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Soho House Perched high above the west end of the Sunset Strip, the 20,000-square-foot Soho House is a private members-only social club whose elite atmosphere has made it a preferred hangout for celebrities. Los Angeles United States 34.0899498383649 -118.392512798309
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Soho House - Bar | Lounge | Members Club | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Perched high above the west end of the Sunset Strip, the 20,000-square-foot Soho House is a private members-only social club whose elite atmosphere has made it a preferred hangout for celebrities. A stylish clientele from... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–W 8am–midnight, Th–Sa 8am–2am, Su 9am–11pm

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Soho House Review

The Scene

Perched high above the west end of the Sunset Strip, the 20,000-square-foot Soho House is a private members-only social club whose elite atmosphere has made it a preferred hangout for celebrities.

Perched high above the west end of the Sunset Strip, the 20,000-square-foot Soho House is a private members-only social club whose elite atmosphere has made it a preferred hangout for celebrities.

A stylish clientele from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, and finance step off the private elevator into an elegant reception area, where a sweeping marble staircase lit by a stunning capiz-shell chandelier leads them up to the lounge.

Executives and creatives mingle over craft cocktails at the thirty-foot bar, as agents and clients gather on the colorful collection of chairs and divans by the floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the panoramic city views.

Daytime sees small groups lounging on vintage leather armchairs and tufted sofas in the Sitting Room, where they can peruse the bookshelves filled with Shepard Fairey and Anselm Kiefer art books or enjoy some quiet conversation, while an open balcony offers comfy couches on which to while away the afternoon.

A small pond and olive trees aglow with twinkling wicker pendant lights create a mellow nighttime vibe, when the glitterati shows up to network over dinner.

Although finding the right connection to get in the door may be tricky, the beautiful décor and extraordinary people-watching make a night at Soho House well worth the effort.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you’re under twenty-seven, you can get a special membership for only $900. Being young and liking martinis has its perks!

  • Crowd

    Showbiz and fashion professionals, business people, and celebrities, mid-20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient electronic lounge music and swing-era tunes. Fifty-seat screening room for private events. Billiards table. Souvenir photo booth.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of fine California cuisine with French influences, including grilled quail, tomato bruschetta, tuna tartare, pizzette, crab cakes, and chanterelle and goat cheese tarts.

  • Prices

    Membership dues: $1800+. Beer $8+, wine $12+, cocktails $12+ martini $12+. Valet $12.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressy: mostly slacks, button-downs, suits, dresses, and heels, though jeans are acceptable.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for a fairly consistent scene, though the energy in the bar rises a bit Thursdays through Saturdays when the place stays open until 2am.

  • Close By

    Across the street is Bootsy Bellows (9229 West Sunset Boulevard), another exclusive spot with an upscale clientele and equally difficult door.

Soho House User Reviews

Average rating:
Glitzy playhouse if you got the dough
christine r. Apr 25, 2013
This is a private membership-based clubhouse minus all the primitive man shakes and draft beers, and replaced by posh leather booths, private theater, luxurious furnishing, spectacular views, restaurant, and of course the bar with waiter/bartender who are at your service. Sounds pretty pretentious I know. I went as a guest with my sister and put aside my eye-rolling to enjoy some quality time with the fams. It was a quiet, non-douchey atmosphere with attentive service and enough space, clarity, and calmness to really have a good time with some drinks. On occasion, you'll spot a celeb here and there but nothing too obnoxious because everyone really keeps it to themselves and keeps the vibe really classy. If you're bored, you can walk around and explore the photo booth, theaters, pool table, or walk out to the terrace for a view overlooking Los Angeles. During the day, the place is transformed for a relaxing place to grab a bite while catching up on some work or indulging in some after work cocktails. Always nice to experience a different vibe.
Top o'the World
Tony P. Apr 4, 2013
The first time I stepped into the garden at Soho House, I was was floored. They have a Koi pond on the roof, real olives trees, and a panorama that just can't be beat in LA. It's the only place where you can see Catalina Island and Downtown on the same balcony while brushing shoulders with Aaron Sorkin from The West Wing. The cocktails were expertly crafted (If you like bourbon, try the James Brown) and the kitchen has a Farm-to-Table program that uses locally grown produce in the California Cuisine. The staff is incredible. Although the place is a little bit of a scene among the Hollywood elite, the wait staff was always very personable and went out of their way to make me feel like a celebrity. Definitely go, if you can get it. ( And try to catch a pre-release movie in the Screening room- each chair has it's own CASHMERE PILLOW AND BLANKET!)
A Lovely Land...
Mica M. Mar 26, 2013
The Soho House is a lovely land of gorgeous surroundings, yummy food and festive cocktails. This is a two story oasis in West Hollywood where the city streets and problems seem very far away. From the parking garage you take the elevator up to the penthouse where you step out into a bright room with a huge staircase. The first floor is all private rooms and screen rooms. To eat and drink you head up the stairs. The bar and "sitting area" feel a bit nice your classy aunt flora who lives in London. The staff is super attentive and helpful. Surrounding the sitting area is a wrap around deck. It is truly one of my favorite things in LA. Usually the Europeans are outside smoking which adds to the flavor of this place. People are pontificating in all kinds of accents here. Through a long and dark hallway you will find the outside deck area. This outside dining area is one of the most beautiful in LA. It's perfect on a Tuesday evening of Sunday afternoon. Two things you need to know about the Soho House 1. They have the most amazing buffet brunch of Sunday. It's not to be missed. 2. They have a photo booth which is good fun any time of the day. Stars sightings are plentiful here. Must don't act too excited, after all you are in a private club.
Pack with Celebs and wanna be celebs
Jimmy D. Feb 23, 2013
Just had dinner there during Oscars weekend and man what a scene. The bar was packed and the lounge / dining area was overflowing. Maybe one of the best views in Los Angeles. As for the food, try the tagliatelle bolognese. Excellent. Gauc and chips was also very good. The scene is a little snooty given its a "private" club but the vibe is great and there are tons of different areas to enjoy, be it outside on the patio or at the bar or various lounge areas. If you aren't in the mood to eat there you can grab a drink and then head down to Boa for a steak on the ground level of the same building.
Christina M. Feb 20, 2013
Spielberg called. He wants to take a meeting on your new script. At the Soho House. But wait…you don’t have a membership. But Spielberg DOES. Done. The Soho House in WeHo is just one part of the private club first launched in London for “creative types”, film, television, rock stars …you get the picture. The West Hollywood location is one of the best. From a Los Angeles standpoint- yes- you are in Hollywood but high above all of the traffic, smog, and Sunset Strip rookies, Memebrs enter at 9200 Sunset. Head to P1 reception & up you go to the Penthouse. Be prepared to wire your jaw shut walking in because the floor to ceiling windows, accompanied by that panoramic view is quite simply astounding. The bar is 30 feet long- and you gotta love a place that says “we take our drinks seriously”. Plymouth gin, tequila, whiskey, and oh yes, libation concocted just for those of us who are looking for aphrodisiac cocktails. (Note: Don’t drink that with Spielberg). Act like you know what you’re doing & head out to Roof Garden – blanketed by soaring branches of real California Olive Trees. Try not to stare if see Jenny McCarthy totter by in her Manolos. There is also a Private Screening Room, banquet room, and a NOT TO BE missed kick ass photo booth for you and your new SOHO House friends. Membership does have its privileges.
Move Over Skybar there’s a New Skyline in Town
Sogol T. Nov 29, 2012
The Los Angeles city skyline can be seen in many different ways but at Soho House it’s not just a city viewing party; it’s a chance to experience true Hollywood without all the fuss from paparazzi or star struck tourists. This is the place to sip cocktails with your friends on the sunset strip among beautiful celebrities, artists and industry professionals in a peaceful and relaxing environment. When you walk inside this elegant lounge you are instantly attracted to the unique décor, picturesque view and friendly faces. This place is where real Hollywood starts and ends. If you’re not a star you’ll definitely feel like one but remember the only way to get in with all the elites is if you have a ‘golden ticket’ or are lucky enough to know someone who does. Just think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; only the chosen or lucky get to experience the magic. So, if you’re fortunate enough to find someone with a membership don’t hesitate to grab them and get down to the sunset strip tonight, or try to become a member yourself and experience the friendly Hollywood scene anytime you wish. It will be worth it.
Stacy F. Oct 5, 2012
I was lucky enough to have a friend who has a membership to the Soho House. It’s great fun to people watch and look at all the fancy people. I saw Conan O’Brien chillin at the bar. They don’t allow camera phones and are all about privacy and such so don’t get any stalker-y ideas. There are quite a few pretty people sitting around drinking wine but it’s a fun vibe, not stuffy like you’d think. It’s at the top of a high rise on Sunset so there’s an incredible view of the city from the balcony. Great cushy booths surrounding the bar and an outdoor garden area. There’s also a photo booth – and really, who can resist a photo booth!? Now for all of this fanciness, you’d better believe there’s a pretty price to pay. Drinks are expensive and parking is ridiculous ($15). But for one night anyway, it was pretty worth it. Fun times.
Must go bar on the Strip
Jenny J. Oct 4, 2012
I’m not a fan of the Sunset Strip bars but definitely a huge fan of the Soho House. I am not a star gazer or a star f_ _ _ _ _. I just LOVE the Soho House for the cool vibe and the layout of the space. You can breathe, no one shoving their elbows into you. It is a great venue to throw a party in one of the private rooms and they even have a screening room. The only drawback is that the drinks are crazy expensive, so best to go on someone else’s dime. Someone please give me a free membership here!
Boa and Soho... Good night!
Tailyr D. Oct 4, 2012
This place is always my night cap to soho house. The best combination. Game plan for me is to grub out at boa and drink out at soho cap it off with espresso and mingle! Enjoy!
Some of the best views in the city!
Brent L. Oct 4, 2012
People watching AND sky line. If you can, avoid the late nights at all cost--the crowd and capacity hit their limit pretty quick. Youll need a reservation for sure past 6pm for dinner as well--just a heads up. That said, its got the classic soho house feel you can find all over the world at this point and a GREAT artist friendly vibe. Theyve done an amazing job and trying to keep what could have been the ultimate douchefest into just a friendly place to gather with close friends and even family. Be sure to check out their events list--they throw some amazing gatherings with people/guests that will blow you away! Even if to check it out once and say you have been, its absolutely worth checking out. Soon to become a Hollywood staple.
Scene-y as Expected
Sara G. Aug 23, 2012
I used to like the Soho House when it first established itself in LA. It's gotten a bit too douche-ified in my opinion, but admittedly it's probably also not really my scene. It is however a great place for a birthday party - you can rent one of their rooms, which has it's own bar/bartender at your disposal. Birthday parties still have the view and are sans-douche (unless of course your friends fit the bill). I will say though that the crowd is incredibly good looking, as you'd expect. If you have friends who are members here, it's worth checking out for the view alone - both of the crowd and Los Angeles.
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