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Good for Groups in Culver City Overview

The Cinema Bar - Dive Bar | Live Music Venue in Culver City, LA

Culver City has only recently become a hopping destination within Los Angeles, thanks to the elbow grease of gentrification and the revival of the neighborhood’s downtown area. But there are also plenty of group activities in Culver City that exist in the area’s grittier pockets.

Dive bars are definitely good for groups in Culver City. Located mostly on the outskirts of town, these dingy haunts never have cover, allow the most casual of clothing, offer cheap food and drinks, and usually have space for larger parties. Karaoke hotspot Backstage Bar & Grill has been around for more than 75 years and allows big groups to rent out space for free with no minimum purchase. Farther west at The Cinema Bar, the fun-loving dive has a live music scene that doesn’t cost a cent to enjoy. Both joints attract relaxed, hipsterish crowds who care less about image and more about imbibing.

A Culver City good-for-groups restaurant is the ever-popular Father’s Office, which has a location at the old Helms Bakery site. The burger haven has a long bar, deep booths, and plenty of large picnic tables where the whole gang will fit. Add in a selection of craft brews and there’s bound to be a beer to suit everyone’s taste buds. 

Of course, the aforementioned downtown section of Culver City is good for groups looking for something to do without making a major commitment. A walk down the main strip of Culver Boulevard is sure to reveal plenty of places where the entire posse can take a seat.

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  • * Seventy7 30s / 40s / Absinthe / Ambient

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