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Playhouse Hollywood Located in the long-abandoned building that once housed the Fox Theatre, Playhouse Hollywood is a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot Vegas-style nightclub with a sexy circus theme. Los Angeles United States 34.101462 -118.331442
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Playhouse Hollywood - Club | Lounge | Music Venue in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Located in the long-abandoned building that once housed the Fox Theatre, Playhouse Hollywood is a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot Vegas-style nightclub with a sexy circus theme. Popular with eager young club kids... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M 10pm–3am, Th–Sa 10pm–4am

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    • Night Spot

Playhouse Hollywood Videos

Playhouse Monday Social
Playhouse Monday Social
Monday Social: Dada Life
"Take Over Control"
Tiesto EDC Pre-Party
Lil Jon - Playhouse Anniversary
EC Twins at Monday Social
Champagne Showers
Martin Solveig Live

Party Earth Playhouse Hollywood Review

The Scene

Located in the long-abandoned building that once housed the Fox Theatre, Playhouse Hollywood is a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot Vegas-style nightclub with a sexy circus theme.

Located in the long-abandoned building that once housed the Fox Theatre, Playhouse Hollywood is a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot Vegas-style nightclub with a sexy circus theme.

Popular with eager young club kids and college students, the impressive high-ceilinged space is dominated by a huge oval bar presided over by scantily-clad bartenders who, when not slinging drinks, leap onto trapezes for some aerial acrobatics or regale the crowd with a provocative burlesque show in the elevated cages.

Intelligent disco lights and dozens of glowing red orb chandeliers throw dots of color over the fashionable crowd, as groups and couples lounge in leather booths to take in the show over bottle service, or lean over the railings to flirt with passing cuties.

Caged go-go dancers flank both sides of the sunken dance floor, where dance fiends and singles on the prowl elbow their way into the jam-packed space to party with Valley kids and the tight-dress set.

High rollers can make their way to the elegant VIP lounge upstairs, which features numerous gold and black banquettes, a second bar and DJ, and a slightly mellower vibe.

A whirlwind combination of high design, circus visuals, and great performances, Playhouse offers three-ring bedlam that die-hard club fans won’t want to miss.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you get bottle service, it comes with complimentary 'A’ Muse shots. They’re the perfect way to start the night right.

  • Crowd

    Lively mix of Hollywood club kids, well-dressed Valley commuters, college students, and birthday and bachelorette parties, early to mid-20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Nightly DJs spin a mix of hip-hop, Top 40, and electronic. Theme nights include Monday Night Social, one of LA’s longest-running club nights, and Dirty Sexy House on Fridays.

    Occasional performances by bigger-name artists like Sean Kingston, Jermaine Dupri, The EC Twins, and Tiësto. Wait staff doubles as aerialists, trapeze artists, and burlesque dancers. Check the website for schedule of events and DJs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    The venue’s 24-hour diner Sweet Love Hangover serves a menu of comfort food with a twist, including bacon-wrapped hot dogs, mac and cheese, deep-fried Pop Tart ice cream sandwiches, fried Twinkies, and PB&J with bananas.

    Patrons showing a receipt demonstrating arrival by subway, bus, or taxi will receive 50% discount on the cover charge.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $15–$25/M, $20/Th–Sa. Appetizers $8–$14.50, sandwiches $7.50–$13. Beer $5+, wine $11, cocktails $12, bottle service $325–$6500.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Clubby chic: button-downs, fashionable t-shirts, dresses, micro skirts, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays and Saturdays for a loungier atmosphere, and Mondays and Fridays for a pumping nightclub vibe.

  • Close By

    AV Nightclub (1601 North Cahuenga Boulevard) is another hard-charging dance club and lounge for the younger set, though it does have a more difficult door.

Playhouse Hollywood User Reviews

Average rating:
Feel Good Music
Melody K. Sep 22, 2013
Thursday night at Playhouse is banginnnnn! Practically every song they played elicited the beloved "OHHHHHH!!!" from the crowd, the cheer when everyone seems to have forgotten how much they love this song and remembers how amazing it is at that exact moment it starts playing. Playhouse had the best hip hop songs, some pop. A really fun and friendly crowd, plus the standard go go dancers on stage. Be prepared to dance till dawn (but not really since Los Angeles is a joke and everything closes way too early, thankfully this one is open an hour later till 3am).
Thursday Night Playhouse Is The Place To Be
Dagem A. Aug 19, 2013
Playhouse where do I start!!! Hands down the best club on Thursday night. The music is all hip hop and R&B but for the people who prefer techno or house music there is a second floor that will definitely take care there musical needs. In my opinion the club is between med and high end you get a lot of musicians and athletes that buy bottles and reserve the VIP sections. When it comes to the average clubber it usually gets pack by the end of the night and the line can get pretty long. The cover cost is 20 dollars but trust me its worth every penny. The drinks are reasonable prices and it doesn’t take to long to get your hands on cold cup. Overall the turn up is unreal inside Playhouse and I highly suggest you check it out and see for yourself. One last thing best thing about Playhouse is that it ends at 3am so they give you an extra hour to do damage hahah.
Playhouse is the best hip hop spot in Hollywood featuring a truly mixed crowd.
Ernest D. Aug 5, 2013
Unlike many of the clubs in Hollywood, at playhouse if you are waiting in line, most likely you will get in. They don't bother with all the picking and choosing which leaves good, hardworking people standing outside for hours because they don't know the doorman. Once inside, especially on Thursday and Saturday nights, they normally have a special guest DJ spinning the best that Hip Hop has to offer. If you like House, you can always go upstairs, get a drink and "cut a rug". It's perfect for the people who like to lounge and perfect for the club goers who want to dance. The Bouncers and staff are very approachable and the drinks are adequately strong and regularly priced. What separates Playhouse from the rest of the clubs is the fact that it stays open until 3 am.
Great Place to Play the Night Away
Sana B. Aug 1, 2013
If you are looking for a fun place to unwind and get loose on Thursday or Saturday nights, this is the place for you. Playhouse is always filled with great music, celebrities appearances, performances, and DJs and gorgeous people. The atmosphere is vibrant but it can also be very crowded. However, I have never been disappointed with the music (hip-hop, top 40) so. ladies if you are in the mood to dance put on your sexy dresses and high heels and go have a good time. Gentlemen dress to impress because you don't want to get overlooked.
Play at Playhouse
Paul C. Jul 25, 2013
Playhouse sits on Hollywood blvd and it's hard to miss. The huge line outside gives it away, and for good reason. The club is a perfect example of a wild night out in Hollywood. I went on a Thursday night and I will always go back if I know that I need to have a great time. The drinks don't cost much, and the three bars that they have make drink waiting time not bad. The DJ had great mixes that night, and there was never a dull moment. Make sure you get there early to avoid any trouble at the door, but you will get in. This is one of the only spots in Hollywood that guarantees entry. Playhouse is a great club to go to, especially if you're from out of town, or have friends that came to visit that want to party Hollywood style.
The Place for Parties to Come Play
Deja T. May 23, 2013
Playhouse's grade A location in the heart of hollywood Blvd. When I first walked down their long, dark hallway I felt the bass of the music running through my veins. The music begins to get louder and louder until I finally reached the dance floor. I was greeted with lasers, flashing lights, go go dancers and a sea of partiers having the time of their lives! I love this place so much because after most clubs are getting ready to close their doors, Playhouse is blaring their music until the wee hours of the morning. So if you hate having your night cut off at 2am and love to play all night long, then I would definitely recommend Playhouse to you!
If you're a drinker, smoker, or dancer, there is a place for you at the Playhouse; )
Blake D. May 21, 2013
Playhouse emulates all of the fun childhood memories and brings it up to the adult level. If you like loud music, great drinks, and a sexy social atmosphere, then Playhouse is the place to be. The DJ (depending on the night) keeps the playlist fresh and exciting while the lights, decor, and go-go dancers keep the vibe alive through the night. If you want to maximize your playhouse fun, bottle service is the way to go. The tables around the dance floor are reserved for this service, and after showing off your best dance moves to your favorite song, you'll want to come back to a seat and drink in hand. Lines to get in can get long, so coordinate with a promotor, or visit the playhouse website to put your name down on the guest list for expedited entry.
Great venue for Fashion Shows
Tyrone R. Apr 21, 2013
The Playhouse nightclub is a marvelous venue for fashion shows because it has plenty of space for the models to walk around to display the designer’s vision to everybody. Also there is a stage where either a DJ or Band can play to the crowd.
A taste of Las Vegas, right here in Los Angeles
Christopher P. Feb 7, 2013
The Playhouse is a nightclub possessing the flavor and upscale feeling of a Las Vegas nightclub, squeezed pleasantly onto the bustling street of Hollywood Boulevard. The initial feel of the club is that it is rather small, but make your way slightly towards the back to locate an upstairs area, and this feeling will subside. No matter what style of music you are in to, Playhouse will match your needs. Open on different days of the week, the partygoer can experience the thudding bass of hip-hop and R&B one day, and the thumping beats of electronic dance music another. Various top DJ’s from the world over will make the journey to Playhouse throughout the year, so proverbially speaking, there is never a dull moment. The club provides a Vegas like experience. Go-go dancers dangle from the ceilings, and dance in cages around the venue to please the wandering eye. Reserved tables crowded with champagne lining the main dance floor, create the upscale, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere Playhouse aims to create. Due to the sleek and compact shape of the club, sound carries very well, and the music is never too quiet for the avid dancer. If it is the hustle and bustle of a mainstream night club, combined with the modern, upscale feeling of a Las Vegas experience you are looking for, Playhouse will leave you greatly satisfied; even if you are unable to hear for the next couple of days.
The Playhouse
Allison M. Feb 4, 2013
The playhouse is a fun club. I would't say it is the funnest, but it's fun. What was once a top club for the famous stars has turned into a really great club for college students. Although there is usually a long line, if you come with attractive girls just linger on to the front and get accommodated. The only downside is the cover charge, however if you are a very pretty girl, you won't pay. But, if you are simply a girl, you will pay full price. Once inside, the floor is usually packed and the bar is stocked. The drinks are good. Some of the best Dj's play here, go when they are there! On any other night it's just a typical club.
Vegas Meets Hollywood at Playhouse
Brittney S. Jan 19, 2013
What once was the Fox Theatre, this two-story venue with high ceilings and flashy lights takes you from Hollywood to Vegas with its jam-packed dance floors, go-go dancers and awesome sound system. Playhouse’s crowd really depends on who’s spinning that night. Offering a variety of music, from hip-hop to EDM, this Hollywood club fills to capacity with a mix of college students, high rollers, frolickers, and sexy club seekers. As one of Hollywood’s more popular venues, expect to wait in line. The second you enter the pumping nightclub be ready to dance all night in a lively crowded atmosphere. If you’re looking for a chiller vibe, head upstairs to VIP where you can enjoy a bar stocked with top shelf, a second DJ, and a private bathroom. My Suggestions? Checkout Playhouse’s calendar of events before you hit the scene. This way you know what kind of crowd to expect, and whether you need your house/EDM neon shoes, or your clubby, chic outfit.
The Playhouse: Hollywood's Best Not So Kept Secret
Electra K. Jan 16, 2013
Every visit to the Playhouse is always an adventure. The daily performances are never a disappointment and the staff is always extremely accommodating to your party needs. Did I mention it is perfectly located right in the heart of Hollywood on the strip? If you are looking for a great night rendezvous filled with dancing and shenanigans in Hollywood, check out the Playhouse.
So much fun!
caroline h. Nov 30, 2012
This is a great club and bar where all my friends at USC go to. They love dancing here and going with friends. I had such a great time when I went because the people there are willing to have a great time and dance the night away. I loved the drink too because they had such funny names but they were such good drinks! You will love this place and the amount of friendly people is such a large amount! The music is also very good because they play all the new hip music! Go here to have a great time with friends!
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
Playhouse is a very cool venue. It's vibe inside is very different. They have acrobats and performers which makes the scene more fun. I would say now that Playhouse isnt the top club in hollywood anymore. However if you go in a group with friends you usually have a good time. The drinks are good and the venue is very large. I like how the club is set up because everything aims at the DJ booth and there are tiers in the club. It has a Vegas feel to it, so if you are looking for that you have found the right place.
The Place to be on a Monday Night
Axel F. Oct 19, 2012
This club is all about the atmosphere. Located in the heart of the Hollywood party scene, it makes for a great place to end your night after bar hopping up and down the boulevard. With a comfortable layout, flashy lighting, a fog machine, confetti, table dancers and non-stop dance music, you're sure to feel the high energy, Vegas-style vibe the club has now become known for. Monday's are Monday Night Socials where you are sure to meet a ton of interesting characters from all walks of life. The club kids and the scenesters and the Hollywood crowd and the tourists all come out to mix and mingle and it's one of the best places for singles to go out and meet other singles who are into the party culture just as much as you. You'd be hard-pressed to find a livelier dance spot or as good looking a crowd on a Monday Night in Hollywood and given its location, you always have other nearby options if for whatever reason things happen to turn sour. Get there by 11:00pm as by then the place will have started to fill up. The lines can get to be a bit ridiculous and the drinks are overpriced but that comes with the territory. The bartenders are extremely friendly compared to some other clubs you've probably been too and the bouncers and the rest of the staff will treat you right so long as you know how to talk with them. This place is definitely good for brushing up on your social skills so feel free to be as outgoing as you’re comfortable with cause you never know who you might meet. Many world famous DJs come to play here every now and again so that is a big plus for those into EDM and DJ Mag’s Top 100. Always a good ratio of men to women and a well laid out venue that encourages all types of interaction with a centrally located bar, a dance floor out in front, lounge areas, walking room and an upstairs balcony to boot. Give it a try if you feel like having some late night fun with a unique crowd of people and be sure after closing to check out Joseph’s next door for a great slice of New York-style pizza to top off your night!
One of My Favorite Clubs in LA
Saya T. Sep 25, 2012
If you're looking for a fun night of drinking and dancing you should definitely check out Playhouse! Playhouse always has a good line up of DJs, fun crowd, and lively atmosphere. Thursday nights are definitely my favorite at Playhouse because the crowd is young and fun but Monday nights are also great. Playhouse hosts Monday Night Social Club where they bring in both famous and up and coming DJs on Monday nights. Most clubs aren't even open on Mondays, so if you can go out on a Monday I would definitely check it out. If you get your tickets online in advance, cover is relatively cheap too! Playhouse is definitely a must-go-to club in Hollywood!
One of my most fun clubbing nights in LA?
Daniel H. Aug 6, 2012
I went to Playhouse once...I don't remember it but my friends said I had a great time. A good friend of mine was DJing that night, so I got to skip the line, which is great because I maybe would have rated the place differently if I was stuck in the long line outside. I guess the upstairs is more intimate and the DJs usually spin heavier hitting electro, while the main floor downstairs is where the headlining DJ plays more typical Top-40 music. I enjoyed the upstairs more but apparently I disappeared downstairs for about an hour so it couldn't have been that bad either. When I got home my clothes were drenched in sweat and there was lipstick on my collar, so I'm gonna go ahead and say that Playhouse has my vote as being an awesome club to go to.
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