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Lounges in Los Feliz / Atwater Village Overview

Alcove Cafe & Bakery - Restaurant | Café | Bakery in Los Feliz / Atwater Village, LA

Lounges in Los Feliz / Atwater Village breathe a bit of class into a scene that is often dominated by pricy, posh havens that may require a dress code. With their charm still intact, lounges in this part of Los Angeles have old-school vibes that hearken back to days past.

With a feel-good ambiance that lasts all week long and occasional DJ offerings, Los Feliz lounge Good Luck Bar attracts a mixed clientele of hipsters and young professionals who return time and again for the venue’s massive list of specialty cocktails. Not far from there is The Dresden, where flirtatious, fun-loving regulars in their late-20s and up, along with curious folks who heard the haunt was featured in Swingers, pack in tight to catch live music acts accompanied by the in-house pianist.

Lounges in Atwater Village also offer a very relaxed vibe, much to the delight of the locals. The log-cabin-like interior of The Bigfoot Lodge isn’t the type of place where one traipses around in stilettos. Instead denizens come for the theme nights, like Big Foot Bingo Sundays, or stop by on weekend evenings to hang with the boozy and boisterous 20-somethings looking to mingle.

Another Atwater Village lounge is The Griffin, a neighborhood hideaway with a slightly medieval castle décor. It’s a popular hangout for chill regulars and hip eastsiders looking for an upbeat night in carefree surroundings.

Popular Los Feliz / Atwater Village Lounges

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