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The Fonda Theatre Searching for shows & concerts at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this cool music spot & theater! Los Angeles United States 34.101524 -118.32325
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The Fonda Theatre - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Fonda Theater, more formally known as the Henry Fonda Theater, first opened its doors on October 20th in 1926 as the Carter DeHaven Music Box Theater. This dazzling theater, located on Hollywood Boulevard, was originally... ... read more

The Fonda Theatre Videos

AFROJACK drops "New Single" live at Music Box Hollywood 2011
AFROJACK drops "New Single" live at Music Box Hollywood 2011
Adam Lambert Fever Music Box Los Angeles
Social Distortion Music Box Hollywood, CA 4/21/2011 "Bad Luck", "Machine Gun Blues" video premiere
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby [Music Box @ The Fonda]
Adam Lambert WWFM Music Box Los Angeles
Adam Lambert Change is Gonna Come Music Box Los Angeles
Best Coast - DadJam / Each And Every Day (Music Box,Los Angeles CA 2/24/11)
Nouvelle Vague - "So Lonely" (Live at The Music Box / Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles 02-10-10)

The Fonda Theatre Information

The Fonda Theatre - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

The Fonda Theater, more formally known as the Henry Fonda Theater, first opened its doors on October 20th in 1926 as the Carter DeHaven Music Box Theater.

This dazzling theater, located on Hollywood Boulevard, was originally used as a speakeasy and featured revue performances. However, in no time at all the theater became home to more prestigious performances, such as the 1927 premiere of the musical Chicago featuring Clark Gable.

As the decades passed, the theater underwent several changes and was known by many different names. Eventually it was converted into a movie theater, hosting the Hollywood Boulevard run of both Jaws and Rocky in the 1970s. Finally in the 1980s the theater was overtaken by the Nederlander Organization, renamed the Henry Fonda Theater, and adopted its present operation as a top Los Angeles music venue and club.

The venue can seat up to 1,000 people, but features a standing-room floor space for additional concert-goers. The club’s popular lounge, the Blue Palms, occupies the open terrace area above the lounge and was once the very hub of the theater’s 1920s speakeasy. Events at the Fonda Theater include performances from Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Green Day, the Black Eyed Peas, and Radiohead.

There are three parking lots commonly used when frequenting the Fonda Theater. The first is CBS parking lot, located one block North of the theater; prices vary depending on the weekend. The next is Sunshine parking which can be found on Hollywood Boulevard, West of the Fonda Theater; prices may vary depending on the day. The final parking lot, Safety Park, is located just to the right of the theater on Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street; prices may vary.

The Fonda Theatre User Reviews

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Kylee C. Apr 24, 2013
I have experienced one of my all time favorite shows here. FANTASTIC atmosphere. I loved the vintage feel. I also liked the fact that you could pick if you wanted to stand on the floor or go upstairs and watch the show from seating in the balcony. So spacious and fun and you can see the stage amazingly from anywhere you decide to stand. If you have the opportunity to check out a show here, don't pass it up.
It Doesn't Need To Be The 20s To Party Like It Is.
Aubrey P. Mar 29, 2013
Music is about the past, the present, and the future. Music stimulates every one of us humans in some way – it may possibly even cause plants to get their groove on, according to many a sixth-grade science fair project. Music, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the largest mediums through which messages are transferred and translated all over the globe. It is the world’s post office, so to speak, for human emotion. The point? We humans like to jam, simple as that. Whether to escape into another world, to get over a lousy break-up, or, perhaps most universally, to simply feel like we are not alone – it is scientifically proven that seeing a band live gives us this sort-of-high exponentially more than listening to a song through headphones. The energy in the air at a concert is electric, because it is charged with human connection. The band connecting to the audience, the audience connecting to the band, the audience members connecting with each other, and everyone connecting with the environment around them. It is a feeling that is unique to every time it is experienced, and one that can never be recreated. The Past: The Fonda Theater has been welcoming arts into the world since the 1920s, and you can tell as soon as you walk through its doors. The chandeliers on the wall, the black and white tiled floors, the ornate carvings – besides the amazing performances that have been hosted there over the years, the interior itself is an architectural beauty that reminds concert-goers that music is not only something that we connect with for one night, but something that has always stirred and united the minds of people for as long as it has been around. This venue used to be called The Music Box, and those who really know their stuff still refer to it as such. So don’t be afraid to toss the name around – you’ll become an insider. The Present: Currently The Fonda Theater hosts artists of all genres, from artists who have broken musical ground in the past like Mr. Tom Petty, to popular radio stars like La Roux, to indie favorites like Bat for Lashes. Tom Petty will be reconnecting with The Heartbreakers here at The Music Box this June, so all of you Petty fans who belong with the wildflowers will get to enjoy this classic reunion. The Future: Have a favorite band that only you and a handful of friends listen to? They might be at The Fonda Theater, and you may get to see them for thirty bucks before they hit it big and you can’t afford to see them from the nosebleeds at The Hollywood Bowl. Anybody a fan of The Lumineers? Don’t lie, every time that Bing commercial is on and you pretend to hate “Ho Hey,” you know you secretly can’t help but like it and took pride in listening to them before they played at this past Grammys. I saw them before they blew up at The Fonda Theater, where they covered Dylan and unplugged all their instruments from their sound systems, quieting the audience so we could all hear them play from the giant awnings that flank the stage. Point being? If you have a favorite indie band, chances are you can see them here before the rest of the world, and you will be able to say you knew them back when. This place gives you cred. Check out The Fonda Theater for a bit of Hollywood history and an amazing set!
An LA Classic Meets moe.
Todd S. Mar 11, 2013
The Fonda Theater is one of my favorite venues in all of Los Angeles. It's got a classic set up, with a well sized stage with a great open space for dancing and mingling with other fans. Moe. is a jam band (Think Phish) with a solid following. The crowd was absolutely stoked to be there and several other concert-goers came up to my friend and I to tell us about past shows they had been at. There was never a shortage of friendly moe. fans and the vibes were contagious. Orgone, the opening band, featured the vocal stylings of Fanny Franklin. Ms. Franklin has a big future headlining because she really amped up the entire crowd. When we got there, they had already begun. Everybody in the crowd was dancing and smiling. Their cool blend of funk originals and covers (they covered Rare Earth's anthemic "I Just Want To Celebrate") got everyone off their feet and singing along. Moe. played two sets. The first set was song oriented, with the heavy jams coming through on the second set. The Fonda is a great place to get out and dance by yourself. With the crowds very into the music, the fun was unavoidable, unless you didn't dance. The Fonda is one of my favorites thanks to it's awesome rooftop overlooking Hollywood and Vine, a really fun site to look out on during the 25 minute intermission. They even have a screen up on the wall showing the concert in in case you wanted to sneak out for a cigarette during the show. The Fonda is a great night out and a beautiful amphitheater. Highly recommended venue for 20 somethings and up. Maybe not the best place for the under 18 set.
Hotspot for Indie Bands
Lauren G. Feb 8, 2013
My Take: The Fonda Theater is a spacious and trendy concert venue in Los Angeles, in the heart of Hollywood. There's a floor in front of the stage where you can watch the show from, and there's a terrace upstairs if you'd rather enjoy the show sitting down. The décor alone beautifully resembles a Parisian opera house. The Fonda Theater hosts many popular indie artists. The Scene: Since Goldenvoice sponsors most of the concerts here, artists who are non-mainstream but still popular usually perform, so the Fonda Theater often attracts a somewhat pretentious hipster crowd, calmly enjoying the performance. Of course, this is a generalization and the crowd depends on who's performing. I once saw the Aquabats at the Fonda Theater; since they play punk/ska that's appropriate for all ages, there was a hugely diverse crowd that included 7 year-old skater boys crowd surfing and parents moshing on the chessboard floor. Prices: Tickets range from $20 to $30. What to Wear: Attire depends on which artists you're going to see, but most people arrive in trendy casual attire. Insider Info/When to Go: Check their online calendar ahead of time to see who will be playing. These concerts are a great deal since most of the artists who perform are hugely popular in the hipster world.
Theatre With Character
Sarah L. Jan 5, 2013
Upon entering the theatre visitors are greeted with vaulted ceilings and a mahogany, roaring twenties vibe that continues throughout the building. The intricate wallpaper and dim, vintage lights add character to the intimate theatre, which surprisingly holds about a thousand people. Though its interior boasts large paintings and lush designs, the outside is relatively nondescript. It sits just a few blocks from the 101 freeway, which makes it very convenient for out-of-towers. The only downside is that the parking lot just to the right of the theatre is $20, so trekking from another lot is a must for the more frugal patrons. But overall, the Fonda is certainly one of the better theaters in Hollywood and arguably even all of Los Angeles.
Awesome Venue in a Great Location
Samantha L. Nov 13, 2012
I actually went to The Fonda Theater on a date a few weeks ago to see Ben Howard perform. I thought that the location was fantastic because it is very near the Pantages Theater and there are a lot of bars and restaurants near the venue to check out, as well. We were in the General Admission section of the theater and it was great. I could see everything on stage and I didn't feel too crowded. The general vibe of the place is also very artsy but also mellow. The artwork around the stage is phenomenal. All in all I highly suggest going to this venue if you can!
Great General Admission Venue
Danny M. Oct 20, 2012
Went to the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood last night for the first time to see Allen Stone. Overall I was pretty impressed with the venue. It’s small enough to feel intimate even though it holds ~1,000 people. I was downstairs in the standing room general admission area and just about every spot has a great viewing angle of the stage. Didn't go to upstairs to the balcony but it seems like there's good view from up there as well. The sounds system is pretty solid and the main floor is wood which has a little bounce to it…which was great when the crowd was jumping up and down dancing and stomping for the encore. The bar area is located at the back of the room and was pretty accessible (although drinks were a little expensive). Parking was pricey right next to the venue ($20!) and if I had some more time I probably would have looked for street parking in the surrounding area and walked a few blocks. The staff here was pretty friendly and accommodating as well. Overall I think this is an awesome place to see a show and I’m looking forward to a return trip.
Stellar ambiance and crowd-control
Nikki L. Oct 17, 2012
The Fonda has a strong following. People love it, including myself. Especially since their renovation a few years back. The whole place has fantastic decor -- cool without being too artsy. The bar is framed by a wall of vintage, eclectic lamps, and the curtains are a gorgeous blue velvet that goes perfectly with the Garden of Earthly Delights wallpaper. The place has got Bosch wallpaper. How can you beat that? It's a perfectly sized venue with a tiered GA floor. Top tier has FOH and another bar, but the bottom tier is where the action is. If it's a sold out show, or even close, get there early and nab a wristband, or you won't be able to get back in the pit later! This is the only tragedy of the Fonda. It attracts more people than it can handle. But at least they keep the crowds at a comfortable level.
Great Concert Theatre for the easy going concert goer
Joanne G. Oct 5, 2012
Loved this venue! Quaint and intimate, no matter where you land you won't miss a beat. The wrap around bar is great; you won't have to wait long for a drink. The rooftop is just the right size with a few tables and seats; some grenery and nice white lights to give a romantic casual feel. Great for groups, or just to catch a view of hollywood and get some fresh air. If you want to stay up there, you won't get left out with a huge screen capturing whatever's happening on the stage below. Great venue, great times. Parking is $20 in the lot next door, but I'd suggest parking on El Centro just a block or two away and its only $10 (between Sunset and Hollywood on the east side of El Centro).
The Fonduh
brianna b. Oct 4, 2012
Very cool venue. I came here October 3,2012 to see Kimbra. I got here moderately early! Around 7pm. I parked on the right hand side of the Fonda Parking Structure. Parking was $5. On the left to the Fonda it's $20!!!They are both close and it's all day.The line was bearable and we were let in around 8pm.There is a wall of lamps in the entrance that sets the stage for the strange paintings covering the walls. There were balcony seats close to the stage, honestly no matter where you stood there was a decent view. Sound in the venue is great....or maybe Kimbra has just got some major pipes on her! The Fonda has always been a great place to see your favorite artists! I will be back as long as it stands and continues to host great musicians.
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