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Hollywood Bowl Looking for concerts at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, & more for this one-of-a-kind concert venue! Los Angeles United States 34.112959 -118.338633
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Hollywood Bowl - Amphitheater | Concert Venue | Landmark in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. What makes this venue so special is its backdrop: the historic “Hollywood” sign and the grassy hills that encompass it. While performances... ... read more

Hollywood Bowl Videos

U2 The Edge Bono Bill Clinton Concert Lady Gaga The Edge Of Glory Live Performance 2011 EMA
U2 The Edge Bono Bill Clinton Concert Lady Gaga The Edge Of Glory Live Performance 2011 EMA
The Doors Live At The Hollywood Bowl Part 1 Of 7
Morrissey Live at the Hollywood Bowl 2007 (pro shot)
The Beatles - Live Hollywood Bowl (part1)
Lady Gaga You And I Live Performance Bill Clinton Concert Rihanna We Found Love Music Video
Born This Way -Lady Gaga- Hollywood bowl
Paul McCartney - Live & Let DIe 3-30-10 at Hollywood Bowl
Radiohead- Tell Me Why- Live Hollywood Bowl Neil Young 8-25
SHINee Hollywood Bowl KMF 2009 Replay + Amigo (fancam)
Ben Harper Steal My Kisses Live Hollywood Bowl
Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" Hollywood Bowl 2012
Lady Gaga Sings for President Bill Clinton | Part 1

Hollywood Bowl Information

Hollywood Bowl - Amphitheater | Concert Venue | Landmark in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. What makes this venue so special is its backdrop: the historic “Hollywood” sign and the grassy hills that encompass it.

While performances at the Hollywood Bowl typically include major musical concerts, the venue often hosts large-scale comedy shows as well. The Bowl gets its name from its main feature, the concave musical shell that arches over and protects the stage.

The Bowl has been featured in over 20 films and television shows and is often frequented by celebrities looking to catch their favorite live musical talents. Musical performances range from classical to reggae to pop and rock. In the summer, the Los Angeles Philharmonic uses the Bowl for their performances, and the Bowl is the permanent home of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. The Beatles, Elton John, Blink 182, and Coldplay are among other big-name musical performers at the Hollywood Bowl.

Annual shows at the Hollywood Bowl include an Independence Day concert and fireworks show, and the Playboy Jazz Festival.

One of the coolest characteristics of the Hollywood Bowl is that it offers many dining options. The Bowl is known for its box seating, which allow guests to have picnics before or during shows. The box seating puts audiences members directly in front of the stage and allows them to enjoy fine dining or a picnic-style feast prepared by the Patina Restaurant Group.

With its 18,000-person capacity the Hollywood Bowl always has a lively and energetic crowd and is the perfect place to dance the night away.

Hollywood Bowl User Reviews

Average rating:
Awesome Outdoor Music
J W. Nov 8, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl plays host to a number of outdoor music events multiple times each year. The one event you're sure to find me, though, is the annual Playboy Jazz Festival, which takes please mid-June. I love taking my father there as a Father's Day gift, and vibing to amazing live music acts that know just how to get you out of your seat and onto your feat in seconds. Each time we go we end up seeing tons of people that we know, which makes the experience that much better. But don't get me wrong, it's not hard at all to meet new people and run into some famous faces that will make you feel comfortable regardless of who you go with. Everyone is always there to have a good time and take part in the beauty of the universal language that is music.
Great shows, even better prices
Feli O. Sep 16, 2013
I've gone to watch performances at the Hollywood Bowl in high school every year, and I have never been disappointed. The Hollywood Bowl plays host to many musical performances, sing-a-long movie nights, and live theatre shows, and the fireworks that accompany many of the shows are spectacular. With the way the venue is set up you can get good quality sound no matter where you are seated, and for those looking to save a few bucks by purchasing seats higher up, there are giant screens on each side of the Bowl so you never miss any of the action happening onstage. For the most part, tickets to watch performances here are relatively cheap compared to buying them at venues elsewhere. I've seen people have picnics on the winding walkways leading up to the Bowl, which allows patrons to save even more money on food and drinks, although concessions are sold there as well. Because it is an outdoor theater, you are also exposed to the elements; in the fall, it's best to bring a jacket (and maybe a blanket too, if you wish). Parking is difficult, especially on leaving the venue, but it's a small price to pay for quality shows.
Tucked Away and Fantastic
Ashleigh C. Aug 10, 2013
Parking is a pain but if you pay a nearby lot and make the short trek over, it is so worth it! I watched the orchestra that played for Lord of the Rings here and it was amazing. The acoustics are fantastic, the seats were great, and the backdrop was beautiful! It was a perfect, warm summer night. I highly recommend getting here for the best concert of your life!
Dollar Seats @ the Bowl
John T. Jun 29, 2013
I haven't done this for years, but it used to be that in March(ish) you could go to the Bowl website and start buying up bundles of seats way way up for $1-$6 a seat. You had to act fast because the cheap seats sold out quickly, but I remember at least two summers where my wife and I went to the Bowl with at least two friends on a weekly basis and our total ticket expenditure was under $200. I've known people to pay $200 for one ticket. We never cared if we sat in the way back. We could still hear/see and we spent the cash we saved on wine and picnic stuff. If you get the chance next March, give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.
Great for the Family
Chris S. Jun 5, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl is a favorite among many LAgoers. It's an open venue with large amounts of seating that's at a very reasonable price. It's great to go to for a picnic with the family because you can bring your own food and blankets and enjoy some music out under the stars. No need to worry about leaving the kids at home, they'll have just as much fun here as the parents will. I've been here for numerous events and it's always good family bonding time. The sound is simply SPECTACULAR, but one could only assume that from a concert venue. The bowl's sound system however is laid out so perfectly that each person even in the nosebleeds gets a full experience of what's going on onstage. Definitely a must go if you're visiting or if you just want somewhere to go in the summer.
The Great Outdoors
Ricardo B. May 6, 2013
Summer months in Los Angeles are great for stargazing, whether at a hot new movie release, meandering up and down Hollywood Boulevard, or, my personal favorite, catching a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. The 18,000-seat amphitheatre, resting in an enclave in the Hollywood Hills just north of Hollywood and Highland, is a classic Hollywood staple, putting on daily musical performances during warm summer evenings. Since the bowl’s 1922 inauguration, the venue has been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, L.A.’s premier orchestra directed by celebrated Venezuelan conductor, Gustavo Dudamel. The orchestra typically performs 2-3 times a week during the summer, therefore, the rest of the week can belong to a variety of musical genres. Considering that the Bowl has featured performances by The Beatles, Radiohead and The Doors, don’t be surprised to find your favorite band stopping through during their summer tour. One of the venues greatest traditions is its multiple sing-a-long performances, where a live orchestra plays to video clips of Grease or The Sound of Music while the audience sings along to their favorite tunes. If you’re looking for the perfect date, the Hollywood Bowl allows their guests to bring a picnic during non-leased performances. If you’re not much of a cook, there are several restaurants across town that sell specialty picnic meals specifically to take to the Bowl. Or, you can simply stop by your local market and grab a baguette, some Brie and an unpronounceable bottle of wine to show your love interest how sophisticated you are. Don’t forget a bottle opener! The venue also offers numerous performances that contain live fireworks at the end of the show, increasing the level of romance. The magnificent bowl shape of the venue allows for sound to travel wonderfully, so you’ll never, ever witness a more astonishing performance of Ravel’s Bolero. That said, all sound moves well here, so even though it’s an outdoor venue and the ambience is mesmerizing and you really want to explain to your friend who’s sitting five meters from you how captivating the Bowl is right in the middle of the Andante movement of Brahms’ Third Symphony, your whispers will travel a long way, so remember to be respectful.
The Most Beautiful Venue
Nicole J. Apr 15, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl is a must see regardless of if you're a tourist or a local! If you're passionate for architecture, music, or scenery this is the place for you. The amazing white rounded arches not only serve as a beautiful structure, but also provide the amazing acoustics that the Hollywood Bowl is so well-known for. You're bound to see incredible musicians at the Hollywood Bowl, from Phil Collins to Journey, it's one of music's biggest and most important stages. The best part is, the Hollywood Bowl is tucked up in the hills of Los Angeles, giving an outdoor concert feel, who doesn't love that? Most people get to the venue early, bring a picnic dinner, and enjoy a nice meal in the beautiful scenery and because it is in Southern California, the weather is usually amazing!
Great Venue for Anything
Emily B. Mar 27, 2013
No matter your tastes, I guarantee that you can find an event at the Hollywood Bowl that will pique your interests. I’ve been to symphony performances, an acrobat show, musicals, and movies. You can eat one of the gourmet food selections or you can do what I do and pack your favorite picnic and eat on the grass before the show. While the Bowl is best on warm summer nights, it is also quite pleasant to bundle up and bring a blanket to the autumnal performances. While parking is not very convenient, there are several fuss-free shuttles that will take you directly there.
awesome venue to see performances!
Duane L. Mar 25, 2013
I went to the Hollywood Bowl last summer to watch an orchestral concert featuring some of the most famous songs from Disney Pixar films. I sat very far in the back (cheapest seats in the house) and yet I could hear every note with excellent clarity. The acoustics in the Hollywood Bowl are amazing. No matter how far back you are, you can hear everything very well. The big criticism I have of the Hollywood Bowl is the parking situation. It’s expensive to park up there (over $20) but inconvenient to park down low and walk up to the stadium. When it comes to parking, you’re basically screwed either way. Still, the experience of being at the Hollywood Bowl is worth it.
Guaranteed magical night
Anh L. Mar 23, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl is amazing. I would come here all the time if I could. With a thermus filled with hot cocoa in hand and a blanket to sit on or wrap myself in, I'm all set for a memorable night every time I come to the Hollywood Bowl. Tickets in the picnic area can be as cheap as $1, and can be very romantic. A lot of couples also bring wine and snacks. It really doesn't matter where you sit. The view and sound is amazing from any seat. Another perk of sitting in the picnic area is having enough room to get up and dance. Music is also guaranteed to be excellent- so even if you have no idea who the performer is, that's ok! Come anyway
Summer Fun!
Les S. Mar 22, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl is just one of those historic places that one hears about, but it is very underrated at times. During the summer they offer tons of concerts and it is a really enjoyable place to spend an afternoon. During concerts one can bring a picnic basket and have a nice dinner while listening to great music, best part is that they allow people to bring in wine bottles unlike other venues. Not only is it a great location to go enjoy a concert and nice picnic, but it is surrounded by nature and when the sun starts to set you get to see the sunset.
Let's live in the music
Shasha S. Feb 24, 2013
Hollywood Bowl, strongly recommend! You can listen to beautiful music while be close to the nature. Fresh air, enchanting music, awesome fire works, what a wonderful life! Take some wine and snacks, beginning your picnic with your friends with the accompany of music. I love this kind of ambience!
An experience to never forget
Jarred K. Feb 24, 2013
This was my first-ever concert venue at the prime age of 17 years old. It was a graduation present for myself to go see Gnarls Barkley perform. The atmosphere there was ecstatic and the excitement was all around us when we arrived to the Bowl. People were lying on the grass asking for tickets and I couldn't stop smiling on my way to the security check. Walking by the CD and T-shirt stands, we saw the stage entrance. Walking into the rows of seats, I started to look back at the stage, which made everything better. As the night went on, the sun started to set and the stage lights turned on. Everyone knew it was the time to party. The place was full without an empty seat in sight. The huge screens lit up with Cee-Lo's face and the crowd went nuts. We had Anna Faris and Chris Pratt sitting just two rows ahead of us and they were joining in on the fun. It is still the best concert I have ever been to and the it is in fact the best venue I have ever visited. If anyone can get the chance to go see anything there, grasp that opportunity.
A show under the stars
Jason D. Feb 22, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl is a must-see for Los Angeles locals and tourists alike. While it may not offer the up close and personal views of a smaller venue, the location and ambiance more than make up for it. I've seen several concerts and shows here: Robyn, Kylie Minogue, the Hollywood production of Rent, and the LA Philharmonic. All were fantastic. The sound travels really well all the way to the back of the venue so no matter where you're sitting, you'll hear a great show. The venue is very well-kept and clean, with great security and a friendly atmosphere. It's great to arrive early with some snacks and beverages and hang out before the show at one of the picnic areas around the venue. The Bowl often has movie sing-a-longs and special screenings of favorite films; they even have fireworks at some shows! You need to visit this place at least once. Download their iPhone app to easily view the schedule of shows coming up. Tip: Check out http://www.hollywoodbowl.com/visit/getting-to-the-bowl to see if there is a shuttle or park and ride location near you. Much less expensive than driving yourself and saves you from spending a lot of time waiting for the stacked parking to let out. Definitely worth doing this!
Historic L.A. venue that is as spectacular as advertised
Michael G. Feb 15, 2013
As a lifelong music fan, I'd always wanted to see a show at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. So it was with great anticipation and excitement that I bought tickets to see Hot Chip, Passion Pit, and Omar Souleyman perform last summer; I'll admit that I was a little nervous about whether the Bowl could up to its storied reputation as one of the most iconic venues in the United States. Let me just say that all of the hyperbole is justified and more. All three musical acts were spectacular - Hot Chip in particular put on one of the greatest sets that I have ever seen in person. Every facet of my Hollywood Bowl experience was stellar. The acoustics, lighting, concessions, and security were all top-notch. The late-summer weather bathed the venue in a steamy humidity that only added to the Bowl's incredible ambience. My friends and I all agreed that the Hollywood Bowl is an unforgettable venue and absolutely a must-visit place for any serious music fan.
Famous and fun
Nathan W. Feb 7, 2013
There's no concert venue in LA that's more popular with fans or more revered by the bands who play there. I went there this past summer for a Kelly Clarkson concert that also featured The Fray and Carolina Liar. The open-air arena was filled to capacity and the sound was awesome. The venue has walkable mini-stages out in the crowd, so the performers can come right up to you no matter where your sitting. Parking here, however, is a nightmare so come very early or plan paying a lot to park in a lot a few blocks away. While, these days the Staples Center and Nokia Theater get the bigger acts more frequently, there is no better music venue than the Hollywood Bowl.
An amphitheater that lives up to its reputation
Kelly M. Jan 23, 2013
One of my goals in life was to attend a concert at the historic Hollywood Bowl. LA is the music hub of the world and the Bowl is one of the areas most prized landmarks but being that I'm from the east coast, it seemed like I might have to wait to cross this item off my bucket list. However, I managed to get tickets to see Mumford & Sons at the Bowl and it seemed almost too good to be true. My favorite band at one of the coolest venues in the world. Life couldn't get any better. The crowds are quite much, since the amphitheater is HUGE but it's not to the point where you're waiting in line for hours. Another problem is that the tickets can be quite expensive (my Mumford tickets wer $50 for seats in the back section) but it was worth the money. Throughout the entirety of the concert, I kept smiling to myself because of how incredible the venue was. To be sitting outside on a clear night, watching Mumford & Sons with the Hollywood sign in my far view, life couldn't get much better. I know I'll never forget the first time I went to the Bowl, and if you get the chance to go, you won't either.
Los Angeles' most Epic amphitheater
Lauren A. Jan 17, 2013
The Hollywood Bowl has been a prominent venue in both my childhood and early adult hood. I have memories of seeing bands from N'Sync to The Dave Matthews Band, as well as Animal Collective, and Ziggy Marley performing there. Being 21, I am now able to bring alcohol. The venue is awesome and huge. All outdoors, on a Summer night, great music, and a great merlot-I couldn't ask for more. Bring your own food (cheese, crackers, sandwiches) in addition to alcohol and you can have yourself a pseudo picnic. The front section has chairs, while the upper section (cheaper seats) have benches. Being a college student, I don't mind the benches ;) Not only does the venue have an epic stadium, but there is vast amounts of history had at this place! Legends from all genres have performed there. From the Beatles, to Brad Paisley, the Hollywood bowl will have an artist that you will love. Only downside? The parking can be a pain. But what venue has exceptional parking? Make sure to bring a sweater, it can get chilly at night-even in the paradise we call LA.
Unpopular Opinion Alert
Brett C. Dec 20, 2012
The Hollywood Bowl is one of my least favorite places to see a show in Los Angeles. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the history of the venue, which has seen the likes of everyone from The Beatles to Mumford and Sons, I love that I can bring my own food and drinks inside, and the acoustics are great, but the actual concert-going experience leaves a lot to be desired. Ticket prices tend to have a large range (the place is huge, so this makes sense), but tickets for any reasonable price have left me far enough back and high enough up that I am relegated to either watching the performance on the video screens beside the stage or squinting at the specks down below. I much prefer Verizon Wireless or an arena for big-name concerts where this isn’t an issue. The parking lots that I’ve parked in have all been stacked parking, which means you have to sit and wait for enough people in front of you to leave before you can snake your way through the lot – it has taken me up to an hour just to get out of the parking lot before. As much as I want to love the Hollywood Bowl like everyone else, I tend to avoid anything booked there unless I simply can’t miss it.
Eleni S. Dec 2, 2012
THe hollywood bowl is a great concert venue. It is outdoors, allowing for a cool atmosphere. I have been to several shows at this theater and have been satisfied every time! Like the review below, I usually go to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, just because it is closer to my house. If i lived closer to the Hollywood Bowl, I would definitely choose that over the Verizon Amphitheater though. There is not a bad seat in the house and from each seat you are able to hear everything. I definitely recommend going to the Hollywood Bowl if you are ever in Los Angeles and want to have a good time with family and friends!
Great Concert Venue
Katherine R. Nov 30, 2012
The Hollywood bowl is incredible. Usually for outdoor concerts I go to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, which can’t even hold half of the people that the Hollywood Bowl does. I was so amazed by clear the music quality was, despite how big the venue was, and its outdoor location. Because of its large size, its worth it to pay more and sit closer to the stage so you should definitely try to get good tickets to whatever event you are seeing. It gets chilly at night too so that is another thing to take into consideration when attending a concert outdoors.
Awesome Concert Venue
Golda C. Nov 29, 2012
I'm not a huge fan of concerts in general because I hate standing for long periods of time and unnecessarily loud music, but I love this place. I saw Bill Clinton's birthday celebration, Pixar and John Williams in Concert here and they were all great shows. The sound acoustics are amazing. You can get the cheap seats in the back and still hear absolutely everything. Also, the fact that you're outside in the middle of foresty-hills listening to great music is mind-boggling. Definitely see a show here while you're in the area!
Great venue
Amanda A. Nov 28, 2012
Growing up in Los Angeles I have been to the Hollywood Bowl for a variety of shows and concerts and I have loved it each time. My favorite thing to do is sit in the box seats or get their early to hang out in the benches and eat a picnic dinner with friends or family before the show. This outdoor amphitheater tucked in the hillside just feels so cozy and is a great venue for any kind of show. This venue is able to host a lot of big names because it is so large and even though seats in the back are not ideal, they are usually inexpensive and the acoustics of the venue help you hear just as well. Go see a concert or show here if you haven't!
Great Concert Experience
Betsy S. Nov 28, 2012
I definitely recommend seeing a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The atmosphere makes the music 10 times better. I saw Fleet Foxes there last year and the sound was amazing! It is a smaller venue so you feel like you are right there with the band. Go go go!
Iconic LA Ampitheater
Becca M. Nov 28, 2012
A concert at the Hollywood Bowl is one of those iconic LA experiences that lives up to the hype. Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, the open air amphitheater is an incredible backdrop for great music. The venue draws some big names. I saw John Mayer, Tegan and Sara, and Phoenix there last year and loved each show at the bowl. The thing to do is arrive early with a blanket and a picnic of wine and cheese in tow. That way you avoid overpriced wine and snacks at the venue. The cheap seats in the far back are on benches and the acoustics are less than ideal, so you might want to spring for seats in the middle or closer to the front to get the most out of the experience. I definitely suggest seeing a good show at the Hollywood Bowl.
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