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Restaurants on Melrose Avenue Overview

Bludso's Bar-&-Que - Barbeque Restaurant | Bar in Melrose, LA

Melrose is Los Angeles’ gritty shopping district with graffiti-covered walls that hearken back to its days as an underground, alternative hotspot. But with time the area has spruced itself up – ever so slightly – to expand its offerings and attract a more mainstream crowd.

These days there are more Melrose restaurants than ever, with some sticking around for years, and others part of the revolving door of failed businesses that dot the strip. The experience of dining out on Melrose hinges heavily on the selected eatery.

During the day, Melrose coffee shops are packed with locals who seem to have no other daytime activities to worry about. Diners should expect to wait in line at places with outdoor tables, and prepare to be interrupted mid-meal by a beggar when seated along the sidewalk.

If breakfast is not in the eating equation, Melrose has a variety of places to get lunch staples like subs, salads, and pizza. Those looking to move away from typical American choices will be delighted by the variety of ethnic foods available on Melrose, like Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, Brazilian, and Italian fare.

For dinner, any place on Melrose that looks crowded is a safe bet. As the sun sets and the tourists head back to their hotels, the restaurants fill up with Angelenos who want to stick close to home, and not spend an arm and a leg.

For a casual dining experience that won’t max out a credit card, Melrose restaurants are a safe bet.

Popular Melrose Restaurants

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