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Key Club - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO Since 1998, Key Club has been known as one of the best concert venues in Hollywood. Located on Sunset Boulevard, Key Club occupies the space where the historic Gazzarri’s used to be - a premier venue where artists like... ... read more

Key Club Videos

Dilated Peoples Key Club Los Angeles "Proper Propaganda" + Babu DJ solo
Dilated Peoples Key Club Los Angeles "Proper Propaganda" + Babu DJ solo
Stratovarius - Destiny Live Key Club - Los Angeles October 7, 2009
Sonata Arctica Live In Los Angeles (Key Club)
Spacehog - In the Meantime (Live @ Key Club - Los Angeles - July 20 2010)
The Roots ft Mos Def "Double Trouble" at the Key Club in Los Angeles
Steel Panther at the Key Club

Key Club Information

Key Club - Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

Since 1998, Key Club has been known as one of the best concert venues in Hollywood. Located on Sunset Boulevard, Key Club occupies the space where the historic Gazzarri’s used to be - a premier venue where artists like The Doors, Van Halen, Tina Turner, and Guns N’ Roses used to perform.

The intimate venue has three stories and a 700-person capacity. The first level features the club’s ‘Plush Lounge,’ while the third level holds a restaurant, with clear views of the main level stage.

Regular entertainment at Key Club includes performances by a diverse range of artists, such as Kanye West, Incubus, Bon Jovi, The Roots, J. Cole, Far East Movement, and Mike Posner.

Key Club User Reviews

Average rating:
Key Club is the perfect spot for eighteen-and-overs to dance the night away.
Ariana A. Feb 22, 2013
Personally, I have some very fond memories of the Key Club. It was the first place I ever went to go clubbing once I turned eighteen, and it did not disappoint. Saturday's "Club Bang" shows are great; although the popularity of any given DJ is hit or miss depending on the day, I never found myself bored on the dance floor. Club Bang nights are especially great for those on a budget, as entry fee is discounted before 11:00. Unfortunately, those pocket-friendly prices don't resonate in nearby parking lots. Be prepared to drop up to a $25 flat rate if you plan to park as close to the club as possible. Friday nights are saturated with eighties music and tend to draw a slightly older crowd, so keep that in mind when choosing between Friday or Saturday night. Overall, I highly recommending breaking out your dancing shoes and checking out the Key Club during your time in Los Angeles.
I found the perfect show here!
Alexis M. Dec 3, 2012
One of my best nights out in Hollywood was at the Key Club. When I went to this club there was an event called "Carnival" going on. There were multiple dance choreographers showcasing their pieces and the entertainment was out of this world. I watched all styles of dance: from modern to hip hop and was on the edge of my seat all night. Not to mention the great beverages. Even the bathroom at this club was EXCEPTIONAL. There was a fully stocked candy bar and it was kept impeccably clean. I haven't experienced it on any night, but on that night. It was exceptional!!
Gotta wait for the right show
Nikki L. Aug 29, 2012
This is a great venue for a bigger party or show, but not necessarily a standing concert. There are lots of different areas; all of them are easy to walk around, but some are impossible to see the stage from. There are LCDs with a live feed around, though, and of course, a bar. Not to mention the Plush Lounge, which has separate acts every nights, and always looks pretty cool from where I'm standing. #swag. The location is totally central if you're a Sunset Strip kind of person. There's so much else to do around, and the decor and vibe of the Key Club will fit right in to the rest of your night. What used to be a little-known-fact is that one of the guys behind the Key Club runs, which regularly gives away any extra tickets to Key Club shows and more. When people didn't really know about the site, it was easy to win, but... cat's out of the bag. Every time I've been to the Key Club has been on one of these free tickets. It's not exactly my scene, but I can see why other people would like it, especially if you're into other Sunset Strip venues or if the right show comes along.
Every Rockaholic's fix
Sandip S. Aug 16, 2012
I am going to be a little partial to Key Club as this place is special to me for more reasons than one. The first time I visited the Key Club was when I saw "Which One's Pink" a Pink Floyd cover band (there is my first reason) - unfortunately I was born in an era where God incarnate Pink Floyd are no longer performing together but I got to see a cover band in an exclusive setting which makes Key Club special in my opinion. Being situated on the historic Sunset Strip itself works in its favor but more than that Key Club offers a personal setting with great acoustics for people who want to rock out and let the music do all the talking. You will love this place if you are all into 80's metal and want to relive that era. In addition, Key Club is a one of the venues that is a part of the legendary Sunset Strip Music Festival so I can't wait to get back there in a couple of days. Just a quick pointer to all those who need to relieve themselves after excessive beer guzzling, the restrooms are situated downstairs (for those of you wondering why I put this point in, it is so that you don't go bumping into people in the middle of a concert trying to look for a restroom and maybe I am speaking this from personal experience). The drinks are reasonably priced between 8-12 bucks which is normal for any club in the Sunset area but I would suggest some pre-drinking. So all in all if you are a rocker and a sucker for some classic rock then this is definitely a place to check out and oh yeah one of the biggest reasons why I love this place is because I met my girlfriend at this place.
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