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The Comedy Store Looking for gut-busting comedy shows at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this awesome comedy club! Los Angeles United States 34.095053 -118.374029
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The Comedy Store - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.
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INFO Los Angeles is one of the comedy centers of the universe, and nowhere is this more the case than at The Comedy Store in the heart of West Hollywood, right on Sunset Boulevard. The Comedy Store was the creation of late... ... read more

The Comedy Store Videos

Matina Bevis @ The Comedy Store, Los Angeles 12.28.08 part I
Matina Bevis @ The Comedy Store, Los Angeles 12.28.08 part I
Lucie Kara The Comedy Store on Sunset- Los Angeles- Feb 2010
Simon Mainwaring Speaks at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles
SantaCon 2010 at The Comedy Store
Comic-Jerome [email protected] Comedy Store
Eva Kreye at the Comedy Store LA

The Comedy Store Information

The Comedy Store - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is one of the comedy centers of the universe, and nowhere is this more the case than at The Comedy Store in the heart of West Hollywood, right on Sunset Boulevard.

The Comedy Store was the creation of late comedian Sammy Shore (father of movie star and comedian Pauly Shore) and Rudy DeLuca back in 1972. Back then, the Store only had a 99 seat theater but expanded in 1976 with a 450 seat main room.

The Store has a very long list of prestigious alumni including comedy legends like Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, John Belushi, Dave Chappelle, Rodney Dangerfield, Dennis Miller, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Kaufman, Bill Hicks, and every other major comedian over the last 40 years.

Today, the Store hosts a rotating schedule every night of the week and it’s not uncommon to be at a late night set and suddenly be treated to a pop-in from an A-List comic trying out some new material.

The Comedy Store User Reviews

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A Pleasant Surprise at the Comedy Store
Megan K. Apr 3, 2013
In the nearly three years that I have been living in LA, I have twice visited the Comedy Store, and both experiences were incredible. Being from the Westside, my first experience brought with it a sense of novelty. We started with dinner and drinks at Cabo Cantina down the street on Sunset (delicious as usual. Can’t go wrong with those surf and turf tacos and a margarita!) Afterward, we walked up to the Comedy Store and up the stairs lined with head shots of comedians who have performed there. The show took place in one of the smaller side venues. We went on a week night, so the place was not packed (even though it was free with a two drink minimum!), and the comedians were mildly entertaining, due to no fault of their own other than Andrew Dice Clay stealing the show halfway through. Needless to say I can’t remember anything else because my mind was blown. I learned after that it is not unusual for him to stop in. However, on a Tuesday night, I still was impressed that he was willing to come in and entertain the twenty of us. The second time we attended was to see a close friend of ours performing. There were 15 or so comedians who were allotted 3-5 minutes of time. We were thoroughly entertained, even with some of them bombing and others absolutely killing it. Bottom line is, the Comedy Store is an AWESOME place to go. If you do some research, you can find out some deals like the one I mentioned. If you checked in on Four Square, admission was free. All you had to do was buy two drinks each. It is a terrific, and at times cheap night out located in the fun, bustling area of West Hollywood.
A Good Night of History and Laughs
Brett G. Mar 11, 2013
If you are looking for rated-G comedy go to the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. This is the world famous Comedy Store, home of comedy greats as Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Roseanne Barr and George Carlin. From 7pm to 2am a new comedian hops onstage every 15 minutes. It has three rooms going simultaneously: The Main Room where the best of the regulars perform on the weekends, the Original Room where many famous comics are known to drop in nightly (Andrew Dice Clay and Bobby Lee among them), and the Belly Room, the smaller space upstairs known for more experimental shows. The walls are painted black and covered with black and white headshots of every comic that has ever graced it's stages. They serve typical bar fried food and there is a 2 drink minimum. The parking is bad - it's West Hollywood what do you want? Up and coming comedians seat you, work the door, and do security - a tradition since it opened. I recommend it, if anything, for its history. It's like the Empire State Building in NYC. It's something you have to experience when you're in LA.
The Place is on Fire
David W. Feb 22, 2013
I wouldn't recommend an evening at the Comedy Store if you'd like all of your ducks to line up in a row. What this institution is devoted to, and what it's a sanctuary for, is much to volatile to score 10 out of 10 everytime. Guns 'n' Roses may as well have written 'Appetite For Destruction' about this place; it makes the Laugh Factory look like Disneyland; and, on a personal note, brings me closer to an artist who I wish I could have seen on stage: Richard Pryor. The Comedy Store is a comedy club that is deeply entrenched in the feel of a classic nightclub - if the walls or glasses could speak, what on earth would they say? And while the comedians may be working on their craft and trying to get somewhere in entertainment this place is also their home; it's part of their family whether they intended it to be or not. If you want to feel the life behind the art then this is the place. Make sure to hang out on the porch bar for hours or years, soak it all up. The good, the bad and the ugly all roll through Hollywood's home for feral souls.
Get Your Giggles
Jason D. Feb 22, 2013
I visited the Comedy Store for a show featuring Sarah Silverman, Bryan Callen (MADtv), and others. The main room is actually quite large and seats a lot of people. They have cool neon signs on the wall of past comedians and the stage can be seen easily from every table. The service was good, they have your basic bar drinks and food. Be sure to ask if they have any drink specials - sometimes you can find a good $5 drink deal. Parking is $10 at the valet next door to the club, or you can venture to find street parking along Sunset - but expect to walk quite a bit. Overall, this place won't disappoint you - only the comics will if they aren't funny.
A Comedy Institution
Brett C. Dec 12, 2012
I went to see a friend perform in The Belly Room and had a great time! I saw a ton of comedians, as each was only given around 10-15 minutes to perform. The comics tended to be pretty hit-or-miss, but the highlight of the night was Sarah Silverman dropping by unannounced to try out new material. She was actually referencing index cards as she was performing. Sarah was hilarious, as usual, and it was cool seeing a little bit of how the writing/re-writing process works. Service was good, and drinks were standard prices for a comedy club (though over-priced overall). The Comedy Store is a great place to see up-and-coming comedy talent and is worth going to, simply because you never know when someone big is going to turn up for a surprise set. This Hollywood mainstay is a must for any serious comedy fan!
Better than expected
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
I went for a friend's comedy show in one of the little side rooms, and found myself surprised by the quality of the comedians. Taking ticket prices and the drink minimum into account it can get pricey, but it's a fun place to sit in for an evening and laugh your troubles away. The sweet potato fries are DELICIOUS.
Best Place to Watch Your Faves
Anasa G. Nov 16, 2012
How can you not have a great time watching you're favorite female comedian tear down the house in the Belly Room? It doesn't matter if you travel to La Jolla or keep it local in Hollywood, both Comedy Store locations will have you splitting your sides. With over 40 years in the business, the Comedy Store has become an icon in its own right churning out some of today's most well known comedic acts. On occassion you can catch a celebrity comedian performing a set, but it's always fun to catch up and coming comics do their thing. For those looking to make a name for themselves in the world of comedy, the Comedy Store is definitely the place you want to be.
Good for some laughs
Danny M. Sep 13, 2012
Every time I go to the Comedy Store in Hollywood I walk out entertained at the end of the night. I like going to the Original Room where they have a rotation of 16 comics on most nights including some no-name talent, up-and-comers trying to make it, seasoned vets, and sometimes a “surprise” superstar (I’ve seen Carlos Mencia and Dave Attell show up). Each comic performs for 10-15 minutes and in most cases you will laugh heartily (although in some cases the two drink minimum helps). Sometimes you get their standard routine and sometimes you get to see them trying out new material. Also, the setting is pretty intimate and there’s always some hecklers…which makes it fun to see how the comedians react. Tickets are usually easy to get the day of and many times right at the door that night. Parking can also be very easy…there’s a lot right next door behind the Andaz hotel.
Go to the Store
Jed G. Sep 4, 2012
The funny thing about names is they're actually pretty good at signaling truths about their owner. But what could be telling about a name as innocuous as The Comedy Store? Well, stores tend to favor variety, are no-nonsense in their presentation of product and should be reliable for repeat runs. So what's in a name? My first experience at The Comedy Store was on one of my first Monday's in LA. I happened to have two friends performing there that night, which represented an astoundingly large percentage of my LA friends at the time, so I had to go. By the end of the night I'd been in three stand up rooms, seen rowdy, overflowing audiences, silent, sadly scarce audiences and around 30 comics in total. Only one of those comics was one of the two friends I came to see. Some comics were clichéd and awful, others were fresh and brilliant, and a few were honest-to-God legends, just stopping by long enough to force less-tested comics (read: my second friend) to wait until another night for their chance to go on. I saw Scandinavian tourists skip out on tabs, entry prices rise and fall, the kitchen go through various stages of availability... It was a circus if circuses had less rules. Some of this mayhem seemed very un-store-like, but there was certainly enough rhythm and reason to justify the frenzy. After all, they sell comedy, not life insurance. The rooms are classic, clean and comfortable enough. The service is very friendly, if not always very snappy. And the comedy supplied more than enough hits to make up for the misses. At the very least I always had the feeling I was at a venue that the comics themselves took seriously, which is really all you can ask for. Since my first visit, my trips to the Store have been less chaotic, in part because I now know my way around the rooms a lot better, but the scene has been no less entertaining. I have no doubt that I'll be making repeat runs to The Comedy Store.
Legendary LA Comedy Club
Sara G. Aug 24, 2012
If you haven't gone to the Comedy Store, you need to. Are all of their acts gold? Not at all - I've seen some where I was definitely appreciative of the drinks from the bar. However, so many legendary comedians have performed on that stage, and that alone is worth the trip. It's right in the heart of the Strip so it's very easy to go to another spot before/after the show and make it a full night. The drinks are nothing fancy, and neither is the decor - but neither of those reasons are why anyone goes. The Comedy Store gets a lot of known (and unknown) talents on that stage, and you never know who you might get turned on to when you go. And, it feels good to laugh. If the Comedy Store is sold out that night, go to the Laugh Factory about a mile east of there - also on Sunset.
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