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House of Blues Los Angeles Searching for concerts at the House of Blues in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for HOB's schedule and experience this incredible concert venue for yourself! Los Angeles United States 34.094873 -118.373786
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D'Angelo on stage at the House of Blues Los Angeles
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INFO House of Blues Los Angeles is a three-story concert venue, nightclub, bar, and restaurant located in the heart of West Hollywood. Opened in 1994, the venue has become a popular space for musical acts from rock & roll and... ... read more

House of Blues Los Angeles Videos

~~~*Enrique Iglesias "Hero" @ House of Blues Los Angeles, CA
~~~*Enrique Iglesias "Hero" @ House of Blues Los Angeles, CA
Justice & Mercy - House Of Blues Sunset Strip
Miley Cyrus - Liberty Walk (Live at House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA (6-21-10)
Jesse McCartney - Body Language (live in House of Blues Sunset Strip)
ZZ TOP singing Sharp Dressed Man on 08/21/09 at the House of Blues Sunset Strip LIVE SHOW
bad religion 3-18-10 house of blues los angeles is burning.AVI
Steel Panther and James Durbin - "Dont Stop Believing" Live at House of Blues Sunset strip

House of Blues Los Angeles Information

D'Angelo on stage at the House of Blues Los Angeles

House of Blues Los Angeles is a three-story concert venue, nightclub, bar, and restaurant located in the heart of West Hollywood. Opened in 1994, the venue has become a popular space for musical acts from rock & roll and gospel to blues and jazz.

With a 1,000-person capacity, the venue has hosted many concerts, one of its most notable being the last live performance by Tupac Shakur. Other artists who have played concerts at the House of Blues include Enrique Iglesias, Odd Future, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Billy Idol.

Crossroads at House of Blues, the venue’s restaurant, has an extensive dining menu of contemporary American dishes, and features live blues bands on Friday and Saturday nights.

House of Blues Los Angeles User Reviews

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If you want to expereince Hollywood attend a concert here
Cassandra B. Aug 6, 2013
House of Blues is huge making it the perfect place for artists and fans to come together and celebrate. Great sound system and spacious floor plans makes it an ideal place for dancers to party the night away. All the biggest names in Hollywood have performed at this venue. Another reason why I enjoy this location is because it offers a Gospel Brunch with live music so all genres of music are appreciated at this place. If you want to enjoy a concert this is place to attend.
Love it!
Samantha H. Jun 18, 2013
What an excellent venue. I have been two times for two different concerts, and both times, the staff was very friendly and helpful. It's all general admission, too, which I LOVE! It doesn't really matter where in the crowd you are. It always has such a homey, intimate, hospitable vibe to it. I felt like each band I saw there had a connection with the crowd that wasn't as possible as at other venues.
A Perfect Place for the Blues
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
So I went to this place when I was younger to attend a jazz concert, and from what I could recollect, I would say that I definitely had a good experience. Despite the band being a pretty obscure group, I would say that they found a way to make it work and the music really spoke to me. And when it came to the popular groups, like Enrique Iglesias, you get a performance that's out of this world. The staff are really friendly and the waiters were prompt with their orders, making the wait for food close to none. There's also a balcony up top, for anyone who wants to see the concert from afar, while the front row seats really help to better the experience.
Good Venue, Great Environment
Alec M. Apr 9, 2013
I went to a French Montana show here a couple weeks ago and despite an hour and a half delay to his set time, I still had enjoyable time (which I credit to the venue). Very convenient to enter (line was 5 mins), The House of Blues has a great vibe about it. Whether it was being in the heart of LA, the architecture of the venue, of the great hip-hop headed crowd, overall this was a thoroughly great concert experience. The crowd was not bothered by French's delay, and was perfectly content with the opening DJ playing everything from Wu-Tang to 'All Gold Everything'. Eventually the show started, much more intimate than I had expected. French and his Coke Boys were crowd surfing just feet from the area I was in. There was very little moshing or shoving and security seemed to have general control of the crowd. Leaving the venue was as easy as entering, and 5 minutes later I was in my car parked 2 blocks away. Great concert experience- would recommend the venue regardless of the performer.
Insider Tips
Saqqara M. Apr 5, 2013
The Sunset Strip hosts some of the cities most amazing concert venues including the House of Blues. No matter the genre, you and your crew are sure to be entertained. Here are a few tips I picked up. First, choose to dine at their in-house eatery before the concert. The food is good, reasonably priced, and puts you and your friends in the venue before any other concert goers. Second, if you can afford to, grab a table and enjoy your concert in a seat. While the main room is standing room only, there are tables near the rear bar available. The only caveat is you have to spend a minimum amount to have the table all night, however the cost split a few ways is nominal. Third, be sure to look out for your favorite artist in the crowd after their set. You never know who you'll see, so be sure you're camera ready before you post the pic of you and your favorite celeb on your social sites.
Always a fun time
Brittany H. Mar 29, 2013
The House of Blues is a great place to experience live music. The Voodoo Lounge is large enough that it won't feel too crowded, yet small enough to feel close and connected to the performers. Bars surrounding the stage make it easy to grab some water after a wild time in the pit or to chill out with a drink at the edge of the action. I have seen some awesome bands in the Lounge including All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Senses Fail, Emery, Dance Gavin Dance, and We Came As Romans. The sound was loud and clear at each show and I have never had a problem with being able to see the stage. I've also never had a problem with the staff or other people attending the show; in fact I've usually met some nice folk and struck up interesting conversation while waiting for the show to begin. The wait in line to get in the venue wasn't too long but I would suggest arriving a reasonable amount of time early to find parking and make sure you get in before the velvet curtain rises. If you want to avoid the wait completely you can buy merchandise from the company store or eat dinner at the restaurant (both located within the venue) and present your receipt to jump the line. I have also attended private shows at the Foundation Room located on the third floor of the venue. This room, however, is HOB member/VIP entrance-only. If you do have the opportunity to get up to the Foundation definitely check it out for a more intimate experience with live music as the stage is dropped to floor-level and you will most likely be able to chat with the musicians after the set.
Hot Tub Time Machine
Georgia B. Nov 28, 2012
The best event to see at the House of Blues is a rock concert. The vibe of the venue is so old and dirty, but dirty in the best possible way. Three bars make it easy to get alcohol, and the dance floor in front of the stage lets you get close the the band but is a decent size. I say Steel Panther here a few weeks ago, and the experience was great. It felt like we were in the eighties and it was a blast. I did have a problem with the bartender being rude, and I was a little creeped out by the venders in the restrooms, but it is definitely part of the experience. I would suggest seeing a show here while in LA. Tickets are cheap and it is really a blast.
Love it
Sawyer H. Nov 26, 2012
This venue is great to go see some bands or other performers. It is all general admission and the place is small so there isn't a bad place to stand and watch. They have great prices for beers. Parking is cheap and not hard to find at all. It is located on Sunset to it is easy to find a place to eat before. I have seen Miley Cyrus, Steel Panther, and Boyce Avenue there. They were all very different experiences and all equally great. I highly recommend going to Steel Panther if you get a chance. It's cheap and there's nothing like it
Great bands play here!
Carlos T. Nov 2, 2012
The House of Blues has drawn in a great mix of awesome artist, from punk rock, metal, blues, ska, rap and more. The artist that play on the stage are locally famous, or internationally famous, one of the best memories I had at the House of Blues, was watching My Chemical Romance perform after their debut release of their fourth album, Danger Days. My Chemical Romance had become an arena/stadium band, but i was lucky enough to catch a cozy performance of their at the House of Blues, and that is the type of connections that this venue offers. Linkin Park performed just this past months, 2012, and being at the heart of the hollywood sunset strip helps perpetuate this effect. This venues, in terms of size, is just right to catch up with up and coming/underground artists, or to see your favorite mainstream artist. The space consists of three different scenes, a dance floor or pit, a seating area with tables and waiters for drinks, and a third floor where you can catch the artist from different perspective. It is a small enough place to stroll around the venue that losing your friends in the mist of all the fun, should not be a problem. At this venue they display a lot of variety, and that is what makes this space a special one. With that said, I must say that the shows that I have participated in get sold out, at least by the time the doors open, so get your tickets online to garuntee your entrance! Lastly, the security is pretty strict, and it is an environment that provides no tolerance for an wild and brute actions. Also the venue is located on the sunset strip in the heart of all the celebrity and artist happenings, so traffic is always tight and you want to make sure to give yourself plenty of time before an event.
Stacy F. Oct 5, 2012
House of Blues on Sunset is a GREAT venue for a show. It’s big enough that it’s not terribly difficult to score tickets but intimate enough where you feel like you’re up close and personal with the artist. The acoustics are fantastic and it’s a great vibe (I guess depending on whom you’re seeing). It’s right in the heart of the world famous sunset strip so take that for what it is. Yes, there will be lots of traffic, expensive parking lots, drunk dbags roaming around, but the energy can be fun! If you’re looking for a low key time at the HOB, I highly recommend the Gospel Brunch every Sunday (about $40/adults -- cheaper for seniors and kids). I guess low key isn’t the right term because it’s definitely very high energy. But compared to the rock show/club feel of the weekend nights, it’s more mellow. Pretty good breakfast buffet, free flowing mimosas, and pure fun.
good rating
Kristine G. Oct 4, 2012
My favorite House Of Blues out of the 5 I've been to. Bad Religion shows are always awesome there!
Solid Smaller Concert Venue
Danny M. Aug 22, 2012
Went to my first concert at the House of Blues on Sunset a couple months ago. This was D'Angelo's first solo concert in LA in 12+ years and while not a huge fan I thought it would be a cool experience to see him and maybe some new material in a small setting. The tickets said showtime was 8:00 but I ended up standing in a long line outside waiting for them to open the doors until at least 8:30. I suppose if you want to guarantee a spot right on the stage you would need to get there super early and wait in line. Fortunately I took a date and had some good company to pass the time. Once inside I was generally impressed with the environment...every viewing angle is close whether on the floor in front of the stage, on the elevated level surrounding the floor, and I am sure the balcony as well (although I did not go up there). There were plenty of bars and drink stations which made for easy and generally quick access without having to drift too far away from the music and the action. You could even hang out at the bar and still have a good view of the stage. I will definitely go back here again. One bit of advice regarding parking – they have valet parking at HOB but I was worried it would take too long…there are a couple open surface lots across the street and one or two blocks away…only $10…made for an easy arrival and exit.
Foundation Room
Michelle S. Aug 22, 2012
When I went to the HoB for the first time, I loved the music but I thought the venue was a bit too big. I personally like smaller, more intimate venues, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I went back a second time away from the main stage. The Foundation Room is a members-only section located on the third floor of the HoB. I was invited as a guest of a member when I got to check it out last spring, and was completely surprised at how different this place was in comparison to the main concert area. The lounge is decked out with Indian-inspired decor, from intricately designed walls and ceiling gilded with gold, to plush, velvet coaches. The lounge is a chill alternative to the main hall, where patrons get to enjoy premium bar selections and live music.The performers are not elevated onto a stage so you literally get to be up close and personal with them, and they usually also hang around for a bit to chat. For me, the best part was getting to mingle with the performers before and after their sets and the fact that the noise level wasn't so intense that you couldn't hear yourself talk. In the next room over is the Prayer Room if you want to enjoy more privacy and quiet. The room is decorated with beautiful Hindi statues, more Indian-inspired furniture, and gorgeous tapestries and artifacts. The overall ambience was very relaxing and intimate.
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