cocktails. If you’re more in the mood for a party rather than a concert, head upstairs to the On The Rox club, where some of Hollywood’s most legendary parties have taken place. While enjoying drinks and the groovy tunes of the in-house DJ’s, visitors are also treated to an extensive display of artist performance photographs, which only helps to validate The Roxy’s place in Hollywood history. Other similar venues such as the Whisky A Go Go and the Troubadour are certainly deserving of their legacies, but none of them have stuck to their roots quite like The Roxy Theatre has. Because at the Roxy, they truly understand the importance of simplicity: good times, good drinks, and above all, good ol’ rock n’ roll.
What You See is What You Get, Piece of Sunset Strip History
Brieanna D. Nov 2, 2012
The Scene WEST HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES If you were to throw into a blender fishnets, leather, Jack Daniels, 80’s glam, heavy metal, and big hair you get the Roxy Theatre. Built in 1916, the structure amusingly once housed a strip club called The Largo. Today, in a city where the only true currency is longevity, The Roxy has its pockets full since its opening in 1973. The venue is known for its legendary past performances such as Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osborne, Billy Idol, Bob Marley, Cheech and Chong, and even Pee Wee Herman. Whether you’re goth, punk, hipster, rocker, hip hopper, or you’re not quite sure what you are, The Roxy brings in all kinds of acts and people together. Recent bands include Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Odd Future, Fitz and the Tantrums, Saint Motel, and The Wanted. The venue is a family owned business and on some nights you will find the owner standing out front mingling with security. The atmosphere in short is dark, loud, casual, intimate, and grungy. The regular aroma is the pungent smell of cigarettes and whiskey. The music venue holds maximum capacity of 450 and is an all age’s venue. It has a full bar, VIP section that has seating, and a main floor standing only section that is directly in front of the stage. On The Rox is The Roxy’s upstairs 21 and over, full-service bar and lounge. There is also a small stage where local talent usually plays. The Roxy isn’t a place trying to be what its not, it is what it is, and what you see is what you get. Crowd Depending on what band is playing, age group varies from mid-teens to 50’s. Celebrities, scenesters, hip insiders, industry people, rockers. Hot Nights / When to Go It’s not the type of place that you can just drop in on any given night on a whim, but if you check out their online calendar, it’s more than likely you’ll recognize a band that you want to see ( ). Food / Miscellaneous There is the standard chicken fingers, pizza, chips and salsa and fries but they are always updating their menu with deep-fried options such as sweet potato bites, mac n’ cheese bites, and even cheese jalapeño bites. You just have to flag down one of the waitresses that walk around in “Roxy” tank tops. There is a men’s and women’s restroom but are on the smaller side so the line can get long on some nights; stand true to the rocker theme they have going at the venue: dirty and unkempt so be prepared. Close By To the left of the venue is The Rainbow Bar & Grill which is a restaurant and bar, also a place of character and rock n’ roll culture on its own, plus great for people watching. Prices Ticket prices range from $15-50 FYI, if you’re under 21, even though you purchase a ticket to the show, there is an additional small “drink ticket” fee at the door. Dress As far as attire, almost anything goes (even wearing almost nothing), the door guys will bust you though for wearing flip-flops or sandals. Parking The Rainbow and The Roxy share valet parking which often fills up pretty quickly but there is a parking structure across the street in the 900 building and if you’re facing the venue, there is an underground parking structure in the building next door to the right. The lot next door seems to always be a one or two bucks cheaper, SAFER, and the parking tenants are friendlier. The price usually ranges between $7-15 depending on how high the demand is.
The Underground and the Famous
Aly O. Aug 27, 2012
Known for its past performances by big names like Neil Young, Miles Davis, Nirvana, David Bowie, and Avril Lavigne, the Roxy is also a great place to stumble upon young singers and unsigned talent. Between very little space between the crowd and the stage, a good view from everywhere in the room, and amazing acoustics, you can get to know the band up close and personally. Different nights boast acts of all types of alternative, rock, punk, indie, pop, folk, and metal genres while the On The Rox bar above the main theatre has late night DJ’s—added to a fairly vast and strong drink menu (sorry complicated cocktail drinkers, you may not be in love here), this diversity brings in everyone from the goths to the hipsters to the preppy. There tends to be something for everyone, which is why some locals chose to make it a nightly spot. When you leave at the end of the night, don’t forget to walk past the alley to the right of the venue—the band sometimes hangs out there, and if you’re lucky (and not too imposing as far as group size) you might just be invited back to meet them.
Its like going to Graceland
Sandy S. Aug 23, 2012
This is a fantastic music venue irrespective of the fact that it is one of the most famous music venues to have given shape to the music scene in Los Angeles. I have seen a couple of indie bands perform at the Roxy and it was definitely a pretty good experience. One of the best things is that irrespective of where you stand, you will have a complete view of the stage so you don't have to strain yourself too hard to catch a view. The bar is pretty huge and you will not have any trouble getting the attention of a bartender to buy your drink. The vibe and the crowd at the Roxy totally make it a worthwhile place to visit in case the legendary status of the venue does not awe you already. All in all its a venue that you have to visit if you ever get a chance as I surely can't wait to get back there!
A Venue with History
Raewyn S. Aug 16, 2012
Of all of the historical music venues in Hollywood - from the Whiskey a Go Go and discovery of Jim Morrisson to the untimely death of River Phoenix outside of The Viper Room, the Roxy Theatre has always been my favorite. It may be because it was the first Hollywood venue I went to or it's proximity to the Rainbow Bar and Grill where celebrities like Marilyn Monroe frequented. Either way, the Roxy is an awesome venue. I have seen smaller bands perform there and I have seen bigger bands perform in an intimate setting and loved each one. As an all ages venue, there is the stigma that the younger kids could bring down the morale, but I've never seen it stop the raw rock n' roll that is The Roxy. Those over 21 have free reign to enter and leave the venue while the younger crowd has a "no ins or outs" policy and must purchase drink tickets. The drinks are standard but I've never really witnessed any out of hand partying, which is part of the allure of the Roxy. As a patron, you can tell some people go there every night as their hang out, while others come to see specific bands. Everyone is there for the music though and once the bands start playing all eyes are on the stage. The acoustics are great. You can still hear the music in the small bathrooms and from the front lounge area. If you stick around long enough after the bands leave, there's usually some sort of midnight show. My favorite are the drag queens. They also do some free concerts, usually on Mondays.
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