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The Comedy & Magic Club Looking for info on The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach? Check out Party Earth for reviews, photos, maps, and more for this fun magic spot! Los Angeles United States 33.860966 -118.399555
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The Comedy & Magic Club - Comedy Club | American Restaurant | Club | Beach Club | Beach Bar in Los Angeles.
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    Hermosa Beach, CA
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    1018 Hermosa Avenue

    Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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    (310) 372-1193

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    All Ages, Anything goes, Average Joes, Bar Food, Bouncer, Budget-friendly, Casual, Comedy, Couples, Crowded, Date Place, Dinner, Diverse, Easygoing, Good for Groups, Groups, Jeans, Jeans and Heels, Jeans and T-Shirt, Live Entertainment, Lively, Locals, Moderate, No Dress Code, Party Groups, Pasta, Rowdy, Smart Casual, Stand-Up Comedy, Street Parking, Unpretentious

The Comedy & Magic Club Videos

Geoff Keith at Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA
Geoff Keith at Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA
Tom Segura at The Comedy and Magic Club
Comedy and Magic Club - June 7, 2009 pt 1
Tim Gaither Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club
"Needle Through Arm" - Harry Anderson @ Comedy and Magic Club
Heidi Foss - Live at 'The Comedy and Magic Club'
David Deeble at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California
Bobby Badfingers Comedy & Magic Club Performance
Farrell Dillon at Comedy & Magic club in Hermosa Beach Part 1
David Deeble at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California.

The Comedy & Magic Club User Reviews

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A South Bay "Secret"
Garret H. May 28, 2013
It's pretty remarkable that Jay Leno can perform here every Sunday night and I didn't even know about the place until I moved from downtown to Hermosa Beach... I call it a "secret" because it isn't the typical LA scene and it seems like the only people that know about it are fellow South Bay-ans. All I know is that if you ever come out to the beach during the weekend/summer, it's definitely worth it to stop by and check it out - you don't even have to change out of your bathing suit! Setting: The building itself is nothing spectacular, blending in with the beach environment and architecture surrounding it. The inside also resembles a pretty traditional comedy club until you start noticing the decor around you - "Is that the puffy shirt from Seinfeld? The psychedelic Austin Powers suit? Why is there a UPS costume? O wait... King of Queens was a show once..." The first time I went with friends, we spent the entire downtime trying to figure out what all the costumes were! This design definitely sets the vibe for the rest of the night - sporadic, funny, unpolished and enjoyable! The Show: I'll just start off by saying I haven't had a bad experience yet. Yes, some of the comedians were brutal but it's not like it's an amateur show. Often times, a bad comic makes the good ones even more enjoyable (and creates a perfect bathroom break)! My favorite show is the 10 comedians for $10 on Friday nights - there will be a dud here and there but I would probably watch 5 out of the 10 do a full comedy show one their own. And it's only 10 DOLLARS! Also, these are professional comedians, so they are not afraid to get the crowd "involved," if you know what I mean (FYI front row seaters). I have to admit one thing - I have not seen the magic show in its entirety but it's been pretty good from what I have seen. For me, this is definitely a comedy-first club and they nailed it. Food: It's called The Comedy & Magic Club.... you get what you come for. But this is not a knock on the food itself, as I've actually really enjoyed it (Rosemary Chicken) - this is just a heads up to anyone expecting a steak from Morton's. The food was actually better than what I expected my first time there. I had expected cheap, fried bar food but luckily you will not find that here. So, for me, the food actually made the experience even more enjoyable. As for drinks, I normally stick with beer and wine, which is impossible to screw up. The only thing I will say about the drinks is be prepared to have one - there's a two order minimum (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, food). Pros: Very entertaining, good food, fun environment, cheap shows on a weekly basis (10 for $10 on Friday) Cons: Parking is tough; Depending on the show, it can get really crowded Overall I've had an awesome time during each visit. Whether you are looking for a place to go with friends, go on a date, or just want a place to start the night, the Comedy & Magic Club is a great spot. It's also located right next to Hermosa Pier in case you are looking for dinner and drinks after the show. Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone who goes through the area!
If You Love to Laugh..
Jasmine U. Mar 2, 2013
The Comedy & Magic Club My Take: At first glance, I didn’t quite know what to make of The Comedy & Magic Club. It looked a bit run down and was full of mostly an older crowd. Yet, my skepticism was soon alleviated when the hilarious comedians got going. Even the magic act was pretty entertaining. Overall, it’s a great place to go for some laughs and a good time with friends. The Scene: The Comedy & Magic Club is an older venue full of only what I can describe as history. Famous garb of old comedians adorn the front, such as the famous Seinfeld puffy shirt, while cheesy rainbow lights, and green velvet curtains line the stage and matching vinyl green seats cover all their chairs. Looking at the crowd you wont find celebrities (except the regular famous comedians), or A-listers, or anyone dressed very trendy. Mostly it’s couples, groups of older friends or coworkers, and overall average locals looking for a night away from the traditional Los Angeles scene. Cocktails & Cuisine: The Comedy & Magic Club specializes in just that, comedy and magic. Therefore, their food and drinks are nothing special. They have a menu featuring basic bar food, a lot of pastas, a few salads, and some grilled entrees. Their bar features an average selection of beers, wines, and simple cocktails that are all reasonably priced. My recommendation is to grab dinner before the show at one of the fun & yummy bars and/or restaurants by the Hermosa Beach Pier and just purchase drinks at the actual show. Prices: For a great comedy show The Comedy & Magic Club isn’t very expensive. Shows are usually around $15 per person but can go up to $40 on nights with bigger names. There is also a two-order minimum per person from their menu but this can be spent on any mixture of their drinks, appetizers, entrees, or desserts. What to Wear: Basically this is a place where anything goes. Because its so close to the beach you would be fine wearing your shorts and flip flops from earlier in the day or sporting a smarter casual look with jeans and heels if you want. Usually the older crowd dresses up a bit more and while the younger guests tend to lean toward a more casual attire. Just be sure to not wear something too outrageous, as you will for sure get picked on. Insider Info/When to go: Often the club will get some very famous comedians. In this case it is essential to buy your tickets several weeks in advanced (be sure to check their online calendar). For the more average names, feel free to buy your ticket at the door. To sit in the front you must arrive pretty early and also be able to take a joke!
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