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El Rey Theatre Looking for concerts at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for updates on the El Rey Theatre & experience this cool concert spot for a show! Los Angeles United States 34.062397 -118.348799
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El Rey Theatre - Concert Venue | Theater in Los Angeles.
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INFO The El Rey Theatre, situated in the Miracle Mile area of Mid-Wilshire in Los Angeles, is an historic venue known for everything from movie screenings to live rock concerts. The El Rey (The King) was originally built in... ... read more

El Rey Theatre Videos

Ryan Adams "I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say" @ El Rey Theater Los Angeles CA 4-21-11
Ryan Adams "I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say" @ El Rey Theater Los Angeles CA 4-21-11
Fancy Footwork - Chromeo Live @ El Rey Theatre
EXCLUSIVE: Music Star Beck at El Rey Theatre: 'Yeah!'
Bloc Party "Plans" Live at El Rey Theatre 2005
Josh Rouse El Ray Theatre
PJ Harvey & John Parish - "False Fire" - Live at The El Rey Theatre
Swing Out Sister - EL Rey Theatre - Los Angeles
Angela Peterson LIVE at THE EL REY THEATRE
The Darlings- El Rey Theatre- Part II
The Kills - Dropout Boogie - El Rey Theatre - 5/21/08

El Rey Theatre Information

El Rey Theatre - Concert Venue | Theater in Los Angeles.

The El Rey Theatre, situated in the Miracle Mile area of Mid-Wilshire in Los Angeles, is an historic venue known for everything from movie screenings to live rock concerts.

The El Rey (The King) was originally built in 1936 as a standalone movie theater – and operated as such for most of its history until converting to a live music venue in the mid 1990s.

Today, the Art Deco façade sees everyone from big name acts like Lana Del Rey (yes, that’s Del Rey at the El Rey), Ryan Adams, Chris Robinson, and Little Dragon to lesser known groups like Emeli Sandé, The Cribs, and Destroyer.

As a long-standing LA institution, the El Rey has also been featured in a number of Hollywood movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, License to Drive, and the sci-fi flick Night of the Comet. In 1991, the 700 seat El Rey finally made historic status as the City of Los Angeles officially designated the Theatre as an Historic-Cultural Monument.

El Rey Theatre User Reviews

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Be a part of the music
Sanam S. Oct 29, 2013
The El Rey is one of my favourite concert venues in the city. They book a wide range of artists and as such, I've been here for rap/hip hop acts, pop acts, comedy shows, and indie bands. It's big enough to move around relatively freely even if the show is sold out, but also small enough that you can interact with the artists on stage if you wish, or sit in the way back and still have a great seat. It's not very crowded at full capacity, but it's 90% standing room only, with a few seats tucked away on the sides of the room. The grandeur of the place hits you if you're one of the first people to walk into the empty room - the decor is hauntingly beautiful. There are two bars, one in the lobby as soon as you enter, and one inside. Drinks are a little pricey, but that is to be expected. The location of the El Rey is pretty good too, with other stores in the area to discover if you're early. There's a relatively inexpensive structure across the street and plenty of metered parking in the area. My only gripe about the El Rey is their ridiculously high convenience fee! No other location I've come across has such a hiked up convenience fee to buy tickets online. But I will continue to pay the fee if the Rey continues to bring in fantastic acts.
Small and Intimate In the Best Way Possible
Stephanie D. Jun 26, 2013
I fully admit I know nothing about acoustics, so concerts in hear could sound terrible and I would still love it. The El Rey is a left over from another time, the architecture and design alone make it worth a look. But beyond the pretty façade, it is also my favorite place to see a show in LA, and I've been to a lot of venues in this town. As a small standing room only venue it gives artists an opportunity to really interact with fans and create an intimate experience. The energy created when a performer is able to connect with a crowd that size is indescribable. If you ever get the chance to see a performance there, take it-- it's an experience unlike any other.
Bad Acoustics...
Deepak H. May 21, 2013
I watched Dead Sara at El Rey Theatre. Though ticketmaster said that the concert was sold out, I was pretty surprised to find their box office open and advertising tickets openly. I am guessing this is because they are not happy with the cut that ticketmaster gets for every sale on the ticketmaster's website. Anyway, parking is bit of an issue around this place. You will have to circle around the block quite a numerous number of times praying that someone decides to leave the comfort and security of his/her home so that you can snag his/her parking spot. Or you can just be a baller and do the whole Valet thing which I believe is around $10. The issue with the entrance is to the Theatre is that it shares the space with the smoking area cordoned off by crowd control barricades. Once inside you find yourself in a very small lobby area with an oversized bar selling drinks which I found to be pretty overpriced. The beer was around $7-$9. The bar is actually in the dead center of the lobby thereby giving you the option to circumvent around it either through the left side or the right side of the bar. Whatever path you choose, as soon as you walk past the bar and enter through a set of double doors you are in the main music hall. There is an oversized bar here as well. The hall itself is pretty huge and the size of the stage is pretty much in proportion to the hall. It is all standing space so find your best spot and wait till the show begin. As soon as Dead Sara came on, the crowd went wild. The concert itself was amazing with huge crowd participation but my only beef with the venue is that, the sound seemed to get distorted when the music really started getting hard and that kind of took some edge off my thrill. I would go here more often only if: 1. the tickets are like $10-$15 each 2. the band is more mellow.
Small Concert at the El Ray Theatre
Kylee C. Apr 24, 2013
Went here on a Friday night for Milo Greene. Great atmosphere with the old theatre feel. This is a fantastic place for smaller shows, very intimate. The line went by pretty quickly when trying to get in so that wasn't too bad. We were able to park across the street for 10 dollars. I would love to see more shows here! We had a great time.
Can I Get a Heck Yes!
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
Saw Bombay Bicycle Club here among other artists. Great vibes, usually the indie crowd but the booking agents bring in a great variety of artists and musicians. Get there early to be up front because indie folk are down with the groupie thing so try to file in as close as possible with as many people as possible. The speaker systems are pretty decent although I did expect more. Parking in the area isn't too bad since it is more or less in a residential area, although there's a lot right across the street. Keep the El Rey on your checklist for events. I'd suggest subscribing to them because of lot up and coming as well as famous artists play there. Ticket prices usually start off pretty cheap if you can get them when they first come out.
El Rey- The King of Intimate Concert Experience
Ellie D. Jan 9, 2013
The El Rey Theatre is one of my personal favorite venues to catch a concert in Los Angeles. It is a great place to go and see your favorite band in a super intimate setting. The sound and acoustics is top-notch for a smaller venue and the décor is quite nice. There is a huge red decedent velvet curtain that remains closed until the performer(s) are ready, red carpets and three huge gorgeous chandeliers that hang above on the high ceilings. There is a bar located once you walk in and another in the back of the main floor. Drinks are strong but are reasonably to highly priced but they do serve food at the main bar and the drink lines are never too long! There is a very spacious dance floor, bordered by a short flight of stairs leading to a second tier of standing room. Get a spot on those stair and you have the best seat in the house! Another plus is that there is seating on the second floor and on the first floor against the walls. It is small enough that no matter where you are seated or standing, you are bound to a wonderful, close view of the stage. The stage isn’t too high as, say, the Wiltern, which makes it a definite, plus for shorter people like me. No matter what your taste in music is, the El Rey hosts a plethora of different types of musicians, so finding an artist and/or band that suits your taste shouldn’t be too difficult. I have seen a wide rang of acts from Miike Snow to Dillon Francis to The Drums at El Rey. One bummer is the “No Gum Allowed” policy, so make sure you do not bring in even a stick of gum or else they will confiscate it at the door. There is also only one bathroom for men and women containing four stalls. So I highly recommend going right before the performer starts or sometime during because there is always bound to be a line. There are plenty of options for parking; valet, parking garage around the corner and metered spots, all near the venue. All in all, the El Rey theatre is a great venue to go and see your favorite act. If you want an intimate environment, fun and friendly experience, than this is the place for you. Can’t wait for the next show at El Rey, perhaps I will see you there! Oh, and don’t miss the crucial bacon wrapped hot dog cart after the show!
A Classic
Sarah B. Nov 29, 2012
This is LA history. The movie premieres, and the concerts here add to the ambience. The acoustics are great. If you are in LA be sure to check it out.
Can you say fire hazard?
Nikki L. Nov 15, 2012
The El Rey is a disaster waiting to happen. There is a random stair that goes around the whole thing with no railing, no spike tape, nothing. A security guard spends show nights walking around it in circles waving a flashlight to clear a fire path in case of emergencies. And that's the long and short of their safety measures. Besides that pet peeve, it's an awkward shape -- too narrow with way too many kills along the sides. It looks like a freaking banquet hall. Programming is sparse but solid. Unfortunately, mostly upbeat or harder bands that people tend to move around a lot during, exacerbating the whole fire hazard bit. What's not bad to see here is comedy shows. I caught a taping of TJ Miller's Mash-up, and the whole banquet hall thing kind of worked to its advantage in that situation. But it's not great for live music or anything requiring standing room. If you're just have to see that one band and can't possibly fork over the two extra bucks to see them at the Fonda the next day, just make sure to stick to the center of the room and try not to start a riot.
Great Place
Ross S. Nov 13, 2012
This is a beautiful venue. It's a decent size & has two floors. They don't have enough shows here. Only been here maybe four times in eight years. They should utilize this rare gem. Strange location though by Wilshire/Fairfax.
Great shows in an intimate setting
Adam M. Oct 2, 2012
The El Rey Theatre is the best place to see your favorite bands in an intimate setting. First off, there is a great deal of street parking. The venue, which was built in the 1930’s as a movie theatre is beautiful And while it’s standing room only it never feels crowded. The acoustics are great no matter where you are. The sides of the theatre are elevated and a great spot to grab if you get to your show early, since they tend to fill up quickly. There are three bars, which is a real plus because you never have to wait too long for your next drink. The El Rey has an amazing variety of shows. I highly recommend checking it out.
Jessica J. Oct 1, 2012
The El Rey Theater is a small yet fun venue to visit, I love that they have a wide range of artist from D.J.’s, and dance to metal and gothic shows. This venue may be small, but they are very organized in how they handle the crowd their security always does such a great job with verifying age for wrist bands and assuring the guest and artist are always safe. The VIP area is very nice and kept on the second floor level they have their own bar and wonderful view of the stage. A very fun and well kept place and if you enjoy many of the Golden Voice productions then EL Rey is for you.
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