The Wellesbourne

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The Wellesbourne Inspired by elegant English manors, The Wellesbourne is a classic, masculine lounge that offers a low-key sanctuary from the bustle of modern Los Angeles. Los Angeles United States 34.0394021 -118.4304484
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The Wellesbourne - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Inspired by elegant English manors, The Wellesbourne is a classic, masculine lounge that offers a low-key sanctuary from the bustle of modern Los Angeles. Cottage-style windows and limestone trim distinguish the... ... read full review

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    M–Sa 5pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Wellesbourne Review

The Scene

Inspired by elegant English manors, The Wellesbourne is a classic, masculine lounge that offers a low-key sanctuary from the bustle of modern Los Angeles.

Inspired by elegant English manors, The Wellesbourne is a classic, masculine lounge that offers a low-key sanctuary from the bustle of modern Los Angeles.

Cottage-style windows and limestone trim distinguish the brick Tudor-Revival exterior, while the three luxurious rooms within are decked out in rich dark wood, crown moldings, plush leather, and hues of blue and gold.

The overall collegiate ambiance is highlighted by the Library room, which is lined in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves replete with antique volumes, as well as cushy booths with gold lamps, perfect for the more studious patrons who prefer their King Lear with martinis and Manhattans.

Those in the mood for more active pursuits can head to the Games Room, where the young Ralph Lauren contingent gathers to play foosball and shuffleboard or to just chew the fat on leather chairs arranged beneath portrait paintings.

Birthday revelers and relaxed locals, meanwhile, congregate around the stone fireplace in the Lounge, whose Chesterfield sofas are a great perch for conversing over Kir Royales.

Uniting the three rooms along the back wall is a thirty-foot mahogany bar, popular with after-work buddies and guests interested in chatting with the bow-tied staff about the bar’s storied drinks.

Subdued and sophisticated, The Wellesbourne offers a touch of ye olde English elegance to a clientele looking to enjoy both cocktails and the classics.

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Tip from Jonah:

Though the drinks menu has an old-fashioned, back-to-basics vibe, don’t let that stop you from asking a bartender to venture away from the regular offerings and whip up something with your favorite liquors. Since new mixology isn’t the focus here, many patrons forget that The Wellesbourne has a skilled and creative bar staff.

  • Crowd

    Trendy loungers, birthday revelers, Century City business people, and laid-back neighborhood locals, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Playlist of light funky pop with minimal Top 40 and jazz. DJs spin old funk, smooth contemporary, and old-school hip-hop. Foosball and shuffleboard tables.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Small European-style appetizers served 6–9pm.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $5–$12. Beer $6+, wine $9, cocktails $9–$12. Valet $4.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Neat casual to smart casual during the week: clean t-shirts, polos, jeans. Dressier on weekends: classy cocktail dresses, designer button-downs.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday through Saturday nights when there’s usually a line of dressed-to-impress patrons waiting to get in.

  • Close By

    Gyu-Kaku (10925 West Pico) is a Japanese BBQ restaurant perfect for a pre- or post-Wellesbourne meal.

The Wellesbourne User Reviews

Average rating:
Curiously Charming
Sarah B. Apr 22, 2013
The Wellesbourne rests in a building that once housed my family’s favorite Italian restaurant. I was always hesitant to go in as I was still mourning the loss of garlic bread and coffee chip ice cream; but I pulled my act together to try it out. From the moment I stepped inside, I knew I would love what was to come. Like the inside of grandpa’s library, the Wellesbourne has bookshelves lining the walls, mini lamps that give off a candlelit look, and delicious cocktails served in mason jars. The classiness doesn’t stop there though- the bartenders wear bow ties and button-down shirts, shaking and stirring away their own concoctions. These are the type of mixologists who can make a drink based off any flavor and type of alcohol you tell them. What’s even better is that they’re reasonably priced. At $9-$12 for a creation of your choosing, why not try out a few? On Thursday nights there’s live jazz band that ups the ambiance even more. The live music makes it one of the swankiest bars on the westside. So hurry on over to the Wellesbourne tonight, for I can guarantee ye, it will be love at first sight.
An Intimate Experience
Olorunbunmi H. Apr 5, 2013
I visited the Wellesborne for the first time for a friend's birthday in December and I absolutely loved it. It's a place you can visit for a date or with a group of friends. Like any other bar on the west side it's crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, but no so much that you can't breathe. There are fire places, lounge chairs, so if you wanted an intimate evening with a date on a weeknight, this place would be perfect. But there are also booths with plush cushions for groups of friends for Friday and Saturday nights. The drink price depends on the type of liquor you order in your drink, so if you don't want to pay $12 for a cranberry vodka, I suggest you ask for the "house vodka" as opposed to Grey Goose. But it was over all a great experience and I'd definitely go back.
Classiest Bar
Kimberlee R. Mar 28, 2013
This is a really nice bar, so nice you forget it's an actual bar. From the curtains at the entrance to the seats at the bar you really feel like you stepped inside another world. I would highly recommend checking it out for a nice night out. I didn't like their drink menu very much so my friends and I asked the bartender for a recommendation and he made us a drink off the menu so I would advise you do the same.
Classy, Cute, Nice ambiance, Best experience at a bar.
Su Young C. Feb 21, 2013
My experience at Wellesbourne was amazing! I was definitely not disappointed at my time there. Wellesbourne is located near the mall and is a great place to check out after a long day of shopping. The bar is somewhat mysterious with the long, dark, heavy curtain as the entrance. Once you enter, it's like a different world, something you would see in Beauty and the Beast. There is a nice collection of books on the bookshelf and a cozy fireplace with multiple couches. My friends have told me its similar to the Library Bar in Downtown LA. The music wasn't too loud and it was perfect to catch up and hang out with friends. The bartenders are extremely friendly and was helpful (I'm still new this the bar scene). The bartender suggested Primm's Cup and it was delicious. It was sweet with a hint of lemon. Drinks are definitely affordable, especially for a college student. This place is perfect for UCLA students because its really close by and its a classy place to catch up with your girlfriends. Definitely recommend this place. I am definitely going back!
Charming, quaint and the surprisingly unpretentious with a good mix of a crowd.
Lina F. Jan 7, 2013
This amazing bar is situated in the Westside. Conveniently located across the street from the Landmark if you're looking to grab a drink after the movies. Once you're inside, the bar is directly in front. There are three rectangular sections, almost - the left had a fireplace facade and the DJ and bathrooms in the corner. The middle has booths. The right has shuffleboard, foozball, and higher tables with bar stools. The bar goes with a "library" motif, and on the sides of the booths are stacks of real books that you can read if you're bored with the people you're with. There are some interesting cocktails on the menu, most of the vodka based ones are good (I'm a vodka drinker) but I end up going my own personal preference of vodka & soda. The bartenders are friendly and serve you your check in a hollowed out book-looking-bar, keeping with the library theme. It's charming, quaint, and surprisingly unpretentious with a good mix of a crowd. Carefully designed to be a prohibition-era bar that serves all the classic libations, including the Pimm's Cup (highly recommended!) and the Greyhound, all at an affordable $9-10 price range. The décor and ambiance are the best things about this bar, which is divided into three rooms - there's a fireplace and comfy looking couches to lounge, a library filled with old books with tables to sit around and chat, and a tastefully designated game room with a shuffleboard and foosball table to get some action. There's a great live music scene here on Thursday nights with Jason Joseph and his band which you should definitely check out if you haven't already. Jason and his band have been mainstays of the LA music scene, and always have incredible talented musicians come through, most often with an incredible three piece live horn section called "The Regimen"t, who have credits with Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. If you go to the Wellesbourne, you will repeat a lot of times because its atmosphere is awesome.
A Beautiful Place For A Drink, But A Dull Night Out
David M. Dec 3, 2012
The Wellesbourne is a beautiful new bar on the west side, with a classic old-school vibe and upscale drinks. This is a perfect place to go for sophisticated cocktails with a group of colleagues, or maybe to reunite with an old friend. It's not likely that this will become your go-to place. On a weekend night, the line can be obnoxiously long, especially when there's really not much going on at this bar. Though the bar is sophisticated, the clientele is somewhat generic -- people looking for a non-embarrassing bar on the west side where they can host their birthday parties or get drinks after work. There's plush leather and velvet furniture and shuffleboard tables, which gives the Wellesbourne a classic feel. Though the drinks are good, it's a bit claustrophobic there. It's filled to the brim with late-twenty-somethings in casual-souled dress shoes and nothing particularly interesting to say. That being said, the Wellesbourne is a safe place to meet up for drinks, but I wouldn't plan on making a whole night of it.
A Bar for Every Occasion
Jenny T. Oct 6, 2012
The Wellesbourne's dark wooded walls, grand library, and classic drink menu give modern young professionals the chance to experience 19th century British wealth without the scent of cigar smoke and pretentious old men. The venues slight modern touches keep the Wellesbourne from being just another tacky theme bar, and the game room and DJ fight off any pretentious vibes. And don't let the old-time outfits fool you. These bartenders know how to mix more than just a Brandy Alexander. Ask bartender Andrew for a Capri Sun and enjoy the tastes of your childhood with a little kick. While the perfectly executed decór brings new patrons to the Wellesbourne, its versatility keeps people coming back. The smooth jazz or old-school hip hop plays soft enough for you to hear your friends across the table, but not so soft that the whole bar will hear you whisper sweet nothings in your significant other's ear. Celebrate your birthday here on a Thursday night and enjoy dancing to the live band after a round of shots. Take someone here on a first date and challenge them to a friendly game of foosball when you run out of socially appropriate topics. Not there with a date? Grab one of the aged books on the wall while you get up the courage to challenge that cute girl or guy to a game of shuffleboard. But beware: the Wellesbourne's three rooms may seem ideal for ditching that unwanted clinger, but venue's centralized bar ensures that as soon as you strike up a conversation with a new hottie, the clinger will reappear. With laid back vibes and plenty to do, the Wellesbourne promises a good night for any occasion.
Great Place In LA
Max H. Oct 5, 2012
Though unassuming from the outside, step into this locale and be immediately transported back into the past. This speakeasy-feeling, 1800's manor style bar has a great atmosphere. From the bookcase with real, aged-looking books, to the antiques sprinkled around the bar and the bartender's attire, one really feels to be in a different time period. Throw in the foosball table, amazing drinks, and a great looking, young professional crowd, and you've got yourself a great friday or saturday night. the weekdays are less packed, and there are no adjacent bars, but a great bet for the weekend.
Instantly transport yourself out of Los Angeles
Melinda H. Oct 2, 2012
I went to this bar for the first time recently and was quite impressed.  Conveniently located on Pico with plenty of parking, the wait to get in was minimal, as was the wait for drinks at the bar.  The interior is dark and cozy, with actual books lining the shelves and a fireplace, giving one the feeling that they have journeyed out of Los Angeles.  The crowd was a good mix of young and older and the cocktails were strong and tasty.  Lots of seating and games like shuffleboard and foosball.  If you want to feel like you’re venturing out of L.A. for the night, I would strongly recommend this establishment.
New takes on old classics
Michael D. Aug 31, 2012
On an unassuming stretch of Pico Boulevard, across the street from a busy shopping mall sits a brick facaded bar called The Wellesbourne. As one passes through the bar's velvet entry curtains, it's as if you walked through a portal that took you from a bustling Los Angeles sreet to the study room of someone's exquisite early 20th century country mansion in Great Britain. The room is covered in fine wood and nice leather furniture and looks like it's been there for decades, even though the bar's been there for less than two years. The classic look of the bar is reflected in its drink menu. Legendary cocktails are made by skilled bartenders with a touch of flair. Drinks include a refreshing Sidecar, a Pimm's Cup made with muddled cucumber and an Old Fashioned that Don Draper would approve of. A good selection of beers and ciders, including the great English cider Strongbow, are all served on tap. Additionally, a selection of scotches and absinthes are also available. The cocktails are a bit pricey (between $10 and $13), but the high level of work involved in constructing the drinks and the bar's house-made mixers and garnishes more than make up for the price. If you're looking for a quiet, clean, well lighted space to get together with a large group for drinks, it's best to go on a weeknight when the bar is less crowded and one can have a conversation while classic jazz plays in the background. On Fridays and Saturdays there will usually be a line out the door, and a DJ will be in house spinning vintage funk, disco, electro and hip-hop for drinkers to get down to. The Wellsbourne is a great place for a nightcap to a weeknight date, getting together with friends for drinks, or drinking and dancing. The vibe is friendly, the drinks are delicious and the room is one of the most beautiful bars in town.
Sophisticated yet unpretentious
Daniel H. Aug 2, 2012
The Wellesbourne is the closest bar to my house and one of my favorite places to have a drink when I’m not trying to have a crazy night. Inside is a rich manor décor with bookshelves, roaring fireplaces, and plush armchairs, but my favorite part are the stiff whiskey and cokes and the other well-worked cocktails on offer. Of course with all the leather bound books and walls that smell of rich mahogany, it’s what I imagine Ron Burgundy’s bar to look like…which gives me great pleasure every time I’m there. My friends have also described it as Hogwarts and the Buckingham Palace library. You don’t have to worry about obnoxiously loud music stifling out any conversation and it’s generally a friendly mix of graduate students and young locals. If you find yourself too far east for Main Street and too far west for Hollywood, the Wellesbourne is a fantastic central location for a drink.
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