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Hemingway's Just off the bustling star walk of Hollywood Boulevard lies Hemingway's, an exclusive lounge that's lovingly dedicated to Papa. Los Angeles United States 34.101267 -118.328501
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Hemingway's - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Just off the bustling star walk of Hollywood Boulevard lies Hemingway’s, an exclusive lounge that’s lovingly dedicated to Papa. Once past the infamously difficult doormen, in-the-know industry folks and hip scenesters... ... read full review

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    Tu–Sa 8pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Hemingway's Review

The Scene

Just off the bustling star walk of Hollywood Boulevard lies Hemingway's, an exclusive lounge that's lovingly dedicated to Papa.

Just off the bustling star walk of Hollywood Boulevard lies Hemingway’s, an exclusive lounge that’s lovingly dedicated to Papa.

Once past the infamously difficult doormen, in-the-know industry folks and hip scenesters step through the restored historic storefront and into a breezy indoor/outdoor foyer decked out in vintage chairs and impressionist art.

Beyond that waits the main room, an impressive space featuring tin ceilings, soaring archways, antique crystal chandeliers, and over ten thousand books stuffed onto towering floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

A wood and marble bar draws a contingent of Hollywood hipsters and edgy artists, while more literary partiers peruse the shelves or check out the collection of fifty-seven vintage typewriters, each containing a sheet of paper with a Hemingway quote – including his advice to “always do sober what you said you’d do drunk; that will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

Early in the evening, chic cocktail lovers lounge on plush burgundy velvet banquettes or cozy up in the booths to nosh on small plates and sip their Death in the Afternoon or other cocktails named after Hemingway novels and mixed up by bartenders in Prohibition-era threads.

Later on, nightly DJs spin retro and Motown grooves that get the packed crowd on its feet and dancing in every available nook.

Patrons can rest assured that Mariel Hemingway signed off on the bar, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity – and that, along with the rustic elegance and strong drinks, makes Hemingway’s a hangout worthy of its namesake.

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Tip from Adriana:

The door policy is strict, but not completely restricted to the guest list. Try showing up on the early side and looking the part, or make a table reservation request by e-mailing [email protected]

  • Crowd

    Hip, artsy, and refined mix of industry insiders and socialites, 20s and 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Nightly DJs spin indie rock earlier in the evening and danceable retro and Motown later on.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A portion of all proceeds go to The Giving Planet charity (www.thegivingplanet.org).

  • Prices

    Beer $5+, wine $8+, cocktails $16.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Funky upscale: vests, ties, dresses, fedoras, scarves, and slacks.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Good any night – evenings for mellow after-work drinks and later for a more raucous crowd.

  • Close By

    Just down the street is the legendary Hollywood steakhouse Musso and Frank (6667 Hollywood Boulevard), the perfect starter for an old-school night.

Hemingway's User Reviews

Average rating:
Vintage vibe in the middle of Hollywood
Amira J. Aug 12, 2013
Classic cocktails, leather bound books, and dim lighting: what more could a girl ask for! I ventured out to Hollywood with a girlfriend on a Saturday night and decided to stop by on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. The moment you walk into Hemingway's it feels like you’ve walked into a universe where the world of Harry Potter meets Midnight in Paris. The brick exposed walls are covered with typewriters, bookcases, and other vintage decor. The middle section of the bar turns into an impromptu dance floor but if that’s not your thing there are plenty of burgundy, velvet booths and couches to rest your feet. The DJ played mostly hip-hop with a little Top 40, which I loved because it’s a little tough to get your groove on to EDM, no offense…just saying! The bar is a little on the small side and its towards the back but the dark wood finish gives it an ultra cozy feel. Loved that all the cocktails are named after a Hemingway novel, i.e. For Whom the Bell Tolls. There were only two bartenders (not sure if this is the norm for a Saturday night) but both were fast and attentive so I never had to wait long for a drink. I'll definitely be back but might try a weeknight or evening because I hear they have live bands and I’d love to view this place during the daylight to appreciate the décor more!
The best Thursday night you can have.
Efterpi Z. Jun 8, 2013
Hemingway's on a Thursday night is just about my favourite place in LA. They start of with a mix of old skool hip hop which gradually progresses into more mainstream stuff as the night continues and alcohol keeps flowing. The perfect mix to bump and grind to. I was dancing just at the thought of it while still outside in the line. Saying that, i've never experienced a long wait to get in and the bearded door man is actually quite a character and really quite nice... no problems getting in without guestlist. All of this happens with a backdrop of a library/lounge, which makes dancing to hip hop whilst in the heart of Hollywood an even greater experience. I think at some point everyone is tempted to try and pull the books off the bookshelf only to find that they are glued in. Probably just as well as there wouldn't be any left and the library look gives this place so much of its character. Tuesday is also pretty awesome, and actually on this night I did RSVP. Totally different vibe, it is a live bands night, where you get to see bands on a residency as well as fresh new sounds. The selection I saw were all pretty good and ranging from rock to folkier. Again found myself dancing around the room, although the audience on this night was generally a lot tamer and were possibly looking at me dancing a little strangely. If you do feel like a bit of a chillout, you can also head into the smoking lounge section and gather some strength before making it back onto the dancefloor. Hemingway's is actually open pretty late by LA standards although they stop serving at 2am. Thursday is definitely a winner though, mostly LA locals, with few tourists. Busy enough to be fun without being so rammed that people are pushing you and stepping on your toes.
Hemingway's Lounge: A standout among the grunge of Hollywood
Jazz J. May 13, 2013
Hollywood is best known for its hybrid essence of the glam and the grunge mixed with high levels of alcohol and diverse crowds. But among all this, the authenticity and old hollywood vibes of Hemingway's stands out. For the hipsters, the fashionistas, the gangstas and the wannabes, this lounge has the dual function as a chill bar with an inviting dance floor. Cocktails and beers are a bit pricey, but well worth it! Especially when they hand you the receipt to sign on top of an antique book and fancy pen (which to your average drunk person is fascinating). On a Tuesday night you can find amazing residency bands like Great White Buffalo and Down and Outlaws, all with the enjoyment of no cover charge. The walls are covered in books from top to bottom, with a back wall clad in old school typewriters. If you are a smoker, enjoy the semi-outdoor smoke room with dark velvet chairs and dim lighting. And my favorite part: the ladies room is fully stocked with candy, lotion, hairspray and other drunk necessities. Overall, Hemingway's is my favorite spot in L.A. On any given night, you can be sure to find a good looking crow, great drinks, and amazing music without the facade of Hollywood glamour.
Timeless Atmosphere in Ever-Changing Hollywood
Jay F. Apr 9, 2013
Hemingway's is not best bar/lounge in Los Angeles or Hollywood for that matter. The drinks are on the pricier side, but are named after works by Hemingway's, such as the "The Old Man and the Sea". On weekends the bar is filled to capacity and with many tourists that in my experience are often standoffish and rude. I recommend you venture out to Hemingway' on a Wednesday or Thursday night to avoid that crowd. On Thursday nights they often have a DJ that will play oldies, sometimes trap music, some EDM. What I love most about Hemingway's is that you are carded at the door by a long bearded Hulk Hogan and gorgeous blonde cougar with the coolest fur hat. Once you're inside, the atmosphere is a dimly lit early 20th century library/study (hence the name Hemingway's). Stacks of elegantly binded books fill the high shelves around the Lounge. So grab a pretty girl (or guy) and dance without the pretentious or competitive vibe found at other Hollywood clubs. If you venture out to Hemingway's on a week night, you'll find that you'll meet more people if you just let loose and let go of your inhibitions. People actually get down and dance at Hemingway's which is what makes it such an ideal place on Thursday night.
Travel Back in Time at Hemingway's Lounge
Harper W. Mar 18, 2013
Walking into Hemingway's lounge on Hollywood Blvd is like taking a trip back in time. The wooden bar, the bartenders' vintage attire and the wall to wall bookshelves create an atmosphere in which I can imagine myself sipping drinks with Gertrude Stein while listening to Cole Porter playing the piano. Modeled to look like an old-fashioned library, its unique appearance alone is reason enough to visit. There is more to Hemingway's, however, than its plush couches and dimly lit chandeliers. Featuring an impressively wide selection of beer and cocktails, no one at Hemingway's will go thirsty. Every drink is named after a Hemingway novel, and although they might seem expensive at first, they're actually very reasonably priced for a Los Angeles bar. The crowd here is eclectic, but on any given night you're guaranteed to run into your fair share of hipsters. Patrons are impeccably dressed - you'll spot your fair share of skinny ties, vests and Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Booties. In any case, looking chic is a must because after a night at Hemingway's, there's a good chance your photo will be up on LA photographer Le Panda's website. Just as eclectic as the crowd is the type of music you can expect to hear at Hemingway's. Some nights there's live music, and other nights DJ's spin everything from Florence and the Machine to Dion and the Belmonts (Runaround Sue was playing the first time I ever walked into Hemingway's). Later in the night, the dance floor is packed with people getting their groove on and singing along with the music. Almost any night at Hemingway's is bound to be a good time, but Thursday is definitely the best night to go - and the hardest night to get in. Before making it in, the British woman at the door, clipboard at hand, will ask you if you're on a guest list. But if you reserved a table, know someone who knows someone who knows someone, or look particularly trendy, you'll be past the velvet ropes in no time.
Haven on Hollywood Boulevard
Mary-Hanley C. Dec 9, 2012
If you're looking for that "Hollywood" experience on your first visit to Los Angeles, then Hemingway's is your place. For my first Friday night in LA, a group of friends decided I needed to kick off my time here with a true Hollywood night out. Piling into a cab, we headed straight for Hemingway's on Hollywood Boulevard. If you know me, you know that there is nothing I hate more than waiting in line to get into a bar. Which is why I was surprised when the notoriously strict doormen ushered us inside right away. All of a sudden, I felt like I was walking onto the set of The Great Gatsby. The interior is all granite, ornate light fixtures, leather upholstery. It has a very relaxed, library vibe, one that I'm sure Hemingway himself would appreciate. That's kind of the point. A Stella Artois was $6, which I thought was expensive at first...then remembered that I'm in LA. Then I considered it a deal. The DJ played everything from Top 40 hits to Bon Jovi, which made the "dancefloor" an interesting place. There was one thing for sure - when you're at Hemingway's, there's no staying exclusively with the group you came with. First of all, there's just not enough room between seating areas, and second of all, everyone came to dance with everyone else. It's gonna happen, whether you like it or not. I had heard there was the occasional celebrity sighting, so everyone kind of worked themselves into a frenzy when a Kimora Lee Simmons look-a-like was celebrating her birthday in the back room. Yes, people did freak out about what could possibly be Kimora Lee Simmons. Hollywood is a strange place. So, long story short: Hemingway's is perfect if you're looking to let your hair down and have some fun, but aren't in the mood to grind with that dude with a fauxhawk and Ed Hardy shirt at a club. Located right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Blvd, it's a relaxed, low-key spot to grab a drink and dance with friends old and new. Definitely worth checking out!
Cool Vibe in a Library Setting
Kirsten H. Nov 30, 2012
Really cool ambiance. Definitely an LA scene bar. You are surrounded by stacks of books and it feels like you are partying in a library. Does not stick to Top 40 music, plays everything from older rock music to 80s to hip hop. Gets pretty packed and full of interesting people. People are mostly in their 20s, not too many college kids though. Drinks are pretty expensive, but the bartenders were all very friendly. I would recommend going here if your into LA nightlife and want something a little more sophisticated than a club.
Favorite Hollywood spot
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
The vibe here is amazing. It has all the things that make Hollywood clubs great without the things that bring them down. The music is a good mix of modern and old school, and the crowd is pleasant and rarely creepy. The library decor is phenomenal, and the enclosed patio in the front is a great smoking/chill-out area. This place is worth spending a night at.
Dylan S. Nov 14, 2012
Hemingway's is a typical club in Hollywood. The drinks are about average LA price, which is kind of pricey for college students. They do have good music, and usually pretty good DJs. They sometimes have pretty good bands playing that aren;t that well known. The venue is actually really cool and honestly interesting to look at. They have a really good selection of drinks and they also have decent food. The library is built into the walls which is really cool and creates a nice academic atmosphere even though you're at a bar. This is a very stylish bar where you'll probably meet a lot of cool LA locals. You won't get bored here.
Tasteful Bar for Bookworms
Levi M. Aug 22, 2012
It's a well known fact that books and booze make a winning combination, and Hemingway's does it with style. Located on Hollywood Blvd. next door to Dim Mak Studios and around the corner from Beauty Bar, Hemingway's offers a scholarly atmosphere, good music, and moderately priced drinks. When they host live shows, they usually pull solid bands and DJs (I saw members of local rock band Young the Giant perform there), and the sound quality is always reliable. As previously mentioned, bar prices are average for Hollywood (think $10 mix drinks), but their selection of beer and cocktails is excellent. There is a whole library built into the walls, so even if you find yourself with a bad date, there's always something to do.
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