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1739 Public House - Bar | Gastropub in Los Feliz / Atwater Village, LA

The singles scene in Los Feliz and Atwater Village is unpretentious, hip, and fairly down-to-earth. As neighborhoods that attract plenty of artsy, alternative, and modest folks who enjoy the eastside’s cheaper rent, people here are pretty authentic. What you see is what you get.

Los Feliz singles have two awesome avenues where they can scope out the scene: Hillhurst and North Vermont. Both offer a few blocks full of lively venues where drinking denizens flock. At Good Luck Bar on Hillhurst, one could get lucky amidst the energetic atmosphere of outgoing patrons who actually make an effort to meet new people. Over on North Vermont at The Dresden, a flirtatious, fun-loving crowd saunters in and takes a seat in the lounge area’s brown vinyl booths while starting small talk with strangers.

Singles in Atwater Village also have some easy choices when deciding what bars to visit. The Bigfoot Lodge has summer-camp décor and lively theme nights that attract 20- and 30-something denizens looking for a lively night out. Up the street from there is The Griffin, a carefree haunt decked out like a medieval castle. The joint has a cozy indoor fire place where the unattached sip cocktails and make eyes with low-key locals.

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