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Bars on Melrose Avenue Overview

Osteria Mozza - Bar | Italian Restaurant in Melrose, LA

Los Angeles’ Melrose Avenue, between Fairfax and La Brea, is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists. The gritty sidewalks are full of skater kids, visitors speaking their mother tongue, and mid-city hipsters milling about. But within the rows of boutiques and graffitied store fronts are some great bars where one can have a drink, grab a bite, and catch the game.

A popular destination for sports lovers, single flirts, and even karaoke enthusiasts is The Parlor Hollywood – located on the east end of the Melrose strip. With a ton of flat panel TVs mounted on the walls, it attracts L.A.’s American transplants looking to cheer on their hometown teams. There’s also a full menu with decent-quality grub, a huge outdoor patio with fire pits, and a karaoke night that brings in some impressive pipes.

A few blocks down from The Parlor is Melrose’s divey gem, The Darkroom. With a dim interior and covered front patio – with TVs! – that fills up with smokers, the drinking establishment attracts a mix of punk-rockers, grungy types, and college-aged kids.

For a modern gastropub experience, young professionals and industry types hit up The Village Idiot in the heart of Melrose. It’s also a favorite haunt for British expats who want to catch English Premier League games. West from there is Snake Pit Ale House, which delights beer lovers with 20 tap options and a tasty bar menu.

When night begins to fall, Melrose bars start to heat up. Whether one prefers sports bars, dives, or gastropubs, bars on Melrose Avenue are sure to helps boozers catch a buzz.

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