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The Mayan Theater Looking for concerts & shows at The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, and more for this famous theater and music spot! Los Angeles United States 34.040729 -118.259068
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The Mayan Theater - Concert Venue | Theater in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Mayan Theater, situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, is a nightclub and music venue with a rich history. Opened in 1927 as a Mayan revival theater, it was sculptor Francisco Cornejo’s most famous work. After... ... read more

The Mayan Theater Videos

Justice - DVNO Live @ The Mayan Los Angeles
Justice - DVNO Live @ The Mayan Los Angeles
Club Mayan Los Angeles
DJ Saturn @ Club Mayan Los Angeles
Gogol Bordello - East Infection (The Mayan, Los Angeles 10/25/2007)
John Digweed pt6 - The Mayan Los Angeles Aug 3, 2011
Pendulum - "Girl In The Fire" Live @ The Mayan Los Angeles
Lloraras - Oscar de Leon at The Mayan in Los Angeles, CA
kazell-The Mayan Los Angeles Aug 3, 2011
DJ Saturn @ The Mayan Los Angeles 03/05/2010

The Mayan Theater Information

The Mayan Theater - Concert Venue | Theater in Los Angeles.

The Mayan Theater, situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, is a nightclub and music venue with a rich history. Opened in 1927 as a Mayan revival theater, it was sculptor Francisco Cornejo’s most famous work.

After heavy renovation, the Mayan reopened in 1990 with a stage, dance floor, and state-of-the-art sound equipment. Much of its lavish interior design is still intact, with a chandelier based on the Aztec calendar stone in the auditorium and a curtain displaying images of Mayan jungles and temples.

It is currently designated a Historic Cultural Monument by the city of Los Angeles.

Events at the Mayan include music concerts, live theater performances, dance competitions, and wrestling matches. Past concerts at the Mayan have included Duran Duran, Silversun Pickups, Bloc Party, and Sting.

The Mayan Theater User Reviews

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A gem of a venue
Rebeca D. Jan 8, 2013 Downtown LA is known for having great food, sports, music and well…pretty much everything. Located in the heart of downtown, The Mayan is a gem of a concert venue. True to its name, the outside is structured like a Mayan temple; on the inside giant intricate pillars surround the stage from floor to ceiling! For those who like to be up close and personal to their favorite bands, The Mayan is amazing. The acoustics are great and the vibe is awesome. There is a moderately sized GA area (bigger than HoB, to give some perspective) and a bar area behind it, separated by steps and a railing, as well as an upstairs area. Also, the headache of figuring out parking in Downtown is eliminated, as there are cheap and ample parking lots next to and across the street from the venue. So all you have to do is show up and rock out!
Mayan Madness
ed t. Jan 3, 2013
Sure, you can find better digs at the Staples Center, but where else in Los Angeles can you dance under a GINORMOUS, Mexican chandelier/calendar that looks like the mother ship from the sci-fi flick, District 9. The Mayans didn't build it, but this venue has been around since 1927 - first as a theater, then as a cinema, a burlesque house and even a porn theater before getting its most recent facelift. The Mayan is a cool place to catch a live show with a date or go clubbing with friends. The bar upstairs has the best views and the one hidden on the mezzanine has the shortest lines. You can also find free parking on the street behind the theater on S. Broadway if you don't mind walking a block.
Sure...why not!
Jessica G. Oct 5, 2012
I've only been here once, it wasn't too bad. Not the usual crowd I'm used to but still an interesting experience. From what I explored...they have two dance floors. Upstairs which is where they play all their salsa and spanish music. It was pretty cool to see all those "professional" salsa dancers get down. It's like watching that guy on TV paint those trees and flowers, I just couldn't look away haha. Made me want to get up and dance...if I only could bust those fancy moves. Downstairs is where they played their hip hop, felt like I was in a basement party (don't ask) kinda creepy but still some ppl dancing. Of course the upstairs dance floor was fuller, you don't go to the Mayan to dance hip hop. I would give this place another shot, but only when I freshen up my salsa moves,
Fun Salsa Club
Sandra L. Oct 4, 2012
Went there for a friends birthday, had a lot of fun! There is a hip hop room downstairs it's kinda on the small side. If you are claustrophobic you should not go down there! The main dance floor is huge, it's a lot of fun to see the other people dance salsa. I liked the fact that there are all age groups there. They have a variety of music, on Saturdays they have a big orchestra playing live salsa music. The drinks are not very expensive typical club prices. I would definitely go back there.
Do it!
Stacy F. Oct 2, 2012
Love this venue! I saw Jack White here during the beginning of his Blunderbuss tour. (He was amazing!) Most of it is general admission/standing room only with the exception of the upstairs which has actual seats. But it's an old, fairly historic LA venue that doubles as a club most nights. It's gorgeous, ornate, and has a real history to it. It's not tiny but still pretty intimate. You feel very close to the performers on stage and the acoustics were fantastic. Highly recommend for a concert! (You'll have to ask someone younger about the "club" part of it.)
My favorite Latin Club in L.A
Sandra H. Sep 27, 2012
I love this club since the first time I visited. Anyone that loves to dance to salsa, bachata, cumbias on Saturday this is the spot to be. The club has Saturday Latin Night with a big orchestra playing life. They have a DJ who plays todays music. Great for group events and birthdays. They only thing I dont like its they dont offer bottle service but overall its great! It has 3 floors. The main floor with the latin music, top floor palying rock en espano and bottom floor playin hip-hop. The club also has a smoking area and its definetely clean. Dress code its enforeced. By the way, front main bar there is this skinny white male bartender that does a drink invented by him called "Forbidden City" MUST try!! Bottom line this its the spot to be to go watch professional dancers do their thing in salsa and bachata. Main age group above 25. I heard they also offer salsa classes. On Fridays its all about todays music with Gogo dancers. My favorite Latin Club!
Nikki L. Sep 7, 2012
The Mayan is fantastic. It's similar in layout to the Music Box at the Fonda, if you've been there, but seems bigger to me. (Even the acts that play there seem bigger.) The decor is, naturally, Mayan, and it's really ornate and well lit for pre-show. The lighting and sound throughout are top notch. And the whole theme of the place isn't really conducive to the aesthetics of any band I know, which kind of makes it the aesthetic of EVERY band I know. Nobody seems any more out of place playing here than anyone else, if you've noticed that at another venue. A con for me would be the bartenders. It very well may be that it was just the one, but she was snappy and didn't even pour an exceptional beverage. If you're going to have an attitude about something, you ought to try to do it better than the nice guys. The bar is in the front part of the venue, which also has a balcony. There's a little outdoor smoking patio off to the side, too. I'd try to stand on the rail up top, or the one just inside the venue, if I wanted a good view. Otherwise, the standing room isn't as deep as other venues I've seen, so it wouldn't be that difficult to get across. The very best part may be the giant disco ball that's hanging above the back of the stage that bands can use as part of their shows. It's literally almost as wide as the stage, and it's SHINY. I saw Frightened Rabbit there a while back, and this thing came down during their last song and encore, and it made it super epic.
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