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LA may be a fast-paced city, but that doesn’t mean her denizens don’t know how to take a load off, and lounges in Los Angeles are certainly evidence of that. Lounges in LA cover the gamut when it comes to style and price, and almost every major neighborhood will have a relaxed lounge where patrons can shed their jackets and sip fine craft cocktails or barebones bottles of beer.

Hollywood is a great place to find a swanky lounge with lots of scenesters and fashion mavens, while burgeoning Downtown is home to an ever-increasing number of dark dingy dens where couples can snuggle into well-worn couches and fade into the night, as well as stunning rooftops where potential couples can ogle the view as they ogle each other.

Hipsters are known for dominating the lounge scene in Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park, but these neighborhoods are also home to plenty of upscale lounges where moneyed professionals can drop serious cash on big bottles as they groove to mellow lounge DJs.

Further west, chill Venice lounges unite beach bums and former hippies with casual yupsters and plenty of out-of-work actors, and all over town the Los Angeles lounge scene continues to remind people that even if the traffic is awful and the glamour of Hollywood is largely a farce, at least there are plenty of LA lounges to secret away into and pretend nothing else matters.

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