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Restaurants in Culver City Overview

Rocco's Tavern - Bar | Italian Restaurant in Culver City, LA

Now that Culver City has spruced up its act with a little gentrification, the Los Angeles neighborhood has become one of the latest local destinations for trendy restaurants that pack a flavorful punch.

The most popular restaurants in Culver City are located in or near the revived downtown area, where Washington Boulevard meets Culver Boulevard. Within this foodie haven are gems serving American, French, Greek, Japanese, Italian, and Latin fare. For hearty cuisine from the southern states, Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken does it all from scratch. For a little ooh là là with dinner, Meet in Paris has Moules-frites for an authentic French dining experience.

Of course, there’s more to Culver City restaurants than those along the downtown strip. On the west end of the neighborhood is Waterloo & City, where the cooks wear bowler hats while preparing sophisticated British gastropub fare. Duck rillette, anyone?

Over on the east end of town is Father’s Office, the second location for this wildly-popular burger joint with a delicious selection of craft brews. Just beware that there is only one way to order the burger – exactly how the cooks prepare it.

Popular Culver City Restaurants

  • * Akasha Breakfast / Casual / Cocktails
  • * Sushi Zo 20s and up / Beer & Wine Only

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