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Piano Bar An incongruous gem tucked away on a quiet block in the heart of Hollywood, Piano Bar presents an ever-changing roster of live music and resident artists that bring a welcome and high-energy touch of New Orleans to LA. Los Angeles United States 34.0998613 -118.3306387
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Piano Bar - Live Music Venue | Piano Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review An incongruous gem tucked away on a quiet block in the heart of Hollywood, Piano Bar presents an ever-changing roster of live music and resident artists that bring a welcome and high-energy touch of New Orleans to LA... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 1pm–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Piano Bar Review

The Scene

An incongruous gem tucked away on a quiet block in the heart of Hollywood, Piano Bar presents an ever-changing roster of live music and resident artists that bring a welcome and high-energy touch of New Orleans to LA.

An incongruous gem tucked away on a quiet block in the heart of Hollywood, Piano Bar presents an ever-changing roster of live music and resident artists that bring a welcome and high-energy touch of New Orleans to LA.

Spirited groups of hipsters, young professionals, and scruffy rockers make their way across the railed walkway in the center of the room, as couples and small groups of music lovers huddle around high tables to chat and sip their specialty cocktails by the light of votive candles.

A wood and copper bar provides a place for regulars to shoot the breeze, while serious music lovers make a beeline to the couple of low tables in the back that offer a prime view of the old grand piano and the nightly performers belting out blues covers.

Those in need of a smoke break can move out to the outdoor patio, where all the cool kids gather to chat in the gas-flame glow of an antique street lamp.

A low-key vibe pervades during the week when the venue attracts more couples, but weekends see an influx of hip and enthusiastic patrons intent on throwing back a few, singing along, and maybe even dancing.

Jazz lovers looking for a place with a laid-back atmosphere and a true dedication to music will find it at Piano Bar, a cool venue that would no doubt make the Big Easy proud.

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Tip from Jonah:

Don’t miss the weekly Sunday BBQ event from 3 to 6pm – can’t beat it for live blues and free hot dogs on the patio.

  • Crowd

    Diverse mix of earthy hipsters, musicians, young professionals, and grizzled Hollyweird regulars, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live piano daily 5–7pm. Live music nightly, sometimes from 8pm, but usually from 10pm. Jukebox featuring retro tunes from the likes of Def Leppard, Frank Sinatra, and Dolly Parton. Ladies’ Night on Mondays features inexpensive wine.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Sunday BBQ 3–6pm features free hot dogs. Happy Hour M–F 4–7pm.

  • Prices

    Beer $4+, wine $7, cocktails $9–$10, mixed drinks $6+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, t-shirts, caps.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weeknights for low-key drinks, Fridays and Saturdays for lively sing-alongs.

  • Close By

    Hotel Café (1623 1/2 North Cahuenga Boulevard) is a good choice for a mellow night and more live music.

Piano Bar User Reviews

Average rating:
Tasty Drinks and Tickled Ivory
Yvonne B. Oct 29, 2013
Piano Bar is hands down my favorite bar in Hollywood. Before I moved here, a friend told me all about it because he use to live in LA and it was one of his haunts - so when we moved back, I definitely had to check it out; conveniently it is literally right around the corner from my job, so I got to kind of scope it out before ever visiting. When I finally did, I knew I was hooked. This place can get pretty busy every night of the week, but the crowd is rude or discourteous; everyone is just there to hear some great live music and enjoy so drinks - no pretense, no attitudes..save that for further West. Even when they get slammed, the bartenders at least acknowledge your presence - which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! The drinks are strong, but made well and are very decently priced. Another thing I love is the ample seating. Not only are there stools at the bar, but there are high top tables all along the perimeter, couches in the "performance" area, and benches and tables outside in the awesome smoking area. I ADORE the smoking area! I don't smoke myself, but all my companions do, so after getting drinks we always retire to the patio. People are super friendly and we usually always end up making a new friend or two! So, you know how I said there is always live music? It's true and it's always some vein of jazz or blues. Obviously there is piano (hello, it's called Piano Bar), but the musicians are varied in style, not talent. Every band or musician I have seen there has won me over, even the guys in the cowboy hats with their Muddy Waters-esque style of jamming. I do continue and will continue to visit Piano Bar and recommend it to everyone I like. It's like a place for people that don't get the snobby attitudes of the clubs and bars that make up the Hollywood area - and that's why it wins me over.
Let The Music Play
N. A. Aug 21, 2013
I will always hold a special place in my heart for Piano Bar. Why? It was the first bar my friends dragged me to when I first moved to Los Angeles and is now my go-to place whenever I grace the streets of Hollywood. And what do I love about Piano Bar? Lets go down the list: the array of talented musicians playing live music, the quiet outdoor patio where you can chill with friends, and for lack of a cover charge, which is great for those looking to save a few bucks. There's something classic about Piano Bar too; it wouldn't be too hard to imagine that Don Draper would dine here with a cigarette in one hand and scotch in another. While the place is rather casual, it's one of the most upscale venues in Hollywood. Whether you go in a group of close friends or try your luck chatting to a few strangers, Piano Bar is sure to never disappoint.
Great venue, music and vibe.
Michael B. Jun 22, 2013
The Piano Bar was the first place I went out to in LA. Having been here for a few weeks my best friend and I inadvertently befriended a group of guys studying at the Musicians Institute, and one night after a party at their hotel room we ventured with them to check out some live music. Centrally located and easy to get to, The Piano Bar was a welcome surprise. By the time we got their on a Friday night it had already drawn a decent sized crowd of people their to check out what turned out to be an impressive line up of bands. The décor was awesome, dimly lit throughout with candles on each of the small tables. Probably more at home among the jazz clubs of New York or New Orleans, the relatively small venue is broken into several different sections catering to your interest at any given moment. Opposite the well stocked bar their are tables and chairs to relax and talk, and then in the back of the venue there is a small stage for the bands. Several benches line the walls opposite, for those wanting a front row seat. The smoking section of the bar is a very cool cozy alleyway outside, illuminated by a vintage street lamp. The crowd was super chill, mostly young creative types, judging by their attire and demeanor, and it was easy to make some new friends. Some of the crowd was a little older, and appeared to be enjoying the vibe and the music alike. The drinks are reasonably priced and their was no line despite its popularity which was a great plus. Check out the line up of bands playing, as they continue to house talented musicians doing their thing. I have since been back several times, on busy and quiet nights, both of which are great fun depending on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. I look forward to my next night there.
Hollywood Nights
Arman H. Apr 12, 2013
My birthday landed on a recent Monday night. I told a few of the close friends that we should hit a bar and grab some drinks. Nothing big. The day before, my friend made a Facebook event and invited a bunch of others. Now we had to make a decision: where do we go? Well, it was Monday night after a long weekend, the majority of the group was recovering from a joint hangover on Sunday, and we all had to go back to work or school. I assumed nobody would show up, so I set my standards: find me a place with live music. It was either Piano Bar or some amateur night. About five of us showed up at 9:15, got some drinks, and I began to worry. An older lady was wailing her pain away on the piano and I declared to the group that we'd have to get the next round down the street. Before we could, Molly Durand came on and woke everybody up! It seemed the crowd doubled instantaneously and everybody was swaying one way or another. About thirty friends showed up and by the time Orlando Napier started playing, I was having a great birthday. The smoke zone out back was classy and comfortable, just like interior. The crowd, all music lovers (I happened to be in the right place) were great. If you plan to forget your lighter, you will make some good friends. Piano Bar is on a quiet side street, away from teenagers with tiaras and moms in skirts shorter than their four year olds. And that was a Monday night.
Hollywood Hideaway
Gloria I. Apr 3, 2013
Need to get away from the glaring lights of Hollywood? Venture forth into the darken side streets for some reasonably priced drinks and really great, FREE music. The Piano Bar is a good place to get lost in the crowd. It's usually packed, so if you would like a seat come early to claim your spot for the evening. The Piano Bar also has a great patio, close enough to hear the music over the din of conversation. Candles and sting lights make this a great date spot. You and your paramour can hideaway or mingle with the locals. And who knows, you may see a star or two, this is Hollywood after all.
Laurel D. Feb 22, 2013
I've never been to New Orleans, but The Big Easy of my imagination is the fine and mellow atmosphere of Piano Bar. Lighting is the backlit bottles behind the bar (which hosts an impressive whiskey collection) and the warm flicker of tabletop candles, the seats private, cozy corners and nooks that are happily shared when it gets crowded. It's got an understated "dive bar" swing and the soul of a small-town haunt. Piano Bar is a nest for good live music, especially jazz. The stage (which is actually a large back corner) is intimately placed and once a set begins music fills the entire bar. Save deep conversations for the smoking-patio and the bathroom. The crowd that waters at Piano Bar is a mellow, mixed bag of folks and they all stop in for pretty much the same reasons: enjoy a few drinks, have a friendly conversation with someone who's name you'll forget, and feel some good tunes. Nothing to it. And, in this grand city of make believe, that's what makes Piano Bar a gem: it's unassuming and authentic. It doesn't try to be anything but exactly what it is: a mellow hole-in-the-wall all about knocking back strong ones and appreciating some solid, live jazz. Easy.
Fun in Hollywood
Ross S. Dec 7, 2012
This place is always crowded & dark. The free performances make it worthwhile. The drinks are averagely priced and there is never a line to get in despite the large amount of people inside!
Jazz, Baby, Jazz
Wendy K. Nov 30, 2012
Piano bar has become one of my favorite haunts in Hollywood. Located a hop, skip, and a tickle of the ivories away from Hollywood Blvd., the atmosphere is a perfect blend of mellow and whirlwind. Any day of the week you will find couples getting closer on the low-slung settees, smoothly talented blues and jazz groups, and a lack of pretension that lends itself to an absence of pesky cover charges and guest lists. The chemistry that the layout creates allows all levels of partygoers to immerse themselves in the hazy glow of votive candles and the backlit bar. The entryway entices groups of friends interested in washing away their gruelling week with cocktails, the few feet of stage area attract a musically inclined, whiskey-tinged crowd, and the outdoor patio draws the boisterous shot-takers who aren't worried about an extra rasp in their voice after too many cigarettes. The drinks are reasonably priced, the bartenders pour heavy, and the happy hour is killer. The only words of warning I have are that everyone looks a lot nicer under the glow of flickering candles, endless booze, and the sweet sounds of jazz at Piano Bar.
Julie T. Nov 22, 2012
I've only gone once so far but when I went I loved it! that atmosphere was just chill and everyone was happy and having fun. There was a pretty cool band playing and I mainly just watched that and enjoyed a beer. The bar is long and narrow, more intimate. There is an outdoor patio for people who need a breath of fresh air or a smoke. I love the bathroom! Years and years of lipstick markings are left by patrons, I left my mark too although who knows if I could find it again if I went. This place is so far one of the only place I've liked in the Hollywood area because it's just chill and isn't so touristy. Check it out!
Jazz Heaven!
Laurel Y. Nov 18, 2012
The vibe here is so relaxed and so fun! I almost hesitate to gush about how great this place is, because part of its charm is that it's kind of a local secret. This is one of my favorite places to unwind after a long day; it's even a great weeknight spot. They have some of the best live jazz artists around and you never know who will stop by to jam out with the band! I have heard some of the regulars say that, without notice, certain jazz legends have come through to play an epic set for the unsuspecting patrons. On the weekends the place can get pretty packed, but everyone is generally very friendly; it's not a pushing and shoving kind of scene. The dim lighting and candles on the little tables add to the chic ambiance of this place. It is definitely worth a trip!
Feels Like New Orleans
Danny M. Sep 27, 2012
The Piano Bar has become one of my favorite places in Hollywood. A cool setting, strong drinks, and solid live jazz/blues have made a nice recipe to feel like you’ve been transported to somewhere in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It’s the kind of place where I feel like I should order whiskey…and they happily oblige. It can get pretty crowded on the weekend which will make it hard to get a table…but you really should not be sitting in this place and instead interacting with the friendly, chatty crowd or bopping up and down to the music coming from the trumpet, trombone, and tuba of the jazz band in the stage area.
Welcome change to Hollywood
Paul F. Sep 7, 2012
Piano bar is simply a-typical of the Hollywood bar scene. You walk in and are met by a dark room, live brass and piano bands, and a whiskey heavy bar with heavy-handed 'tenders. There are places to sit, but mostly it's standing room in this narrow dive as a ramp splits the place up the middle with booths on the left and the bar on the right. As you walk up the ramp, the band is set up in the back right of the bar, but if you turn left you head outside to their spacious patio. The crowds are young-ish mid 20s to mid 30s lovers of NOLA style live music. You'll see greased hair, tats, and piercings, but also young daters looking to impress and groups wanting to avoid the Hollywood club crush. Fun place, cheap-ish booze and always good live music. Enjoy.
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