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The Hollywood Palladium Looking for concerts at The Hollywood Palladium in LA? Check out Party Earth for The Palladium's schedule & experience this classic concert venue for yourself! Los Angeles United States 34.098106 -118.324159
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The Hollywood Palladium - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO Located on Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood Palladium is a live concert and event space. Upon its opening in 1940, the Palladium was used as a ballroom for gala events hosted by famous names in the entertainment... ... read more

The Hollywood Palladium Videos

Deadmau5: Hollywood Palladium [HD] [Part 1]
Deadmau5: Hollywood Palladium [HD] [Part 1]
Paramore Decode Live @ Hollywood Palladium 111109
Jay-Z w/ T.I. live @ the hollywood palladium 10/15/08 "swagger like us"
David Guetta - 'Gettin' Over feat. Chris Willis, Fergie, LMFAO' @ Hollywood Palladium
Kaskade @ The Hollywood Palladium 2010
Arctic Monkeys - My propeller @ Hollywood Palladium / Last Call with Carson Daly

The Hollywood Palladium Information

The Hollywood Palladium - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

Located on Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood Palladium is a live concert and event space.

Upon its opening in 1940, the Palladium was used as a ballroom for gala events hosted by famous names in the entertainment industry. Today shows at the Hollywood Palladium include performances booked by Live Nation ranging from Stevie Wonder to Bon Jovi to Jay-Z.

Various movies, televisions shows, and even video games have featured the Hollywood Palladium, and a number of televised award shows such as the Grammy and Emmy Awards have taken place in the venue.

Special features of the Palladium include its dance floor and catering by Wolfgang Puck, making it an ideal venue for private events and receptions.

The theater has also been used for political affairs, most notably for a Democratic Party dinner during which President John F. Kennedy spoke, and an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

The Hollywood Palladium User Reviews

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Classy Venue
Clare H. Sep 9, 2013
The Hollywood palladium has reason to be one of the most famous clubs in LA. Set in the middle of Sunset strip, the Hollywood Palladium is right in the middle of bustling Hollywood. When you walk into the club there is a bar against the wall, and to your left is the main room of the club. This main room has a huge dance floor, which is big enough to hold hundreds of people but small enough that there is always a good view of the main stage. The club also holds a sizable outside section where people can smoke or chill whenever they need a break from being inside. Lastly the bathrooms are very spacious, clean, and modern. I really enjoy the Hollywood Palladium because it is a popular venue that attracts any crowd. The two shows I saw at the Palladium were Porter Robinson (EDM) and Wilco (Alternative Rock), which are two very distinct music genres. Although I had totally different experiences at both concerts, I enjoyed the Palladium’s ability to be versatile for its performers.
Big Venue, Intimate Experience!
Heather P. Aug 20, 2013
Albeit I've only been to the Hollywood Palladium once, it was a truly unforgettable experience. The sound is amazing, and there is a surprising amount of room, and the layout provides a great view of the performer(s) form pretty much anywhere in the house. The venue is clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I opted to watch most of my concert from the balcony area, and it was amazing, I could clearly see the band and hear the music great and it was conveniently located to the outdoor balcony smoking area. Parking is fairly painless which is always a nice plus in the middle of Hollywood.However, if you do go to an event at the Palladium, bring plenty of money for drinks and merch, and (most importantly) wear comfortable shoes! There is rarely ever an opportunity to sit down at the Palladium so be prepared to stand for a few hours in line and at the event. Also, I seriously recommend that you get to the lines early to make sure you have a chance to grab a drink and make sure you get a chance to get as close to the stage as possible. I loved how intimate the Palladium felt while still accommodating so many people and providing great sound and a unbeatable experience.
The best venue Los Angeles can offer!
Angela K. Aug 9, 2013
This is by far the best venue I've been too. What makes it 4 stars? Even with a sold out show, there is room to breathe and walk around. Some venues with sold out shows can result to shoulder to shoulder traffic, with absolutely no room to dance. This place offers two floors of viewing with a outdoor balcony smoking area. They have actual restrooms and not portal potties! For ladies this is very important, they keep their restrooms clean with an area for make-up and hair touch-ups. They have ventilated air conditioning and and well lit stairwells. Unlike other venues, this stage is elevated. I'm 5'3'' and I never have a problem spotting the performer. They also have a well-organized staff that contributes to the short and fast-moving lines. Overall, this is the place to see the performer you've been dying to see!
Imagine Dragons Amazingness
Adriene B. Jun 5, 2013
I went to the Hollywood Palladium for the first time to watch Imagine Dragons perform. I must say it was actually pretty amazing! While waiting in line, my friends and I decided to stop by Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles (also a first for me), so the location is in a perfect spot near many delicious restaurants. Also, the Palladium in general is beautiful. My only complaint is for the floor to flat all the way around because I was standing n the crowd next to something protruding out of the floor. If the crowd was more crazy I probably would have fallen from it. Other than that, it was a wonderful place for a concert!
Awesome Dance Floor and Even Better Acoustics
catherine c. May 15, 2013
I have been here several times for EDM concerts including Wolfgang Gartner, Rusko, and Boyz Noise. I have been here VIP and plain old G/A both of which were fun. I loved being in G/A because of the inviting and exciting atmosphere. The balconies were great places to meet people and to get some fresh air (it can get hot inside). The VIP section was great when I wanted to get away from the pushy, sweaty crowd but it was also a little dead during the earlier acts. The bartenders are all very nice and helpful, which can be hard when you have to deal with drunk and/or high individuals. Whatever act you decide to see, you'll have a good time.
Wooden Dance Floor & Chandeliers
Tess G. Apr 30, 2013
With its semicircle shape and wood floors, the Palladium is the perfect venue for serious dancers to get down to their favorite EDM acts such as Bassnectar, Crystal Castles, Boys Noize and the legendary Armin Van Buuren. The shape of the venue makes it easy to get to the front or have room to dance at the back while maintaining a fairly unobstructed view of the stage. The stage is also well equipped with light show capabilities which have become an integral part of the electronic concert experience. The upstairs balcony allows for a great view of the whole venue and offers a place to sit if you want to take a break. The Palladium is also one of the only venues in LA that offers a generous area for smokers which can be key to a concert experience. The bathrooms are large enough that there is rarely a line. They recently decided to stop selling water bottles and only sell cups of water for $4 which is a bit of an annoyance. Besides that, the Palladium offers a premier concert experience for those serious about music.
Favorite Venue in Los Angeles
Alec M. Apr 9, 2013
Great venue for any artist or genre at any level. I prefer venues with general admission tickets only rather than seats, and the Palladium is one of my favorites in LA. However because of the GA only nature of the venue, it can get very busy, very early, and therefore is difficult to get close with a good view without getting there with a lot of time to spare. Shows like ASAP Rocky and Bassnectar, it was totally packed and movement was very restricted unfortunately. What the Palladium lacks in space however it makes up with a huge, easily visible stage that enhances the performance of every artist it hosts. The lights at the EDM shows I have attended here have blown me away, some of the best light production I have seen in an indoor venue. Having seen 5+ shows here I'd recommend it to anyone 5/5
Dave Grohl's Sound City Players show!
Carl J. Feb 25, 2013
In a city where movies premiere every night and streets flood with stars, there was only one place to be Thursday evening in Hollywood: The Palladium. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl not only premiered his much-hyped Sound City documentary, but also strung together the studio’s regulars for a rock ‘n’ roll history lesson on stage shortly after. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re gonna be here for awhile,” Grohl shouted during an early intermission. Many diehard fanatics up front spit back, “We have been here awhile,” alluding to the fact that they’d been waiting in line since earlier in the afternoon. They were treated well, though. With Foo Fighters as the night’s proverbial house band, Grohl welcomed a number of guests to perform collaborations off the film’s accompanying soundtrack, Sound City: Real to Reel, in addition to selections from a number of the guest’s respective catalogues. Early on, Grohl swung the bass guitar alongside Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine and Chris Goss of Masters of Reality for their collaborative track, “Time Slowing Down”. While many of those same diehards screamed for Rage hits, they would only get them on the PA during breaks. They did get to see Grohl behind the drum kit, as he assisted Black Rebel Motorcycle Club members Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes for breezy, semi-sloppy cuts of “Red Eyes and Tears”, “Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll”, and Real to Reel track “Heaven and All”. From the heavy and the hard, to the fast and speedy, Lee Ving was the next guest to grace the stage and rile the crowd up. While the punk set ignited a little pit, the overall angst just wasn’t what the crowd needed. What they needed, however, was an assortment of Cheap Trick classics, all performed by Corey Taylor (of Slipnot), Krist Novoselic (formerly of Nirvana), and Rick Nelson (of Cheap Trick). “I want everyone here to help me sing this son of a bitch,” Taylor exclaimed before taking the lead on “Surrender”. Moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and groupies all obliged with their fists to the air. It didn’t seem like it could get much better than a full crowd sing-a-long but it did. It just took another guest — one with “three fucking chords,” as Grohl hinted. And as soon as those three chords were plucked, the Palladium erupted as the Foo Fighters supported Rick Springfield during a fiery rendition of “Jessie’s Girl”. John Fogerty shuffled on up to follow with by far the longest set of the night. Several Creedence Clearwater Revival classics — “Travelin Band”, “Born On The Bayou”, “Bad Moon Rising”, “Proud Mary”, and “Fortunate Son” — were given makeovers by Grohl & his Foo Fighters, a backing cast that was a little more grunge rock than his normal swamp grass buddies. Fogerty could hardly contain that grin of his. With a night that was fast becoming a history of the men that recorded at Sound City, it only seemed fitting that a lady would properly end the night. Behind a pair of thick black shades, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks came out to discuss her recent Real to Reel collaboration (“You Can’t Fix This”), which involved a heartfelt story about a godson who had overdosed at a college party at the early age of 18. If people’s hearts weren’t already being tugged, they openly broke when Grohl was handed an acoustic and Nicks took the vocal lead on a “Landslide” duet. Five thousand souls kept quiet in unison, which was special enough in itself. And that is just what the Sound City Players show ended up being: something special for fans both new and old to remember for years and years. Admittedly, the rare collaborations took precedence over everything else — like, when will you ever hear a 10-minute plus rendition of “Gold Dust Woman” featuring Grohl and Nicks? — but altogether it was a loud reminder of a history that will never be forgotten. Simple because the music won’t let us.
great venue
Lauren T. Dec 3, 2012
I saw Passion Pit at the Hollywood Palladium about a year ago and I loved it. I had general admission tickets so aside from the fact that I had to stand for a long time I was able to be front row against the stage! The bottom floor is pretty much one big open room and the top is a balcony overlooking with real seats. If you're going here I recommend getting general admission tickets and going early so you can get as close to the stage as you want! They have a lot of great performers here too, and I guarantee you'll have a good time!
One and Done
Jason L. Dec 1, 2012
Wow, the Hollywood Palladium is intense! I admit I've only been there once to see Girl Talk and it completely blew me away. When I first walked into the venue I was very impressed simply because of it's massive size. I love ballroom venues because it's general admission and it's always one giant party! Of course Girl Talk knows how to throw a giant party, but other acts like Rusko, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Rebelution, and Pennywise are all great acts to see at nowhere else but the Palladium. For harder bands like Pennywise it can get a little crazy, so if you don't like mosh pits, then don't get too close to the front. A venue like this yields itself for having massive acts perform like Jay Z, previously mentioned Iggy Pop, Kaskade, and David Guetta. I certainly look forward to next show at the Palladium!
Great concert space
Ana S. Nov 30, 2012
I have been to two shows at the Hollywood Palladium and really liked the venue. It is clean, has a cool retro vibe, and very spacious. There is room to join the crowd or hang in the back and still get a good view if you don't want to get crushed. I guess my one negative was that for the kind of concerts I was going to (Odd Future and Skrillex) it felt a little strange being in a ballroom for the somewhat intense nature of the music. However, I have nothing bad to say about the venue itself. I'm sure for other more appropriate concerts it would feel less strange and it is definitely a classy and historically rich place.
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
This is a spectacular venue, particularly for EDM acts. The lights and acoustics are amazing, and no matter where you stand you have a great view. The lines to get in move quickly, and security never takes too long. I would highly recommend seeing a show here if you have a chance.
Medium. Seriously.
Sarah D. Nov 13, 2012
In response to the review below, this place is fairly big but it makes sense for the types of bands they host. It's always easy to get close to the front but there is plenty of space to hang out in the back with big groups or get drinks. There's also a balcony. I have always had a good time here and the venue allows for lots of lights and good sound without feeling you're at the main stage at coachella or something. Saw Miike Snow, Temper Trap, and (part of) Rusko here this year. Also always a friendly crowd of people and friendly employees.
Huge. Seriously.
Nikki L. Oct 23, 2012
The Palladium is really, really big. Almost too big. You can't properly see the stage from pretty much anywhere by the first 20 rows of the pit, and by definition, it's a difficult area to get in and out of. Only a certain number of people can fit there, after all. Now, this is fine for if you're going to an "electronic music concert," but for any actual bands, it's a super drawback. You have to get there way early to beat the crowds, which means standing forever, having to watch all the openers, and not being able to get another drink the ENTIRE TIME. Plus, you can't see the stage. Light shows, you can see, but performers. SOL. Even worse. if you're not on the floor, obviously, you're in the stands. This is the absolute worst idea of all time. Who wants to be in stands watching a show? Nobody. Especially in a weird oblong shape. I don't care what kind of music you're listening to -- that awkward angle, those freakin' chairs in between everybody, the sheer DISTANCE. Bad news bears. No fun, and I can't believe there hasn't been a riot yet.
Alex J. Oct 4, 2012
alright alright alright hands down best venue for shows in Los Angeles that isn't like a mumford and sons concert or something (then i'd prob vote hollywood bowl). if youre trying to get down with some unce-unce-bump-bumps and some mustache rides this is the place to be. none of that isle A seat 32 bs, everyone here is standing in this joint and going nuts. i mean, come on, the place is a half circle. its like, a parabola of epic raging people and lights. there arent any security guards pushing you telling you you cant go down into the pit and dance like at the wiltern and other venues of that sort (yeah ok security guy im gonna sit down in my seat and watch KNIFE PARTY MELT ME). sometimes the bass is a little on the loud side but lets be real we didnt come to the palladium to listen to mozarts 5th symphony recited by The Googenheim Quartet. Not much here as far as history or culture like other venues in la, but if you wanna get down like its 1920s prohibition this is the only spot worth spending your hard earned cash at.
Live Music and Celebrity Spotting
Victor H. Oct 2, 2012
A favorite of mine because its a great looking venue and the acoustics are good. Parking is great if you get here early you'll find street parking in the streets nearby if not then the venue parking lot is always there for a hefty price but extremely convenient. If you're the kind of person that loves being in the pit (like me) then you definitely want to get here early as there's always a line that forms outside before doors open. Once inside my favorite place is the pit. I've enjoyed many good performances here from The Black Keys to Dead Weather. The pit does get crazy though. You may even see a fight or two. If you like your celebrity spotting keep an eye on the balcony as you'll be sure to catch a celebrity or two.
Always a good show!
D1ΔИΔ Ø. Oct 2, 2012
This is another of my favorite venues in SoCal, both for being intimate and inexpensive. General Admission: All tickets are GA, so the sooner you get in line, the better your chances of being up front. You can also view the show from their balcony. I've never seen a show up from there, mainly because I like being in the pit and taking pics of my favorite artists. *Warning* If you are going to see any kind of heavy rock or punk show, be warned that the floor can get pretty aggressive and rowdy. Personal experience, I came to see Social D there once and was not even close to the front; the show was so intense that I ended up right at the front rail with Mike Ness right in front of me. I felt like I got mugged to death, good times though...I wasn't expecting anything less....hence the reason why you might want to watch the show from upstairs. Tickets are reasonably priced and parking is usually around $15
Great General Admission Venue
Danny M. Sep 18, 2012
The Palladium hosts a ton of great concerts of all genres – rock, hip-hop, electronic – and provides a cool environment to get a pretty close look at your favorite band, group, DJ, etc. It holds about 1,000 people and it’s all general admission which means you can get as close as you want (of course you may need to get there a little early if you want to be hugging the stage). I’ve only hung out on the main level which has plenty of space with great viewing lines. They also have an upper level but it’s on the outer edges and seems like it has some of the furthest views from the stage. Food, drink, and concession lines have moved pretty quickly in my experiences here – although the drinks can be a little pricey. Parking can be easy to get into the lot next to the venue, but difficult to get out after the show ends – if you can find street parking nearby it’s like gold.
Great venue
Paul F. Sep 18, 2012
I'm not the biggest concertgoer in the world. In fact I'm one of the smallest. But every once in a while a band comes along that hits me just the right way and makes me want to see them live. Cut to 2002 or 2003 when My Morning Jacket was first starting out and The Strokes were the biggest thing in rock. My Morning Jacket opened for The Strokes that night and they simply tore the house down. Sure The Strokes were incredible and that's why we were there, but this other group who we'd never heard of, simply dominated all discussion afterwards. The Palladium is a cool space - it feels narrow when you're watching from the back, but it's really a huge space that might fit a thousand people. The sound is great and they hustle you in and out without any real problems. After the show, we popped over to the Well across the street to grab a drink and recount how this other band was going to be the next big thing. Turns out we were right.
Great EDM venue!
Sridevi R. Sep 6, 2012
I absolutely love the Palladium - it's one of those places that looks huge, feels pretty intimate, but still allows you plenty of room to dance. I saw Steve Aoki and Dada Life here last year and it was just incredible. I actually touched Stefan's face... Winning. The line to get in moved along quite swimmingly and security was polite (unlike a lot of places). I would definitely recommend this place for concerts and other shows!
Intimate but Wild Concert Space
Natalie M. Aug 16, 2012
I recently went here for the first time to see Eric Prydz and Arty after hearing from all of my friends that the Palladium is an incredible venue, and I was not disappointed. The space is small enough that you can lose your friends and find them again very easily, but not so small that it's too crowded to dance or run around. The inner half circle centered around the DJ pounded with insanely loud bass and bright lights, but I could easily retreat from this to the more dimly lit outer circle for water or the bathroom and return to my friends without a frantic search. I'm very short so the best part for me was being able to actually SEE Eric Prydz and Arty, not just hear the fantastic sets they played. I can't wait to go back to see Bassnectar there in October and Boys Noize in December!
Highly Recommend
Kira A. Aug 13, 2012
I've been to the Palladium a number of times to see some of my favorite artists. The Palladium not only features big names like Kaskade, Deadmau5, Ingrosso, and Eric Prydz but the venue is also just the perfect size. You can have such an intimate experience at the Palladium, which I love. Another great thing about this venue is that, in my experience, it never over-sells tickets. The venue is never too crowded and the line to get in goes fairly quickly. There's a second floor balcony as well so you can switch up your view of the show whenever you want! I love the Palladium and highly recommend it to everyone if they get the chance to go.
Crazy Atmosphere
Gabe L. Aug 8, 2012
I went here one time to see Steve Aoki spin, and this place was crazy. It was about a 10 minute wait to get inside even though I had a ticket. Once I was, the event was crazy. People were all decked out in rave attire. One man came up to me with vibrating massage gloves and gave me a shoulder massage. It was a very interesting experience. The venue is fairly small which I liked, but the show had a big production. I would definitely want to go again sometime soon.
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