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Redwood Bar and Grill Situated on the edge of the gentrified Bunker Hill neighborhood, Redwood Bar and Grill is a hipster oasis and live music venue with a kitschy swashbuckling theme. Los Angeles United States 34.0525041 -118.2468335
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Redwood Bar and Grill - Bar | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Situated on the edge of the gentrified Bunker Hill neighborhood, Redwood Bar and Grill is a hipster oasis and live music venue with a kitschy swashbuckling theme. From the large “X that marks the spot” on the awning to... ... read full review

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    Red Line: Civic Center; Purple Line: Civic Center

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  • Hours:

    M–F, Su 11am–2am, Sa 5pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Redwood Bar and Grill Review

The Scene

Situated on the edge of the gentrified Bunker Hill neighborhood, Redwood Bar and Grill is a hipster oasis and live music venue with a kitschy swashbuckling theme.

Situated on the edge of the gentrified Bunker Hill neighborhood, Redwood Bar and Grill is a hipster oasis and live music venue with a kitschy swashbuckling theme.

From the large “X that marks the spot” on the awning to the portholes, sails, and heavy cargo netting inside, the bar clearly spared no expense to create a pirate paradise for its artsy patrons.

A bar festooned with skulls and swords is usually packed with skinny boys and indie rock girls ordering cocktails, while beer-barrel tables and wraparound booths adorned with nautical ropes provide space to munch on fish tacos and contemplate the collection of sea-themed oil paintings, pirate flags, and vintage diving equipment.

Hipsters and music lovers tend to gravitate toward the small stage in the back to rock out to the local indie and punk bands, while those who need a break from the blasting music or simply want to concentrate on their microbrews can hang out in the auxiliary room fitted out with iron bars and fishing paraphernalia.

Loud and usually packed to the rafters with an exuberant young crowd, Redwood can definitely get crazy and is a good bet for those in the market for a new first mate.

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Tip from Jonah:

Trying to park downtown is always a bad idea, but if you show up just as a show is letting out at the Walt Disney Concert Hall or the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, you might get lucky and find some street parking. Time it right and save that money for an extra round…for someone else – that’s what you get for driving!

  • Crowd

    Hipsters, artsy types, and music lovers, 21 to 30.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music almost every night ranging from indie pop to punk. TVs tuned to sports. Internet jukebox.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu includes standard bar food and Mexican favorites. Happy Hour M–F 4–7pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge for bands $2–$15. Appetizers $4–$11, salads $8–$9, sandwiches and burgers $8–$13, entrées $9–$12. Beer $2–$6, cocktails $5–$13, mixed drinks $7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Hipster chic or completely casual: skinny jeans, leggings, t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Best nights vary depending on the bands, though Fridays and Saturdays are a sure bet for a capacity crowd.

  • Close By

    The old Bradbury Building (304 South Broadway) is around the corner. Check it out on part of an architectural tour of Downtown before boozing it up at Redwood.

Redwood Bar and Grill User Reviews

Average rating:
A good place to go
Ruowei Z. Apr 5, 2013
I was at the Redwood for the gig of Carsick Cars, the Gar and White+, which was an amazing experience. Besides the bands that are the main reasons that I went to Redwood, the bar itself is a fascinating underground livehouse in every way. It locates in the middle of no where in downtown, very deserted, giving a unique vibe to the bar and making parking never a problem. However, the surrounding neighborhood does not feel safe at all so I believe it is best you go with friends. Inside the bar, it's pretty sizable with many booths and seats at the bar. But the stage is rather small and so does the circle pit (I don't think there is one considering that the standing area is narrow and small). On the bright side, you get the ultimate intimacy with the bands performing. Foods there are normal American style (burgers and fries) with reasonable prices. We ordered burgers, nachos, and fries and the fries taste really good. Drinks are not expensive and I had lots of vodka. Redwood is everything you would expect of a underground livehouse (at least it lives to my expectations) and I say you should go for the bands!
Ship Song
Guy F. Mar 20, 2013
Below deck at the Redwood its easy to forget you're downtown and not really near anything else, except maybe The Smell. Gigs go down every night of the week and you can sit at the bar or captains tables and eat pub type fair. It gets to be a bit of a squeeze at the stage end of the galley when the shows are well subscribed, but there's plenty of room about the bar and a monitor which shows the bands on stage too. If you're a smoker there's a convenient semi-outdoor area as you enter the venue. You can take your drinks out there and there are tables to sit around. The highlight of the Redwood has to be the over the top decor. No stone has been left unturned in decking out every corner of the bar with a ship theme, including the chandeliers made out of ships helms and kitschy maritime paintings that hang from every wall. Redwood is a real surprise if you happen upon it downtown and feel like some good music, drinks or a meal.
Pirates in LA?
Paul F. Oct 18, 2012
So I've heard that the Redwood Bar and Grill doesn't like being called a pirate bar, but if that's the case, then don't put a treasure map with X marks the spot on the awning and have a bunch of nautical kitsch inside your venue. The bar itself is in a weird no man's land of downtown. The plus side is that there's plenty of street parking, the minus is that it's hit or miss if there will be people there. When you walk in, there's often a door guy collecting cover for that night's music. Cover at the Redwood Bar and Grill was only $5 when I went, but I'm sure it's band dependent. Once inside you're met by lots of punks and greasers there to see hard rocking music. There's almost always live music at the Redwood Bar, so if you go, make sure it's the kind you like. The place can get cramped, so be prepared to bang your head while shoulder to shoulder with the tatted and ripped shirt set. I'd say go if you like the band - don't if you don't.
Good music and cheap drinks
Lyle B. Oct 5, 2012
I'm sure a lot of people know this place from the karaoke scene in (500) Days of Summer, but they don't actually karaoke as there (as far as I know). But that's okay! It's much more of a dive bar, heavy on nautical/pirate themed decorations. It's a great place to get drunk on a budget and watch punk rock shows, which are almost always ten dollars or less. It can get pretty loud, but that's how music should be so stop complaining. It's located right in Bunker Hill so it fits into a nice pub crawl of classic downtown Los Angeles bars like La Cita and the Gallery Bar at the Biltmore (they're all in walking distance of each other). Convenient red line subway access - get off at the Civic Center stop.
A happy hour staple in Downtown
Melchor M. Sep 21, 2012
This is not "a hipster oasis", as the Party Earth review claims. Anyone who patronizes this place on normal, slow boring weekdays will mostly find the typical office people from around downtown sitting in groups in one of the many booths or single at the bar. Of course, given the on-going changes taking place in downtown, you do find a better mix of people now, but still it is not a "hipster oasis" BUT, if you happen to be there during a music event, then yea, be ready to feel that different vibe and crowd. Follow the basic advice for this scenario: look up the band or artist playing and predict the crowed from this. I like this bar because it is dark. Dark is a major criterion for a good traditional happy hour bar. It is somewhat small, though not uncomfortably small for a normal crowd. I don't know how people can pack this place for music, the stage is tiny. Others mention the Pirate, nautical, theme, but frankly it's just there. It really isn't trying to be a kitschy bar. This place used to have a phone booth connected to the nearby Los Angeles Times( you know before email and the internet) so that editors and journalists could keep working even while enjoying their drinks. Ahhh, nostalgia! To summarize: Expect relaxed bar during normal weekdays and happy hour. Good place to unwind and even have quiet conversation when nothing is going on. During music event, be prepared to pay a cover and be packed like sardine. I have never ordered food here, thought they have an on site kitchen and decent menu.
Arrrr ya ready for a fun time?
Lindy T. Aug 31, 2012
The Redwood Bar is a relatively tucked-away favorite of many LA locals. Though slightly intimidating from the outside due to the bouncer located behind iron bars, once you walk inside it is like every Jack Sparrow fan's dream come true. The bar is festooned overhead by a massive skull and crossbones (the crossbones constructed out of swords), the walls are draped with netting and heavy mainline rope, and the chairs have circular-backs that make them look like they belong in the captain's lodge of a rogue sailing vessel. Redwood Bar has friendly bartenders and a plethora of alcohol for all of your drinking needs. The clientele is generally a younger demographic, but all ages are welcome. The enclave in the back is perfect for local bands to perform, designed the be loud in the back for those who want to listen and softer in the front of the bar for those who don't. An ideal place to take friends, a laid back atmosphere, and tons of fun.
Fantastic Pirate/Nautical-Themed Bar
Ross S. Aug 20, 2012
Located next to the tunnel where they filmed the Bon Jovi video for 'It's My Life,' The Redwood is a quaint downtown bar with a pirate/nautical theme! The menu consists of American favorites like burgers and grilled cheese. The sweet potato fries are incredible. The stage at Redwood is small and intimate. The majority of concerts only cost between $5-$10! The crowd is made up of your average Angelenos. No Hollywood-trendiness going on here. Go!
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