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The Echo and Echoplex Known as two of the city's prime performance venues for LA's independent music scene, the connected spaces The Echo and Echoplex also feature some of the most creative club nights in town that attract a diverse mix of hipsters... Los Angeles United States 34.0775847 -118.2606316
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The Hold Steady @ The Echoplex
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Party Earth Review Known as two of the city’s prime performance venues for L.A.’s independent music scene, the connected spaces The Echo and Echoplex also feature some of the most creative club nights in town that attract... ... read full review

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    The Echo: 1822 West Sunset Boulevard
    Echoplex: 1154 Glendale Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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    Varies by event

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    • Night Spot

The Echo and Echoplex Videos

White Lies - Peace & Quiet (Echoplex,Los Angeles CA 10/9/10)
White Lies - Peace & Quiet (Echoplex,Los Angeles CA 10/9/10)
Chromatics at old Echoplex, Los Angeles
Beck @ The Echoplex, Los Angeles 11/25/07
White Lies - Stangers @ The Echo Plex Los Angeles 10-09-10 NEW SONG
DUB CLUB LIVE @ Echoplex, Los Angeles (part 2)
White Lies - Peace and Quiet @ The Echo Plex Los Angeles 10-09-10 NEW SONG

Party Earth The Echo and Echoplex Review

The Scene

Known as two of the city's prime performance venues for LA's independent music scene, the connected spaces The Echo and Echoplex also feature some of the most creative club nights in town that attract a diverse mix of hipsters...

Known as two of the city’s prime performance venues for L.A.’s independent music scene, the connected spaces The Echo and Echoplex also feature some of the most creative club nights in town that attract a diverse mix of hipsters, punk rockers, goth kids, and die-hard music snobs.

Upstairs at The Echo, casually stylish patrons will find a dark and sparsely furnished space consisting of a bar and a lone long couch on one side, and a stage and concert floor on the other – a black-box aesthetic that puts the focus on the roster of lesser-known indie bands and the fans that follow them.

The larger Echoplex downstairs occasionally features the likes of Beck and Nine Inch Nails, though a more underground indie scene prevails there as well.

While the venue provides a couple of bars and some limited seating on a scattering of stools, couches, and oversized ottomans, the crowd doesn't have much interest in sitting, as the slightly pretentious alternative types would rather pack the floor space to dance and sing along with the band.

Music lovers who prefer a more relaxed and welcoming vibe, but with the same high energy, will definitely want to check out the popular club nights, when both The Echo and Echoplex draw more outgoing yet still eclectic crowds intent on dancing – and flirting – to the sounds of reggae, dub, Motown, and everything in between.

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Tip from Jonah:

One of my favorite LA nights starts at the Echo with a Little Dragon performance, or the Echoplex for a RZA show before heading to the Short Stop for a last call PBR.

  • Crowd

    Diverse mix of alternative and independent hipsters, goths, metalheads, punk fans, and music scenesters, 21 to 40.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Both venues specialize in indie music, with more well-known bands usually booked into the larger Echoplex space. Club nights like Bootie LA on the first and third Saturdays of every month and Dub Club every Wednesday, both at the Echoplex, as well as Funky Sole every Saturday at The Echo, feature various themes including Motown, dub, and mash-ups.

    Check the website for event listings and start times.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Food can be ordered at the bar from Two Boots Pizza next door (1818 West Sunset Boulevard). Outdoor smoking patio at the back of Echoplex.

  • Prices

    Tickets $10–$15. Two Boots pizza $6.50 for a small cheese pizza. Beer $4–$6, mixed drinks $8+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual concert-going gear on show nights, jeans and just about any style for both men and women on club nights.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Varies depending on the bands, but the theme nights are usually a good bet.

  • Close By

    The Short Stop (1455 West Sunset Boulevard) is a fun bar for dancing that caters to the same crowd, but without the live music, tickets, or cover charges.

The Echo and Echoplex User Reviews

Average rating:
Great Venue, Great Music
Ruth K. Jun 7, 2013
I love this duo-venue, an intimate place for good company and great music. Ticket prices are pretty decent, alcohol selection is on par, and the fact that they serve yummy, thin-crust pizza is a plus. I really enjoy and respect the wide genre of music featured here, from the chill, experimental sounds of XXYYXX and Giraffage, to the shoegazing, gothic rock type of genre of Tamaryn. If you ever get a chance to see a band you like here, or if you simply just want to be exposed to some new music, The Echo and Echoplex will not disappoint.
A Nice, Mellow Feeling
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
Another little great venue, the Echo and Echoplex is a great place to enjoy a small performance. They have a great sound system (so great, that it might be too loud sometimes), and have really solid music that you could really enjoy. The people are great and there's a couple of drinks that they sell at the bar, including some pretty delicious pizza. You can even get a spot right in front of the band, adding on to the overall personal experience of this venue. It's a little on the expensive side and sometimes it does become hard to enjoy your food because of the intensity of the music playing in the background. Definitely recommend for people who love loud concerts.
The Party Alternative
Teddi C. Apr 18, 2013
The Echoplex is both a night out with an edge and a bubbly good time. On a recent excursion, bumping indie remixes rocked a full dance floor while scantily clad ladies and gents in outfits that seemed to be made of glow stick, provided entertainment from the stage. In keeping with The Echoplex’s taste for the alternative, the action on stage was more like watching a live music video than run of the mill go-go dancers and definitely inspired club goers to move without inhibition; this is high intensity, body dropping fun that you’ll rarely bare witness to in the ‘see and be seen’ trenches of posh Hollywood. The DJ moved seamlessly through a number of genres from old school hip hop to 90s rock and more contemporary alt rock, with many of the recognizable songs enhanced by some groove provoking synth lines. We refreshed our drinks at a dark bar near the back of the venue, made new friends, and enjoyed the large space at our dance hungry hearts’ disposal until close. An experience at The Echoplex or The Echo is defined in large part by that particular night’s entertainment. I would recommend finding a show or club night that strikes your fancy and bringing more than one friend who you know came to move. A popular destination for music lovers across the city, The Echoplex is a thoroughly stimulating destination.
A Great Spot to Chill
Kristina S. Apr 17, 2013
The Eco and Echoplex is wonderful place if you love indie music, and are not a fan or large crowds or mosh pits. The best part about this venue is they have a fantastic variety of talent and genres for all music lovers. In addition, you can truly enjoy the music, plus you don't have to punch someone to grab a drink from the bar. Also, if it is not a headliner, several events at the Echoplex are free. So, if you can't stand anymore reruns of "The New Girl," and "Grey's Anatomy," and you are in dire need to get out of the house, what could be better than a free concert? They only downside is at times you can get your money's worth. I will always remember one horrid evening I had there where I listened to a sitar band for one long monotonous hour. Regardless, this place is worth checking out. It is a great opportunity for a fun a laid back evening.
Once you find it, a great spot for indie rock and more
Chris M. Dec 4, 2012
My first time going to the Echoplex it took me a while to get inside. First I drove around for 30 minutes looking for parking and then I walked around it until I finally found the alley with the entrance. That first show was Jesse Malin opening and The Hold Steady headlining and it was awesome. I've been back for a few shows since then and always had a great time. The Echoplex is basically underground and so the ceilings are pretty low throughout much of the venue except for the stage and the first 30 or so feet of crowd space, so if you aren't up front it can feel a little claustrophobic. It also means the sound is not exactly the best in the back of the room. The side benefit is that the bar is in the back along with some seating areas and you can take a break from the show and be heard if needed. The lineup includes indie rock, DJ and dubstep, and a lot of local acts of all kinds. Drinks are cheap if you are fine with Tecate but a bit pricier than they should be given the plastic cups and quality, but you're here for the music anyway. The atmosphere is awesome. It really feels more like a music club than paying to go to a concert just for the event. People show up early and stay late to hang out and it is just a fun vibe in the typical silverlake fashion. I just wish I lived a whole lot closer.
Funky spot
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
Cool funky spot in Silverlake. There's definitely a huge hipster vibe and much of what you'd expect from the Silverlake crowd. It's an awesome place to hear some lesser known bands.
Nice bass, bro
Andrew P. Nov 27, 2012
You can hear the throbbing pulse of this Echo Park bass factory from Mohawk Street to Elysian Park Avenue most weekend nights. The kids are out to play. Actually, everyone is out to play and you might be forgiven for thinking you’d been transported to the lobby of Union Station for all the cultural incongruity you’re about to encounter. It all makes more sense once you realize that the promoter bafflingly booked an obscure Korean Nerdcore Ska band upstairs and a suspiciously sincere Tom Jones cover band below. The Echo / Echoplex is a split-level underground music haven in the epicenter of the second hippest strip of Sunset Boulevard (after the infamous Junction, of course). While any native Eastsider will have no trouble pointing you in the right direction, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that finding the entrance could be problematic for others. The main entrance on Sunset is obvious enough, but admittance to the Echoplex is tucked away in the trash-strewn alley below. On top of that, parking can be scarce, so prepare to hoof it. There is a valet but the $9 price tag will deter most. The smaller upstairs room, dubbed “The Echo“ is barebones, with sporadic seating and a no-nonsense elevated stage. A quick descent down a decrepit staircase takes you to “The Echoplex,” an expansive industrial basement-turned-dance floor. The ceilings and walls are bare and appear almost unfinished revealing a large exposed ventilation system that refuses to pump cool air, dashing any hopes of staying dry. Twin bars serve strong drinks in tiny cups. While I experienced no abnormalities on my bill, you should be warned that this club has a bit of a bad rep for overcharging on drink orders (that being said, my $8 gin and tonic was powerful enough to stun or kill the average mule). Pizza courtesy of Two Boots is cheap, filling and serves as a convenient booze-sponge. Most nights, expect a groovy amalgam of Dj sets, Dubstep, and reggae. The Echo also books a lot of local talent so be prepared for some eclectic aspiring groups with absurd (and often unpronounceable) names. While an active dance floor is usually the hallmark of a skilled DJ, I have noticed that the crowd is a little dance-averse. Rarely have I seen such good performances produce so little bodily movement but as liquid courage begins to flow around 11 P.M. so do the ironic dance moves. The sound system is more than capable even if the sound guy isn’t always, but The Echoplex is such a great place to see live, local music you’ll quickly forgive its minor shortcomings.
the shit
Sarah D. Nov 13, 2012
This place is awesome. If you like non-mainstream music, this venue is an awesome place to see bands and not be swallowed by giant crowds. It's basically a hole-in-the-wall feeling place in the middle of a random warehousey area, but then you get inside and it's an awesome party with awesome music. I went to a Two Door Cinema Club DJ set there the other night for $8 and there were like 15 other people there just rocking out loving the music. I was right at the front maybe 3 feet away from the dj table? anyway, awesome, looking forward to seeing more of my favorite bands in intimate settings here. also, only downside was whoever runs the place flat out pulls the plug at 2 am. they probably do it like this everywhere, but i was so sad all the fun i was having came to such an abrupt stop.
Prime East-Side Venue If You Are A Music Lover
Angelica A. Nov 9, 2012
I frequent these venues pretty often, perhaps a few times a month, and I have never had any complaints. I think my biggest compliment must be paid to whomever does their booking because this venue often has some of the best names roll through. They are routinely ahead of the game and in my opinion have broken their fair share of artists, especially local artists, who also remain loyal to them. The venues are also great at hosting contemporary and classic names as well. The drinks are priced decently fro a venue, but I'd suggest having some kind of pre-party if you're strapped on cash. The smoking patios are huge and are likely where most of the East-Side's relationships have been forged. Great for mingling and they serve as a much needed escape from the hot and sweaty indoors. The venues are also great as a not-so-clubby club spot with their regular event night, such as Funky Sole night, Part-Time Punks on Sundays, or Dub Club. The crowds are usually 20-30 something hipsters, teenage punks, but occasionally the venues can draw an older crowd.
Go, Echo.
Anna-Vera D. Nov 8, 2012
Don’t bother if you’re fussy, or fancy, or get queasy at a sticky floor. Both The Echo and its big sister, the Echoplex, cater for their own, loyal audience. The venues are built to hold fans, with high stages presenting the bands. Good shows are frequent- artists that have residence play each week and are invariably worth a look. Cover charge varies, but as at the bar, there’s no screwing around: what you see is what you get. The type of music determines the crowd, but you can usually count on 20-somethings, boozed up, dressed down and supporting their favourite indie bands.
Nice venue. Sound needs to be improved
latanya d. Oct 17, 2012
I've been here twice. Once was a few months ago to see Das Racist and the other was last night to see Riff Raff. They were both really fun shows with a trendy crowd who just wanted to dance. Let me just say, I'm not a music snob or anything but if the sound quality is bad then it sort of ruins the experience for me. The venue is small, but you'd think it was the size of a stadium with how loud the speakers were. Plus the bass was so heavy that it sometimes over powered the mics. Both times the artists were really good so that helped, but the shows would have been perfect if I didn't have to cover up my ears. Still, the artist and crowd were having a good time. I had no problems there so I will be back again with ear plugs!
Good venue, bartender can suck it.
Khristian K. Oct 5, 2012
The Echoplex is like The Echo's bigger brother, literally, take The Echo, stretch it out and you've got The Echoplex. It's connected directly to The Echo also through a passage way on the side. They are always having good bands play at such good prices. Parking can be a hassle if you come late so come early. Also I had a bad experience with bartender one time that charged me two extra Stella's so I didn't sign the receipt and threw my pen at him. Bastard.
Great place to discover music
Roberto M. Oct 5, 2012
The perfect place to catch your favorite indie bands or to discover new ones. The echo and the echoplex are small giving you a great intimate experience. Drinks aren't pricy and you can even order pizza from the Two Boots pizzeria next door which by the way is very good. For smaller bands you can show up the day of and easily get in but when a more know band is playing getting there early is a bit crucial if you don't want to spend a good amount of time looking for parking.
The Echo
Victor H. Oct 5, 2012
A small venue that hosts many awesome club nights when its not presenting some awesome bands. I've been here a few times to see some great bands and its the perfect venue because it is very intimate. If you want to meet the band or get up close and personal add this venue to the list next to The Troubadour and Viper Room. The drinks are prized to sell and its very easy to get a drink since the bar never seems to be crowded. Also if you want some food to go with that beer you just ordered you're in luck. The Echo has a menu of different pizza's from the Two Boots Pizza next door. The biggest obstacle is the parking but there's 2 free parking lots after 9 and plenty of street parking if you come early enough. When parking isn't a hassle this venue is great. Easy to get to, inexpensive drinks, food to order, and great bands at affordable prices.
Best venue in LA
Dana G. Oct 2, 2012
And I don't make that statement lightly. Growing up in LA it's impossible not to get swept up into the music scene in some capacity and the Echo and Echoplex don't disappoint. The venue is intimate, laid back and boasts some of the best talent this side of everywhere. I've seen some amazing groups/DJs/artists perform here before they got famous (yea, I'm one of those people) and I go back as often as I can when I visit LA. Parking isn't the greatest but I usually find spots in the neighborhood not too far away. The Echo has a back patio which tends to be super smokey but is still a good spot for relaxing in between sets, flirting, or looking cool. All of which Angelinos do so well.
Cant-miss residency nights
Nikki L. Sep 5, 2012
The Echo has something going on every single night of the week. It's nearly always smaller or more local bands, so the charge is never that extreme. I haven't seen a show there for over $10, and the box office is always cheaper than online. It's a fairly small spot, with a bar and some bank seating. The best thing about the Echo/Echoplex, though, is the recurring nights. Every Monday (like the Satellite and Bootleg), there's a free residency -- usually a semi-local band with different guests every week. Saturdays have a free dance night called Funky Sole that's pretty groovy. Both are free, but there's also Part-Time Punks on Sunday nights, and Dub Club on Wednesdays. If you're into country (or just more of an early bird), Sundays sport mini-festivals called Grand Ole Echo at 5 p.m. It's really something for everyone. The range of talent and the residencies are freakin' great, but the venue itself leaves a little something to be desired. It's one big black box, it gets a little stuffy, and you can always faintly smell pizza. (They serve Two Boots pizza out of the bar, btw.) Their lighting system is pretty sparse and out of date, and there's really nothing between the crowd and the stage, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. All in all, the bands are usually worth the price, and you really can't beat all the free nights. (Oh, and just so you know, the Echoplex's entrance is on Glendale Blvd., so you can't get to it from the main entrance of the Echo.)
Eclectic Indie Music All Week Long
Daniel B. Aug 23, 2012
The Echo and Echoplex host the best indie talent from just about every genre imaginable on just about every day of the week. From the R&B grooves of THEESatisfaction to the shrill electro fun that is Wildcat! Wildcat!, top indie artists and rising stars alike debut in LA at The Echo or Echoplex. Grab a slice of pizza from Two Boots and dance your night away. Need a break? Then relax in the smokey swirls of the intimate back patio before heading back in for that band you keep hearing about.
Chill Spot
Madeline R. Aug 7, 2012
My favorite night to go to The Echo (above The Echoplex) is on Saturday’s for Soul Night. There is always an eclectic, friendly crowd and funky music. If you get there before 11pm it is free and after it is just $5. Also if you have the late-night munchies try Masa of Echo Park next door…it might be the best pizza in Los Angeles…
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