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Beach Bars in Malibu Overview

Smothers Theatre - Concert Venue | Theater in Malibu, LA

Malibu’s finest feature is its 27 miles of coastline where locals, surfers, tourists, and celebrities flock for the best beaches Los Angeles has to offer. One of the pristine perks of this seaside location is that almost any bar one visits in the area will most likely be a beach bar.

Malibu beach bars dot the Pacific Coast Highway, with some along the water and others perched above the coastal rocks.

Paradise Cove Beach Café lets patrons feel the sand beneath their toes while sipping on mojitos amongst sun-kissed 20- and 30-somethings, surfers, and tourists. It’s a solid day-drinking spot that never seems to slow down.

At Moonshadows, fine wine is the nectar of choice as people take a seat at one of the outdoor patio tables located above a rocky stretch of beach. The haunt is a prime destination for couples seeking a romantic ambience for the perfect date.

Located across the street from an unencumbered view of the Pacific Ocean is Neptune’s Net, a beach bar in Malibu that’s popular amongst the coast-loving motorcycle crowd (expect to see dozens of hogs parked outside during business hours). It’s a local hotspot for those in the know, and a place where folks fill the open deck – pitchers in hand – for a brew with a view.

Popular Malibu Beach Bars

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