The Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel

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The Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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The Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel User Reviews

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Like a really trendy house party with a huge line to get it
Megan S. Oct 28, 2013
The Bungalow is definitely one of the cooler bars right now-- it feels like a giant house party decorated by Urban Outfitters. There are multiple sections of the indoor and two outdoor areas, and several bars. There are big, crowded communal areas, as well as small enclaves in between. The vibe is very trendy, very LA, but also kind of has the cozy house party feel. If you want to grab a drink and just catch up with friends, there are places you can do that, but there is also a DJ outside on the weekends and plenty of people mingling with strangers by the bar in the more crowded, central parts. It is very trendy right now, and definitely unique when you see it. I was obsessed at first. The drinks are usually strong, but they don't make anything too crazy. It's fun and you always see a bunch of people, but with it's popularity has come a HUGE line that is debatably worth it. You have to be there by 8pm if you don't want to wait for at least an hour, and who really wants to go out at 8? Definitely worth checking out, but probably won't be your go-to bar unless you're down for a massive line every time you want to grab a drink. Try going first during the week so the wait isn't as bad.
"Like my mother's house"
Vanessa D. Aug 29, 2013
Imagine yourself in a Ralph Lauren catalog. Wood paneling, leather sofas, plush plaid blankets, and bookshelves filled with artfully placed “sophisticated” knick-knacks. That is what the interior of Bungalow looks like. Classic, all-American hunting lodge décor. It feels as if you should be cuddled up with a good book on a rainy day, rather than partying with a group of friends. The outside is a Pinterest addict’s dream. Mason jar lights, fire pits, and an artfully laid brick patio (by artfully I mean, don’t wear your stilletos. You will fall). It is a beatiful environment for a relaxing drink with close friends and co-workers. There is no dancing. If they begin to play your favorite song, try not to break out into dance, as I may have done with my close friend when they played “I Love You Baby,” by Frank Sinatra. As my friend from Boston put it, “It looks and feels like my mother’s house.”
Somehow, you expect Jay Gatsby to be watching over your from the top floor of the Fairmont...
Mikhael B. Jun 4, 2013
If you've been here you can picture it... Gatsby smiles as he watches the merry guys and gals enjoy the beachside view. The vibe is mesmerizing - an almost hypnotic euphoria of positivity. Could it really be possible that every single person is enjoying themselves? Allow yourself to cut loose and find yourself in the middle of a dozen strangers, bouncing around in the same bubble of joy @ The Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel. As I saunter through the crowd with a girl on each arm, I'm struck by the same feeling I had as a child discovering six flags. So many rides! So many games! Candy! We're all beaming. All wholeheartedly seduced by this bubble of joy. I must come back!!!!!! .... Love is in the air @ The Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel. .... and maybe even Gatsby.
Beach House Party with Class
Anthony E. May 3, 2013
If you're looking for a place that is both very laid back, but where you can get flat out wild, The Bungalow is your place to be. Located within The Fairmont Hotel complex, The Bungalow gives off the upscale California life, while remaining a place that can be very laid back and relaxed. It is split into 3 bars, two inside and one outside, which have a great selection of drinks to choose from. The bartenders can be slow at times, but they are very friendly, which somewhat contributes to its charm. If you are a person just starting out, you will spend your entire first month's paycheck here but it is well worth it. Make sure to get there no later than 830, yes 830, or you will be standing in line for anywhere between 45 mins to 2 hours. Regardless, the good times make the wait well worth it. It is a very trendy place and hip place so make sure that you have on your classy California beach attire. Rest assured, no matter which way you look at it, at The Bungalow, you will have a great time. I repeat, you will have a great time.
Chill, House Party Vibe
Kim D. Apr 1, 2013
The Bungalow is a breath of fresh air from the club scene. Located across the street from Santa Monica Beach, this tucked away little gem has an older, more sophisticated crowd than what you'll find on Hollywood Blvd. Located at the entrance to the Fairmont Hotel, The Bungalow is a little tricky to find, but after getting in (which was no problem) you'll find yourself in what appears to be a beach house. Dimly lit with several rooms throughout the building (if you can call it that?) The Bungalow has multiple bars and places to hang out with friends. There's a pool table, fire pit, even a hammock in the mock backyard. It got pretty packed after 9:30 pm, mostly with dressy-casual late twenties/early thirties. Definitely check this place out if you're not trying to blackout this weekend.
Cute Oceanview Spot in Santa Monica
rachel b. Mar 28, 2013
The Bungalow is located in the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, right off Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. It has a beautiful view of the ocean, an outdoor bar with umbrellas and flowers that has a very Cape Cod feel to it, and an indoor area that feels like a living room, with pianos, leathers couches and pool tables. Warning: Get there before 9:30pm, otherwise the lines can be long.
California Chic Hangout
Taylor B. Mar 20, 2013
If I could only go to one bar on the westside for the rest of my life, it would have to be The Bungalows at the Fairmont Hotel. While The Bungalows have been a hot topic for party-goers for quite some time, this California-chic bar truly has it going on. Any night of the week, this intimate outdoor bar, surrounded by twinkle lights, hanging lanterns, and oh yeah— the ocean— is a great place to dance to oldies and enjoy some refreshing drinks. If you can bare the line on a Friday night, you're guaranteed to feel straight out of a Beach Party movie-meets-Hollywood-glam. The crowd is an eclectic mix of hipsters, recent college graduates, trendy young 30 year olds and even celebrities (last time I was there so was Owen Wilson.) The Bungalows are without a doubt the place to see and be seen on any given weekend night, and draws an attractive, stylish crowd. With ping pong tables, firepits, and a classic beach-themed decor, the atmosphere is intimate and makes you feel like you want to move right in, even if it means living with all these fellow partiers. Although no dress code is monitored, this is one place where you'll want to sport you're trendiest ensembles, and let your inner 70's fashionista shine through. Whether you're stopping in for a cocktail or plan to make a night of it, The Bungalow is an ideal place to socialize and enjoy the very epitome of California!
Hollywood Hits the Beach
Daniel H. Jan 14, 2013
WHO AM I: I’m a mix of Emma and Adriana. I’m always looking for an adventurous evening or somewhere new, I love rowdy bars where people don’t mid letting loose, but I also gravitate towards decadent clubs as long as the DJ is playing electro. WHO’S HANGING HERE: The crowd at the Bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel is a yuppie mix of well-to-do twenty and thirty something’s from Brentwood, Santa Monica, and the Palisades. Well-dressed men and beautiful women looking for an upscale meat-market atmosphere, as well as a lot of recent college grads tired of sports bars and Irish pubs. THE DIGS: The Bungalow is a really expansive space composed of a number of different rooms. You’re greeted outside by the bouncer, and once let in, pass through a quaint courtyard. You can choose to go inside on your right, which is a spacious and high-roofed lounge with couches mostly for bottle service, fireplaces, walls adorned with the décor of a Baja-west lounge, and a long bar. Or you can choose to go straight into the massive greenhouse, with trees coming up from the earth and Christmas lights dotting the ceiling. The “outdoor” area is kept warm by the insulation and extends all the way to a bar in the back. Most of the center is composed of bottle service tables and booths. THE VIBE: The Bungalow is a pretty laid back spot during the week, with a mix of locals and hotel guests, but transforms into a jam-packed destination that guarantees a line by 10pm despite the spacious layout of the place. Women show up in high fashion – designer jeans or sexy dresses and a prized pair of pumps – while a mix of young professional men and older power-players sharpen up from the usual flannel-clad bars in the area. Definitely a lot of peacocking at the Bungalow, not a lot of diversity, but as the night goes on rowdiness seems to be encouraged – the mix of class and debauchery is evident by the bottle service served at all the best booths in venue, despite the fact that the Bungalow is not a club. COCKTAILS & CUISINE: A pretty extensive (and expensive) cocktail list, but not all that much to offer as far as beer is concerned. Ask the bartender what you want and they’ll probably make it, but you’ll have to fight your way up to the bar on a weekend. THE FUN: I was impressed by how social the scene here was, it really is a destination for people who want to socialize. Did I mention the location?! On the corner of Ocean and California, you are truly right across the street from the beach. The lit-up greenhouse also provides the entertainment of an outdoor bar while still staying warm. WHAT TO WEAR: Fashionable, not formal. There’s no dress code, but the vibe here is swank and stylish. Heels seemed to be universal, whether with jeans or dress. Men wear stylish T’s or collars, and a lot of pea coats and blazers in the winter. WHAT DOES IT COST: The Bungalow is in my “must pregame first” price range. Beers cost $8 a pop while your bottom-shelf cocktails start around $12 bucks. INSIDER STUFF: Get there early. Straight up. ONE GOOD STORY: I’ve only recently started going to the Bungalow, but this is a place to be on a Friday night in Santa Monica, and I severely underestimated its popularity my first time going. I thought I was eerily early by showing up at 10pm (which c’mon, is pretty early for a Friday night), but was quickly proven wrong by the line that was wrapping through the parking lot. My party got stuck outside for 20 minutes during the “ice-aggedon” weekend of freezing temps…for LA, that is. And like I said, things tend to get rowdy later into the night. I witnessed a four-person fight that ended in a UFC-worthy chokehold on the floor while a lot of bottle-service glassware spilled across the room.
Classy but Laidback
Nisha S. Nov 9, 2012
The Bungalow is such a nice change from the Hollywood scene in that it is a classy venue that is extremely relaxed. You won't find super fratty guys here or people looking to flaunt their money on bottle service. At this awesome outdoor lounge/bar you'll see the occasional model, celebrity, or musician just chilling with friends, snacking on chips and guac and sipping on margaritas. The Bungalow has such a homey feel to it, and I immediately felt as though I was in someone's backyard when I walked in. There's indoor and outdoor ping pong tables if you're looking to get a little competitive. The California Baja decor keeps The Bungalow fun, flirty, and perfect for its Santa Monica beach setting. The DJ plays a wide variety of music but sometimes throws in some classic rock and oldies. Given that The Bungalow is a fairly new venue, lines tend to be long on Friday nights around 10 or 11pm. The best part about this spot, though, is that it opens at 5pm. I'd definitely come back here for an early evening cocktail before dinner!
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