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How two Baltimore natives turned an LA sports bar into the biggest Ravens hangout outside of Maryland

	The West Wingers on football Sunday at The Parlor Hollywood

The West Wingers on football Sunday at The Parlor Hollywood

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Nov 13, 2012 —  Meet Pete Shaulis and Daniela Pane: Pete, a creative director at Mighty Fine Inc. and Daniela, a hair stylist and model. They’re both die-hard Baltimore Ravens fans and were longing for that home-town feel, filled with Utz chips and lots, and lots of purple.

“I was tired of being the only guy at the bar watching the Ravens on a tiny screen in the back, usually without sound,” says Shaulis. So back in 2008, Pete, with his friend and Ravens-watching partner Dan Rudolph, turned to social media to find any Maryland transplants they could to join them in the crusade for that elusive bigger TV at the bar.

Daniela, meanwhile, was busy getting kicked out of Barney’s Beanery for demanding Ravens games on the TVs and clearly coming up short. So when The Parlor Hollywood on Melrose Avenue opened up, she made her move to stake out some prime Ravens watching real estate.

Through Facebook kismet, Pete and Daniela found one another, and they decided to meet at The Parlor to watch a game. And the rest, is history.

Well, not quite history yet. It took a little while for the group to get a big following, but what started with a loyal seven fans eventually ballooned into 350 during Ravens playoff games! Big mistake Barney’s Beanery…big.

Now, every Sunday in LA, The Parlor plays host to anywhere from 100-300 die-hard Ravens fans. The venue itself gets in on the action as they’ve helped out with costs on shirts and the incredibly friendly waitstaff has been known to wear the group’s T’s, beads, and buttons as well. And, of course, the Ravens fans treat the staff to a very healthy tip at the end of the season.

The group calls themselves The West Wing and has a heavy presence on Facebook and on their own site at www.thewestwingla.com. Their Facebook page alone boasts more than 1,300 fans and the group also does a weekly podcast to promote the team, rally more fans, and discuss the ins and outs of Ravens football.

It’s not all about football though for these home-sick Baltimorians. Every November, the group organizes a canned food drive that gets distributed to local shelters in LA and a toy drive at Christmas that gets distributed to the Los Angeles Children’s hospital. “Being a part of the community is a big part of the Ravens’ organization and we try to emulate that here in our adopted community,” says Shaulis.

The West Wingers aren’t limited to football season either, as they arrange group outings like on Maryland Day where they ship in crab from Maryland as well as other native Baltimore goodies for a full-day feast.

For more info on The West Wing, check out their site or Facebook page, and if you’re a homesick Marylander looking for a little camaraderie, drop by The Parlor Hollywood every Sunday where Daniela and Pete will welcome you with open arms, drape you with a shirt, feed you with Utz chips, and officially welcome you to the group.

Where do you watch Ravens games?

peter s. Nov 13, 2012
Also a ton of credit goes to Kazy Brown for his amazing social media work with The West Wing. Not to mention the entire West Wing community for ALL of their hard work and support. Thank you all and GO RAVENS!
Deepak H. Nov 13, 2012
This article is actually awesome! So much information and such a nice read..
Danny M. Nov 13, 2012
Two huge games vs. Steelers in the next three weeks...the Parlor is going to be rocking with purple!
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