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Lure Lure - in Los Angeles. Photos, videos, maps, and event schedule. Los Angeles United States 34.097188 -118.328802
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Lure - Bar | Club | Lounge | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review With a clear quest to catch big international DJs, land plenty of A-listers, and hook a boatload of ravishing revelers, Lure is a see-and-be-seen megaclub that drops major Vegas-style glitz into the heart of Hollywood... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Gastro Lounge: Th, Sa 7–11pm
    Club: Th, Sa 10:30pm–2am
    Special daytime events occasionally held on weekends

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Lure Review

The Scene

Lure - in Los Angeles. Photos, videos, maps, and event schedule.

With a clear quest to catch big international DJs, land plenty of A-listers, and hook a boatload of ravishing revelers, Lure is a see-and-be-seen megaclub that drops major Vegas-style glitz into the heart of Hollywood.

The line outside this hotspot starts early, and once partygoers get in – via VIP status, greasing palms, or just plain luck – they find themselves on a large patio bordered by luxurious booths, two bars, and a small dance floor where cool kids smoke as they boogie to hot renditions of whatever the marquee DJ has in mind.

While the patio alone is bigger than many dance houses, the expansive hotspot unravels further inside, where the cavernous main room features a giant stage, LED walls and motion-sensitive LED screens, and a mass of more banquette-style booths emptying down into an ivy-covered terrarium with gothic fixtures and large black-framed mirrors.

Marquee DJs get the lingerie-clad house dancers shaking their hips, each surrounded by boys and girls gathered in telltale semi-circles and puckering up for Facebook photo-ops amid cocktail waitresses in barely-there pleather.

An adjoining restaurant called the Gastro Lounge offers even more bait to attract folks to Lure, where they can show up early to feast on nouveau American fare, knowing full well they can work off the filet mignon and cheese plates with the help of the 50,000-watt sound system.

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Tip from Adriana:

Unless Calvin Harris is playing, those looking to skip the line should make reservations to have dinner at the Gastro Lounge.

  • Crowd

    A-listers, socialite partiers, diehard DJ followers, bottle service rock stars, moneyed out-of-towners, early 20s to mid 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Music on Thursdays varies based on the night’s DJ, Saturdays “On the Patio” centers around Top 40 and house.

    Giant LED wall and VIP areas featuring motion-sensitive LED screens.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of nouveau American cuisine in the Gastro Lounge includes avocado carpaccio, filet mignon, lobster rolls, and rack of lamb.

    Reservations strongly suggested for Gastro Lounge. Dinner reservations normally guarantee entry to the club, but when A-list DJs are spinning, the policy has been known to change.

    Two smoking patios.

  • Prices

    Tickets $40+ (Th only). Appetizers $7–$16, main courses $13–$37, desserts $9–$13. Beer $8, wine $12–$24, cocktails $8–$15, bottle service $1500–$5k+. Valet $8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressy: suits, trendy button-downs, understated men’s club wear, skin-tight tees, designer everything, sky-high heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday nights for the hottest DJ sets but also the most killer line for entry, or Saturdays for a packed house of pretty people.

  • Close By

    AV Nightclub (1601 North Cahuenga Boulevard) is a chic Hollywood hangout that attracts a similar crowd of scenesters but is far more intimate.

Lure User Reviews

Average rating:
Stroke The Furry Walls
Clancee W. Oct 1, 2013
The most memorable thing about Lure for me was the outside patio with fuzzy, grass-decorated walls. If you've ever seen "Get Him to the Greek," think of the "stroke the furry wall scene." A few friends and I saw Bondax at the Lure Patio last year and have never stopped reminiscing about the covered outside patio. It was an intimate place to see a favorite artist with two outside bars, accessible bathrooms and plenty of room to get weird. However, most go to Lure for the indoor portion of the club with a spacious dance floor, scantily-clad performers and typical top 40 DJ playlists. Even though I will never forget my time on the patio, my friends and I were at Lure nightclub last Thursday and were not disappointed. Somehow we wiggled our way up to a table on the same level as the DJ booth and were encouraged to dance beside the railings for as long as we wanted to stay. I recommend Lure for anyone seeking a trendy Hollywood club scene on Thursdays.
Beautiful club, but didn't like the music
Melody K. Sep 22, 2013
I came here during during the club's opening week last year and left after half an hour, solely because of the music, which was entirely trance, deep house and wordless, undanceable stuff...not really my style, but great if you're into that. To be fair, I think it was a special night devoted to trance so that's probably why. The club itself is beautiful, easy to navigate, spacious and of course a great crowd. It's definitely an experience, with insanely beautiful models crawling around in cages and on the walls wearing masks and lots of leather (pulling off the whole scary yet sexy thing). Thursday is the day to go.
Gorgeous venue on the patio with upscale stylish beautiful people and great DJs that play everything you want to hear and dance to! I recommend getting on a Guestlist before going!
Justin P. Sep 18, 2013
LURE has headliners: Calvin Harris, Tommy Trash, Alesso, EC Twins, DEV, and Sultan + Ned Sheppard a few Saturdays ago. If you're looking for a place that's gorgeous during a summer evening with the patio lit up, open patio layout, edm/hip hop playing, surrounded by beautiful women, and classy guys that actually are looking to have a good time than act like thugs... then you should check out Lure... Luckily I know a solid promoter that works directly for LURE. He met me outside and took us (4 girls and I) right into the club on Saturday night without having a pay cover or wait in line... and there was a huge chaotic line outside with people trying to bribe their way in. We walked in VIP style and to top it off, he was nice enough to let us hang out at his cabana with free drinks all night. The watermelon vodka drinks (so bomb) were refreshing during a warm summer night and much better than the standard cranberry/OJ/pineapple mixers. I was told that there's open bar before the club opens too. Since he hooked my group up, he asked if I would spread the word: so I'm putting his number in at (949) 505-9782 on yelp if you want to be on the guestlist or just book a table or what not. Women the super hot and seem to be more friendly than other Hollywood clubs. The energy was high with the music playing everything from hip hop to edm to trap music that gives the place a great vibe. I totally dig the setup since you can smoke and drink under a full moon... reminds me of my travels. Mingling in the crowd wasn't an issue since it seems they screen at the door hardcore. I even ran into Pauly Shore walking around aimlessly on his cell phone with champagne in his hand LOL.
Party People Central
Ivetta Viesta A. Aug 26, 2013
With electronic dance music on the rise and European-style partying becoming more mainstream in Los Angeles, Lure has most definitely hit the nail on the head. Lure has top DJ's spinning, such as EC Twins and Chris Lake to name a few. On such nights, the event is ticketed, which means that you can gain access by buying a ticket online in advance to gain entry. Inside, you're experiencing a Vegas type venue with a European type feel for partying. The tables providing bottle service are situated along the walls of the venue, with a few in the center, but most importantly, the dance floor is grand, providing enough space to dance, dance, and dance. If you have ever experienced a rave or music festival, you will find that on ticketed nights, Lure recreates that experience by putting on a beautiful light show and having a well known DJ spin all night. If you love to party, and party hard, do not miss Lure. You'll become a regular after one visit, for certain.
Lure, you lured me in
Tatiana F. Jul 11, 2013
Lure is my favorite club in LA! If you're looking for the closest thing you can get to a Vegas nightclub in the Los Angeles area, you've come to the right place! Not only do they feature some of the hottest DJs like EC Twins, but the venue itself is absolutely beautiful. You could see for yourself if you manage to get past the door, given Lure probably has one of the most difficult doors to get past, it's definitely worth it to try. So let's say you do make it past the door, and you walk into the outside garden that looks like you've stepped into a fairy wonderland. Fairy lights cover the trees, giant purple and white sofa tables cover the walls, a beautiful wooden patio bar, and a giant outdoor stage where they usually blast R&B/hip hop music. But that's just the outside, let's step inside where the real fun begins. You enter and immediately feel as if you've stepped into a luxury rave, blue and purple lights flashing everywhere, go-go dancers dancing on pedestals. DJs from the mainstage bumping house music and throwing foam lightsticks to partygoers. When you look at the ceiling, there are giant white globes that light-up and alternatively move up and down with the music. There are go-go dancers gliding from one side of the club to the other sitting in giant glass-looking bubbles hanging from the ceiling. The smoking area is on the other side of the main dance floor, and the walls are covered in beautiful greenery that looks like you've stepped out into the garden again. Even though you're still inside there's ivy covering the walls, it's breathtaking. The crowd that they do let in never ceases to amaze, each person that passes by is better looking than the next, it's a gorgeous club through and through. If you are looking for a top notch A-list kind of night, Lure is the way to go! The drinks are a bit pricey, but you can't expect A-list experience without the accompanying cost.
Battle getting in, ragefest rest of the night
Madinah N. Apr 17, 2013
Lure is pretty classy. Sexy crowd, Nice, spacious venue, cute go-go dancers. Dance floor though, is way too small, the tables kinda suck & are either really far from the DJ or claustrophobically close. If you're a girl, you're in for free, UNLESS the doorman from Hell is on his period & decides to unleash his wrath on you which happened once. This same douchelord didn't let in a group of my guy friends, even after they vowed to throw down a couple G's on a table & pay cover. Regardless, still a classy good time.
Lavish LA Night- Lure-Style
Mary D. Mar 28, 2013
LURE is one of my top favorite club venues in LA because they take their responsibility of a top-notch nightlife experience seriously, be prepared to dress upscale. I've been to venue multiples times for various shows like Nas x Crooks Party & Do-Over. Each time was a memorable night. My main priority for the evening is a great time, good-looking people (let's be honest), and enough room to dance. And LURE fulfilled my happiness in each of those departments. It's a bit difficult to gain entry inside if you're not a lady dressed to impress, so be sure you dress the part. LURE has an in-door area and an outside cabana room both lavishly decorated with light spheres that are choreographed with the music and plush lounge seating when you get a lil tired from the dancing. The inside venue has several VIP-lounge area if you're trying to go all out. For people looking for a drink, you'll find four full service bar areas throughout the venue with drinks ranging from $8-$15. Overall, LURE is definitely the place to be if you're trying to have a GREAT night in Hollywood because of the lavish venue, good music, and great vibes from the crowd.
Awesome Crowd and Artists!
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
Our first experience at LURE was for the Penguin Prison show. The vibe was awesome! Although its a club smack-dab in Hollywood the crowd was super chill. Everyone was there to dance and no one was pushy or obnoxiously drunk. Having the club situated more or less under a canopy helps to keep the entire venue cool even when you're dancing. Drinks are normal price. The only complaint would be the speakers. If you're not by the stage, a few feet behind you can speak at a normal volume and still be heard. If you're going there for the music, this is kind of a let down.
Best Night Out!
Alex B. Jan 30, 2013
Didn't know what to expect but ended up being the best night I had in LA. Packed place but enough space to duck out if you need time to cool off from dancing. The DJ and sound system had the place rocking. The atmosphere was incredible as people in bottle service were spraying champagne, and the girls floating across the ceiling in glass bubbles added to the crazy atmosphere. Not sure how difficult it usually is to get in but if you're in town definitely a must- check out!
Beyond Great!
Leah J. Jan 22, 2013
Lure Nightclub is one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood! Thursday and Saturday nights at Lure are definitely worth attending. Lure definitely has a Vegas club feel to it with an indoor and outdoor section. Great music, great people, and good vibes. Make sure you know someone at the door or else you'll be standing outside in the long lines waiting to get in.
Love it!!
Ghia E. Jan 17, 2013
I've been to so many clubs in my lifetime and I've got to say that this place is fantastic! Ambiance, people, music, everything about it is just right!
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
This place is amazing. It is so showy and so luxurious; it really makes you feel like you are walking into a high-class hotel in Las Vegas. There is always a HUGE line outside and it starts super early so makes sure to get there as early as possible. It is a little expensive if you are not planning on spending the whole night there. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on a few drinks. Everyone here was super friendly and in such great moods. Definitely made my experience much better. All types of people welcomed here so do not be shy.
Sydney S. Dec 3, 2012
this club plays a great variety of music which was refreshing! I'm not a usual club goer, however, when I do go, they mostly play house music, which i am not the biggest fan of. The music was perfect for dancing and had a little of everything. I also really liked the layout. The tables were a little out of the way so it didn't feel too crowded. My friend got a table and the bottle service was great! Really enjoyed it!
love in this club
Brittney B. Dec 3, 2012
I LOVE THIS CLUB! I'm liking to newly remodelled venue of the old Cabana Club. It's been redone for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to writing a review. Tables on the patio area are looking much nicer these days. The patio as well look like there's more room for dancing and hanging out. Perfect lighting on the outside, not too bright nor to dark to see faces. :) There is still the large bar on the outside main area and a small one off the corner to the front of the entrance. Sometimes it can get crowded and the wait for a drink can take a while. Eventually, you'll get yours.
Georgina S. Dec 1, 2012
I'm not a huge club girl, but I did enjoy Lure when I went. One of my close friends had her birthday party here when it first opened, and I had no idea what to expect. The venue was sooo cool! Maybe because I'm a novice club goer, I'm pretty easily impressed, but Lure seemed really cool to me! Drinks are pricey as to be expected, but I didn't get any short-pours which I appreciated. The decor is trendy and I loved the songs that the DJs played. I always kind of feel poser-y at clubs because it's not my regular scene, but Lure was a lot of fun, and I didn't feel like anyone was judging me. But don't get me wrong, the crowd is full of experience club goers who can be a bit intimidating.
Great for Dancing!
caroline h. Nov 30, 2012
This is a great bar and lounge to go to and have a great time! I enjoyed the music so much and there were great dancers to watch as well! I loved the music because it was remixed into a more hip version. I had so much fun dancing with my friends and meeting new people that were so fun and willing to dance with anyone! I loved the drink service and the amount of people that were willing to share their drinks as well! It is such a great time and I recommend this place to everyone! You will love it!
Cool vibe
Katherine R. Nov 30, 2012
I had a really good time. My friends didn't really enjoy it as much because of the crowd (we liked the crowd at supper club better). Usually we socialize but we mainly stayed with our group. I had a great time regardless. However, the venue was cool. We had a table on the outdoor side part of the club (the side that had all the canopy/cabana things) so that made it fun. It was actually really pretty and had a great vibe. I loved the decor.
Great venue
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
Love this club! It is a large venue with a lot of space for all different types of people. The inside area is expansive and also has a very cool vibe. There are amazing lights and a great stage for DJs. They also have frequent popular DJs, some of my favorite nights have been at LURE. I love going to LURE, by you have to be aware that you are in Hollywood so it is a different vibe every night. Sometimes it can be very superficial and other times it can be a more casual night. I would say it is a must because it is different than most of the club in hollywood right now. It also resembles many of the major clubs in Vegas.
Lindsey S. Nov 20, 2012
Lure is amazing- need I say anymore. I have only gone twice to LURE (once for Calvin Harris) and it was amazing. They play the best music and everyone there looks like they are having a great time. It does get crowded, but that really is the point of a club ! The second time I went, I went on a Saturday night and it was a crazy. I love hip hop and love clubs that play hip hop. It's nice to have a club where they take a break from the electro music and have different nights with different themes. This place is a lot of fun and definitely worth checking out, especially with a fun set of friends.
Jasmine U. Nov 19, 2012
Lure is without a doubt a great time. Thursday nights they open their indoor dance floor and outdoor patio and play house music. They recruit some of the biggest DJs in the business including Tommy Trash and Calvin Harris. Inside there is plenty of room to dance and although it can get crowded it never feels to claustrophobic. Basically Thursday nights are wild, I wouldn't recommend going if you have something to do early the next morning, but either way you wont regret it. If your looking for a more chill vibe on Saturdays they close the inside and instead just have the patio open and play mostly hip hop, although theres a good mix. Its a different scene but I always have a really good time. its especially nice that they tarp the entire patio and heat it so your never cold. final recommendation: if you like to have fun... GO.
Size and Programing Gives it Wide Range of Appeal
Femi O. Sep 26, 2012
Lure is another club that brings in great talent. Drake and Calvin Harris recently to name. It's a mega club with a big inside with stage and dance floor, and equally big outdoor lounge for conversations, which makes it the best of both worlds for most people.
Do-Over at Lure
Shannon T. Sep 5, 2012
Do Over used to be a mellow outdoor event that celebrated old school hip-hop music at a forgotten about hangout known as the Cabana Club. When the venue was bought out the name and the atmosphere was renovated to fit the style of Hollywood. The aging palm trees were replaced by manicured bushes, the canvas cabanas were turned into geometrical awnings. The deteriorating wallpaper was covered by large plasma TV screens. The management over Do-Over stayed the same. Those who appreciate the soul and rhythm of true hip-hop can still appreciate the authenticity of the featured DJs. The crowd however has changed from music connoisseurs to those who are blatantly on the prowl for numbers and a date. Sweltering summers cause people to wear little, which is perfect for guys who want to drool over the beautiful ladies of Los Angeles. The management over Do-Over have sculpted this weekly event to feel like going to a friend’s backyard for a good ole fashion kickback. Having it on Sunday afternoon allows people to have a good time without staying out too late. The event celebrates LA weather as it is predominately outside. Those who overheat in the inland’s sun can duck into the well air-conditioned indoor portion of the club where they can find a pretty tasty and not too costly taco made freshly in front of them. Amateurs will spend lots of money at the bar if they go for the typical cocktail or beer. Veterans of Do-Over know instinctively to buy the $30 liter of tasty sangria. The alcohol proportion is fair and it is truly the ideal drink for an outdoor event This club is great for those dance enthusiasts and for those who just want to bob their heads to a good sound. If you don’t mind waiting in line for a bit, you will be sure to have a good time.
one crazy night with the A listers!
Priyanka P. Sep 4, 2012
This place was my first ever A-list party in Los Angeles. Me and my friends reached just about on time and since we had already bought our tickets online the line was pretty short. We anyway went it inside within a minute because one of my friends bought a VIP table. The person at the entrance let us in without checking our tickets. The parking was for a decent price of $15. The open air area with the palm trees for VIP booths was closed the day we went when bassjackers was playing so it was kind of crowded inside the club dance floor. The good thing was we had a VIP table, so it didn't really matter. The drinks not included in the bottle service were very expensive so it makes no sense buying them separately if you have a VIP table. The crowd was really insane. I had no bad experience with the staff at Lure. The server was kind and interacted nicely. The lady bouncer was not rude at all, she quietly asked me to help my friend sit down for a while. For normal entry people, its a good thing that there a multiple bars surrounding the dance floor. Overall, the experience at Lure was really amazing and I would recommend you to go at least once!
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