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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Arts Festival | Concert | DJ Event | Music Festival in Los Angeles.
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A massive music festival that takes over the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival attracts major names across a wide range of musical genres, as well as huge crowds that... ... read more

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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Videos

Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012
0:00 / 0:00
Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012 2,639,917 views
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World, Live From Coachella, April 13, 2012 544,438 views
Madonna Hung Up/Get Together Live At Coachella 4/30/06 23,408 views
Bon Iver - The Wolves, Live From Coachella, April 14, 2012 125,274 views
Miike Snow - Silvia, Live From Coachella, April 14, 2012 13,243 views
Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day, Live From Coachella, April 13, 2012 17,526 views
Coachella 2011 - Arcade Fire - Wake Up.mp4 141,519 views
Deadmau5 Live @ Coachella 2010 Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff (Rob Swire) Full Set HD 720p 1,287,529 views
AFROJACK @ COACHELLA 2011 - WOW! 114,635 views
SBTRKT - Wildfire, Live From Coachella, April 14, 2012 120,442 views
Gorillaz at Coachella 2010: Feel Good Inc. (feat. De La Soul) 471,237 views
Coachella 2011 - The Black Keys LIVE 48,285 views
Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Coachella 2009: Zero 48,000 views
Foster The People - "Pumped Up Kicks" live at Coachella 2011 - 4/17/11 (Good Quality) 31,559 views
Lauryn Hill @ Coachella 2011 - Everything Is Everything/The Sweetest Thing 62 views
Beirut - Santa Fe, Live From Coachella, April 15, 2012 21,007 views
Bjork - Coachella Festival 2007 (Hyperballad & Pluto) 167,063 views
Rage Against the Machine - Testify (Live - Coachella 2007) 869,138 views
Brian Posehn Coachella Stand Up Comedy 160,514 views
Childish Gambino - Lights Turned On, Live From Coachella, April 14, 2012 103,840 views

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Description

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Arts Festival | Concert | DJ Event | Music Festival in Los Angeles.

A massive music festival that takes over the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival attracts major names across a wide range of musical genres, as well as huge crowds that more than double Indio’s normal population of 75,000 residents.

Now held in two installments – typically during the second and third weekends in April – Coachella first debuted in 2001 with a lineup that included Beck, The Chemical Brothers, Tool, Morrissey, and Rage Against the Machine. Not too shabby for an inaugural event.

Since then, Coachella performers have come to represent a veritable who’s who in rock, indie, hip-hop, electronic music, and more. Performers at Coachella hail from a range of musical stylings, from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arcade Fire, to Kanye West and Pretty Lights.

Music isn’t all that’s on hand at Coachella. The destination has also gained fame for its art installations, such as temporary sustainable architecture, towering sculptures, and interactive mechanized displays.

Several stages at Coachella are constructed across the grounds for the live music that plays throughout the duration of each weekend event. The main stages at Coachella include the Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent, so it’s doubtful anyone will have much trouble finding the Coachella performers they want to see.

First-time attendees should keep in mind that Indio – located about 25 miles east of Palm Springs in the desert – can get very hot in April, with temperatures well over 100°F the norm. Staying hydrated is even more important than grabbing tickets before they sell out.

Tickets to Coachella are capped at around 80,000 visitors per day and have sold out in less than a week in recent years. Coachella tickets are normally around $400–$450 for a one-weekend pass, valid for general admission. A handful of VIP tickets are available each weekend, entitling pass holders access to a VIP area with shaded areas, picnic tables, couches, extra restrooms, private food and beverage vendors, and a full cash bar, among other perks. VIP tickets to Coachella are around $800/weekend.

Car and tent camping at Coachella is also available at a campground adjacent the polo field. Nearly 20,000 people have filled the campground at Coachella in recent years, which offers both tent and car camping options, and features on-site facilities like a general store, showers, mobile phone charging stations, and an internet cafe with free Wi-Fi. Camping at Coachella is around $85/space per night.

There are also tons of impromptu parties to be found a short drive away in Palm Springs, where fans charged up by the day’s music let loose at giant desert mansions, hotels, bars, and clubs all over town...likely to the chagrin of the many senior citizens who reside in the area.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival User Comments

Jenny P. Sep 4, 2013
It is really hard to capture in words the atmosphere of Coachella. The three day festival held on a desert surrounded by mountains in Indio, California, attracted people of all ages to come, listen, dance, relax, eat, and take in all that is Coachella. Over three days over 50 bands played every day, each performing around an hour set on one of the five main outdoor stages. Not to exaggerate, but Coachella feels a bit like another world, filled with happy music lovers who want to soak up the sun and the sounds, bust some moves, and eat fresh watermelon or maybe really good paella, or gyros, while sipping on a coconut, filled with coconut water and interacting with really friendly people. The grounds were decorated with a variety of giant art structures, each presenting a sort of trippy/futuristic theme, and providing shade for festival goers to cool off from the blistering sun- as the Violent Femmes would sing during dusk on Saturday. A large festival like this could be very overwhelming with the range of loud music coming from speakers, at certain cross points, the sounds possibly overlapping one another, from bands such as Passion Pit, Dillon Francis, Jeff the Brotherhood, Grizzly Bear, Of Monsters and Men, Bat for Lashes, or Purity Ring. Or maybe the crowds forming around the stands filled with an array of food brought in from restaurants, or the 80,000 people frolicking in colorful clothing, or what was left of it in the heat, some covered in face paint and sparkles, and often seen holding a decorated marker in the air to keep their group from getting lost. But Coachella was very organized. There were three sets of security checks going inside, bracelets that scanned, and shuttles coming to and from the festival from different surrounding areas. There were signs near each stage, listing the times that every band would go on, along with a free Coachella app you could find on your phone that provided a list of the food vendors and a scheduled grid of who you chose to see from the line up. Coachella staff and volunteers covered the grounds, working different stations- like the bathrooms, lemonade/pretzel stands, beer garden, safely hid the VIP section filled with celebs, water station, and recycling booth. If you collected 10 empty water bottles you could trade them in for a free, full water bottle. There were also three bins that separated recycling placed all over. Though the grounds were large, by the end of the first day we had the stage names down and found a way to use the Ferris wheel as a marker and the white structure as a meeting spot and we were soon able to navigate our way around. During the performances from Vampire Weekend and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I felt the crowd really come together. You could tell the audience was filled with long-term fans, who knew all the words to almost all the songs. People really took these two shows as a chance to rock out, jumping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs. This was really fun to be a part of, both bands filling me with the happy memories I associate with many of the songs. Late Sunday night a bit of a dust storm coated the crowd watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but we put on our sunglasses and danced even harder. My personal favorite shows—due to the music, but also determined by excellent dance space and the mood set by the time of day and energy of the audience- were The Violent Femmes, Grimes, Local Natives, the XX, Wu-tang Clan, Sigur Ros, and Bassnectar. What happened at the XX, while waiting for them to come out on stage was one of the greatest things that I have experienced. My friends and I were standing in the far back of the packed audience, and heard sounds coming from the front of the crowd. It seemed like the sounds moved with the wind and gradually reached our ears as some sort of tune. We stood on our tippy toes and cupped our ears eager to hear what was going on and a few moments later this tune was more audible as the people in front of us began to smile wide and sing, and as we realized what the song was, we joined in top and passed it to the people behind us. As the entire crowd belted Lean On Me, and then the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody (along with the instrumental section), and lastly Wonderwall, I felt a strong sense of community that I do not feel often enough. At the end of the show, I was moved by the last song played, called Angels, and the tightly packed crowd moved almost like the tide, weaving out as the people coming for the next band on stage moved in. I heard a girl near me say, “ I feel like we are all dots stuck together.” This made me think of the quote, “I am you and you are me,” and the connectivity and sense of communitas that Coachella allows you the opportunity to feel.
Kimberly W. Jun 20, 2013
Coachella music festival is a big music extravaganza that happens once a year invading the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California around the month of April. It is a three day music festival which is also held for two consecutive weekends for those who miss it the first round. Thousands of people from all over gather together and there is a sense of unity. There are over five stages with a variety of music acts to meet everyone's expectations. This year the lineup was amazing including acts such as The XX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sigur Ros, How to Destroy Angels, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many more. There were also special guests included in the mix such as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Bon Iver. Creative art installations are also placed around the campgrounds contributed by the Do Lab and the Big Arts Space. The Lucent Dossier perform annually at the Do Lab stage. After the festivities, many camp around the area with an after party vibe spread throughout to gain new friends. Overall, this festival is full of positive high energy leaving the music goer with a lasting impression to attend each year.
Michela B. Mar 31, 2013
If you’re like me, you probably purchased a lay-away ticket for Coachella in early 2012 and by now, you’ve downloaded a countdown widget to keep track of the minutes until you can slip off your work shoes and dance barefoot until your feet fall off! Over the past five years, I’ve accumulated useful tricks to planning a seamless Coachella experience and feel completely confident in the following advice. Create a Schedule, Don’t Stick to it: Avoid missing acts you care to see by writing out set times and stages for each act. However, do not be upset when you side-step the schedule to enjoy a band you’ve never even heard of. The excitement of new music discovery is one of the best parts of the experience. Take into account, the grounds are huge, so the bigger your posse, the more time it takes to travel from one side to the other and the greater the probability that you will lose someone on the way. Pick a Meeting Spot: Choose a consistent meeting spot for each stage and plan to meet the stragglers and direction-impaired friends there before the act you want to see. Sharing these experiences with your friends is part of what makes the festival so incredible and the more friends you have to share that with, the more remarkable it gets. Keep in mind, if there’s an artist that you absolutely must see from up close, you should plan to reach your ideal standing spot 25 minutes before the set-time. This is a commitment that might mean sacrificing the end of another artist. Become a Crowd Ninja: Each stage packs in an extraordinary sea of people, but not all sections on the floor are created equal. Little do many people know, that the grass is much greener on the side furthest from the incoming crowd-flow. The trick is to suppress your excitement as you approach the stage and take the extra minute to walk around to the side of the stage furthest from points of entry. Eat the Overpriced Food (at least once): It’s a great idea to pack sandwiches, carrots, fruit snacks, etc. for your adventures, that is, unless you would rather spend the equivalent of another ticket on festival food. Price aside, the food is exquisite and I highly recommend you try at least one dish and one smoothie. That being said, expect to encounter some pretty hefty lines, but I promise your taste buds and body will thank you. If you can trick your stomach into waiting until the very end of the night, many of the vendors are happy to get rid of their grub for half the price or even free! Watch the Lucent Dossier Experience: If you do not plan to spend any time at the Do Lab this year, now is your time to reconsider. The Lucent Dossier Experience is one of the most interesting shows at Coachella and is featured at the Do Lab every year. Think Cirque Du Soleil on crack. The carnival-esk performance is slightly demented but also very impressive. It showcases men and women synchronizing to live music and gritty Dubstep, flying through the air, spinning fire, slit walking and more. Every year the show is different, and every year I watch in awe. Camp (at Least Once): If you are camping, make friends with your neighbors. If you aren’t camping, make it a point to get there early to explore the campgrounds. Whether or not you are sleeping on the grounds, you’re likely to find fun people that want to play games, tell stories and drink a beer with you. Making friends and checking out fellow campers’ digs will illuminate ideas for your next camping experience. For example, last year we met a group who draped a fire blanket over their tent. The blanket reflected the sun and left the inside of the tent a full 10 degrees cooler than the air outside! That fire blanket has made the “essentials” section of my packing list this year. In all honesty, even if you decide to ignore my advice, you will still have a blast. Everyone comes for the music and leaves feeling the surreal magic of an experience so precious that it’s no wonder tickets sell blazingly fast.
Ellie D. Jan 9, 2013
New year. New Coachella. Same tradition. It’s a new year and with it brings a new COACHELLA! Last year I lost my Coachella virginity and it changed my life forever! There were four simple, yet resonating words being echoed throughout the dessert during those two weekends. After most musicians were through with their performances, he, she, or they would yell in to the microphone: "Coachella- we love you!" I’d like to believe that in that moment they truly meant it. But unfortunately, I realize that they probably yell those magical words at every other venue or city they play at: "LA- we love you!” or "SXSW- we love you" (don’t we all wish we could’ve been there to hear that one ...). However, maybe they did mean it this time? I mean, this is after all, Coachella. Call me naive, call me insane, but what more could you expect from a girl experiencing Coachella for the first time? To occupy my time through this next three and a half month stretch till Coachella 2013, I have begun to think of ways to console myself. I have realized that it’s not just about those three days. It’s the process – from waiting in virtual lines on the Internet to buy my ticket, to anxiously anticipating the set list in February, to shopping for all my dirty hipster outfits to wear on those three days – that really matters. While Coachella always draws a big crowd for the headliners, my favorite part was getting to know new, lesser-known artists. Coachella will always have the big artists but you can equally count on them to feature up-and-coming talents that within a year or two will be selling out big venues like Staples Center, Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden. And as the once-little guys become the headliners, we can all have fun predicting who will come next. Despite the hype surrounding Coachella year after year, somehow it never fails to disappoint. But that’s not just because it features at least three major artists in one weekend. More than just a music destination, Coachella is a culture. It is where people can go to enjoy good music, with old and new friends, and create lasting memories. And once everyone returns home, has uploaded all their pictures, and somewhat recovered from three days of no sleep, the countdown to Coachella 2013 begins. All this considered, it’s no surprise the anthem rings so true – Coachella, we love you! Which of the performances at Coachella were your favorites? Do you have any predictions of up and coming bands? A few of my favorites were The Shines, Miike Snow, Martin Solveigh and Sleeper Agent. I think definite bands to watch for in the future are Wolf Gang, Sleeper Agent, Madeon and Major Lazer. And of course, like every year, I am crossing my fingers that Daft Punk will headline!
Kayla N. Nov 29, 2012
Coachella is definitely my favorite event of the year. I really love going to music festivals and have been to many of them and Coachella is by the far the most fun. The bands that play are incredible and there are multiple stages so you can run around and see a bunch of different bands. Since it takes place in April in Palm Springs, the weather is nice and hot. What is really cool is many years it falls at the end of Spring Break so you can come down to the desert for Spring Break and end it with Coachella. Literally the only downside of going is you need to make plans way in advanced and you will be bummed once it is over!
Kira A. Nov 12, 2012
Coachella is by far my favorite weekend out of the entire year. I've attended the past three years and every year has been exceptional. What I love most about Coachella is the variety of music it provides; the tunes range from alternative, to folk, to electronic and it gives festival-goers the chance to experience every kind of music and discover new tastes that they might not have realized before! I also love the huge art installments scattered around the field. I still remember the beautiful origami crane that was as big as a commercial airplane that lit up multicolored during the nighttime. It's still the background on my phone! To any new festival-goers that are going to Coachell for the first time this upcoming 2013, my one piece of advice would be CAMP! CAMP CAMP CAMP!!!! Camping is a vital part of this experience and it really is so much fun. If you camp it's like you never leave Coachella because you're constantly with everyone, singing, partying and enjoying yourself. Be prepared to get a little dirty because it's all part of the Coachella life!!
Sridevi R. Oct 4, 2012
Coachella is one of those very few things in life that are well worth all of the withdrawals that come after it's done. Nothing is better than spending three days in the desert with your best friends, listening to amazing performers, and dancing your face off. The festival is constantly growing and has come to now feature music of literally every genre (spread over two weekends..!!) Also, I recommend waiting until all the craziness calms down to buy your ticket - you'll most likely be able to find it for cheaper on Craigslist once it gets closer to April.
Victor H. Sep 25, 2012
If you only go to one music festival a year make sure Coachella is the one you attend. Since the music festival has existed it has managed to pull in the biggest acts of the time and the best overall lineup of any other festival. It also has the magic ability of bringing together bands that have long been disbanded. First things first make sure you score a ticket. Coachella has constantly been growing and getting more popular with each passing year. The best way to get your tickets is during their early bird presale which happens a couple of months after the festival ends. This is also cool because you can score them with a payment plan so you pay about $60 a month which makes it easy to afford. With over 90+ bands, art installations, giveaways, celebrity spotting, people watching and more there is something for everyone. The music alone stretches every type of music category imaginable from electronic to hip hop to the rock. And the people to match the music can be found on the premises which sometimes makes for a great people watching experience. Bring your camera or video camera you're bound to capture some kodak moments throughout the weekend. Camping in itself is an experience in itself full of its own wonders. If you're looking for the greatest music festival experience you can stop looking.
Natalie M. Sep 6, 2012
P.S. You can actually take showers even if you camp! And you will want to because it gets insanely hot. Just get in line really early and the wait is actually not that long! You probably won't have slept anyway =)
Natalie M. Sep 6, 2012
When I went to Coachella for the first time three years ago it literally changed my life. My outlook on life has never been the same, and now my life revolves around electro music and festivals because of THIS EVENT. It's an oasis from the worries of life where you and your friends can enjoy the wonder of music and each other with no distractions. CAR CAMP! It's the only way to go. Also... Weekend 1. You wanna be surprised by the hologram don't you??
Danny M. Aug 14, 2012
Got tickets for Weekend 2 next year! Never been before...super excited
Kira A. Aug 13, 2012
Coachella is better than Christmas. In short, it's a magical weekend of amazing music, beautiful art, and a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. If I had one piece of advice, it would be to make sure you camp in the car camping grounds. Camping at Coachella is so much fun and everyone should experience it at least once!!

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