The Sayers Club

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The Sayers Club Given the tough door policy, not everyone gets into The Sayers Club – but at least the folks left standing on the sidewalk can console themselves with a wiener. Los Angeles United States 34.101235 -118.331146
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The Sayers Club - Club | Live Music Venue | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Given the tough door policy, not everyone gets into The Sayers Club – and with it's semi-hidden location behind sister bar Sayers Front Room, it's not a given that clubgoers will even find it. Tucked away... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Tu–Su 6pm–2am; Days of operation may vary

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Sayers Club Review

The Scene

Given the tough door policy, not everyone gets into The Sayers Club – but at least the folks left standing on the sidewalk can console themselves with a wiener.

Given the tough door policy, not everyone gets into The Sayers Club – and with it's semi-hidden location behind sister bar Sayers Front Room, it's not a given that clubgoers will even find it. Tucked away on a non-descript stretch of Wilcox, there’s little evidence of this swanky lounge’s existence until trendy scenesters and in-the-know music lovers start to line up outside the venue’s unmarked door.

Once cleared by the clipboard-wielding doorman, patrons discover a throwback speakeasy with exposed brick and concrete walls, lush sweeping drapes, and a long bar glowing with golden light.

Sleek tufted leather couches on the perimeter of the room face the retractable stage, where unannounced musical acts usually perform nightly – and where frequent celebrity guests just might set down their $18 cocktails long enough to accompany Macy Gray, Florence Welch, or whatever other big name has spontaneously appeared.

This impromptu vibe will be familiar to regulars at Bardot – the ultra-exclusive club above Hollywood’s Avalon – since the “Bardot Sessions” live music show is run by the same folks.

Performers also include less established acts, though with so many industry types in the crowd, it’s doubtful they’ll remain unknown for long.

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Tip from Adriana:

Although it’s a good idea to arrive early to get in, don’t leave early or you may miss surprise performances. Prince blew everyone away once by playing at 3am! Also, be sure to follow the venue’s Twitter feed for updates on secret shows during off nights and clues about who might be performing.

  • Crowd

    Young entertainment industry types, celebrities, scenesters, models, and music lovers, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music nightly featuring unannounced musical acts that have included many big-name performers. DJs spin mostly Top 40 and hip-hop between live sessions.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food. No cover charge, but getting on the guest list requires at least knowing someone who knows someone. Entrance located in the back of Sayers Front Room.

  • Prices

    Beer $8–$12, wine $14–$17/glass or $100–$650/bottle, cocktails $13–$15, specialty cocktails $18, bottle service $400–$2500 (two-bottle minimum often required).

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dress to impress: slacks, sports coats, button-downs, designer jackets, tight dresses, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The venue is consistently packed, so any night potential visitors can get on the list.

  • Close By

    Hemingway’s (6356 Hollywood Boulevard) is another exclusive lounge that’s hidden behind a restored historic storefront, steps from the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

The Sayers Club User Reviews

Average rating:
Great place!
Ross S. Nov 12, 2012
My friend used to promote here, so I have been a few times. The decor is beautiful & drinks expensive. They have live performances here and the sound system is very good. Go here if you can get in, but it's [email protected]
Great new lounge
Rocio R. Nov 3, 2012
Sayers is slowly becoming one of my favorites for it's relaxed vibe, cool interior and good crowd. It's not quite the atmosphere of a douchey Hollywood club, but it is energetic. The crowd is somewhat of a mix of club rejects and Hollywood bar goers looking for a lively atmosphere minus the door hassle. The interior decor with its leather couches is beautiful. On Saturday nights there is a drummer that drums along to music providing a live music aspect. Overall Sayers is a fun lively place minus the douchebaggery.
Where good music and goodlooking hipsters converge
Sherin N. Oct 2, 2012
Sayers is pretty sick. Yes, it's a little sceney, making it difficult for some to get in, and sure it's so dark inside you can barely recognize the person next to you, but the ambience totally works in favor of the vibe of the show that's about to be performed. When the performers go on, it's like you have a front row seat in the coolest, most intimate venue in all of LA. You can basically sit as close as inches away from the singer, who may even be Florence + the Machine doing a surprise performance. Drinks are expensive, and if you're in a group of guys be prepared to drop big bucks for a table. It's annoying, but it's Hollywood. You can't expect much else from one of the hippest places around. About that, yes, there are many hipsters. But don't worry, they're the goodlooking kind, the ones that shower and actually spend lots of time getting ready. Thursdays are my favorite, but definitely follow Sayers on twitter to see who may be performing an impromptu show on any given night. Despite it's trendy rep, and the hassle of getting in sometimes, I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite places in Hollywood and definitely worth checking out.
Need to give it another go
Danny M. Aug 29, 2012
I probably need to go back to the Sayers Club because my one trip there was not the greatest experience. The physical space is awesome...spacious room, large bar area, leather couches, dark wood everywhere...makes you feel like you're in a very cool, hip spot. But the night I was here the place was almost empty...maybe 40 people were there the whole night. The setting and the combo of DJ and live music was really cool but I was hoping to see more people there...maybe next time. On the plus side, the staff was friendly, the drinks were solid, and I was very happy to take down a hot dog from the Papaya King out front to close out my night.
Loving Papaya King
Paul F. Aug 29, 2012
If you're looking for Sayer's Club based on any signage - you're out of luck. The fact is, it's hidden behind the Papaya King on Wilcox - yes, you have to go through a small hot dog spot to get inside. Outside the club/bar/lounge is the typical door girl/large bouncer combination sizing you up for style or checking your name off a list. If you pass muster, you enter into a large single room with very high ceilings. To the left is a raised bottle service area with booths. In the back is the long bar. The back right has more table service and immediately to the right of where you enter is an inner square space featuring leather chesterfield couches and a stage - but not raised off the ground. Sayer's can be hit or miss depending on the night you go. If you're lucky, you'll catch a surprise live performance (Prince decided to pop in for a show once), but if you're not, the place can be completely dead. The good news is that if the place is dead - there's an amazing hot dog joint just outside.
A touch of class in the center of Hollywood
Len B. Aug 17, 2012
With all of the choices in the Hollywood area, it's easy to overlook some places due to the sheer discretion and The Sayer's Club is one of them. The venue is very cozy to say the least, with dim lighting, intimate seating arrangements that are as plush as they are alluring, and a stage area so close you can practically converse with the performers. It almost echoes an old Hollywood vibe with the arrangement. That, coupled with great drinks, smooth atmosphere and great live musicians makes this a spot anyone can enjoy. Entering The Sayer's Club can be tricky at times. If there's a private event, good luck to you, but overall it's pretty easy to stroll in given you don't arrive in flip flops and shorts. I know it's LA but around these parts, style is everything. Another cool facet about this spot is the star power is seems to attract. One may find their favorite celebrity in the sectioned off bottle service area on any given night, which only adds to the appeal. This spot is definitely a must visit if you're looking for some good tunes in a more upscale environment away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Blvd. You'll thank me later.
good weeknight spot
Emily B. Aug 8, 2012
I think Sayers Club is the perfect weeknight drink spot because there is valet making the usual parking hassles a non-issue and it's not usually too packed (meaning it doesn't take an hour to get a drink and there are plenty of places to sit). I'm a huge fan of Bardot so my first time visiting Sayers Club I was expecting it to be a similar experience but it's definitely not. This venue doesn't live up to its full potential for a lot of reasons: girls wearing sun dresses are sitting on oversized leather couches (both no no's for trendy bars) and it's too dark and smoky to be a good conversation place. The live music is always pretty good and there are usually a couple celebrities and tons of people from the industry at Sayers Club. Overall I would say this is a great spot for people who live in Hollywood but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit this place.
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