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Greek Theatre Searching for concerts at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for the Greek's schedule & experience this famous concert venue for yourself! Los Angeles United States 34.117677 -118.292533
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Greek Theatre - Concert Venue | Landmark | Theater in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Greek Theatre is a small, outdoor music venue in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. The Greek’s name comes from the shape of its stage, built in 1929 to resemble a Greek temple. The capacity at the Greek is just under 6... ... read more

Greek Theatre Videos

Adele - Someone Like You Finale (Greek Theatre Los Angeles 2011)
Adele - Someone Like You Finale (Greek Theatre Los Angeles 2011)
Journey Concert, Greek Theatre Los Angeles California
Live - Heaven - Greek Theater
Joss Stone - Jet Lag
Tori Amos - "Sugar" - Live at The Greek Theatre
Goo Goo Dolls "Not Broken" Greek Theatre LA Aug 29 2010

Greek Theatre Information

Greek Theatre - Concert Venue | Landmark | Theater in Los Angeles.

The Greek Theatre is a small, outdoor music venue in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. The Greek’s name comes from the shape of its stage, built in 1929 to resemble a Greek temple.

The capacity at the Greek is just under 6,000, making it an intimate show space recognized by Pollstar Magazine as North America’s Best Small Outdoor Venue.

Events at the Greek Theatre include live musical concerts in all genres featuring performers like Neil Diamond, Goo Goo Dolls, Janet Jackson, Maroon 5, and Florence and the Machine.

The award-winning theater played a central role in the Universal Pictures movie Get Him to the Greek, featuring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

Much like the Hollywood Bowl, there are box suites at The Greek Theatre, which include food baskets, and can be ordered online prior to a show. The theater also serves Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs to show goers.

Greek Theatre User Reviews

Average rating:
A Must Attend
Igor T. Nov 24, 2013
In the film “Get Him to the Greek”, Jonah Hill’s character was very adamant about getting rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to the Greek Theater for his performance. Before attending this beautiful venue, I wondered why the Greek? The Greek Theater is nestled in the hills of Griffith Park. As you drive through the tall, green pine trees, you quickly realize how special this venue is. Seating about 6000 people, this historic outside concert venue has seen numerous legends grace the stage. My girlfriend and I were blessed to have the opportunity to see R&B artist, The Weeknd perform in September, and we were both impressed with everything the Greek had to offer. The seating was very comfortable with not a bad seat in the house. What made this concert epic was the sound. The acoustics were sharp, the music was just the right level of loudness, and the bass was perfect. We both had an amazing experience and left the theater saying it was the best venue/concert we had ever been to. For that, I give equal credit to the venue as well as the artist. The only downside of our experience was the parking. There is only one road driving up into the Greek Theater hills, and the traffic entering was very heavy. Once we finally arrived, the parking was ‘stack’ parking, which became a minor issue when leaving as we had to wait for a few other cars to leave because we were blocked in. However, this is a minor blimp on the radar of the most amazing show we had ever been to. This venue is a must for concert goers at least once in their lifetime. Now I finally understand why Jonah Hill went through leaps and bounds to get Aldous Snow to the Greek.
Venue Made for Magic
Kaitlin M. Aug 9, 2013
My favorite concert venue in L.A. I try to make it a point to see one show there a season. It's relaxing and cozy, and the perfect place for a romantic date, a fun night with friends or even a family evening of bonding. The open-air amphitheater is surrounded by a beautiful wood, where I've glanced over to see a family of raccoons, sharing the concert with us! The stage is intimate enough that I've seen two separate acts perform completely unplugged, and both acoustic renditions were amongst the most beautiful moments I've ever witnessed. Even in the back tier (affordable seats!), the sound is alive and raw, and the buzz in the air tends to shut even the most obnoxious of concert goers' mouths. If you get a chance, and happen to enjoy good music and a blissful evening, VISIT THIS VENUE, you won't regret it.
Awesome spot for outdoor concerts
Betsy J. Jul 23, 2013
By far my favorite spot for outdoor concerts in LA. Sure, I love the Bowl but the Greek still tops it. I like the drinks on the deck at the café or at the bar where are the vendors are. My favorite time was seeing Chris Isaak. We were in line at the bar outside where a young female Australian solo singer was on stage pre-show. Standing smack in front was Chris himself, wearing khakis and a white shirt holding his little white dog. He stood there just watching her play, then said a few words to her when she was done. Love, love, love him (and this place).
Catharsis for the Soul
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
So my first time here was actually around August, 2012, during the summer. It was hot, sticky, and definitely a lot of people crowded around you, but I would say that it was totally worth it. I am a huge fan of Colbie Caillat and Gavin Degraw, and since this was my first time seeing them in concert, I had high expectations; surprisingly enough, the Greek Theatre satisfied my expectations. They have really good speakers, incredibly sound quality, and an open air venue that really allows you to enjoy the concert with your fellow fans. In fact, this place is so great that I am going to return to this venue to see Postal Service's performance during the summer. The only thing I would watch out for is that the venue gets cold during the night and the food is okay, but it's definitely worth the sacrifice in order to see your favorite band up there on stage.
Wonderful intimate venue
Monica R. Apr 9, 2013
I've seen Ringo Starr twice here and they've been great concerts. No matter where I've sat, I've still felt very close to the stage and the sound was wonderful. Ringo uses a lot of artists, which means lots of instruments. Instead of having an echoey sound, the sounds flows out into the theater. If you're not sitting along the sides of the stage, I believe the seats in the middle past the "pit" were very close and could slightly be too close but I don't remember since I sat in that section 5 years ago. The food is alright, just your typical concert venue food though they do have some additional options nearby that you can get. It's always nice to go in the summer because it doesn't get too cold, despite it being outside. I am not fond of the location though. You must leave early for your event, for traffic becomes backed up on the winding neighborhood roads on the way up. Also the parking is back to back and you're locked in so there's no way to get to leave early.
Aesthetically and Acoustically beautiful
Karen E. Dec 3, 2012
I've lived in LA for a little over a year now and the best two shows I've seen here have been at the Greek Theater. It is aesthetically and acoustically beautiful. Unlike so many theaters in the LA area, bands are balanced, blended and mixed expertly. The Greek’s intimate, outdoor seating is surrounded by trees allowing the listeners to feel distanced from LA’s bustle and completely immersed in the music they came to experience. Not to mention, we live a magical place with nearly perfect weather all the time; who wants to spend their time out of the office stuffed in a sweaty concert hall? In my opinion (other than their insane parking system), the Greek is as close to perfect as a concert venue can get.
An Ethereal Music Experience
Sarah W. Nov 30, 2012
An Ethereal Music Experience Nestled in the hills of Los Feliz, the intimate Greek Theatre is an outdoor amphitheater coveted by musicians as the championed concert destination on the west coast. The Greek Theatre offers a rare opportunity to take in the Los Angeles night skyline amidst world-class performers on stage. Whether wrapped in a quilt cozying up to your date, or munching on a pretzel offered by the snack kiosks, the “Greek” will last as a memorable venue to cool off and appreciate the natural beauty of L.A. in the after-hours.
Great Concert Venue
Zoë C. Nov 29, 2012
The best concert I’ve ever been to was at the Greek. Built into the side of a mountain, the outdoor theater feels intimate regardless of the seat you end up in and the sound system is incredible. With the starry sky overhead, you could not ask for a better atmosphere. The one negative is related to getting there and then parking. You wind quite a ways up a mountain to then become trapped in their unusual parking configeration. After they have taken your money to park, you are then directed to a large field to park in. The problem is that the way they make you park your car, you are trapped in on all sides by other cars. They call this ‘stacked parking,” not something I’ve ever seen in Memphis, Tennessee. Thus, there is no way to leave the concert early. Next time I go, I will not park in their paid parking, rather, I will parking on the side of winding mountain street and walk.
Pure Magic!
Megan F. Nov 29, 2012
The Greek Theatre is one of the most distinctive landmarks of Los Angeles culture and musicality. Just moments from the Griffith Observatory, containing breathtaking views of the city, the Greek Theatre lends itself magically to any concert-going experience. The amphitheatre is surrounded by high-standing trees, making it one of the most unique places in all of LA to see a show. Weather-permitting, which it usually is in LA, you can even get a glimpse of some twinkling stars above the beautifully set stage below. The Greek Theater is truly one of the most magical musical platforms, turning performances into experiences to be remembered. I recently had the honor of attending the Greek’s last show of the season. Steve Winwood’s music almost sounded like it was written specifically to be heard in an environment like the Greek!
Similar to HB
Georgia B. Nov 28, 2012
The Greek Theatre in LA is a super unique outdoor concert venue and is an amazing experience. Similar to the Hollywood Bowl this venue is nestled against a mountain surrounded by trees, and the night sky is clear and vast.However, there are many down sides to the location. When I went I was cold and my seats were pretty far away. Tickets are pretty expensive and get sold out quickly. Also the calendar is not very full in the off season, and your best bet is to go in the summer. They do get really cool artists though, and I would suggest seeing a show here if your in LA.
Best place to go out on a date!
Jems A. Nov 12, 2012
The Greek Theater is the best place to go out for an evening concert. The outdoor casual setting in the Hollywood Hills is a perfect place for a very romantic evening. Its size compared to the Hollywood Bowl make it just perfect! Couples wrapped themselves with warm blanket ,hugging, kissing and of course, enjoying smooth jazz music and the likes! I'll always give this place a perfect "10".
Bowl vs. Greek...who will win for BEST...CONCERT VENUE...EVER?
Jayson M. Nov 9, 2012
Stellar. That’s all I can really say. This place is perfect. Perfect location, perfect size, perfect sound, it’s all perfect. Relaxing outdoor atmosphere, incredible viewing angles, and well kept facilities all the way down to the pristine bathroom. Built into a hill in Griffith Park, it kind of remind me of a smaller version of the Hollywood Bowl. You should also go to the Bowl if you have never been, by the way, as both of these continually batter for First Place ranking of my Best LA Concert Venue list. With trees surrounding you, it’s like the city is a million miles away. One word, though: CARPOOL! Or get there early! When the wife and I see a show here, we usually show up a couple hours early and do a nice hike up to the lookout point above the Griffith Observatory. Nice thigh buster to get you ready for some great music.
Greek Theatre: “My Big Fat Greek Saturday Night”
Cassie N. Oct 5, 2012
If you’re looking for a great way to spend a Saturday night in Los Angeles, the Greek Theatre is the place to be! Not only is it a beautiful concert venue, but the acts that perform there are superb. As you walk in, you are greeted by a large Greek façade, but when you take your seat you may think you are at the Hollywood Bowl as a beautiful LA night sky and lush trees surround you. But if you ask me, the Greek is even better than the bowl in that it is much smaller and more intimate. As for the crowd… I went for a Bonnie Raitt concert so I was intrigued and very pleased with the size, age, and participation of the audience. There were young and old alike, and couples and families who grew up listening to Bonnie Raitt years ago. I have heard the Greek doesn’t sell out all the time, but the night I was there it was the place to be!
My Favorite LA Concert Venue
Anonymous Oct 5, 2012
This Griffith Park venue is my favorite of all the LA venues I have attended. This is a beautiful tree enclosed setting that is a credit to the park. When I saw Bonnie Rhett last week, it was a completely enjoyable experience. At just below 6000 seats, this venue seems like an intimate concert setting.!!! The acoustics were excellent and I actually saw her on stage instead of on the third of monitors as in some venues. It was awesome! In this venue I am actually comfortable in my seat, I have room for my legs and I do not feel claustrophobic when I go into this venue or leave as I do at some large concert venues.
LA's Best
Nick G. Oct 4, 2012
This is a legendary concert venue in Los Angeles. The list of artists that have played here is absolutely epic. I have had the great luck to see Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Merle Haggard & Kris Kristofferson and a few more concerts that I can't recall right now. It goes without saying that LA has one of the best climates in the United States so take advantage of it by catching great shows outdoors year-round. The only drawback would be the parking. It is a bit of a hike but if you are going to see a great show in a great setting it is a small price to pay.
My Numero Uno
D1ΔИΔ Ø. Oct 4, 2012
I love everything about this place! Some of the best performances I've ever seen were here. The acoustics here are amazing considering it's in an open venue. The summer concerts here are the best though because you don't have to worry about a chilly night and you get to gaze at the stars while listening to the show. I think that's what makes this spot so special is just that, the location. I recommend coming here early to get some decent parking, otherwise be aware that you might just have to hike a bit. Ladies, think twice about bringing heels because you will hate the walk. The other part is that it is a pain leaving the parking lot after the show because they stack the hell out of their lot so it will take a while to actually leave.
One of the Best Venues in LA!
Sara G. Oct 3, 2012
I have been here ten years and only recently have I gone to see a show at The Greek. It is now my new favorite concert venue! You feel like you are sitting in the middle of Northern California because you are surrounded be lush, green, trees. The venue itself is super intimate - at least compared to the Bowl. The acoustics are amazing. Parking is a royal pain, but you can buy a prix fixe dinner ahead of time with a participating Dine N Ride restaurant in nearby Los Feliz or Silverlake, and they will give you a ride to/from the show. I'd suggest that. Drink prices are what you would expect, although they have carafes of wine which can be fun, and margaritas.
It’s All Greek to Me
R.D. C. Aug 22, 2012
Nestled up in the green hills of Griffith Park, this idyllic setting and perfect-size amphitheater makes every concert feel special. With an audience of only 6000 (compared to the Hollywood Bowl's 18,000), the seats offer excellent views of the performers and superior sound. Bookings draw some of the most intriguing music acts from pop to rock and beyond. Catch the “Park and Dine” shuttle busses at neighborhood eateries if you want to avoid the parking wait and cost. Or brave it and grab a Pink’s hot dog!
Dare I say it...better than the Bowl?
Chad F. Aug 16, 2012
The Greek may very well be my favorite place to see a show in Los Angeles...maybe. The sound is great, it's easy to find your seats without a bunch of exercise, and (except for cost to park) I've never had a problem with parking (even though it's stacked I've never had to sit in my car more than a couple of minutes). I also like the fact that pretty much any seat is a good seat and lost of places to buy booze. Oh, and the Greek has the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen at a concert venue...complete with cup holders in the stalls. Great place to see a show with some friends on a hot summer night.
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