Dim Mak Studios

Dim Mak Studios Searching for DJ events & club nights at Dim Mak Studios in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this incredible music spot! Los Angeles United States 34.1016 -118.328542
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Dim Mak Studios  - Club in Los Angeles.
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INFO Dim Mak Studios, situated on Hollywood Boulevard, is the pop-up club owned by electro house musician and record producer, Steve Aoki. The venue has a 600-person capacity and is one of the premier spots for live music... ... read more

Dim Mak Studios Videos

Dim Mak Studios | Los Angeles
Dim Mak Studios | Los Angeles
Nero & 12th Planet @ Cinespace 04.19.11 - All Of The Lights, Innocence......
Steve Aoki @ Dim Mak Studios (6.7.11)
Skrillex - Welcome to Jamrock @ Dim Mak Studios
Felix Cartal @ Dim Mak Studios 2011

Dim Mak Studios Information

Dim Mak Studios  - Club in Los Angeles.

Dim Mak Studios, situated on Hollywood Boulevard, is the pop-up club owned by electro house musician and record producer, Steve Aoki. The venue has a 600-person capacity and is one of the premier spots for live music in Hollywood.

The club regularly features the biggest names in the electronic dance music scene. Past concerts at Dim Mak Studios include DJ sets by Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Bones, and PeaceTreaty.

Its $10 weekly event, ‘Dim Mak Tuesdays,’ has also showcased up-and-coming DJs such as Clockwork, RAC, and Tony Fresch.

A variety of other events at Dim Mak Studios have included movie premieres, film and location shoots, fashion shows, and after-show parties.

Dim Mak Studios User Reviews

Average rating:
Not very impressive
Mo Yi L. Jul 1, 2013
Dim Mak Studios Background Located on Hollywood Boulevard, Dim Mak Studios is a pop-up club owned by electro house musician and record producer, Steve Aoki. I went there with two of my friends in the month of February to celebrate her 21th birthday. Environment The club is deigned to be separated into two sides with their own dance floors and bars, connected by a narrow corridor. It creates traffic in the corridor as people try to go to the other side. The air conditioning was very weak and I sweated even when I am just sitting. Drinks The selection of drinks is wide and it shortens the waiting time with two bars. However, the bartender was not very friendly. Music The music includes the TOP 40 music and remixes of the songs. However, some of the remixes are not very sound.
Unique Gem in Los Angeles
Roberto M. Jun 11, 2013
It seems nowadays Night Clubs and Lounges have become tailored to those who want to drop near a grand for bottle service and listen to a big mainstream act. There is nothing wrong with that if you have the money to spend and if that is the music you are after. For me however I have always thought of night clubs as a place to discover new creative music and meet interesting and creative individuals. That being said Dim Mak Studios has all the makings of the cool underground place where you go meet with your buddies to hatch a scheme. The entrance blends in with its environment so that you wouldn't give it a second glance if you weren't looking for it. Once in you head up a flight of stairs and find yourself in a dark maze of wonder. You have all the things required of a nightclub, the bar, the dance floor etc. but unlike the bigger nightclubs around this one immediately has an intimate more feel and that is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. Several noteworthy attributes that caught my attention included the walking space right next to the DJ which at first I thought was closed off but upon closer inspection its a passageway that connects to the entrance. I personally thought this was cool and comforting that we didn't have a SWAT team with barricades blockading the music. Another details was the overall layout of the club. Although it is a small club it is built so that there are surprises around every corner. I was pleasantly surprised when I found an entire wing with projector screens and more places to lounge. The club was dark and the music was loud but you could still hold a conversation. Finally the crowd was fairly young, something that I am not used to seeing in nightclubs in Los Angeles. It seemed people were here more for the music and the atmosphere which is always a great vibe. The main drawback from my experience here was that once the club got packed it was hard to navigate as some walkways were very narrow and the placement of the bar did not help this. Although intimate the place is still small compared to other clubs so if you are a person that needs their breathing room you might get frustrated. Other than that however my experience was great and I definitely recommend people to check Dim Mak out.
Unbeatable crowd in an intimate venue
Nikki L. May 15, 2013
MY TAKE Dim Mak does not disappoint. I feel like it would be pretty difficult to have a negative experience there. It's most notably home to Dim Mak Tuesdays -- an awesome idea on a really inconvenient night. (I am dead at work on Wednesday mornings after going here.) I just got back from their trap edition and had an absolute blast. Everyone there seemed so outgoing and friendly, and a lot of them were regulars who swear by this place. When the music started, the whole place got rowdy in the best possible sense of the word. It just blows up. And with no animosity or bad vibes. Anyone will dance with anyone else, anywhere. On couches, tables -- wherever you can plant two feet. The only thing I would say was bothersome about their attitudes was that every dude seemed to feel entitled to try to grind up on people just because they're were on a dance floor. Can't a girl enjoy herself without having to bat someone away every two seconds? Definitely on the raunchy side. These people have no boundaries. THE SCENE Dim Mak is miniscule. The floor is the size of my bathroom, and the stage is the size of my shower. But with everyone moving around so much, it never feels overly crowded. There's nothing but a little piece of plexiglass between you and the DJs, and even that is easily surmountable. Loudpvck were giving high fives and fist bumps out like candy, you are THAT close. It's an experience you're going to want to have. COCKTAILS/CUISINE Vodka cocktails are free before 11 p.m. That's right. FREE. I recommend getting a few at one time, since the bar can get crowded, and there's no guarantee you'll be able to go back for a second in time. Those tricksters -- they only let a very small amount of people in before 10:30 p.m., so you have to come before 10 p.m. and wait in line if you want to have a shot at getting the free alcohol at all. So front-load while you can. PRICES Well cocktails are $9. Which isn't bad, but certainly isn't "cheap." It's nothing compared to some of the bottle service Hollywood clubs, though. Tickets to their events are around $15 most of the time. I'm a believer in fun being free myself, so there has to be a major draw to get me to shell out $15 for something. Plenty of the artists they book are worth the price, especially since you KNOW you're going to have a good time and it's going to be an awesome show. WHAT TO WEAR The club's website claims that there is a dress code, and no shorts or tutus are allowed, but I definitely saw people wearing them when I went. It's certainly not as strict as, say, the dress code at Drai's. Personally, I'd err on the side of being over-dressed, as long as you can stay comfortable. Like I said, it gets rough in there sometimes, and there's no way you can avoid dancing, so I wouldn't reach for anything like expensive silk or open-toed stilettos. INSIDER INFO/WHEN TO GO The bathrooms are co-ed, which can be sketchy, but whatever. Definitely check out the lineups for Dim Mak Tuesdays on their website and pick a night with Kittens. She's one of the resident DJs, and she rocks.
Small club
Kathy D. May 12, 2013
Dim Mak always advertises with an open vodka bar until 11pm. Cover is $5 with guestlist, which you can rsvp on via email before 6pm. If you get here before 10pm, expect to wait in line. Cinespace the restaurant operates until 10pm, so they don't let anyone into Dim Mak before then. The open vodka bar really closes around 10:45 - 10:50pm, but they don't limit you on how many drinks you can get at a time. My advice--order 2 or 3 drinks per people in your party the first time you go up, because the 2nd time around they'll pbb tell you they're out of the free vodka. When you enter there's a nice smoking lounge the the right, a bar to the front, and a small stage to the left. The main stage lies further left, and rocks its own bar, plus limited seating.
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
I have never had an uneventful night at Dim Mak. If you can get there early on their Tuesday events for the free vodka, you are a champion of the world. Their 2 for $10 champagnes are a great deal as well as their PBR + shot. There's always a great mix of college kids, the indie, the Hollywood, and the weird. The artists they bring are super talented and vary from nu-disco, folk, funk, and house. A favorite thing about their speakers in the main room is that if you sit inside them, the bass runs through your entire body. Security here is always nice and I have never seen them kick anyone out for being too drunk. The bartenders however can be a bit caddy. Since drinks are cheaper, they bitch at you if you have multiple people paying at one time (ie in a group of friends who order together). The stage is set super low and most of the artists usually will come down into the audience, dance around a bit, and goof off. If you stick around til the shows over, you can almost always get your groupie on a get a picture with them. Parking is a bit hard since its smack dab in Hollywood but a cheap $5 lot right in the alleyway and street parking parallel to Hollywood Blvd.
Great experience!
Eva L. Dec 5, 2012
Dim Mak is an amazing place to go to see some smaller, more local DJs. The setup is so nice so that it can accommodate a decent amount of people with a lot of room to dance. The drinks are not too expensive so you can get a couple without feeling to guilt of spending too much money. I would definitely suggest going here to check out some new music and local DJs would always have something new up their sleeves. The club has many nights a week with different types of music so there is always something for everyone.
Going Places
Rachel G. Nov 16, 2012
Dim Mak Studios has moved around Los Angeles in the last few years, but this location is my favorite of them all. I am a huge fan of Dim Mak Records and Steve Aoki and all he is trying to do with the music industry. Since Steve Aoki knows music, it shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that this place has amazing acoustics and the sound of the music will blow you away even if it's the type of music you don't normally listen to. Thats how good the system is. Though they have cover charges here, they are usually cheap and you certainly pay off what you spent in dance moves and good vibes.
Small club, big sound
Kira A. Sep 12, 2012
I like the setup of Dim Mak because it's small but still a good size to accommodate a good crowd of people. The bar is pretty small so I've usually had to wait around 10 minutes to get a drink. The stage is small and the sound system is great so you really feel as if you're getting an intimate experience. My friend has DJ'd at Dim Mak a few times now and it's always really fun to go see him perform! The dress code is flexible and casual so you can dress up or dress down depending on what you prefer. Overall Dim Mak is a cool club and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!
Fun and Affordable
Gabe L. Aug 8, 2012
I've gone a few times to this and only when I was under 21, so I have never had to pay for drinks here. Cover charge is very cheap and it's down this cool alleyway where you feel like you're in an underground scene. There are multiple dance floors and a very eclectic mix of people. Aoki frequently appears at the place himself and likes to bring friends such as Dillon Francis along. It's great to go to if you are just starting out in the club scene - provided a smooth transition for me from frat life under 21 to club life over 21. What's great is that if you work your inner charm you can just get the ladies there to buy you drinks all night long.
Intimate Underground Venue to see Live Progressive Music
Daniel H. Aug 2, 2012
Dim Mak Studios is my favorite place in Hollywood to see live music. While the rest of Hollywood clubs focus on the glitz and glamour and exclusivity of the door, Dim Mak keeps it real by focusing on the music. It’s right off the clubbing hotspot of Hollywood and Vine, but Dim Mak feels more like a warehouse party than a club. You can buy tickets for their Tuesday events online (known as Dim Mak Tuesdays), and there’s sick progressive artists playing nearly every single week. I’ve seen Penguin Prison here…twice! And because the interior is small and, aside from the bar in back and a few bottle service booths, solely dedicated to the dance floor, I was right up close to the stage. The sound system here is also ridiculous, and the place straight shakes from the basslines and electronic sets that play here on the reg. They have a cool little patio out back to cool off and actually hear yourself think, and if you get there early enough they usually have a free keg. Drinks at the bar are super cheap too, last time I was there I got free shots of vodka before 11, and then a shot/beer combo for $7 after that. And with the $10 ticket being the cover charge, all my nights at Dim Mak end up cheaper than the other clubs, and the music is always better. Oh, and Dim Mak Studios is run by Steve Aoki himself, so there’s a good chance t of running into him or other famous artists on any night, and it’s pretty common for surprise big name artists including Aoki to take the stage.
Awesome DJs, cheap drinks, and good vibes!
Sridevi R. Aug 1, 2012
So I've only been here once but I feel qualified enough to say this place is AWESOME!! We came for Rebecca & Fiona's album release party on a Thursday night and, similar to most shows at Dim Mak, tickets were only $10 (!!!!), allowing more money to be spent on the also relatively cheap drinks. The venue itself was super tiny, with a bar in the back and a few couches scattered on the sides. That said, I loved how intimate it was, because I was dancing literally 20 feet away from Rebecca and Fiona their entire set. Street parking was really hard to find, so we decided to just do valet (around $10), which was probably one of the better decisions I've made thus far... As we were waiting for the car outside, we happened to run into Steve Aoki and Lil Jon!! We all chatted for like 20 minutes and it was one of the most random encounters I've ever had, but it turns out that they're a couple of pretty cool dudes. P.S. Lil Jon told me I was pretty before we took a group picture... Life mission accomplished.
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