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Rocco's Tavern - Bar | Italian Restaurant in Culver City, LA

Culver City comprises five square miles within the Los Angeles metropolis and is one of the latest areas to undergo a rapid gentrification, which has brought a fresh nightlife scene into the area.

The newer, more posh bars in Culver City are mostly found in the neighborhood’s designated downtown, the area where Washington and Culver boulevards intersect. Drawing professionals in their 20s and 30s, people dress fashionably casual for a night out at Culver City bars, mixing heels or Oxford shirts with jeans. It’s here that craft beer flows on the heated, outdoor patios of City Tavern and Public School 310. It’s also where speakeasy-styled haunt The Blind Barber makes patrons walk through a barbershop setting and down a hidden hallway to get to the secret bar in the back.

Still, there are plenty of Culver City watering holes that recall the days of the town’s gritty upbringing. Backstage Bar & Grill on the less glamorous part of Culver Boulevard has been around more than 70 years. Within the dim interior are some of the best deals on drinks and bar food around.

At Bigfoot West, located on the outskirts of Culver City, the solid whiskey menu has created a steady stream of flannel-wearing regulars. Another popular haunt for Culver City hipsters is Oldfield's Liquor Room, which is owned by the same folks who opened Bigfoot West. The late-50s, early-60s décor gives the perfect Mad Men vibe in which to enjoy a strong cocktail.

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  • * Mandrake 30s / 80s Music / Artists / Artsy
  • * Seventy7 30s / 40s / Absinthe / Ambient

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